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Sphinx Search Ultimate is our flagship search product, and is a leading search extension on the magento extensions market.

86 store owners have already given their feedback, and do you know why?

Compatible with: Community - 1.9.1
Enterprise -
Sphinx Search Ultimate is rated 5 out of 5 based on 89 user reviews
Magento Edition*

Overview Sphinx Search Ultimate

Sphinx Search Ultimate unites such products as Search Spell-Correction, Search AutoComplete & Suggestions and Advanced Sphinx Search Pro into a single operating mechanism of high-performance and convenient search for the Magento online store.

Often users do not know exactly how to spell the name of a particular product. And search tips help greatly to quickly find the right product. When a user types the first few letters of the search phrase, a tip phrase drops down and a user sees a list of search phrases or goods from catalog that best match to the products he wants to find.

In case a user made a mistake in writing a search query, we will not show nil results. We are trying to fix the problem and show him what he was looking for.

The search mechanism uses the advanced search technology Sphinx, which provides a highly relevant results in a fraction of a second. Sphinx is an open source search engine that significantly improves the relevance (quality) and the speed of search. Your visitors find the products that they are looking for. Using a s Sphinx earch engine increases conversion of visitors who are looking for something to customers by more than 50%.

Key features

  • Greatly improved search quality. Search finds the products that visitors are looking for

  • Supports stop words (dictionary contains 665 words)

  • Supports synonyms (dictionary contains 60730 words)

  • Search products by category names

  • Search products by tags

  • Search products by associated products skus

  • Search by multiple content types:

    • Catalog Products
    • Catalog Categories
    • Catalog Attribute
    • CMS Pages
    • Blog (AW Blog, Wordpress)
    • Simple Press Forum
    • News by CommerceLab
    • vBulletin Forum
  • Correction of typing errors when searching at online store

  • Singular/Plural search

  • "Long Tail" search (searching products with hyphens/slashes etc)

  • Landing Pages (seo optimization for specific keywords)

  • Fallback search

  • Pushing "out of stock" products to the end

  • Ability to set search category (as in Amazon)

  • Uses AJAX, so the search doesn’t reboot the entire webpage and the search is very fast

  • Drop-down box appears with the image of products and price

  • Ability to configure a minimum number of characters to search, the delay in finding, limit a number of results in the dropdown list, the tip in the search box

  • High Indexing speed

  • High Searching speed of over 500 queries/sec against 1,000,000 skus

  • Stemmer with plurals and singular words support

    Sphinx has built-ins for English, Russian and Czech languages.

    Modules are available for French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian

Sphinx Search Engine is used by following companies:

Sphinx Search Engine - Who Use
Sphinx Search Ultimate rated 5 out of 5 based on 89 user reviews
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Great extension and good support Niels review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Oct 24, 2014)

The extension works perfectly, looks nice and is easy to customize. Great support as well when we had a small issue on our website. Highly recommended!

Just Excellent Wahdat review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Sep 30, 2014)

Sphinx Search Ultimate works perfect, just as described. The extension is very easy to install, it improves search of your store. Great and rapid support, I had a little template conflict and they solved it immediatly.

Thank you guys for a great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great extension. Increased relevance, speed, and quality of searches Ranvir review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Sep 27, 2014)

I've just had a chance to test the extension after installation of Sphinx Search Ultimate with the Sphinx Search installed externally and it is just what I wanted. Its a must have extension, the default magento search for community is terrible and this extension has optimised the search and its speed. In my opinion this is the best search extension available for magento. Thank you guys!

Very good service AccuShop.at review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Aug 7, 2014)

Works as promised, some finetuning hat to be done, but after that it works very well. Support is excellent, very fast and helpful. Also bought installation service, after a few hours everything worked even though I've a custom design and a lot of other 3rd party extensions. Had some issues with search results at first, but support logged in and did some attribute weighting and stop words and after that it was perfect.

Excellent ! Pasquale Walter review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jul 20, 2014)

Sphinx Search Ultimate works as described, easy to install, it improves search of your store. Good support, I had a little template conflict and they solved it immediatly.

Very god service, and helpful extension. Tomasz review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jul 18, 2014)

Very, very god service. Specially, that some of customer, have problem with language ( like me ). But guys, really try to do god job. And they do it.

