SEO Filters

SEO Filters allows replacement of layered navigation links (e.q. with interchangeable parameters like size and colors) to a SEO-friendly links with more intuitive and human-readable path.

Corresponding settings subsection is located at Stores -> Configuration -> Mirasvit Extensions -> SEO Filters.

The only options, available for now, are:

  • Enabled - enables and disables SEO Filters feature
  • Separator between words in complex filter name - if attribute name consists of several words, this option will define their concatenating to single name with a delimiter. There are the following options:
    • Do not use separator - words are not separated at all.
    • Use "_" as separator - words will be separated with underline.
    • Use capital letter as separator - each word in attribute name will be capitalized.


Important Note

SEO Filters should only be enabled if you are using native Magento Layered Navigation or Mirasvit Layered Navigation and there are no third-party Layered Navigation extensions installed on your store.

Otherwise, turning on this option can cause unchecked errors and unexpected crushes.

SEO Filters Example

Consider a links, which are generated for different subcategories at Tops category page, and displayed as layered navigation sidebar.

Layered Navigation Sidebar

Subcategories, displayed above, are constructed dynamically from parameters, that defined in configurable products, and have the following form. For example, let's consider a links for a top of XS size and of Orange color.

As you see, link has a dynamic part, which takes form parameter=ID, which is not optimal for web indexing.

But if we will set Marketing > Advanced SEO Suite > Settings > SEO Filters -> Enable to Yes, links will change into:

These links are far more SEO-friendly.


Important Note

You should purge ALL cache after enabling/disabling SEO filters, otherwise links will not change.