Rewards Policy

We are eager to reward you for every activity you make by using our brand! That’s why Mirasvit has established a Reward Program. Receive discounts on any of our extensions by merely purchasing from our store or by reviewing Mirasvit solutions!

How can I earn Reward Points?

Earning Rewards is easy, and it happens automatically. Follow these three simple steps to collect your first Points:

  1. Register in the Mirasvit Store
  2. Purchase an extension or review any of our modules (see the review opportunities on the Table showing the earning rules below).
  3. Receive Reward Points!

Points can be earned according to the following actions:

Earning RulePoints Earned
Each $20 spent in the Mirasvit store10 points
Write a review on our Facebook page points
Write a review on our Mirasvit store50 points
Link to our extension in your own blog100 points
Post about our extension in your own blog250 points

How can I spend Reward Points?

Spending your Reward points is easy! You can spend points on any extension during checkout. All your points will automatically be converted to $:

10 points = $1.

Important notes:

Partners can not earn points for orders. Unused points expire in 60 days after being rewarded.