Excellent extension and top quality service Matthew review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jul 11, 2014)

This extension works brilliantly and is hugely better than the default search on magento with plenty of customisation options.
The developers are especially helpful in sorting out any little quirks even when the support period is expired

Works Perfectly!!! Lisa review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jul 6, 2014)

We had an very horrible search system on Magento Community 1.7 edition. This was installed and finds everything relevant!!!

Great Support. 100%satisfied Ariel review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jun 18, 2014)

Thanks you Alexey.
Your support and attention are very professional.
Extension works fine, we had no problems.
Highly recommend this developer!

Great Extension!!! David review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jun 10, 2014)

Extension works fine, we had no problems. And the search-results are way better than the default magento-search. We had some little questions in advance which the support-team always answered very quickly and good. Highly recommended!

Great Support and an execellent extension. Steve K review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jun 4, 2014)

Support is one of the best thus far. The extension is easy to configure and the documentation is the better than most. We use sphinx on a remote server and the setup was painless and easy.

Great extension and support!!!

Excellent Albert review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 27, 2014)

Superb extension and support.
Really nice experience with support team and the extension works like a charm. Very collaborative, helpful and professional.
Very recommendable.

Excellent Paul review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 12, 2014)

Excellent extension, excellent support. 100% satisfied!

The guys have installed several copies of this module to various client sites for us. Every time it works perfectly and the guys go above and beyond the support remit. Highly recommend the installation service as it allows the Mirasvit chaps to crack on and get everything spot on!

Thank you! Jerry review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 7, 2014)

Very good! fast respons, great extension, good service! highly recommended!

Excellent Support Ariel review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 7, 2014)

Great Alex... your help and support in the installation went very well.

Very prompt and accurate service. Pooraan review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 7, 2014)

Very prompt and accurate service, we will surely recommend others to mirasvit.com

Fantastic Dave Wilson review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 5, 2014)

This extension is very fast and customizable, and the results are miles better than the Magento default. Allows great control over results and put out of stock items last in results. Also wordpress and cms search is a great plus as we use wordpress integrated with our store.

Another Amazing Mirasvit Extension Scott review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Apr 28, 2014)

Fantastic! Switched from Better Store Search to this. Great results: blog, products, categories, cms... what more could you ask for? Individual indexes for each. Configurable weighting to get the results you want for your customers. Show out of stock products last. Come on. There is nothing missing here.

Excellent Ronak Gupta review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Mar 25, 2014)

I have never come across any company that provides just an excellent support to its customers. This plugin is excellent and I have seen an increase in conversions after installing it. Customers can now find the right product within seconds. They even helped me with all the installation and customization for free. I will buy all my plugins from Mirasvit.

If you want to see the plugin first hand visit www.thecosmicbyte.com

Keep it up!!!

Great Extension! Evan review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Mar 24, 2014)

Great extension and install service. I would highly recommend.

Excellent Extension and Support brady review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Feb 21, 2014)

Do not hesitate to buy extensions from Mirasvit. I have 2 extensions and both are Top Notch in function and design. I also consider Customer support from any company making software and Mirasvit is seriously one of the best. In particular this Sphinx Search ext is just great. Simple install and great frontend option set.

Awesome Search Extension! ahillcis review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Feb 7, 2014)

I've used Mirasvit extensions on three of my websites. I always get a quick response and excellent support from Alexander. Highly recommend this developer!

Works great, easy to install, excellent support. Mirasvit helps you adjust the CSS to fit your theme after install - no questions asked. This is the third site I've installed Search Ultimate on. This is a MUST for magento sites!

Great Extension - phenomenal features - resource intensive razoyo review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 30, 2014)

This extension is an easy install and really extends the capabilities of Sphinx. The use of product images in the drop-down is a great added bonus!
Razoyo highly recommends this add-on to any merchant wanting to create a 'wow' search experience.
We did have to upgrade our DB server resources to accommodate the extra load, but, it was worth it!

seeking and finding Franky review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 27, 2014)

Setup was very quick and easy. We needed so far no help from support. Highly recommended extension for your shop. Seeking and finding ... That's it.

