Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2

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The Full Page Cache Warmer solves the issue with cache updating. Whenever your customer or Google visits a page, the last will be loaded in a split of seconds!

This extension brings a unique robot designed to monitor cache status. Once the page caches is cleared, the robot visits this page and warms up the cache for it!

  • A store page loading speed is faster several times
  • The latest page version is always in the cache
  • Google ranking of your store is improved due to better page loading speed

Free Installation

We will install the extension in your store and configure it for your requirements.

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Feature Highlights

The Best Solution To Accelerate Your Store's Speed!

To make your online store run faster, you should use several types of Magento 2 cache. One of the most effective sorts of cache is the Full Page Cache. Of course, Magento 2 provides this type of cache: when opening the page for the first time, it is added to the cache, and then after refreshing the page content, returns out of the cache in little or no time!

But there is still one significant issue: cache is frequently cleared. It can happen when:

  • one makes changes to the product pages or categories
  • one makes any other changes within the store
  • cache is cleared by its lifetime (usually every X hours)

In the instance mentioned above, if your online store customers visit it and spot that the pages are loading slowly (for the first time, at least), customers may get disappointed by such a browsing experience and, thereby, decreasing your number of orders and revenue.

The same occurs when Google bot visits your online store, sees pages running slowly, and lowers your shop SERP ranking.

Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer prevents all these issues and increases your Magento store page's speed at several times!

Our cache warming solution for Magento 2 works with the following types of store pages:

  • Product pages
  • Category pages
  • Layered Navigation
  • CMS pages

Page Cache Warmer is compatible with Varnish Cache, default File Cache, Redis Cache, and others.

Fully Automated Extension Workflow

Full Page Cache allows you to configure all settings right after installation and then relax.

You don't need to reset anything while using our solution every day as our extension is fully automated and restores your store's cache automatically.

No more complicated manual settings! Just enable page types to cache, and that is it!

Tasks Run In The Background By Cron

Full Magento 2 Page Cache warmer operates in the background!

You are free to make any changes to the interface, and it won't affect the extension functioning in any way since all the module's workflows are carried out in the background run by Cron.

This feature might be quite useful if you don't like viewing excessive windows and reminders on your desktop.

Create & Cache At Once

A Full Magento 2 Cache Warmer can create a cache version of a newly saved page!

For example, you create a new product (or category, or any other store page) or edit existing ones. Then, you save it, and our extension automatically makes a cache for it right after saving.

No manual actions needed! There's no need to configure settings whenever you make changes to any page. Just create pages/categories/products, and the Full Page Cache Warmer will do the rest for you.

cache warmer performance

Flexible Performance Optimization Settings

Full Page Cache Warmer performance settings are entirely adjustable. This way, you may configure the following:

  • the number of concurrent requests made to your store (threads)
  • maximum run time
  • frequency of running cron jobs.

Get the most out of your store without any performance issues with our cache solution!

Easy Priorities Management

Full Page Cache Warmer allows you to manage the priority of cached content efficiently.

There are a few types of priorities in our solution:

  • Page popularity (number of visits)
  • Page type (category, product, CMS page, layered navigation, etc.)
  • Product type
  • Customer Group

Cache Prioritization allows you to make the right stress on the most demanded pages. For example, one of the most visited store pages might be your Sale/Promotion page. So, you could set a higher priority for it and provide your customers with the best loading speed for this content!

Full Page Cache Warmer extension helps you win more satisfied buyers by providing them with a better shopping experience!

Provide customers with the best shopping experience due to Full Page Cache Warmer!

See it in action!
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Great Addition to Any Magento Site
SL  from United States
This extension is great and is very much allows you to set it and forget about it. It just works as it should.
It works as advertised
JERRY  from United States
This extension works, but I don't seem as much impact for me as I was already using a combination of other FPC and Cloudflare to facilitate with the caching process.

