Magento 2 Dynamic Categories

When faced with a large catalog size, it can take a lot of time to categorize products and there is a high probability of missing the desired category.

Using the Dynamic Categories extension, you can specify the necessary criteria for including products in a particular category, and the extension will automatically add products to that category, sort them in the established order, or hide them depending on the attributes of the product.

Save time when adding new products and managing existing ones.

  • Automatically add or remove a product from the selected category depending on available attributes
  • Dynamic placement of new products based on attributes
  • Automatic sorting of products
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Feature Highlights

The Extension substantially reduces manual work required when placing products in categories and minimizes the chance of making mistakes.

How does this functionality works?

The extension allows you to specify the rules for product selection of any category. After applying the rule, all products that meet the condition are automatically added to or excluded from the category. When adding a new product, if it matches the created rules, it will also be placed in the dynamical category (Magento 2 Virtual Category).

What are the benefits of this functionality?

Default Magento has no special feature for automatically linking products to categories. A product can only be linked to a category manually or by import. In both cases, the store manager will need to manually specify which category this product needs to be added to.

Our extension allows you to:

  • Place products into categories dynamically, considering the existing rules.
  • Change the category of a product or hide it when changing its attributes, price, stock, etc
  • Use flexible condition rules that allow you to implement any requirements
  • Create a "Sales" category and automatically add the product with a discount
  • Automatically assign products to a Brand category.

Main Advantages

Automatic addition / removal of a product according to the conditions in the selected category

After creating a new category, you can establish a set of rules that will be applied to your product catalog. All suitable products will be automatically added into this category.

Dynamic placement of new products based on their attributes

The extension tracks changes in the attributes of products and automatically places the product in the right category. You can quickly create separate Magento 2 virtual categories for Bestsellers, Promotions, New Products, Sales, etc. When a product no longer meets the selected criteria, it will be removed from the category. This way, you can always show relevant information to your customers.

Automatic sorting of products

After dynamically adding products to a category, the extension allows you to sort them in the order you want, e.g. by price, date of creation, from most popular to least, etc. The rules are very flexible, which allows you to implement tasks of any complexity.

Top 5 reasons to use our extension

  • Quick creation of virtual categories makes the catalog more accessible to customers
  • Automatic grouping and keeping up-to-date of promotional products or products at discounts and providing quick access to them for customers
  • Bulk management of products in categories depending on their attributes
  • Reduces the amount of manual work while increasing quality and speed
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Excellent extension
Michael  from United States
Excellent extension. Import products by schedule and no need to manually assign each product to correct categories.
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Compatible with:
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Enterprise: 2.3.* - 2.4.*

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Oct 20, 2020
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