Great extension& Service Martin review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 27, 2014)

Great Company - second installation of this extension I loved it so much the first installation.

probably the best search extension! embio.it review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 24, 2014)

I tried some of them but mirasvit did really the best job in my opinion! can only recommend it!

it's fast and reliable! also they are very quick on implementing new feature requests! (the tag prioritizing was my idea!)

personally I',m just missing two more features then it's perfect!
- auto proposal (not auto-completion) of the most probable search term after having inserted the first word (not sooo important)
- export and import of the sometimes very complex settings when you want to update the extension (saving all the settings in a pdf would also help to restore them after havin updated the extension)

anyway one of the best extension providers AND support teams! I can tell you because working with at least 8 different extension providers!

this has to be said here..


Great but can be improve! Ahamed review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 23, 2014)

I wish this extension could have >>> did you mean feature on the suggestive search as well. Like if you type samsong it should show on suggestive drop down samsung. so we do not need to enter or press submit button to see samsung on the next page.

Best Search Tool ever patgodfath review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 22, 2014)

Amazing and they helped me install it very fast service and works perfect.The best search ever

Excellent extension Mr Wishack review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Dec 30, 2013)

This extension is a must for any store and the support we have received has been top notch. Highly recommended!

Outstanding extension and service Martin review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Dec 30, 2013)

It was a pretty non standard install in my case and it required extra work. The way mirasvit team implemented it for me blew me away - I have never had a company go to such lengths to compete the job. Amazing!

The best extension by far, amazing support Jose review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Dec 29, 2013)

This is a very powerful extension, fast, very good just as the support. The only thing I would like to suggest is to have a way to choose the order of the search, for example, product name, then short description, SKU, description, etc.. Thank you and happy 2014!

Great extension - Best Support sfcdelivery777 review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Dec 26, 2013)

I purchased this product, installed it in a matter of minutes(with a few minor challenges along the way---mostly my configuration issues), and then asked the support to change some css files to match my theme, and it is working as expected. Easy to install, and works as advertised!

Excellent module Davide review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Dec 17, 2013)

Sphinx Search Ultimate is, by us, the best Search Magento module.
For a very competitive price you can benefit of an extension that has all what you need for leverage the important functionality of the catalogue search.

Great Value, Great Search Results Robert review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Dec 7, 2013)

We bought this extension since the Magento native search is horrible and after trying other services that offer enhanced search ability but at a fairly stiff monthly fee like between $800 and $1500/month. This extension works well and we're very happy with it. The Mirasvit support is also excellent. They respond timely since we had a few issues in the beginning but they were quickly rectified. We've bought other extensions from this company and have been very pleased with the extensions and the support. I highly recommended this extension AND this company. Hope they make more extensions in the future!

Best search extension for Magento Jan-Christoph review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Dec 6, 2013)

mirasvit's Sphinx Search Ultimate is definitely the best search extension available for Magento.

Search results improved dramatically, and the ability to use a Sphinx Search server and to control it within the Magento admin panel works like a charm.

Technical support by mirasvit has been excellent, too.

Great! Ramon review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Dec 5, 2013)

This search engine works as promised and showed in the demo. Support exceed the already high expectations. Highly recommended!

At last a lightweight full-featured search engine for Magento!!! Marcos from Argentina review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Nov 29, 2013)

I've just tested this extension and I must tell you my friends that it's light on server resources. Previously I tried the famous Solr but it sucked resources from my poor man's VPS. I tuned Magento to help save on VPS expenses but the search engine turned out to be the resource hog. Other implementations of the Sphinx Search Engine were out of the question because they were not powerful enough.
Thank you Mirasvit!!! Keep up with the great work! I'll be back for another two extensions when my wallet allows it. Greetings!

Delivers in every way Matty review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Nov 29, 2013)

Definitely one of the best buys we have made in terms of Magento extensions.
Support is amazing in helping sort any compatibility issues with other extensions or themes

Un + sur notre site Espace-camera review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Nov 25, 2013)

Un outil bien conçu mais pas facile a installer soi-même.
Heureusement le SAV est trés réactif et en 30mn, tous les problèmes d'installation on été réglé. Trés bon produit, recherche facilitée, juste en tapant les 3 1ere lettres du produit. Je le conseille !

Excellent Product and Excellent Support!!! Shabeer review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Nov 25, 2013)

Highly Recommended !!!! No need to look anywhere...
This the first & last module anyone would need for search functionality.
Features in the module has surpassed my expectations.

Keep up the good work guys.

Great product, Works much better then default search. NDX review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Nov 19, 2013)

I have multiple extensions from other companies, this installed without any issues and setup was very quick and easy.

Great job guys.

