Additional Tab

Go to the Help Desk > Tickets. Open a ticket, open the Additional tab. You'll see the following options:

Additional Information

  • Store View - If your magento has multiple store views, you'll see this option. It specifies the current ticket's store view. Customer will receive all emails using templates of this store view.
  • Channel - Channel from which ticket was created. Following channels are possible:
    • Email
    • Feedback Tab
    • Contact Form
    • Backend
  • External Link - Link with encoded ticket id. Customer can use it to answer on the ticket without login into his account. You can send this URL to customer if necessary.
  • Tags - You can add a comma-separated list of tags to the ticket. You can find ticket by these tags using Help Desk search.

Ticket History

This section contains a log of ticket's changes.

Additional Tab

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