Ajax Infinite Scroll

Scroll module provides you with the ability to activate the infinite scroll for traversing your catalog.
It works in 2 modes:

  1. Automatic Infinite Scroll - which automatically loads next page when user scrolls down to bottom of the current page.
  2. Load More Button - which triggers next page load by hitting the Load More button.

General Settings

Go to Stores > Configuration > Mirasvit Extensions > Scroll section.

  • Scroll Mode - defines, the mode used for loading next pages:
    • Disabled - disable scroll functionality.
    • Infinite scroll
    • Load More Button
  • Load Previous Page Button Label - if user opens your site by direct link which loads the specific category page (using param "p=page_num"), our module shows the Load Previous Page button on top of the catalog to give user the ability to see the previous pages.
  • Load Next Page Button Label - label for Load More button.
  • Product List Selector - our extension uses this selector as the starting point for initialization of the scroll functionality. Default Magento blcock which wraps products has the .products.products-grid or .products.products-list selector (depends on current view mode). But if your theme uses custom selector you should specify it here.