All configuration settings are located at RMA > Settings, and consist of the following sections:

  • General Settings - defines the most basic settings for tuning-up your Return policy.
  • Federal Express Shipment - allows you to generated FedEx shipping labels directly from RMA. This section is described in dedicated Fedex section of this manual.
  • Customer Account - allows you to turn on/off dedicated RMA section in customer's account.
  • RMA Policy - allows you to define specific details of your RMA policy, such as status of orders to return, exchange and refund resolutions and so on.
  • RMA Number - deals with RMA numbers generation.
  • Email Notification Settings - allows you to set (or disable) your custom templates for email notifications. Read more here;

General Settings

Option Description
Return Address Return address of the store. Will be shown in the RMA Packing Slip.
Default status for new RMA When customer creates a new RMA, this option sets RMA default status.
Default owner for new RMA Sets default owner for a new RMA.
Move RMA to Archive if it has one of following statuses Option allows to archive RMA automatically. E.g. you can automatically move to the archive RMA with the status Closed.
Ask customer to confirm shipping If option is enabled, customer will be asked to confirm shipping of returned items.
Shipping confirmation text Text of shipping confirmation dialog.
Enable option "This was a gift" Option is useful, when your customers buys gifts for their friends. Friend can create an RMA request for gift. And initial customer will not be notified about such RMA.
Enable integration with Help Desk This option allows to convert Help Desk tickests to RMA requests. Works only if you have installed Mirasvit Help Desk MX extension.
Code of "Brand" attribute This field is used to create RMA reports by "Brand". To find correct code of your "brand" attribute go to the Catalog > Attributes.
Allow upload only attachments with extensions Customers will be allowed to upload only those types of files.
Limit of attachments size Customers will not be able to upload files with size more than this limit.
Store attachments in Allows to store attachments either in Database, or in File System. If you had selected the latter, make sure, that /media/rma/attachments directory is writable.
Show Columns in RMA Grid You can configure what columns you would like to show in the main RMA list in the backend.
Allow RMA for offline orders If option is enabled, RMA requests will be available for offline orders.
CMS block for additional step Allows to select the store page, where customer will be redirected after clicking the button Next Step from the Request New Return page.
CMS block for RMA success page Allows to select the store page, which will be shown for customer when RMA request is created.
Require customers to select Sets the required for customer fields to fulfil at the RMA request form.
Use WYSIWYG editor in backend Allows to use WYSIWYG editor in backend.

Customer Account

Option Description
Show RMA section in Customer Account If option is enabled, RMA section is displayed in a customer account.

RMA Policy

Option Description
Allow to request RMA after order completion, days Number of days after order completion, when customer can create an RMA request.
Allow to request RMA if order has status Sets product's order status(es) which allows customer to create RMA request.
Allow to create Replacement Order, when item has resolution Shows Replacement Order button on RMA, where at least one item has selected Resolutions.
Allow to create Credit Memo, when item has resolution Shows Credit Memo button on RMA, where at least one item has selected Resolutions.
Allow return to Store Credit Allows Quick Refund to Store Credie (works only when Mirasvit Store Credit is installed).
Allow bundled items return one by one Allows Bundled Items returns as independent items (set Yes), or as a single item (set No).
Allow Guest Offline RMA Allows Offline RMA to be placed by guests
Allow RMA for multiple orders Allows one RMA to contain items from several orders
Ask to agree with RMA policy text If option is enabled, RMA policy is shown when customer creates a new RMA. Customer must accept the policy to proceed with RMA.
CMS block with RMA policy text Sets CMS static block with text of RMA policy. To create and manage this block go to the: CMS > Static Blocks

RMA Number

Option Description
Number Format You can specify a custom format for RMA numbers. You can use variables [store], [counter]. E.g. you have a format 'RM-[store][counter]' and you'll receive RMAs with numbers RM-1000001, RM-1000002, RM-1000003, etc.
Start Counter From Initial number of the counter.
Counter Increment Step Counter's increment step.
Counter Length Number of digits in the counter.

Email Notification Settings

Option Description
Email Sender Sets email, from which letters will be sent to a customer.
Template of Notification Email for Customer Template of email notifications for customers. Also see how to customise email templates.
Template of Notification Email for RMA Owner Template of email notifications for RMA agents. Also see how to customise email templates.
Template of Rule Notification Template of email rule notifications.
Send blind carbon copy (BCC) of all emails to Allows to send blind carbon copy (BCC) of all outgoing emails to this list of emails. You can enter a comma-separated list of emails.