Redirects management

Redirect rule creation

With this option you may manage mass redirects on your site more efficiently.
To create custom redirect rule you need to go to SEO > Redirect > Management and click Add New Redirect button. For your redirect rule you may define:

  • Request Url - Redirect if user opens this URL.
    Wildcards can be used like this:
  • Target URL - Redirect User to this URL.
    Can be given as a URL path:
    or as a full URL:
    External URL can be defined only as full URL:
  • Redirect only if request URL can't be found (404) - If checked, redirect will only be triggered if request URL responds with 404 Not Fount status. This is extremely useful for dealing with "404 Not Fount" issues in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Comments - you may leave to be visible in admin panel for other authorized backend users to easily understand the purpose of the redirect rule.
  • Status - indicates either redirect rule is enabled or disabled.
  • Visible in Store View - you may choose store views where redirects will be added.
  • Priority - if several redirect rules match current URL, the one with higher priority value will be applied.

For example, with this option you may set up redirects for all pages that return "404 Not Found" error to the Homepage of your site.
This implementation is extremely effective mean of dealing with lots of 404 errors found in Google Webmaster Tools due to
previous URL generation misconfiguration or if pages that do not exist anymore on your site are still present in Google cache.
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