Excellent support arash sintel review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Nov 19, 2013)

This extension is all an online store needs. The tech support was really helpful and fix some issues in my theme which was conflicting with the extension functions.

Прекрасный поиск Arthur review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Nov 7, 2013)

Поставили модуль, работает как часы. Огромная благодарность службе поддержки, настроили все под наш сайт. До этого стоял модуль поиска от aheadWorks постоянно глючил и тормозил.

Excellent product and support idpkender review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Nov 6, 2013)

My Magento theme is highly customized, including a non-standard search box already.. After purchasing the Sphinx Search Ultimate the Mirasvit team went out of their way to help me in making sure my theme was fully integrated with their product... spending their time and energy ensuring each aspect worked properly.
Vladimir (the support rep I dealt with via live chat during installation) was highly professional and polite. The development team was great in assisting me with any questions I had about the product during the time my theme was being modified.
Response time to queries via their support system was always speedy and on the mark

Excellent service and excellent mod Jim review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Nov 4, 2013)

I have a very customized theme for my site and all mods are generally for 'out of the box' installations, the Mirasvit team not only stayed with me in chat during installation to ensure there was no problems but they also helped customize my theme to ensure that the search was working 100% on my site after install.

There was nothing but professionalism and a true feeling of being supported by the team here during the whole process! I Highly recommend the products and support team here.

A definite MUST HAVE extension Novatech review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Oct 15, 2013)

This extension works better than we had hoped. Support was amazing. We had a problem that was related to our templates, they went in made a few adjustments and in no time it was working perfectly. Thanks so much for your help.

Superb Magento Search Extension RogerZ review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Oct 6, 2013)

I recently had a sync issue using Magento+Linnworks, and after a few days investigation and tests I finally found out it's because of another similar search extension I used (Better Store Search). I disabled the old search extension and linnworks sync with my site fine. I then found this extension and wow, it brings really excellent search results and very easy to use, most important linnworks sync with my site happily. :)

It's really a 5 star extension!

Way improved search, the easy way! Janus review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Sep 23, 2013)

Works as described. Much better than the built-in search and setup couldn't be easier.

Great Extensions Danny P review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Sep 9, 2013)

Improves the standard search dramatically!

You MUST have this! Chris review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Aug 20, 2013)

Anyone who has a Magento store will be sorely disappointed with their search facilities. This is a must have extension for anyone serious about their visitors finding things on their site.

Awesome extension LNdotcom review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Aug 9, 2013)

Very nice and it produce great result. After installation, I found adjustment issue on search bar, but their support fix this with very timely manner.
Strongly 100% recommends to magento developer.

Thank you mirasvit.

Excellent Extension Virtual review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Aug 8, 2013)

Is Very Good!

Great Search Module - Fantastic Service Alex review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Aug 7, 2013)

This search module is brilliant, really pleased with it and just wish we'd found it earlier. The autocomplete list is very accurate and the search results are fantastic.

To top it off the customer service from this company is truly superb. You get very fast responses and action to any problems, and they'll even help with additional features, such as, in our case, searching for a Quickfind code (Product ID with QF prefix) - this isn't stored in this way in the database but they made it work for us!
Check out how it works on our site - www.safeoptions.co.uk

If you haven't yet moved away from the standard Magento search then I'd recommend you get this asap. It is a HUGE improvement and in our opinion a must have.

Thank you Mirasvit! :-)

Awesome Extension, Even better support! embmicro review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jul 18, 2013)

I bought this extension a few days ago because my site has a ton of CMS pages that I wanted to include in searches. After installing it on my server a had a few minor problems but they were all fixed in a very timely manner by Mirasvit support! They even did a few minor customization for me. Really great extension!!!

Don't start a magento store without it Arnan review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jul 5, 2013)

Bought it just yesterday. Installation was easy and fast. Settings are well described, and also easy to adjust. Little problem with the place of the search box, which overlapped my Login, Whislist etc. buttons. Fixed by support desk very swiftly! Also 3 translation "problems" were immediatly fixed (do they work 24/7?). Because Sphinx Search Ultimate is such a complete extension, it really makes you think about the possibilities on product level. Every product you create you must think about synonyms for example. I'm confinced doïng this will make you money. The final thing i really love about this extension is the search and autocomplete which is Soundex based and a absolute must in every searchindex/machine.

Mirasvit, thank you for this great extension en support!

