Replying to a Ticket

Go to the Help Desk > Tickets. Open a ticket. In the tab General you'll see the following options:

Customer Summary

  • Customer Email - Email of customer which are used for communication. Your messages will be sent to this email.
  • Assigned To Customer - You can assign the ticket to a customer. The customer will see this ticket in his account. To assign the ticket, you need:
    • enter customer email or name
    • press button Find Customer
    • select customer from the dropdown list
  • Assigned to Order - If ticket is assigned to the customer, you can select a customer's order to for this ticket.

Ticket Summary

  • Status - Current ticket's status
  • Priority - Current ticket's priority
  • Ticket Owner - Current owner of the ticket. If ticket is not assinged to you, ticket will be automatically assigned to you after your reply. You can assign the ticket to another agent or department if necessary.


  • Message Type - Extension allows to send following messages:
    • Message to Customer - Default message type. Your reply will be sent to the customer.
    • Internal Note - Your reply will added to the ticket history. You and other agents will be able to see it. Customer will not see it and will not receive it by email.
    • Message to Third Party - This option allows you to contact any 3rd party within the thread of the ticket (e.g. you can contact your suppliers or shipping company). Your reply will be sent to the Third Party Email. Your reply and replies of 3rd party will be shown in the customer's account.
    • Private Message to Third Party - The same option as above, but all conversation is hidden from customer. Customer will not see your messages to the 3rd party and replies of 3rd party.
  • Insert Quick Response - You can select and insert a predefined response. To create a list of quick responses, see Quick Responses.

Responding to a ticket

You can also reply to a ticket via email, by sending a message to one of emails, which are set as Gateways.
In this case make sure, that your sender email is not a Gateway itself. These emails will be ignored to avoid infinite cycles.

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