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Instant Search Autocomplete for Magento 2

Instant Search Autocomplete for Magento 2

When a customer knows what he needs to buy, his first action is to find the product through a quick search. The presence of a quick drop-down menu with the found goods (auto-complete) allows him to find the right product quickly without leaving the search line. The customer has only to complement the search query with the necessary criteria and then he will see the result.

Customers expect that search results will be shown instantly (they know experience of Google or Amazon search). But technically it is very hard to achieve such level of speed in Magento store. Every request to Magento needs to initiate magento core, which speed of initialization limits the speed of our search.

To solve this problem and to greatly speed up Magento search, we have created and added a new feature to our search extensions. We named it the Fast Mode.

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