Notification Emails

Help Desk MX sends emails with different types of notifications to the customer and support team. You can customise templates of those emails.

To change template of Help Desk MX email you need to do following steps:

  • Go to the System > Transactional Emails
  • Press button Add New Template
  • Select template in the dropdown that you would like to customise (e.g. Helpdesk - Customer - New Message)
  • Press button Load Template
  • Enter new Template Name (e.g. My Helpdesk - Customer - New Message)
  • Change Temlate Subject and Template Content as you need
  • Press button Save Template
  • Go to the Help Desk > Settings > Email Notification Settings. Select your new template in the dropdown list of necessary notification. Save configuration.

In email templates you can use following variables:

  • {{var}} - customer name
  • {{var}} - customer email
  • {{var ticket.code}} - ticket code
  • {{var}} - ticket subject
  • {{var ticket.department}} - name of ticket department
  • {{var ticket.status}} - name of ticket status
  • {{var ticket.priority}} - name of ticket priority
  • {{var ticket.getCreatedAtFormated('long')}} - ticket created date
  • {{var ticket.getUpdatedAtFormated('long')}} - ticket updated date
  • {{var ticket.getLastMessageHtmlText()}} - current ticket's message (in HTML format)
  • {{var ticket.getHistoryHtml()}} - block with ticket histroy
  • {{var ticket.getExternalUrl() }} - external ticket's URL
  • {{var store.getFrontendName()}} - name of your store
  • {{var user.firstname}} - first name of ticket's owner
  • {{var user.lastname}} - last name of ticket's owner
  • {{var}} - email of ticket's owner
  • {{var}} - name of ticket's department

How to add Custom Fields to Notification Email

The Custom Fields also can be used as variables, through its codes, which are prefixed with "f_" prefix.
For example, if you have custom field with code "test_field", the proper email variable should be: {{var ticket.f_test_field}}.

How to add custom Notification Email

You can create your own Notification Email by using Workflow Rules. Please, check this blog post

How to disable a Notification Email

To disable Notification Email you need to go to the Help Desk > Settings > Email Notification Settings and in the dropdown list of necessary notification select an option Disable these emails. Save configuration.

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