Again, it works, but you will want to make sure you have a good FPC solution (they have an extension for this that you may want to consider), and pair FPC with this solution to achieve success.
Still working on it...
Bright  from United States
It is taking a lot to get this working properly but it seems to help. We had particular issues with caching content that sholdn't be cached per session but with some tweaking, I hope this will work great! You can test it at https://www.brightbrain.com
Works as advertised
EV  from Netherlands
Very nice, you can now clearly see status of cache
Superbly awesome
Onyekachi  from Nigeria
You want a fast blazing Magento 2 website? Think Mirasvit page cache warmer. It does exactly what they said. You can have a feel on www.officesleek.com
This will blow your mind
Passy  from South Africa
If you need good SERPs results and good ranking then get this. It will help you alot
great extension
mitzy1981  from Otopeni, Romania
great extension, it works very good..was some issues after installed it but mirasvit solved them all very fast. I will sure buy from you guys again!
Good Extension
Gökhan  from Ankara, Turkey
Important Keeps pages warm at all times. The effect on page speed is felt.
Awesome module
Cool  from Copenhagen, Denmark
Great module, Works right out the box with absolutely no issues.
Great product
digital  from Louisville, United States
We had a situation with a large database and this helped to fix the issue.
SOOOOOOO BUGGY! Don't buy this extension.
Matt  from Merchantville, United States
It's so buggy and trouble maker. The built-in search is much faster and much much more relevant. I've been testing every single piece of this extension for about 2 weeks. The technical support don't have any idea to set it up correctly. If you have under 100 products, it might work out well. We have over 130k products and I can say for 100% sure that there is no way to fix the bugs of this extension.
Buy another extension from another company. Just google.
If page speed matters
Bulent  from Bulgaria
If page speed matters, this module is for you.
Great plugin with free installation
Ian  from London, United Kingdom
Having used Mirasvit's Full Page Cache in our M1 store, we had no intention of using anyone else for our Magento 2 upgrade. Free installation was a bonus. Page load times are now drastically reduced, making Full Page Cache Warmer an essential extension for any new Magento website!
very good plugin
ben  from China
very good
A must have
Mar  from Dublin, Ireland
The most important module ever bought
Working with varnish cache this warmer is possible the best module I have ever purchased
It reduce the page load time
Hosen  from Dhaka, Bangladesh
After using this we found the page speed increase significantly and the load time reduce dramatically. We found this Extention is very useful and for Magento, this is a must-have extension to achieve faster page load.

Thanks Mirasvit whole team for their cordial support.
Solves one of major problems
Farrukh  from Pakistan
Cache flushing always slows down the pages and it doesn't build till that page is hit manually. Cache warmer solves this problem efficiently. Recommended!
Great Extenstion.
Neal  from Fishers, United States
Keeps the site cache in optimal condition keeping page load times down.
Great extension to keep your site fast
Steve  from Linz, Austria
The extension crawls all your pages and keeps your cache up to date. Definitely a must if you want a fast store.
aldo  from United Kingdom
They are the best, fast, professional. I purchased this product and i'm very happy
Good cache warmer
from Melbourne, Australia
Good cache warmer that keeps pages primed and cached.
Awesome Module!
XuB3R  from Bryanston, South Africa
Mirasvit never let me down with their quality modules, This cache warmer is awesome with more awesome features than Amasty's Cache Warmers one for sure and the reporting system is just Awesome! Go For It for Sure!
great product
abaton  from Vienna, Austria
great product. saves many time of developement.
Excellent module
Turbo-Puppy  from United States
Support was very helpful during configuration. The module turned the website into a rocket ship. Awesome module for speeding up your website. Thank you guys.
Excellent extension
jajo  from Hyderabad, India
Mirasvit has excellent extensions and this is no exception. it does what it claims.:)
Great Extension!
HH  from Mérida, Mexico
So far, so good. Excellent extension, easy to setup and support is great!
Works flawlessly
Tanja  from Finland
Thanks for a great extension, greatly speeds up our website by keeping pages warm and ready for our customers.
Works great
Richard  from Shepperton, United Kingdom
Works automatically on cron, don't need to do any work it just handles itself. Nice module.
Best Cache Warmer
Scott  from Wilmington, United States
Great warmer, especially with the warmer rules in the newer versions that let you specify which pages are important to you by conditions, as well as which customer group should be warmed for those pages.
Must have extension
Mike  from Echtenerbrug, Netherlands
Cache is nothing without a warmer.
Works great. Plug and play
Perfect Extension!!!
wrc  from Antalya, Turkey
We purchased several extensions from Mirasvit and The extension working excellent..
Amazing support team and extension
MacGuy  from St. Joseph, United States
I purchased this extension and had trouble getting Varnish working with my installation. The support team was extremely helpful and quick in getting our site up and running. Many thanks!
Great extension with great support
Marco  from Leiden, Netherlands
I stepped over from another M2 cache warmer to this one. What a difference. It works great and fast and is very reliable. The people here provide very good and fast support. If you need a M2 cache warmer choose this one!
Very good extension
Alexander  from Pune, India
One of the best cache extension which is very easy to setup and get started.
Magento 1: Great extensions!
FOTIOS  from Greece
Great extensions. We have Full Page Cache. Preciously we had FPC from another know extensions builder, but Mirasvit's is workign without flaws. They really helped with site speed.

