Advanced Product Feeds for Magento 2

Outstanding extension for generating and publishing your store product feeds in the comparison shopping engines and marketplaces. Operates with all comparison engines.

Fast and flexible, interacts with Google Analytics to measure campaign results, has a lot of options and more than 50 ready-made configurations.

Compatible with:   Community: 2.0-2.1.*
Enterprise: 2.0-2.1.*

The fastest and the most flexible

Get all your online store products presented in the most popular comparison shopping engines and marketplaces to attract thousands of new customers!

Magento 2 Data Feed Manager allows you to consider all the details. All you need to do, is just to pass step-by-step configuration guide and tick the options you want to set up for your product feed. Then just wait a bit and get your feed!

Feed extension has unlimited options of export product information in any format. It is not even a problem to export 100000 products for this extension!

Extension is quite flexible to meet all your requirements and needs. You can export any product attribute, different prices, use category mapping, dynamic attributes etc.

Also 2 types of flexible filters are available to set up your feed preferences: Product Filters and Performance Filters. They allow to configure your product feed depending on products characteristics or/and their key performance indicators, like Conversion Rate or number of Orders.

10 advantages you get with Advanced Product Feeds

  • Easy configuration process
  • Flexible filters
  • 50+ ready-made configurations are available
  • Upload your feed on any shopping comparison engine
  • High generating speed
  • Measure every feed performance results in Advanced internal reports
  • Select the right description for your products
  • Choose price and taxes settings for your feed
  • Choose image options for products in a feed
  • Use attributes patterns to customize feeds

Feature Highlights

Ready Configurations

Install extension and generate your first feed in 2 clicks!

Use 50+ predefined shopping feed templates, that related with all required by shopping search engines features and settings, any of these configurations can be run immediately after extension installation.

Also, you can run ready product feeds for Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay, Bing, Facebook, Idealo, PriceGrabber, ShopMania,, Shopzilla, Twenga and many other popular and most used shopping search engines.

Just use one of Advanced Product Feeds templates and drive more sales for your online store!

magento 2 data feed manager

Product Exporting Options

Export your product data to feed in any format you wish using the library of patterns.

If you want to make your feed more sophisticated, you may customize it. Especially for this purpose we created our extension based on pattern principle: it is a kind of short codes in which you can use codes of attributes, formatters, links to parent products, base php functions and calculations.

Thanks to patterns your feed becomes more advanced, more visible in shopping search engine and attracts more customers to your online store.

magento 2 csv data feed
magento 2 export data feed

Customize Your Feed Appearance With Patterns

The most frequently used application of patterns is showing particular Parent / Grouped/ Bundle product values, for example:

  1. Return the value of a parent product.
  2. Export simple products with visibility attribute ‘Not Visible Individually’. In this case, product can not have a direct link, so you must use a link to the parent product.
  3. Concatenate all child product values to one string (this feature will work for bundled and grouped products).
  4. If a product is assigned to a few categories at different level, you may use attributes to return the name of the category, that is the most nested in the category tree.
  5. If product is assigned to a few categories at the same level, the extension selects a category with the lowest position of the product.

Another useful customizing option of patterns is using calculations, for example:

  1. Show in shopping search engine feed the price of you products multiplied on 1,5.
  2. Set up Free Shipping for products, that cost more than 1000 USD. You may set free shipping for any product price you need.
  3. Manage products in stock quantity.
  4. Return daily special propositions.
  5. Set price for a group of products.

Flexible Filters

One of the most important processes in creation feeds is filtering.

Advanced Product Feeds extension has 2 types of built-in filters: Product Filters and Performance Filters

Product Filter

This type of filter has various options for customizing your product feed output. It allows you to:

  • filter products by price
  • hide not-in-stock products
  • filter products by parent categories
  • filter products by sku
  • hide products without images
  • filter products by any other attribute, like color or manufacturer
  • filter products by parent product attributes (for grouped, bundled and configurable products)
magento 2 product feed

Performance Filter

This type of filter lets you use product performance, like Clicks, Orders, Conversion Rate or Revenue for filter products.

Drive more sales for your online store, filtering products the following ways:

  • Show products, which Conversion Rate for the last 14 days was less than 1%. This could help you to sell more low-conversion products.
  • Show products which Clicks number is greater than 50 within last 7 days. This option could help you to draw even more customers attention to popular products.
  • Show products which revenue within the last 30 days was less than 100 USD (you may set any amount). This option lets you drive more sales for products with low revenue.
  • Show products which number of Orders for the last 14 days was more than 40. This will let you to sale more popular products.

Advanced Product Feeds extension gives you unlimited filtering options.

magento 2 feed generator

Additional Feed Features

Built-In Reports

Track your each feed performance with built-in Reports. Analysing reports you may understand the current situation with your product feed performance: how many clicks and orders you received from the particular product in a report period.

Use analysis results to configure your product feed: enable Performance Filter and choose options to let your feed drive more sales for desired products.

Google Analytics Reports

Activate Google Analytics feature in order to receive reports in your Google Analytics account.

If you used to track your campaigns in GA, you may do it as you always do: just set desired UTM parameters and monitor them in GA reports.

Generate your feeds by schedule

For example, you want to renew Google Shopping feed on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 a.m. Advanced Product Feeds allows you to schedule this operation and save your time.

