Building Reports

Report Builder is enabled only for custom reports. Before modifying any report or creating a new one, you need to clone an existing report as a wireframe.

You can edit previously copied Reports just by clicking Edit Report in the dropdown menu.

Report builder menu

Proceed now with Quick Guide. You can also check Short FAQ about the most common issues.

Quick Guide for creating Report with Report Builder

Visit any copied/custom report and press Edit Report in the dropdown menu. You will see a popup like shown on the screenshot below:

Report builder

To create a custom or modify Report, you will need at least: dimensions and columns.

  • Dimensions - a list of columns (or one column) to group data in the report (it can be Date, Customer Group, Order, SKU etc.)
  • Columns - a list of columns for the grid

After saving, this report is available from the top menu at Reports -> Advanced Reports section.


SUM - will export summary values. For example, a grand total with SUM aggregator added to a report will show the summary value of grand totals from all orders for the specified day.

AVG - means the 'average'. Will shown summary value divided by the quantity of aggregated items.

COUNT - used for orders. Will show the quantity of aggregated items. For example, quantity of orders placed within a specified day.

VALUE - no aggregated column. For example, we have the report based on days and two orders for the specified day. Using Grand Total Column with the VALUE aggregator, we will see Grand Total of the first order.

JOIN - will show aggregated items separated by a comma — for example, order numbers.

Short FAQ

  • How can I add a product attribute to my report

    The attributes are located under the table catalog_product_entity. Thus, to add an attribute choose the table catalog_product_entity at the Tables, then in the Columns search for the required attribute, choose it and paste to the Default Columns.

  • Report Totals not shown

    Please note, totals are shown only for columns with suffixes __sum, __avg, __concat and only for relations of type 11 or 1n.