Now considering Follow Up Email, whick seems to have quite a few options. Almost like an automatic marketing system. The only differences, i excpect this one to track everything!
Magento 1: Great Full Page Cache Extension!
Chanel  from Overland Park, United States
We definitely recommend this Full Page Cache extension!
Magento 1: Pefect Full Page Cache
Victor  from Hanoi, Vietnam
It is extremely powerful Full Page Cache with a lot of features, flexible management, super fast and I haven't known any better support service. Thanks for awesome product & service!
Magento 1: Faster Website
Sandro  from Maienfeld, Switzerland
This Plugin makes our website faster than before! Thanks
Magento 1: Very easy to setup and use
Waernjk  from Istanbul, Turkey
One of the best cache extension which is very easy to setup and get started.
Installed also: Advanced Reports
Magento 1: Excellent support
Hassan  from United Arab Emirates
Not only the extension is really will developed and excellent , but the support is top notch.. i contacted the way long after the support period has finished for an issue related to customized setup and they figured it out and got fixed...
Magento 1: great product
Jacob  from New York, United States
great product
Magento 1: A must have for any shop
Compudata  from Mississauga, Canada
Worked without a hitch from the getgo. The additional support for Redis was just icing on an already excellent cake. Well done Mirasvit team.
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate
Magento 1: 80% faster, and the customer service is brilliant!
ben  from Israel
this is my 3rd purchase from these guys, and like the other extensions got a great support. Alexander fixed an issue we've had within a few hours, with well mannered explanations and in detail. I'm sure I'll be back!
Magento 1: Dramatic website speedup with FPC + Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing
Dace  from Latvia
I think it's the best FPC module, of those which I have seen, because:
1) It has integration with Mirasvit Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing and together this modules really helps to speedup site.
2) It has good crawler, which crawls pages by popularity.
3) Mirasvis has very nice support (helped me to solve my issues with FPC) and documentation.
Magento 1: Every Magento Community must have this extension.
Jose  from Mexico City, Mexico
When this extension was installed, everything changed!

This FPC extension is amazing. The way you can clear cache from a simple page, category, product is really good. FPC helped us to improve the performance drastically and easily.

We are using FPC and Redis. Both works together really cool.
Great extension
Ramazan  from Istanbul, Turkey
We have a 1.5 million products (simples with configurables) and this extension working as expected.

But it may be little more fast ;)
Magento 1: Excellent Product!
michele  from Ferentino, Italy
Great and Excellent product!, fully compatibile with magento 1.9.x CE, reduce TTFB and optimize the entire site, great!!!
Magento 1: Mirasvit is always a guarantee for TOP performance
Georg  from Bolzano, Italy
As always, Mirasvit confirms itself as very professional and delivers top quality products and after-sale support.
Magento 1: Great Extension and Support
Albert  from United States
We purchased several extensions from Mirasvit and we could not be more happy with the quality of the product. Customer support is second to none. These guys are patient and professional.
Mirasvit is the first place we look every time we need a new extension.
if speed is what you need
Shawn  from Long Keng, Hong Kong
this module is a must buy
Magento 1: Nothing beats it
Gzim  from Vejen Municipality, Denmark
Fast and working out of the box. The crawler helps us cache products / categories that are hardly used or seen, as they are special products, so even those are loaded fast.

Magento 1: faster than fast
Alfred  from Wels, Austria
This Extension is a rocket. Our webshop is extremely fast although we have a very basic hosting! A must have!
Magento 1: Working excellent! Fast help from Mirasvit team.
Anna  from Israel
The extension working excellent. The help from Mirasvit team was very fast. Very happy to deal with that company. Will come back for other extensions.
Installed also: Advanced Newsletter
Magento 1: Amazing
Francesco  from San Pancrazio Salentino, Italy
Speed, reliability, scalability. A fantastic module.
Installed also: Advanced Reports
Magento 1: Extension very useful
Fashoop  from Querétaro City, Mexico
Very good cache extension, it helps the performance of my website. The stand is magnificent
Magento 1: Works perfectly
Raquel  from Miami, United States
My website is now super fast. This works perfectly and I can actually see the difference, the support was also great and very responsive. Would definitely recommend.
Magento 1: I love it and my customers too.
Chris  from Lake Forest, United States
I love it and my customers too.
Magento 1: Great service!
udara  from Lake Forest, United States
Very fast and i would defiantly recommend this magento module
Hard to install
yuhuang  from Coquitlam, Canada
I had some issue with installation,But good thing is customer care team help me out.
Great work
Magento 1: Works great
Richard  from Leeds, United Kingdom
Works really well and the support was great!
Magento 1: very easy for us
jean  from Orange, United States
it is very easy for us and easy to install.
Magento 1: FPC significantly reduces websites load time
Roy  from Israel
FPC extension with Cloudflare made our websites work extremely fast
Magento 1: Astonishing performance. Easy and simple installation.
Ravi  from Bradford, United Kingdom
My clients' websites are fast now. Thank you for making a great module.
Magento 1: perfect support
Elena  from Plovdiv, Bulgaria
We upgraded FPC to the latest version. Our site is working very fast now!
Magento 1: Great Extension with Great Support
Farrukh  from Karachi, Pakistan
We purchased FPC it boost up server response. Amazing extensions. Loving it !
Their support is also Excellent :) Very happy with their products and services. But price is little bit higher :(
Magento 1: Outstanding Experience. Will reorder again.
Nick  from Brooklyn, United States
Outstanding Experience. Will reorder again.
Installed also: RMASphinx Search Ultimate
the best cache warmer
Rudi  from Auckland, New Zealand
I have a large catalog and this make's sure all my pages are cache and ready to be accessed by customers. I highly recommend this module for all m2 stores
Magento 1: Excellent!
TLW  from Springtown, United States
Easy to configure. Just works!
Magento 1: reliable caching system
Johnny  from Kenosha, United States
I have two websites running with the extension, it's very reliable.
Magento 1: The best one
xavier  from La Landec, France
Works pretty good with magento. Support is always quick. thanks
Magento 1: Great extension and fantastic technical support
Harry  from Parnell, New Zealand
I am very satisfied with this extension. Mirasvit seems to be working on this extension continuously and this getting monster with new great features. Easily to customize for dynamic blocks. Of course, comes with professional technical support. Thanks Mirasvit team!
Magento 1: Totally perfect!
Thao  from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
I compared this module to many other extensions that have the same feature before making the decision to buy it. And I have to say that it works perfectly, my site performance is improved so much. Good job, Mirasvit team!
Magento 1: Nice extension
Lukasz  from Warsaw, Poland
Perfect extension for Magento, really "Must Have"!
Excellent Extension
Perry  from Central District, Hong Kong
Excellent Extension
Magento 1: work very well
naushad  from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
this is the best FPC extension i ever used,we manager more than 15 shops and tried few other FPC and found this extension extremely fast and easy to installl
Magento 1: The Best on The Magento Market!!!!!!
Kishore  from Northampton, United Kingdom
Awesome Caching Module and after doing research its probably the best on the market for Magento. I would highly recommend this module i am getting speeds or delivery 1.1 seconds.

