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Increase the Average Order Value by showing your customers an attractive proposition when they consider making a purchase. Sell more of what you want to sell, displaying the product kits on a product page or cart.

  • boost store revenue
  • use smart kits (based on rules)
  • apply a fixed or percentage discount
  • display a percentage or a sum of discount
  • define a position for the product kits' block
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Feature Highlights

What does the Product Kits module do?

Usually, store visitors keep the main product(s) in focus and don't give much thought to other goods or accessories. What about if we were to suggest they buy something else? One more t-shirt, pants, a memory card for a photo camera, or a mouse for a notebook, for instance?

These proposals look particularly attractive to the customer because they get an extra discount and a bit of information about goods they probably need. This tool dramatically improves the users' experience and increases the AOV (average order value). Also, it's a powerful tool that helps the store owner sell precisely the goods that they want to sell, i.e., overstock or outdated items.

Moreover, you can use this module to promote brand new goods or low-selling goods.

products kit

Features list

  • Smart kits (automatically generated based on rules)
  • Suggested kits (the extension will automatically suggest the best combinations of products to sell together based on previous history of orders)
  • Unlimited number of goods in a kit
  • You can sell the main products with a "Free" gift. If there are several gifts, the customer can choose which one is best for him or her.
  • Round the price of the kit (187.23 to 189.99)
  • Specify the minimum quantity of goods for a kit
  • Use a fixed or percentage discount for any item in the kit
  • Specify optional products as part of a kit
  • Display a percentage or monetary sum savings when purchasing goods as part of a kit
  • Define the kit header and discount header for the basket or order
  • Display multiple kits for the same product
  • Define the block position on the product page
  • Display the block on the cart page

Wrapping up

The Products Kits module is a powerful tool that helps you to boost sales in your store and increase the AOV (average order value). This module is a 'must-have' if you have many items in your catalog and are looking for ways to increase your sales.

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CBlue  from United States
Great extension great support and features. So far all works very well.
Great extension!
Abby  from United States
The module works really well for me. Looks good and produces good results, especially smart kits. Very easy to install and setup, very flexible settings.
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Jin Xiangyuan
Oct 20, 2020
Thanck you Very much!
Ivan Dimitrov
Oct 20, 2020
Thank you for the understanding and solving all problems in my case with the affiliate extension. Great support keep up the good work!
Oana Trasca
Oct 20, 2020
Verry good support and module.
Alexander Schatzl
Oct 19, 2020
perfect as always.
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