Brilliant John review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jun 30, 2013)

I can't believe how much better my search results are now, I tried a search before I installed it and got over 500 results, after installation just 25 and all relevant

Great extension and company! Ben review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jun 20, 2013)

Great extension, certainly improves your customers experience. The company is friendly and good to deal with too. Thanks you.

Brilliant extension Natalie review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jun 18, 2013)

What an awesome extension!! I had my developers install it last night and I've been messing with it this morning. It has put us in a place where we can really market our website now. Seriously a life saver!

This search engine rocks hard! Search results are just spot on! supplements review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jun 17, 2013)

We sell natural nutritional supplements and our webshop is Magento based. The standard Magento search engine is so so bad. We installed this extension and the results are exactly what we want. Also tweak options are available.

Keep up the good work and the great service!

p.s. its too bad you don't have a extension like "who bought this, also bought"

Outstanding product with excellent support genuinecentre review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 22, 2013)

I have contacted them after 3 months ,my support period was over long time back but Vladimir has understood my issue and promised me that he will support it even if my support period has expired
he resolved the issue in less then hour , I am highly thankful you for this and of course the product is excellent for its value , Its must have product for anyone who has more products and wants accurate results
Also want to add that this products works like charm with other installation without any issue

Amazing support and one of the best sellers on here gloopy review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 22, 2013)

This is a must have for any magento store and the seller will help you straight away. I would recommend this to anyone.

Nice Plugin Naveen Singh review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 18, 2013)

It is really nice plugin and with the great support. i like this plugin and recommend to use in magento store.


Great speedy support and great extension! dokkankomstore review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 16, 2013)

Great support and follow up, the support team are keen to have things work for customers, they are always there when you need them! this extension works and we had no issues installing it. we are happy with the results. Thanks

Dream search module needed - SOLVED! logicc review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 16, 2013)

After battling with a substandard basic search on magento, we arrived at this product. Unusually i went for the installation service due to time pressures, this was a good move.
The install was done without a few hours and worked perfectly from the start. Support were extremely helpful with some config advice and as a result I can recommend this to anyone who needs a quick, solid solution to site search.

Without this extension Magento search should be removed. Nicolae S review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 16, 2013)

Before installing this extension, the Magento native search was just a decorative field. Now one can actually find the product with this tool.
For our website I needed a customization as it follows:
I wanted that If somebody search a sku of a simple product associated to a grouped product the search result to display the parent product, not the child product (grouped).
The Mirasvit team understood perfectly my need.

A++++++++ RepairsUK review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 15, 2013)

This module is essential for anyone using Magento Community edition. Their support is amazing and i would highly recommend them.

The Magento search extension to have, great support Chris review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on May 3, 2013)

Installation of this plugin was straightforward as far as Magento goes. I was surprised by how little CSS styling I had to do in order to make it fit with the website. There was an issue with search results and AW Blog, but Mirasvit's support was fast to fix the problem. So far the fastest and most effective support I have seen in the Magento development community.

As for the functionality of the plugin, it is a world of improvement over default Magento search. I anticipate that the increase in sales will quickly pay back the investment costs of the plugin.

Perfect extention and support mopheus72 review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Apr 29, 2013)

This is a great extention and the support is excellent and quick ! Special thanks to Alexander

Exceptional Extension and 1st Class Service. ImperialC review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Apr 12, 2013)

The original search was atrocious, we'd search for a unique product and get 73 results. Once this extension was installed, we were often getting just 1 result, the exact product we were searching for. It's highly customizable so you can tweak it if you want to refine the results. And the auto complete/suggestions feature looks ultra professional.
The developer was quick to respond to our queries and dealt with us professionally and in a friendly manner. We have total faith that should we require more support then they will be able to fulfill our needs.

Geat Extension, Incredible Support bigfoot56 review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Apr 12, 2013)

We purchased the extension a couple of days ago because of the well known magento search problem.
Installation is extremely easy. Configuration is relatively easy but you need to experiment to get the results you need. We have only configurable products with a heap of associated prodcuts related, we asked whether support can help us eliminate the associated products from the search and adjust the design to our theme, the support adjusted it for us immediately on a Saturday, on Sunday they implemented it on our 404 page.
We use the built in version because we use a managed server and they do not accept installing sphinx on it, but although we have nearly 1 million SKU´s the search is pretty quick.
We are extremely satisfied customers.
Best service ever!