Well Done!!!!!!
Magento 1: One of the best FPC extensions for Magento...
Nikolas  from Germany
...and I have tried a few!

Great functionality with many awesome features that are missing in other FPC solutions. On top of that outstanding support that helped me with adjusting the extension to my needs. Absolutely recommended!
Installed also: Menu Manager Pro
Magento 1: i love it
Mehdi  from Cordova, United States
this is the 3th extension i purchased
Magento 1: works well
Roberts  from Riga, Latvia
Worked without problems, I can feel the difference
Magento 1: Great support!
Mike  from The Hague, Netherlands
We used Lesti FPC before on our old theme, but on our new, we wanted some more control.
Googled alot and came across Mirasvit, happend to be we already purchased sphinx search here; w00t.. Well to be short. Great support! Needed some modifications after running live and a few small issue's (our webshop related setup). Fast response and also they fix it right away! Alex is the best!
Great extension and better support
Henry  from Longwood, United States
This warms pages fast and many extensions breal FPC with M2. Yet Mirisvit is there to always help you fix any issue even caused by other extensions so you can work it out with the oher part and make use of FPC. Still needs some better AI that knows only pages changes changed by Admin need to be re-warmed. This does not happen and on an M2 flush all is gone. This is bad and wrong. Unchanged pages cached should not flush or come right back. So this is very good but can go way more to be much better.
Magento 1: Speeding up
Francis  from Central District, Hong Kong
It really helps a lot. It speeds up our website and increase the conversion rate. We would recommend it to others. Thanks.
Magento 1: Great plug-in, works as promised
wootinun  from Bangkok, Thailand
Well made plug-in
Magento 1: Its very useful and fast
Nazia  from Doha, Qatar
I have installed this extension and this one is just awsum.
Magento 1: Excellent FPC!!!
Paulo  from Uberlândia, Brazil
Hello visitors, give up searching for Full Page Cache Module Provider, this Mirasvit module is the best available for Magento. After we tried several others, we stopped at Mirasvit no doubt this is the best and most complete module for this purpose available for Magento. We are Customer Mirasvit from 2 years ago. Congratulations, Mirasvit is excellent.
Magento 1: FPC Does the work
Kasper  from Aabybro, Denmark
Where great extension that have made a very good impact on my site in the positive way.
My average load time for my site has been improved very much.
I will recomend this extension and the Mirasivt teams is very professionel and the support is state of the art.
The best support and help I have ever seen.
Magento 1: Great!
Alexander  from Berlin, Germany
Great extension! Very happy with our choice!
Magento 1: Awesome Extension!!
Robert  from Berlin, Germany
We are using Magento with multiple stores/domains and around 1 million products. These extension speeds up our pages like a rocket!!! A absolute MUST HAVE!!!! Highly recommended!

