What is Help Desk MX ?

Help Desk for MagentoHelp Desk MX ? must have extension that allows every Magento store owner to deliver a complete customer care service and excellent support solution. An extension allows every customer to submit their support request in the most suitable for him manner. Providing you with all the necessary options to organize the most effective communication process with customers. It is a great way to keep in touch with your current loyal customers and with absolutely new ones.

Help Desk MX is an extension with lots of additional helpful tools to improve your website operation.Tickets can be created via email, contact form on the site, personal account, offline chat (Zopim, Livezilla, etc).

Help Desk MX collects incoming messages from the mailboxes and convert them into the tickets or into the response for a certain ticket. As only team member or customer will reply to the ticket via e-mail his response will be tracked in the system and will be delivered to the recipient.

Get an extension with a special price ? USD 149

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