Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2

Full Page Cache Warmer solution solves an issue with cache updating. This extension brings unique robot designed to monitor cache status. Once some page cache was cleared the robot visits this page and warms cache for it! And whenever your customer or Google visits this page, it will be loaded in a split second!

Compatible with:   Community: 2.0-2.1.*
Enterprise: 2.0-2.1.*

Best Solution To Fasten Your Store Speed!

To make your store faster you should use several types of cache. And one of the most effective sort of cache is Full Page Cache. Of course, Magento 2 contains this cache type: when opening the page for the first time, it is added to cache, and then after refreshing the page content returns out of cache in less than no time!

But there is still one significant issue: cache is frequently cleared. It can happen when:

  • one makes changes to product pages or categories
  • one makes any other changes within the store
  • cache cleared by lifetime (usually every X hours)

In the abovementioned instances your online store customers visit it and spot the pages are loading really slowly (for the first time, at least). Your shop visitors get disappointed from such browsing experience and, thereby, orders number and revenue can decrease.

The same occurs when Google bot visits your online store, sees pages running slowly and, therefore, lowers shop SERP ranking.

Full Page Cache Warmer prevents all those issues and fastens your Magento store pages loading speed several times!

Our solution works with the following types of store pages:

  • Product pages
  • Category pages
  • Layered Navigation
  • CMS pages

8 Advantages You Get With Full Page Cache

  • Several times faster store pages loading speed.
  • Better utilization of the most effective Full Page Cache.
  • Make changes to product pages and other store pages without any loading speed issues.
  • Always latest cache version and fast page speed!
  • Get more satisfied visitors viewing your store at the highest speed ever.
  • Increase your store SERP ranking due to optimal page load speed.
  • Drive more orders avoiding low speed interaction with customers.
  • Show Google and visitors fresh version of all store pages every their visit.

Feature Highlights

Fully Automated Extension Workflows

Full Page Cache allows you to configure all settings right after installation and then relax.

You don't need to reset anything while using our solution every day: extension is fully automated and supposed to restore your store cache automatically.

No more complicated manual settings! Just enable page types to cache and this is it!

Tasks Run In The Background By Cron

Full Page Cache Warmer operates in the background!

You are free to make any changes in the interface, and it won’t affect extension functioning any way, since all module workflows are carried as a background processes run by Cron.

This feature might be quite useful if you don’t like viewing any excessive windows and reminders on your desktop.

Create & Cache At Once

Full Page Cache Warmer can create cache version of the newly saved page!

For example, you create a new product (or category, or any other store page) or edit existing ones. Then, you save it and our extension automatically makes a cache for it right after saving.

No manual actions needed! No configuring settings every time you make changes in any page. Just create pages/categories/products and Full Page Cache Warmer will make the rest for you.

Flexible Cache Performance Settings

Full Page Cache Warmer performance settings are quite flexible. This way you may configure the following ones:

  • the number of concurrent requests to your store (threads)
  • maximum run time
  • frequency of running cron jobs.

Get the most out of your store without performance issues with our cache solution!

Advanced Cache Pages Settings

Full Page Cache Warmer allows you easily warm pages with specific conditions.

For instance, you can manage the following data:

  • currency
  • customer groups
  • customer login status (logged in, or not)
  • category ID
  • store view
  • product ID

Also you can combine them and use 2 or 3 data types for each page type. This way you optimize and customize the cache version of each page type easily.

Easy Priorities Management

Full Page Cache Warmer allows you easily manage the priority of cache content.

There are two types of priorities in our solution:

  • Page popularity (number of visits)
  • Page type (category, product, CMS page, layered navigation etc.)

Cache Prioritization allows you to make the right stress on the most demanded pages. For example, one of the most visited store pages might be Sale/Promotion page. So, you could set the higher priority for it and, thus, provide your customers with the best loading speed for this content!

Full Page Cache Warmer extension helps you win more satisfied buyers providing them better shopping experience!

Provide customers with the best shopping experience due to Full Page Cache Warmer!




  • Compatibility with SEO version 1.0.34




  • Info block which help check if page in FPC cache




  • Fixed an issue with incorrect peer configuration (from 1.0.0-alpha21)




  • Ability crawl pages without ssl peer verifying


  • Fixed incorrect report




  • Fix My Downloadable Products link




  • Added option "Delay between requests"




  • Clean old urls logic




  • Warmer for Varnish cache


  • Fixed an issue with displaying serialized data




  • Fixed an issue with a large number of session




  • Fixed an issue with compilation




  • Added command mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl




  • Fixed issue with warmer




  • Ability to define rules for ignore (not add to warmer) pages by regular expressions (by URL)




  • Fixed an issue with warm cache for registered users




  • Remove pages if url not valid




  • General user manual




  • ACL




  • Improved Quick report styles

Reasons to choose Mirasvit

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