We never want to miss!
Magento 1: A must have for any Magento site!
Michael  from Vancouver, Canada
This extension does exactly what it says.
After weeks of trying free caching extensions to get our site load time under 6 sec. We decide to look into a paid option. We have another Mirasvit extension (Follow up email) and this one fit with our budget, so it was a no brainer to give it a try. After a quick response from tech support, we were up and running with cached pages fully loaded at around 1.4 secs.
Highly recommend this extension if you are looking for an excellent out of the box caching system.
Magento 1: amazing fast
youliang  from Orange, United States
1. this tools make me website very fast, not install this, my website i use https://tools.pingdom.com/ need 5-7s open page, installed this ,only 1-2s, i recommend every magento user buy this tools.
2. i also buy they install service, they very patience, fix many code. i will buy more.
Installed also: Advanced Product Feeds
Magento 1: What a huge difference!
Andrew  from Auckland, New Zealand
Installed on my website and now its loads like a rocket! I had some initial problems with the setup, probably my fault, but a quick email to their support team resolved the issue promptly. They re-installed it for me free of charge!

Support is friendly and very quick to respond to emails. Alexander went out of his way to help me setup my cron job and tweak my setup. I have bought many extensions from other developers and its a hit or miss with some of them. I have no hesitation in recommending Mirasvit and their products to others. This is my 2nd purchase and I will definitely be back for more..
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate
Magento 1: Great module
Sil  from Netherlands
I've tried many follow up email modules but this one is definitely the best. Great support by Mirastvit.
Magento 1: Gream improve to my website speed
huang  from Guangzhou, China
Gream improve to my website speed
Magento 1: Full Page Extension
Usman  from London, United Kingdom
Good Extension and support from Mirasvit.
Works really well, reasonable price. Site response is much better now
Magento 1: Super extention, great support
Marc  from Beek, Netherlands
For this extension we needed a lot of support! Every time we get it without complaining! The speed of our website has improved a lot.
Magento 1: Great FPC
Jay  from Montreal, Canada
I used this module and it made an immediate impact and the built in cache warmer is a bonus feature over the other modules I tried. You can't go wrong with any of the modules here.
Magento 1: Smart and powerfull
SN  from Amsterdam, Netherlands
We have been using FPC for a while now over at https://overhemden.com - and our store is high speed.

