Order Management for Magento 2

This module helps you manage orders faster while making fewer mistakes.

It adds all necessary information to the orders grid. It also allows you to edit any order in your store in place, without canceling. You can change the order's items, shipping or billing information, apply discounts and so on.

Get the most out of your store by providing customers with the best shopping experience thanks to faster service!

  • Add all necessary information to the orders grid
  • Edit any order hassle-free
  • Edit order items, shipping and billing info, prices and discounts
  • Fast and convenient interface
  • Preview results before submitting changes
  • Make custom numbers of orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos
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Feature Highlights

Business Value

Problem: Default Magento restricts the editing of most order details, suggesting instead that you cancel the current order and issue a new one. Creating a new order is time-consuming, quite inconvenient to both you and the customer, and can ultimately lead to mistakes during the new order creation process.

Additionally, Magento does not display all necessary information in the orders grid, meaning that managers need to open an order before they can see details — a highly inconvenient step in many cases.

Solution: The Order Management extension dramatically improves your order management experience. You can configure the orders grid to meet your demands, edit any order in place without needing to cancel and issue a new one, and change any order information, add items, apply discounts and more at a moment's notice. Speed up your work and eradicate your errors!

Get full editing capabilities for orders, which the default Magento does not provide. Edit any information regarding the purchase while viewing the order. Preview the final result before applying actual changes made to the order.

Extend limited quick view capabilities for default Magento 2 and get all necessary order info on one screen. With our module, you will be able to view needed information regarding products, billing and shipping on the orders list page of your store.

Make the identification numbers of your store's transactions more user-friendly. Don't let your competitors estimate the number of orders in your store.

Match those transaction numbers to your local business requirements using flexible prefixes and suffixes. Get the most suitable representation format for your store by adding variables that include store ID, order counter, random number, current time and date.

Copy order identification numbers pattern for invoices, shipments, credit memos or make them customized for each document type.

If you migrate from another platform, you can use order counters to adjust your new store numbering with data from the previous one.

Preview and compare how a new numbering system will appear for any type of issued payment documents before actually changing it.

The module supports multistore view. You can set individual identification numbers for each of the stores in your Magento instance.

numbering pattern preview

Our module Order Management for Magento 2 is a supportive tool that allows you to make any type of adjustment to the order information. Changes are easily managed in the backend of your store.

The full features list of this extension provides the following options:

Order editor

  • Edit order & account information:
    • Change order status
    • Modify order number
    • Set new order date
  • Redact payment & shipping Methods:
    • Specify new payment information
    • Edit the shipping & handling details
  • Modify a list of items in the order:
    • Add or remove products in the order
    • Change the price of the ordered items
    • Set new quantity of items in the order
    • Specify another appropriate tax rate
    • Put in the new discount amount
  • Automatic recalculation of the order on:
    • Prices
    • Taxes
    • Discounts

Custom document numbers

  • Set unique numbering pattern to:
    • Orders
    • Invoices
    • Shipment documents
    • Credit memos
  • Inherit the numbering pattern for all payment documents from orders
  • Specify individual numbering for documents
  • Create own counters for numbering
  • Get 16 pre-built variables to use in the numbering pattern
  • Support of multistore view

Orders view list

  • See more information about products on the Orders page:
    • Item thumbnail
    • Stock Keeping Unit
    • Product Type
    • Additional ordered options of the items
    • Ordered quantity
    • Item cost
  • Get additional billing info on the Orders page:
    • Invoice
    • Billing Fax
    • Billing City
    • Billing Region
    • Billing Postcode
    • Billing Telephone
    • Billing Country
  • View more shipping details on the Orders page:
    • Shipments
    • Shipping Fax
    • Shipping City
    • Shipping Region
    • Shipping Postcode
    • Shipping Telephone
    • Shipping Country
  • Expanded filter capabilities in the orders grid
  • Switch to default Magento numbering at any moment
  • Get quick access to order details in aside window with the option Quick View
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Great Helpful extension
Neo  from United States
Great extension to modify current order without canceling and generating new, able to quick view order and list items in order Grid.
Helpfull extensions and excellent support !
Elena  from United States
I highly recommend all Mirasvit extensions. They provide free installation, very fast and quality services!
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