Quick Responses

Help Desk MX allows to create a list of Quick Responses. Agent can use Quick Response to paste a predefined answer into reply field, edit it if necessary and send to client.

To create a new quick response go to the Help Desk > Dictionaries > Quick Responses backend page. Press button Add New. You'll see following fields:

  • Internal Title - Internal title of quick response. Customer will not see it.
  • Is Active
  • Template - Text of quick response. This text will be inserted into reply field after selecting internal title in Quick Response field at message editing form.
  • Stores - Store views which can use this quick response. If you have several languages, you need to have different quick responses for each store view.

In templates the following variables can be used:

  • [ticket_customer_name] - Full customer name.
  • [ticket_customer_email] - Email of customer.
  • [ticket_code] - Ticket number (eg. #TX-234234).
  • [store_name] - Name of the store
  • [user_firstname] - First name of agent.
  • [user_lastname] - Lirst name of agent.
  • [user_email] - Email name of agent.
  • [order_increment_id] - Number of order, to which current ticket is binded.
Help Desk MX