Mirasvit support is excellent and fast!
Magento 1: Wonderfull
Nabil  from Valencia, Spain
Amaizing performance, easy installation, now we have a very fast website. Very fast support.
Magento 1: Great Plugin
Devon  from Fakenham, United Kingdom
Great and easy to use.
Magento 1: Great extension
Paulo  from Amadora, Portugal
Reduced page load speed from 7s to 1,2s, just with this addon.
Magento 1: 1.81 Community works great
Howard  from Exeter, United Kingdom
We actually have a shared hosting account and Magento runs really well with this extensions. Didnt need a VPS to run our store and we have over 5k products. This extension has made a difference to our SERP position too. Recommended.
Magento 1: Best module of its class
MA  from Melbourne, Australia
Best module of its class by far. Sped things up considerably and worked flawlessly. Support active and helpful.
Magento 1: Support, Support, Support
Andreas  from Bochum, Germany
There are a hell of suppliers out there for Magento extensions but this company finally understood that not only the product sells, also the support is highly important. They from Mirasvit don't let you down. Support like it should be !!!!
Magento 1: Excellent extension, Incredible support, Flawless implementation
Siddharth  from Gurgaon, India
A thousand thanks to Miravsit for Full Page Cache extension.
Magento 1: Very efficient
Maxime  from Charenton-le-Pont, France
Easy to install. Quick support. Very efficient
Magento 1: Mirasvit full page cache extension is #1
David  from Ljubljana, Slovenia
About a year ago i was total new in magento so I tryed many kind of cache extensions, and mirasvit full page cache extension was first extension that i payed for. And i can tell you its worth every penny. It was`t so hard to install and configure it and my page got faster for 4 seconds.
So I recommend it for everyone...
Greetings from sLOVEnia. :D
Magento 1: Instantaneous Loading
Chris  from United States
Most of our pages now load the second they're clicked on and our site is faster than ever. Great support when we need help configuring it to suit our needs.
Magento 1: Fantastic support!
Yang  from Xi'an, China
Even after months of the purchase, I can get responsive help from the support of Mirasvit. Highly recommended!
Magento 1: Really Fast Page Load
krishnendu  from Guwahati, India
We have tested this plugin and found amazing results its simply one of the Best Full Page Cache out There....
Magento 1: Great, hassle free extension
David  from London, United Kingdom
Works well with our redis set up, and pretty much worked from the off, with minimal config needed.
Magento 1: works great, does its job as promised - must have
Andreas  from Dorf Doeberitz, Germany
Works perfectly without any specific modifications.
Page load came from 2.5.s to 0.3s ! This is a must-have extension for all our future projects. You can verify this by Google Webmaster Tools; crawler statistics: very great reduce in the average page load time!
Magento 1: Good extension, good configurable
Gökhan  from Bad Vilbel, Germany
With the new update, it is very good and you can configure everything.
I love the crawler function.
Magento 1: the best on market
Motolife  from Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy
i think this is the best full page caching plugin on the market,and as usual,very high level customer service...i already bought 3 extensions....and i will buy more...
Magento 1: Nearly Doubled Speed
Niche  from Salt Lake City, United States
I can highly recommend their CPF. No issues with self installation. I've used it for a month now on one site and purchased it for all others. It nearly doubled the speed. You need to make sure your cron is working and their support is amazing so nothing to worry about.
Magento 1: Great
Isaac  from Kannapolis, United States
Does everything I wanted. Awesome support!!
Magento 1: Super fast
Stavros  from Tuggerah, Australia
Full page cache is a must have solution for our Bibliagora network, a magento-based multistore site of Greek bookshops. Great work Mirasvit
Magento 1: Hands down the best in the market
Ibrahim  from Ascot Vale, Australia
I've seen the speed of my website improve dramatically. The installation was easy and the extension is easy to use. Must buy!
Installed also: Help Desk MXRMAStore Credit & Refund
Magento 1: High quality software
Daniel  from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mirasvit FPC is a great extension to any Magento store. It delivers exactly what it promises. Mirasvit delivers high quality software and great service and support.
Magento 1: Big difference to site speed
Matthew  from Cheadle, United Kingdom
This has helped speed up my site dramatically. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their store speed.
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate
Magento 1: Better load time, the easy way
Sven  from Hamm, Germany
Working right from the box with our Magento CE 1.9.2 installation. Great: included statistics.
Magento 1: A must-have extension
Emile  from Haarlem, Netherlands
It works better then i thought. Nice job. 100 %
Magento 1: The best FPC extension available
Mayank  from Bengaluru, India
The extension works very effectively and is compatible with any custom controllers you create as well. You include or exclude any modules you want. Even excluding of blocks is possible through this extension. The site runs blazingly fast.
Magento 1: Best investment ever made
Budiono  from Jakarta, Indonesia
Easy to install module. Easy to understand settings. And the most important thing is : THE SUPPORT.
Before I bought the extension, almost all people suggest me to find one with the good support. And I saw Mirasvit FPC's review is really awesome. So I decide to purchase, and now my store is really fast!
I've written an e-mail with a question and the response was very fast!
Thank you for this great extension, and the support.
Magento 1: Good Product
Justin  from Scottsdale, United States
It cut my loading times by a 3rd which was good not the amount that they claimed but the ? was, is it worth it? Yes it is a great extension.
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate
Magento 1: This extension is must have
Miguel  from Hollywood, United States
If you are running a Magento commerce like me, you will definitely need this extension.
This will make your commerce run 80% faster. So, for me is a must have.
Magento 1: Thanks for the Technical Support
Rene  from Strausberg, Germany
The plugin can be installed quickly. And easy to understand. 'll Probably soon the next module buy here.
Magento 1: Great Extension
Cristian  from Romania
This is a great extension that works as described!
Magento 1: Excellent product and support
Iqbal  from Cromer, United Kingdom
Having tried a different full page cache, this has blown my expectations to another level. Absolutely a beast in imprving the performance of our store. Well done to the team at Mirasvit and top top support as always.
Magento 1: THEY ARE THE BEST!!!
Sandeep  from New York, United States
Mirasvit Full page cache really helped our site to load faster and the extension works great!! I have some trouble but they fixed it straight away and the support is EXCELLENT!! They listen , understand and then fix. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Magento 1: Wow....
Keld  from Espergaerde, Denmark
I have had huge problems with load time on my store with the Ultimo Theme and after pgrade to 1.9.2 it was gettiing even worse. I have tried many things that didn't help. After I installed Full Page Cache my page load time was reduced with almost 90 %....!. I should have bought this extension years ago. And It worked first time. I'm running 1.9.2.
Magento 1: Best FPC module got Magento CE
Sergei  from Te Awamutu, New Zealand
I tried every FPC module from the Magento community. Mirasvit FPC is the best bar non.
Magento 1: Fantastic extension
Jeff  from Auckland, New Zealand
Very good extension. Speed up the site a lot. Getting it again for my new site
Magento 1: Out of the Box
Todd  from Ashburton, New Zealand
The cleanest out-of-the-box FPC we have worked with to date. Not the most insanely configurable as some, but ticks a lot of boxes very quickly.
Magento 1: Improved site speed as promised
Ryan  from Ely, United Kingdom
every millsecond counts and having decided upon a caching strategy with Redis I needed a good solid extension that would take care of the management of the cache. This extension works as expected and delivered great page load times. Also has plenty of configuration options. As usual Mirasvit extensions have a great admin area and are robust.
Magento 1: Great FPC & support
Hannes  from Antwerp, Belgium
Works great, easy to setup. Support helped me out with a perrformance problem, turned out to be caused by another extension.
Magento 1: Awesome module - works as advertised
Neo  from St Louis, United States
after purchasing this module i see 60% increase in speed
Magento 1: Good FPC!
MA  from Maidstone, United Kingdom
Exactly what we needed. There were few problems at the beginning but Mirasvit support team was excellent.

I recommend this extension.
Magento 1: Useful extension - Professional Support and Developer Team
Bogdan  from Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany
We use this extansion for about 18 mounths now. It works very stable.

