Social Networks Settings

Extension allows customers to earn Points by promoting store products and categories via social networks. You can set, which networks can be used, at System -> Configuration -> Mirasvit Extensions -> Social Networks Settings:

Facebook Settings

Option Description
Show Facebook Like button If option enabled, Facebook Like and Share button will be shown on the product and category pages.
Facebook App ID To receive App ID, please, create an application here
Facebook API Version You can find API Version in settings of your application, for more details please read

Twitter Settings

Option Description
Show Twitter Follow button If option enabled, Twitter Follow button will be shown on the product and category pages. This option also requires Twitter Application Setup.
Twitter Consumer Key Consumer Key, obtained from Twitter Application
Twitter Consumer Secret Consumer Secret Key, obtained from Twitter Application

Google Plus Settings

  • Show Google Plus +1 button - If option enabled, Google Plus +1 button will be shown on the product and category pages.

Pinterest Settings

  • Show Pinterest pin button - If option enabled, Pinterest pin button will be shown on the product page.

Refer Friends Settings

Refer Friends button generates a special share link, which can be passed to other customer via email or social network. It can differ depending on place, where was taken, and can include Category or particular Product, if Refer Frields button was placed from their respective page.

Option Description
Show Refer Friends button Shows button Refer Friend, and associated pop-up dialog for Category (if enabled in section below) and Product Page.
Default message for link share Message, that can be added to link sharing via Refer Friends Button.

Display Settings

Option Description
Show Social Buttons block on category page If set to Yes, displays social buttons on Category pages.
Paths of templates to add Social block before Allows to select, where block of social buttons should be shown. You need to supply here not the URL, but template path according to your theme. See note below, how it could be done.

The best way to determine path to template, is to use Template Hints, which display these paths directly on your frontend pages. To enable them, you need to do the following:

  • Go to System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer -> Debug and use Store Switcher to switch to the desired store.
  • After switching in that Debug section you will see Template Path Hints option. Set it to Yes.
  • Clear the cache at System -> Cache Management
  • Open store Category or Product page, and you will see paths for all blocks on them.
  • Pick up the block, and enter its path to Paths of templates to add Social block before option. Our button block will be shown on top of it.

How to make Likes and Shares generate points

When appropriate buttons are shown on product pages, it's' need to create corresponding rules for each social button.

To make such rule, go to the Reward Points -> Earning Rules and create a rule of Behaviour type, with one of these Events:

  • Facebook Like
  • Facebook Share
  • Twitter Tweet
  • Google+ Like
  • Pinterest Pin

Then, whenever registered customer likes or shares any of your Pages, he will receive points.

More information on creating an earning rule, can be found at Create Earning Rules section.

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