Configuring Autocomplete & Suggest

All Autocomplete settings are located at System / Settings / Mirasvit Extensions / Search Autocomplete section.

It consists of the following sections:

General Configuration

This section also breaks into lesser subsections, and contains the following options:

  • General Configuration - defines basic application settings
    • Minimum number of characters to search - specifies the minimum amount of characters, which customer should enter to trigger autocomplete.
    • The delay to start finding - specifies delay between triggering autocomplete. (by option above) and beginning of actual search.


      Our extension actually begins to search for possible autocompletions and suggestions only when both conditions match:
      • customer had entered minimal required number of characters;
      • there were no actions during specified delay period.
  • Fast Mode - Option allows to increase search speed due to the excluding Magento 2 from the autocomplete search at the initialization stage.


    • This option is available for Sphinx search and Elastic engines only;
    • The disadvantages include the increased indexing time of the search index, and the lack of some search capabilities, such as a long-tail, wildcard exceptions, search weight etc.
  • Searchable content - list of search indexes, where search is performed, and results displayed as autocomplete options. Indices are either taken from standard Magento, or if extension is installed as part of Advanced Search Sphinx Pro or Sphinx Search Ultimate - from corresponding Indexes grid.
    • Index - name of index, which can be included to autocomplete.
    • Is Enabled - includes current index to autocomplete
    • Max Number of results - the maximum number of results, which should be displayed in autocomplete drop-down widget.


      You can drag and drop rows in this list to define order, in which results from different indices will be displayed in autocomplete drop-down.
  • Enable TypeAhead - enables auto-suggestion feature. Our extension collects information about most popular search queries and their results, groups them and stores separately. When autocomplete is triggered and TypeAhead option enabled, our application automatically searches for typed term and displays suggestion of found most relevant query.


    Use Right Arrow button to quickly turn auto-suggestion to full autocomplete query and save autocomplete time.
  • Product Settings - defines content and appearance of autocomplete individual product information cells.
    • Show Price - displays price of product.
    • Show Thumbnail - displays small thumbnail of product image.
    • Show Rating - displays number of reviews and approval rating (so-called star rating).
    • Show Description - displays short excerpt from product's description.
    • Show SKU - displays SKU of the product.
    • Show "Add to cart" - displays shortcut button for quick purchasing products.
    • Optimize autocomplete view for small screen size - allows optimization of autocomplete layout to small screen sizes. Note: may require additional style fixing at Appearance section.
  • Appearance - contains only one field, which defines custom appearance of autocomplete widget.
    • Additional CSS Styles - custom CSS styles, that should be applied either to entire drop-down, or to individual product cells. It is extremely powerful tool, which allows you to fit our Autocomplete extension to almost any theme.


      To customize individual product cell in autocomplete drop-down, use the following expression:
          // Your extended styles

      It will be added to our stylesheet.

  • Hot Searches

    Hot searches are the most popular queries, which were requested by customers. If current customer request includes such a query, autocomplete can highlight them and put to the top of drop-down.

    • Search queries - allows to override Hot Searches by adding here special keywords (comma-separated), that should be counted as hot. It is very useful during promotional campaigns.
    • Ignored words - allows to exclude from Hot Searches certain keywords. It is also a list of comma-separated words.
    • Max Number of queries - the maximum allowed number of Hot Searches, which should be displayed on autocomplete drop-down.