Previous to Mirasvit FPC we had 2 other FPC running but we did not get nearby the expected improvment in page load speed as with this one. In fact the other 2 were not working as expected out of the box.

We recommand to use it commbined with Redis PHP Cache because in when used with Magento file cache we got some performance drops in the store backend when cache was full.

The support team is good. We got a modification log at the time they installed the extension and once more as we had an issue with front page cache, witch by the way was actually a Magento bug in the release and had nothing to do with the FPC extension.
Magento 1: Fast Magento cache
László  from Budapest, Hungary
Thank you very much for the extension. It makes my shop fast! I have tried so much products before and nothing helped me.
Magento 1: Great
Ali  from Fremont, United States
It is just as great as advertised , my resource usage is dropped to 30% !

Magento 1: Great extension
patpat  from City of Parramatta, Australia
Once installed, you can really notice the speed difference even without running your store in a powerful hosting environment.
Magento 1: Fast and easy
Jelcke  from Netherlands
This module delivers great performance and features all backed up by the Mirasvit service.
I keep buying modules with this company!
Magento 1: Great
gabriel  from São Paulo, Brazil
Magento 1: Fantastic!
Karolos  from Glyfada, Greece
We installed it with REDIS Cache in an eshop with 37.000 products with hundreds of attributes, and from 20 seconds it dropped to less than 5!
Magento 1: Amazing extension AND support
Marvin  from Netherlands
I was looking for a new FPC extension after a very bad experience with another FPC extension, which cost three times as much and did not even support mobile themes. I am extremely glad I chose Mirasvit FPC extension, because there are a lot of alternatives

Installation was without any problems and setup for our mobile theme was quite easy. Afterwards I required some support with our Magento configuration and the support from Mirasvit was AMAZING! Tickets are replied to extremely fast, even on weekends and holidays. I am very impressed.

The module has been running a while now and the automatic Cache Crawler is a blessing. The result is an extremely large decrease in cache misses. I definitely recommend this extension!
Magento 1: Amazing product
Tiem  from Rotterdam, Netherlands
I use for my ecommerce webshop this plugin. Since my website is loading less then 2 seconds. Thanks mirasvit!
Magento 1: one of the fastest FPC extension
ethan  from Savannah, United States
ive used EE FPC and Lesti FPC. Ive reading a lot on FPC from various extension developers. So far this one is the most extensible and fastest FPC ive seen. Cache crawler is awesome too letting you know whats been cached automatically.
Magento 1: Must Have! Outstanding & easy to use
alex  from Moscow, Russia
Even a donkey can configure this super-dooper extension. Easy to control and install
My results in simple boring numbers:
Page load: was avrg ~5sec. Now is avrg ~0.25
Goals/Conversions: was avrg 25 per day. Now is avrg 30 per day
Server feels stable - no runtime/timouts headache.

Even if the module is ON development is easy done thanks to the inner crawler
Guys! As always you're on Top. Thanks for being here....

Already spent ~450$ for Mirasvit extansions and keepin' going. Every Ext is a justified waste.
Magento 1: Great Extension
Hendrik  from Christchurch, New Zealand
Awesome extension, speeds up magento quite a bit, even helped my google rating.
Magento 1: Poetic Efficiency
Codi  from Depoe Bay, United States
Without this add-on, we simply wouldn't attempt to build the marketplace we're working on. Magento was never really designed to support millions of products....but this extension definitely makes such a plan within reach.

This is one of those modules you don't want to overlook. A must-have for serious Magento powered websites.
Magento 1: Great extension
Ferenc  from Kazincbarcika, Hungary
Very useful ext., recommended for everyone.
Magento 1: Great Extension and Great support!
yehoshua  from Israel
Works surprisingly well! Great Support!
Magento 1: Works Well
Anil  from New Delhi, India
FPC works well and improves speed, It can further add value if it adds cache to Ram feature. Otherwise it is also very well written extension from Mirasvit, cheers to them !!
Magento 1: Really speeds things up
Robert  from Oppegard, Norway
A highly recomended extension that tryly speeds up your site!
And as always flawless support from Mirasvit team.
Magento 1: make the product is easy, but making it run on the customer machine requires a commitment, and you've done it
Kunarto  from Jakarta, Indonesia
This is my first extension, but when I look for another extension, mirasvit will always be my main choice, this is because the products of really high quality, the support that is given really impressed me, you not only sell this product, but you are really in charge until your product can work correctly on our machines
Good luck to your business, and if you had the opportunity to come to Jakarta, do not hesitate to contact me.

