SEO Templates management

SEO Templates option is a powerful and flexible tool to manage meta information on your store pages based on rules defined.

Meta tags defined in SEO Templates can be overwritten by the same tags filled in SEO Rewrite Manager.

Go to SEO > SEO Templates. Here there you can find all information about existing templates, edit them and create new SEO templates.


Create SEO Template

To add new SEO Template go to SEO > SEO Templates and click Add New SEO Template.
In the first step choose rule type. It will determine pages that SEO Template will be applied to. You may choose one of three types:

  • Product - to apply template to product pages.
  • Category - to apply template to category pages;
  • Results of layered navigarion - to apply template to filtered Layered Navigation pages.
    Then click Save and Continue button.
    This will lead you to the General Information section of SEO Template configuration page.

General Information tab

  • Internal rule name - mark template with a name.
  • Meta title - allows to rewrite meta title tag of targeted pages.
  • Meta keywords - allows to rewrite meta keywords tag of the targeted pages.
  • Meta description - allows to rewrite meta description tag of the targeted pages.
  • Title (H1) - allows to change the header of the targeted pages.
  • SEO description - Seo Description - allows to add additional SEO information about rewrited store page. This field is not required, but can increase Google indexation. SEO description block is placed on the footer of the targeted page.
  • Status - indicates either template is enabled or disabled.
  • Apply for Store View - you may choose store views where template will be added
  • Sort Order - you may define the importance of the template. If more that one SEO Template is assignet to a single page - will be applied the one with the lowest value of sort order parameter.
  • Product short description - allows to rewrite short desctiption on the product page. Only available for templates based on product rule types.
  • Product description - allows to rewrite desctiption on the product page. Only available for templates based on product rule types.

Condition tab

On the Condition section of SEO Template configuration page you may define conditions that will trigger the template.
Template condition consists of two parts: a combining condition and one or several sub-conditions. The sub-conditions are tied together by a combining condition. You can change ANY to ALL and TRUE to FALSE. Thus, a combining condition can have one of these four forms:

  • If ALL of these conditions are TRUE
  • If ALL of these conditions are FALSE
  • If ANY of these conditions are TRUE
  • If ANY of these conditions are FALSE

You can set multiple sub-conditions by clicking the round + button. This will open a drop-down list with product attributes. Not every attribute can be used to generate templates conditions. First of all, the attribute property is_used_for_promo_rules must be set to 1. You may edit the setting in admin panel. Go to Catalog > Attributes > Manage attributes and select needed attribute. On Edit Product Attribute page in the "Frontend Properties" section you can change Use for Promo Rule Conditions setting.

You can create multiple-levels of sub-conditions by using a combining condition. Select “Condition combination” in the drop-down list and you will get a combining setting similar to the one at the top level. Under it you can add a new branch of attribute-based sub-conditions.

Sub-conditions come in form of “attribute name” + “operator” + “value”.
The “operator” depends on the attribute type and can be:

  • is / is not - used for single entity(for example: SKU)
  • equals or greater than / equals or less than
  • greater than / less than
  • is one of / is not one of - used for multiple entities(for example: selected categories)
  • contains / does not contain


Stop Further Rules Processing - If enabled template will be applied to the page even if another rule with higher sort order value is applicable.

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