Another Happy Customer bbrodka review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Apr 12, 2013)

Their Developer Support should be the model for all Developers!
I ran into a small problem with my theme and look and where most Developers would tell you it is outside their realm and push you away, these guys had it taken care of in about 1/2 hr - clearly above and beyond my expectations.
Their can do, we are here to help you get up and running attitude is most refreshing.
Oh, and the functionality of the search module is outstanding too :) Much better then the Magento default search
II will be considering their other modules in the future as my budget permits
A you can see from the many positive reviews, these guys are top notch - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Great Extension and Support Jeff review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Apr 12, 2013)

We have had the Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing and Sphinx Search extensions for the past few months and they have worked magic for our database of over 160,000 products. When we have had encountered small problems, the team has gone above and beyond all expectations to resolve as quick as possible. I would highly recommend any products offered by Mirasvit.

Awesome Extension! fitnessworld24 review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Apr 5, 2013)

I just implemented this awesome search extension. The default search offered by magento delivered bad results.
Sphinx Search Ultimate was easy to implement and customize.

This is a must have!! garrettperna review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Apr 5, 2013)

Greatly improves our site. We started out with the Sphinx Search Pro, and then upgraded to ultimate. The support team is seriously on top of things! You guys are awesome!

Excellent Bahram review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Apr 5, 2013)

very happy with the extension,
Not only works as beautifully as they say it does
(I know is not right to use the word beautiful in this concept) but I am so happy that I could not resist it.
We have over 7000 items and still perform accurately and fast.
To top that is very reasonably priced, worth every penny and +
No wonder they get so many good feed backs.
Well done all in Mirasvit, keep the good work.

Try all the other - this is the best - exceptional service! DietmarThaler review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Apr 5, 2013)

We have a multi.shop (multi.domain) magento installation on search autocomplete makes part of you navigational concept - it's so very important! see embio.it
We tried so with 2 other providers before came out this extension which is not much cheaper but much (!!) faster, simplier, more flexible etc.
We are so thanksful of the great support Alexander and Vladimir gave live (via online chat - even on Sunday morning!!) to implement it in a few clicks for our requirements.
They are developing fast and improving constantly. World would be a much better place with some more such people around... ;-)

This is an excellent extension .... Ryan0734 review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Mar 19, 2013)

The default search on magento didn't cut the mustard for me, but Search Ultimate does the job perfectly.
Its also very good at finding products that customers have spelt incorrectly.
Installation was a breeze and it works great...

I highly recommend this extension lifemags review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Mar 13, 2013)

Sphinx Search Ultimate is a fantastic product. It has greatly improved the search capability on my site. I know it will improve sales for me because of it's usefulness. I also suggest purchasing the installation option also. They did a wonderful job and were also very helpful with the several questions I had after.
I highly recommend this extension.

Great Search Enhancer! nj5050 review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Mar 11, 2013)

I avidly recommend this extension for the best search enhancing features.
Above all, the developers customer support is top notch, Pin-points areas of concern & quickly resolves any issues at the speed of light. A+

Customers can now find what they search for! Ed review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Mar 2, 2013)

As you all know Magento Community standard Search Box usually offers up everything except the products the customer was searching for. This extension works and delivers a great result. Customer service at Mirasvit is top notch. I bought it late Thurs afternoon and they had it installed and working great by early afternoon Friday. I will definitely be exploring their other extensions. An excellent product that I will recommend to others.

Really great DerFredster review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Mar 1, 2013)

We were having performance issues on a 450k + product catalog search. Not only was the installation easy and smooth but the support from Mirasvit was absolutely outstanding.
- value for money
- great support
- works as described
- gave us a great performance boost
If ever in doubt about purchasing this extension you can contact us (Magento integrator in Germany) and we can provide you with details.

Great Extension... Even Better Service TatumLD review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Mar 1, 2013)

I purchased this extension and had a little difficulty installing it since I'm on a shared server. I e-mailed Mirasvit support and they immediately helped me get it installed. The product works beautifully and MUCH better than Magento's default search but I'm mostly thrilled that their support was so responsive and helpful.

Incredible extension / SUPERB company JohnM review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Feb 25, 2013)

I've been working with a number of Magento extension developers and companies as I've been building our new site and I have to give a full 5 stars thumbs up to these guys. I've installed both the Sphinx Search Ultimate extension as well as the SEO Suite and not only do the extensions perform perfectly as advertised, but the support from Alexander and the Mirasvit support staff is bar none, top notch!

