Cache Warmer Sources

Sources allow you to configure the sources for URLs of your website. After configuring and synchronizing your sources, you'll be able to use them according to the conditions of Warm Rules

Synchronization of sources works on the cron basis. Sources will be synchronized once a day. The extension also provides you with the ability to synchronize sources using the Command Line Interface.


Flush the page cache before synchronizing sources using CLI commands.

Go to System > Page Cache Warmer > Sources. You will see one or multiple example sources in the list.


The source can be one of 4 types:

  • Visitors' actions - URLs adding to the Pages table after someone visited them in the browser or if they were requested by bots. This is the default source. It can't be changed or removed. This source is automatically applied to all customer groups.
  • Crawler - If a source of this type has been created, URLs for pages added by our CLI crawler will be assigned to this source. Otherwise, such URLs will be assigned to the default source. Only one source of this type can be created. This source is automatically applied to all customer groups.
  • File - URLs adding to the Pages table from the file that are uploaded to the server. Multiple sources of this type can be created.
  • Sitemap - URLs adding to the Pages table that are from the sitemap of the website. Multiple sources of this type can be created.

Configuring sources

Press the Add Source button to create a new Source.

You'll see a form for configuring the Source. In the beginning, you need to pick a source type from the Type dropdown. Depending on the source type, you'll have different options for configuring the Source.

  • Crawler

    For this source type, you are only able to set the Name of the source and make it enabled or disabled (Is Active) Crawler source type

  • File

    For this source, along with the Name and Is Active fields, you'll have the Upload button for uploading the source file with URLs.
    The extension accepts TXT and CSV files
    Each URL should be in a new line.

Also, this source type provides the dropdown Customer Group(s) where you need to choose for which customer groups this Source has to be synchronized.

Both fields are required. File source type

  • Sitemap

    Configuration of this Source is almost the same as for the File source type. The difference is instead of the Upload button, you'll have a dropdown with sitemaps generated on the store.

You have to create and generate sitemaps before you'll be able to use them in this source type. Sitemap source type

Configuration tips

  • If the same URLs are present in different sources, these URLS will be assigned to the latest Source (with the highest ID). Consider this before creating sources.
  • Creating different sources with the same source file or sitemap for different customer groups is not recommended. For each unique source file or sitemap, one source should be created with all customer groups for which this source needs to be synchronized. Later, you'll be able to set the priority for warming pages for each customer group using Warm Rules.
  • The extension will skip customer groups that don't have any customers during the synchronization process. However, you still can add such customer groups in the configurations of the Source.
  • Before synchronization, the extension will compare the last synchronization date of the Source with the date of the last change of the source file or sitemap. If the source file or sitemap was changed after the last synchronization of the related Source, the extension will re-synchronize this source on cron bases or with CLI command. Otherwise, this source will be skipped entirely during the synchronization process. This allows you to modify the source file directly on your server without needing to re-save the related Source to re-synchronize it. You are still able to re-synchronize the source without modifying the source file or sitemap after resetting the synchronization date of the source using the Command Line Interface.