Conditions are states, which can have each item, requested for return. Our extension provides three basic Conditions, which are displayed on screenshot below:


All of them are located in their dedicated Grid at RMA -> Dictionaries -> Conditions. There you can also Change status (i. e. activate/deactivate) or Delete conditions, if you need to.

Typically, Condition is set by customer at RMA creation stage for each returned item separately. You can, however, to restrict customer by unchecking Condition at Require customers to select option at General Settings section of Settings. It shall be set then manually from backend.

You can also create a set of new Conditions, that will suit your return policy.

How to create a new Condition

Visit RMA -> Dictionaries -> Conditions and press Add New button. You will be brought to Condition creation page:

  • Title - title of the Condition.
    Unlike other strings, Reason titles can not be translated using locale CSV.
    Instead of this, use Store Chooser above Reason Edit form, to switch to the proper storeview, and enter to Title field proper translation.
  • Sort Order - sort order, the lesser - the higher.
  • Is Active - whether Condition is active and available for RMA item assignment.