warm regards

Magento 1: Amazing Improvement
Wilson  from Huntington Beach, United States
This product is very easy to install. Once turned on, my site's load time has reduced dropped 2/3. This is very significant to our customers.
Magento 1: Good extension
ledon  from Harbin, China
Greatly improves the operation speed of the website
Magento 1: Just works
Alex  from Barcelona, Spain
I've tried many combinations to improve Magento performance, this module beats all. Clean code, many features and good support
Magento 1: Best FPC extension out there
Timo  from Germany
Best FPC extension out there. I've tried many, and always recommend this as my go to FPC extension. Combined with the Indexing extension, its a killer combo.
Magento 1: Full Page Cache
Indrek  from Tallinn, Estonia
Seems to work well, site is faster. Consider it if you have low CPU and Memory resource on your server.
Magento 1: Great Extension
Scott  from Wilmington, United States
Speeds your website. Lots of configuration options to let dynamic content through.
Magento 1: Perfect exension with dito support
Richard  from United States
The Ful Page Exension of Mirasvit is an excellent caching system, before we use several systems but the promissed speed and support we don't receive.
Mirasvit deliver it, and in our case Alexander give extensive support.
So when you search for your Magento shop a well working cache system choose then for Mirasvit Full Page Cache. We are happy with it.
Magento 1: great
turgay  from United States
I bought mirasvit 11 modules
very clean code
The most important support is very good
doing their job very well
Thank you, waiting for new modules
Magento 1: Good Extention
Bakhytzhan  from United States
My store was very slow and when you install this extension, you will feel speed.
Support really good
Magento 1: Impressed!
Simon  from United States
Nice and extremly quick support, I didn't need any configuration my website loaded 3 sec, now max 1,5sec.
Magento 1: Best FPC solution.
Guilherme  from United States
I was trying to find a solution to the magento cach for a long time, tried modules for varnish and for memcached and I had no success to run with one specific module of checkout that I have.

To my happiness in my last try I found FPC module of Mirasvit and it solved my problems. The suport was very quick and today I have FPC in all my apply.

Thank you Mirasvit for the amazing and quickly suport.
Magento 1: The Best extension i have ever used.
jerome  from United States
I have been building websites for about 5 years now and i have used a lot of extensions on a lot of different platform but never have i ever used an extension that speed up my website like this before.
My website went from a solid 9 seconds website to a sub 3 website by just installing and activating the Mirasvit FPC.
One of the reasons i chose this FPC over others was the ability to see what was taking place in the background. and have a daily analysis of how much of the cached pages are being reached vs ones that are not reached and the response time of the page. Thanks Much Mirasvit you make my website possible..
P.S. They have a great and fast support team, they are always on top of things.
Alexander your the BEST!!!
Magento 1: Very high level of support
Bertrand  from United States
Nothing to say. Really impressed. Very high level of support. Fast & skilled. Perfect.
Magento 1: Great Extension + Support
Sha  from United States
Previously i used a Full Page Cache extension from another extension store. It worked fine. But, it was price at 349 Euros and the support was pricey! For every change that i needed, they charged me their per hour rate of 89 euros. So, it got really expensive and there was a major flaw in the extension that they have not rectified till date.

Thus, for my new store, i went with Mirasvit FULL PAGE CACHE. Price was much cheaper - affordable. And, the support team worked diligently to rectify initial issues i had. They didn't charge me anything more and were willing to listen and fix the extension so that it works perfect on my store. The full page cache has reduced First Byte Time from 1.5 sec to about 0.3 sec. And, i am using file system to store cache. My server provides memcache and i could have made it even faster. But with Memcache, flushing cache gave me errors - so i opted out. So, you have it, good price, good support, good boost in overall loading speed. I am 1 happy buyer and i have bought my 2nd extension from Mirasvit today.

Will support them as long as they produce new extensions which i will need. :)
Magento 1: convinced
Kay  from United States
We use this module on http://www.naturideen.de and we are very impressed with the speed that has received our shop.

A big THANK YOU to Alexander who has responded to support requests same.
Magento 1: Does this works with shoppers theme?
Ahamed  from United States
Would like to know if this works with shoppers theme by http://shopper.queldorei.com/
<span class="reply">Yes, our extension will works with this theme.</span>
Magento 1: Good
Scott  from United States
From one day testing I'm quite impressed.

Still I think it's a must you outline how to exclude certain blocks from cache in your documentation.
Magento 1: Recently Viewed Items
David  from United States
I see that your FPC demo on the front end ignores the recently viewed items block. Is there a way to make it so this block is refreshed as well?
Magento 1: exclude caching for certain blocks?
Nicoalae  from United States
What about if I want to have a page cached but I need a certain block on that page to be excluded from cache?
I am reffering to dynamic content like: "last visited products", "featured products".
<span class="reply">Extension always update dynamic blocks, like cart sidebar, compare list, last visited products etc.
Additionally you can specify own rules for certain blocks.</span>
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Sep 30, 2020
Excellent support in general and for Advanced Reporting in particular. Many thanks
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Sep 24, 2020
It works now. Thank you
Michael Sandström
Sep 24, 2020
Best support, keep up the good work!
Galeria LueLue
Sep 23, 2020
Thank you <3
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