Deliver data feed file via FTP/SFTP/SSH

Just check marketplace merchant account for FTP details, or ask about FTP credentials at marketplace Support Center and extension will deliver product feed file automatically.

Enable archiving

if option is enabled (.zip), after feed generation extension also generate zip archive of the same feed.

Set up Email Notifications

Set up Email Notifications to be aware of generation and delivery feed processes status. Extension can send email after each sucesfull generation, delivery or after fails.

Dynamic Attributes

Dynamic Attributes allows you to use your own conditions for define or change the exported value.

Dynamic Variables

Dynamic Variables allows you to add own PHP code for create/format exported value.

Install Advanced Product Feeds and drive more sales from marketplaces
and comparison shopping engines!

Predefined feed templates

  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Amazon Ads
  • Become Europe
  • Beslist
  • Bing Shopping
  • CJ
  • GetPrice
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Shopping Reviews
  • Kelkoo
  • Kieskeurig
  • Newegg
  • Nextag
  • Pagineprezzi
  • PriceGrabber
  • PriceMe
  • Sears
  • ShareASale
  • ShopMania
  • ShopPrice
  • Shopzilla
  • SingleFeed
  • The Find
  • TradeDoubler
  • TradeTracker
  • Twenga
  • Webgains
  • Yandex Market
  • PriceRunner
  • PriceSpy
  • Rakuten
  • eBay(Commerce Network)
  • Facebook
  • Fishpond

Here is what Advanced Product Feeds customers say:

"Mirasvit extensions are superb and their support is excellent. This extension gave us easy feeds for google shopping and idealo, etc. Our sales went up by 25% due to referrals coming from idealo and google."

"This is the best feed export extension on the market. I check 5-6 other "similar" extensions but this is the most powerful extension. You can track clicks, orders and etc. even with graphic view. Also you have more than 40 predefined feeds. Also the support is amazing."

"Easy to use and easy to setup. Includes templates for many providers"




  • Fixed an issue with filtration by Yes/No attributes




  • Fixed an issue with Status filter




  • Changed crontab
  • Fixed an issue with feed delivery (SFTP)




  • Fixed an issue with compilation




  • Fixed an issue with deleting dynamic attribute
  • Fixed an issue with filter by stock quantity




  • Use the same font-awesome.min.css for all extensions




  • Fixed an issue with dynamic attributes




  • Fixed an issue with images url
  • Fixed an issue with wrong product url (multi-store configuration)
  • Select product category depend on current store




  • Export category with maximum level that related with product


  • Fixed an issue with category mapping




  • Fixed possible issue with generation process




  • Fixed an issue with delivery button




  • Fixed a possible issue with filtration




  • Fixed an issue with reports
  • CI




  • Compatibility with Magento 2.1
  • Fixed an issue with validation dynamic attribute rules




  • Fixed an issue with dynamic attribute values




  • Fixed an issue with empty attribute value, if attribute contains numbers




  • PFE2-4 - Implemented autocomplete for category mapping Screenshot


  • Ability use dynamic variables in {% for %} cycle


  • Fixed an issue with dynamic attribute conditions (multi-select)




  • Fixed an issue with menu
  • ACL for dynamic variables




  • Integration tests for Dynamic Variables
  • Dynamic Variables
  • Offset attribute for "for" cycle


  • Remove Root Category from categoryCollection method
  • Fixed an issue with capture tag


  • Dynamic Variables




  • Fixed an issue with cross-browsing ajax requests




  • Fixed an issue with feed generation (not all products for feed with >100K products)
  • Styles


  • Capture tag
  • Ability to defined product ids for feed preview (stored in cookies)
  • Dynamic Attributes
  • Reports
  • Added ability to export Related/CrossSell/UpSell products




  • Added random param to export/progress url for prevent request caching
  • Added ability to export Related/CrossSell/UpSell products
  • Added 2 new filters: mediaSecure, mediaUnsecure
  • Export all images with direct link (without cdn if defined)
  • Updated "Save" button for Templates, Filters and Category Mapping
  • Added tax rate resolver "{{ product.tax_rate }}"
  • PFE2-3 -- Clean feed history by cron (leave history for last 3 days)


  • Updated "Google Shopping" template
  • Fixed an issue with cron job scheduling




  • Improved feed generation process by cron, plus added integration tests for cron job
  • Improved feed history (CLI and manual export process)
  • Added new filters inclTax, exclTax


  • Fixed an issue with broken link to Category Mapping in top menu
  • Fixed an issue with gallery images (for cycle)
  • CouplingBetweenObjects
  • Fixed an issue with rounding prices when apply filter inclTax, exclTax
  • Fixed an issue with trimming chars in {for} cycle
  • Fixed an issue with removing liquid filters durign change expression (xml)
  • Fixed an issue with mysql error at feed preview on empty catalog
  • Fixed an issue with exclude tax calculations
  • Fixed an issue with wrong js mapping (reports.js)




  • Added new filters for urls: "secure" and "unsercure"
  • Added prices including tax




  • Improved xml highlighting
  • Split product resolve to few files depends on product type
  • Added date filter
  • Added ability to select associated products {{ product.associatedProducts }}


  • Integration tests
  • Fixed an issue with select/multiselect attribute values
  • Fixed an issue related with wrong loop length in liquid cycles
  • Fixed an issue with "No elements to pop"
  • Minor issue

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