Meta tags and/or Rich Snippets are not shown in Google Search Results.

Google takes a snapshot of each page it examines and caches (stores) that version as a back-up. The cached version is what Google uses to judge if a page is a good match for your query.
Practically every search result includes a Cached link. Clicking on that link takes you to the Google cached version of that web page, instead of the current version of the page.

Please check cached page and compare it with your actual page. It may occur that meta information added by our extension to your site's pages is not seen by Google because it used previously cached page to show in search results. This type of cache will be renewed when Google robots will next time visit your site. Depending on site's popularity and quality, this may take some time to happen.

You may get more information on Google caching mechanism on the following links:

Fix magento issue with extra digits added to the url or broken urls in URL Rewrite Management.

1) Update SEO to version 1.2.0 or higher.

2) Run script http://[your_store]/shell/check_duplicate_keys.php
[your_store] - the domain name of your store;
You can see all pages with duplicate url keys in following format:

    [url_key] => Array
            [sku] => url_key    NOT_VISIBLE (if product not visible)

3) Create unique url key for every product in admin panel.

4) Create dump for table [table_prefix]_core_url_rewrite:
mysqldump -u [user] -p[password] [database] [db_table_prefix]_core_url_rewrite > [db_table_prefix]_core_url_rewrite_dump.sql

[db_table_prefix] - your database table prefix,  
[database]        - your database name,  
[user]            - mysql user,  
[password]        - mysql password  

It can be found in the file /app/etc/local.xml

5) Clear [table_prefix]_core_url_rewrite table:
mysql -u [user] -p[password]
show databases;
use [database];
TRUNCATE TABLE [db_table_prefix]_core_url_rewrite

6) From shell folder:
php indexer.php --status (not necessarily, only for information)
php indexer.php info (not necessarily, only for information)
php indexer.php --reindex catalog_url

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