The following features have become accessible:

1. URL optimization

  • Friendly URLs for the layered navigation for the product tags, comments, site map
  • The single product URL is set for the whole site
  • The product URL is always the same in any category or block

2. Store Content Optimization

  • Ability to turn on Link Rel=?next/prev? in the products catalog paging
  • Ability to set up NOINDEX, FOLLOW for any page manually
  • Ability to remove the content duplicates at the paging

3. Frontend Site map optimization (html)

  • Shows all links of the store (categories, products, CMS pages) on one page
  • Ability to hide the certain CMS pages from the site map
  • Ability to show the links to other store views
  • Ability to add any links to the site map

4. Google Sitemap optimization (xml)

  • Ability to add all products pictures to the site map
  • Ability to add links to the product tags to the site map
  • Ability to split the site map into several files by the size or by the number of links and to create Sitemap XML Index
  • The site map contains the correct domain name (it is important for the stores with several store views)

5. Internal crosslinks

  • Ability to create automatically the internal and external crosslinks between the pages of products, categories, CMS pages for the key words
  • Ability to import the key word and link list from the CSV file
  • Ability to set nofollow for links, to open links in the new window
  • Ability to limit the maximum number of links on the page

Find the complete list of features on the Advanced SEO Suite page. Demo version of the extension is available. Customers with an active support period can download the latest version absolutely for free.

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