You will be very pleased choosing these guys - they are on top of their game!

Thank you Mirasvit!

Thanks for a great extension johnhall review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Feb 10, 2013)

Best Search extension I've found. We have over 23,000 products on our website www.shop-equip.com and the standard Magento search facility threw up weird search results the Sphinx Search Ultimate extension works brilliantly.

I had a couple of issues with our template, I contacted Mirasvit support and they sorted it out in less than 30 minutes... very impressed.

Thanks for a great extension

Sphinx Search Ultimate works like a dream iPoster review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 30, 2013)

I have been looking for a decent search to replace the very poor one provided with magento for some time. Sphinx Search Ultimate works like a dream, returning accurate results very quickly and on the fly as you type. It can be configured in many ways to suit. I had a small css issue after installing but the support was immediate. In my opinion this is a must have extension. Well done guys! I am using it on v 1.7

Best option for Magento + Sphinx Rob review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 21, 2013)

After comparing several extensions for the use of Sphinx with Magento it was obvious the extension Sphinx Search Ultimate by Mirasvit is the best choise. It has the most options and offers the best value for money. After purchase Mirasvit support installed the extension and made sure everything works in our store. We never had better and faster support. Thank you and we will recommend the product to everyone searching for a serious search improvement for Magento.

Absolutely Wonderful: Do not hesitate to purchase this extension. Mike review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 16, 2013)

We purchased this extension for our EE cluster after struggling with Solr for 10 months. I was blown away with this company and this module.

#1: The customer service is excellent! Do not hesitate to contact them.
#2: The extension is very intuitive and gives great flexibility.
#3: The search results with this extension and Sphinx are far superior to anything I've seen for Magento.

This extension is working great! sierra2021 review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 12, 2013)

This extension is working great! I've been looking for a reasonably priced search extension for a while now and finally found something solid. Great support and fast response behind the scenes too. Immediately helped me with making few tweaks and modifications. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Great extension, adds more function to search and improve its result so much more. zpen review of Sphinx Search Ultimate (Posted on Jan 11, 2013)

Great extension, adds more function to search and improve its result so much more. Works well on my 1.7 website with a large database.

Superb support, helped me with the installation and fixed the few problems I had within a day. Recommends to everyone, very satisfied with the purchase. Thanks mirasvit for doing such a good job!

Show next 10 reviews Dec 12, 2014

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  • Tabs for multistore are not displayed, if current store return empty result, but other stores have results Nov 17, 2014

  • In some rare cases we have SQL error during installation (duplicate key name 'mstcore_urlrewrite_index1') Nov 17, 2014

  • Ability to display related search terms at results page Nov 17, 2014

  • Ability to highlight search phrase at results page Nov 17, 2014

  • Add validator and reindex to manual Nov 17, 2014

  • Describe cron jobs for configuration with external engine
  • Fill localization file app/locale/en_US/Mirasvit_SearchAutocomplete.csv
  • Encoding problem with russian chars
  • Ability to translate (depending on store view) search indexes via admin panel
  • Wrong description for "Match Mode" at configuration section
  • Merge options "Match Mode" and "Search Template" to one
  • Attachments are downloaded without extension in FF (affected RMA extension)
  • Cms page results with wrong relevance (order)
  • When click "Run validation tests" for particular extension, core test not running
  • Google snippet: Sitelinks Search Box
  • Wrong extension code in the extension validator
  • "Duplicate headers received from server" on redirect to landing page
  • Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '['
  • Ability to validate existence and CRC sum for extension files (depending on version of extension)
  • Add validator and reindex to manual
  • Problem with check of extension status
  • Add to the manual about setup Sphinx Engine on Windows
  • Typo "Dispaly multi store results"
  • Add validation for "When I try to click the "Run Full Reindex" button I get this message. Unable to Connect to tcp://stag.store.com:80. Error #113: No route to host"
  • New search index for Dotsquares - FAQ
  • Blank screen at configuration page (too many categories)
  • Remove logging to file var/log/misspell.log
  • Rename layout and template files (add mst_ prefix) for avoid conflicts
  • Fatal error: Headers already send
  • Add checks for possible PHP cache
  • Add description to search validator for errors
  • Clarify error message in validator
  • Add checks of permissions to validator
  • Change .live to .on in js files
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