How to fix access issues after applying magento patch SUPEE-6285

Download the Patch and copy the file to the Magento Root folder on your server.
To apply this patch, use one of these methods:

1. Apply the patch via Browser

Open the patch file in your browser. For example,

2. Apply the patch via Command Line

To run the script via command line (shell, SSH) you need to execute next command:

php {{magento_path}}/m_controllers_patch.php

If you receive an error message while executing the patch: "Error updating the file. Please check file permissions, it should have write access", you need to set write access for the file and its path. Run following command in the command line to set full access:

sudo chmod 777 -R app/code/local/Mirasvit/ModuleName/controllers/Adminhtml/

where ModuleName is a name of the Mirasvit extension.

If you don't have access to command line, you can set the appropriate write access in the Filezilla or ask your system administrator to do this.

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