This November the top choice is definitely Sphinx Search Ultimate the extension that proves to be the best idea when it comes to providing relevancy of search results at Magento website as well as improving the rates of conversion.

  • Assessments of customer preferences point to relevancy of search results as one of the top three priorities people have when shopping online; it comes third right after pricing and website usability as the main criteria of e-commerce performance.
  • Quality, website download speed and search results’ relevancy are also looked upon, as the key factors that directly drive your website customers’ behaviors ? search results that fail to match user queries can come as a big turn-off for your online store that will shortly end up with fewer hits.

The figures show that relevant search results usually translate into 15 per cent sales boost and, no mistaking, this is what makes a search tool optimization a must-have for any Magento based e-store.

Sphinx Search Ultimate extension now boasts such feature as an advanced Search Spell-Correction that can come in handy as yet another a small but efficient trick for search optimization.

This extension has already won approval of many online retailers making it the best-selling Magento extension of this month.

Advanced website search engine is what holds a winning formula for successful sales online. Why miss out on a chance to capitalize on it?

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