Spam filters

Help Desk MX allows to filter incoming emails automatically. You can create patterns and specify which messages are spam.

To create new spam pattern go to Help Desk > Dictionaries > Spam Pattern. Press button Add New.
You'll see the following fields:

  • Title - Internal title of spam pattern.
  • Is Active
  • Scope - Sets email field that will be checked for a match pattern. You can set the following areas:
    • Headers - Service information, which is generated by email client while sending email.
    • Subject - Email subject.
    • Body - Main text of the letter.
  • Pattern - Expression, in which e-mail is considered as spam. Pattern supports regular expression, see Regular Expressions. Patterns must be covered by slashes.

You can create and test templates online. See
Here you can see a few examples:

1. Spam filter for all emails which has a domain
Scope: Headers
Pattern: /[^@]
Check this Example at

2. Filter for users who have emails which includes user, works for any domain. Matches with: "",", "".
Scope: Headers
Pattern: /.*user.*[@](?!domain\.com).*$/

3. Filter block for emails beginning with the word "free" or containing the base word "free" after space. Matches with: "free", "free money!", "free discount". Doesn't match: "freeze", "nofree".
Scope: Subject
Pattern: /^free[ ].*|^free/

4. Filter block for emails with text: Special offer. Matches with: "$pecia1 Offer", "!!special Offer!!", "Special 0ffer?!".
Scope: Body
Pattern: /.*[\$Ss]pecia[l1]\W[Oo0]ffer.*/

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