Advanced Product Feeds for Magento 2

Promote your products and achieve higher sales by using the power of marketplaces and comparison shopping engines. You can automatically generate and deliver feeds of your product catalog to those services with Magento Product Feeds extension.

This tool is unbelievably quick to use and is also outstandingly flexible. It's compatible with all major shopping and advertising services, including Google Shopping.

Simply install the module, generate your very own product feed, present your catalog to a wider audience, and boost your sales right now!

  • Get thousands of prospects to see your products
  • Leverage the most popular shopping channels
  • Use 50+ feed templates
  • Customize the feed with filters and patterns
  • Automate feed generation and delivery
  • Analyze feed performance reports
Save time with a Free Installation
Get a free installation and configuration tailored your requirements
Feature Highlights

Business Value

Once you get your products listed on the most popular shopping engines and marketplaces, you will be able to attract a far greater number of new customers!

The Fastest to Set up

Easily create feeds for your product catalog by using prebuilt templates. You'll never have to create a feed from scratch again with the Product Feed for Magento 2. It includes 50+ templates for all major shopping search engines and marketplaces.

On top of that, it doesn't matter how many products you have in your store. Our module will quickly generate a feed with any number of products, completely hassle-free!

The Most Flexible

The feed will always perfectly fit your needs. You can add as many fields to the feed as necessary, and customize every single one of them.

That's not everything: the module is also amazingly versatile! There's a wide variety of product filters available. Patterns, dynamic attributes and dynamic variables offer unprecedented customization opportunities. You can export any product's attribute, alter prices, remap categories, automate generation and delivery, and use built-in analytics.

Generate your very own feed quickly and easily

    The Magento 2 product feed extension includes 50+ templates for Amazon, Bing, eBay, Instagram, and many other search engines and marketplaces. Of course, our module allows you to generate a Magento Google product feed for a Google Shopping service.

    Generate a Magento 2 Facebook product feed with this extension in order to attract an audience from the most popular social media in the world.

    The templates of the feeds provided along with this extension have all the necessary variables. You don't need to add anything.

    You can use them straight after the installation. Each of the feeds can be generated for any store view individually.

Product feed templates in Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds Magento 2 extension

You can change anything

There's no limit to how many fields you can add to the feed. Easily edit new fields from a drop-down menu or directly modify the code of the fields.

This applies to both the templates and the feeds you create yourself.

Use existing feeds as a configuration template. Duplicate and modify them to your needs.

Preview your feed before synchronizing it with the shopping engine.

Feed columns in Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds Magento 2 module

Backup and restore product feeds configuration

Quickly import and export the feeds configuration. The extension allows you to export and restore information on the following objects:

  • Templates of the feeds
  • Created filters
  • Dynamic attributes
  • Dynamic categories
  • Dynamic variables

The Magento product feed export extension can export all configuration to YAML files. You can keep them as a local backup in your Magento root directory. Alternatively, copy those files to another location.

Speed up the setup process of your stores with this feature.


Export only necessary products

The module gives you unlimited filtering options of exported products. For instance, you can:

  • Filter by price.
  • Hide out-of-stock products.
  • Filter by parent categories.
  • Filter by SKU.
  • Hide products without images.
  • Filter by any other attribute, like color or manufacturer.
  • Filter by parent product attributes if the product is configurable, grouped or bundled.

Create conditions that fill the feed with products that you need. For example, export to the feed only such products that have a higher price than a certain value.

Use filters to avoid exporting to the feed all the products that you do not want to promote, like those that have no listed price, are out of stock, have no images, etc.

Product filters in Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds Magento 2 module

The module lets you customize the output of your product feed with programmatic patterns. These patterns are shortcodes for calling and editing attributes from your Magento database.

Magento Advanced Product Feeds extension provides two general types of patterns for attributes and product values. When using them, you can apply attribute code, filters, basic php functions, calculations and links to parent products within those patterns.

Build your feed with patterns by selecting them from a drop-down menu. Use the pattern preview button available in the pattern library to get a glance on the output you will get when using the particular pattern attribute.

With the help of patterns, make your product feed to stand out in shopping search engines and marketplaces, attracting even more customers to your online store.

The most common way to use patterns is to fetch specific values within configurable products. For example:

  • Return the parent product's value.
  • Export simple products with the 'not visible individually' attribute.
  • Export simple products with the link to a parent product.

They also come in handy if you need to alter the variables. For instance:

  • Show the 1.5x price of your products in shopping search engine feeds.
  • Make shipping free for products that cost more than 1000 USD (or any other price).
  • Manage product inventory numbers.

Always know your feeds have synchronized successfully

In addition to notification emails, on feed generation you can get detailed information on it in a feed history tab. Track when the feed update was created, what source triggered the update, see the type of action that was made to the feed and general details of the process.

Work with your product feeds in the terminal

Our Magento product feed extension provides two ways of managing your feeds. You can do it in the backend admin panel of your store or using the command line interface.

With the command line interface, you get the possibility to take the following actions in your product feeds:

  • Generate all active feeds
  • Generate feed with a specified ID
  • Make a delivery of all active feeds
  • Make a delivery of the feed with a specified ID

  • AdForm
  • AllYouNeed
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Amazon Ads
  • Awin
  • Become Europe
  • Belboon
  • Beslist
  • BestShopping
  • Bing Shopping
  • Bizrate
  • Choozen
  • Ciao
  • Kelkoo
  • Kieskeurig
  • Marktplaats
  • Newegg
  • Nextag
  • Pagineprezzi
  • Partner-Ads
  • PriceGrabber
  • PriceMe
  • PriceRunner
  • PriceSpy
  • Rakuten Apparel
  • Sears
  • ShareASale
  • ShopMania
  • ShopPrice
  • Shopzilla
  • SingleFeed
  • The Find
  • TradeDoubler
  • TradeTracker
  • Trovaprezzi
  • Twenga
  • Webgains
  • Yandex Market

You are not limited to the predefined list of comparison shopping engines. Create your own templates for any marketplace you need.

Install Advanced Product Feeds and increase your sales on marketplaces and comparison shopping engines!
See it in action!
Pick a quick tutorial to learn about various aspects of this extension
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Faisal  from United States
It does all its says, it has rich unique features. Thanks for the amazing extension and support
Automate your Google Shopping
Jason  from United States
Robust and flexible product feeds module. I am really happy to recommend this product to anyone one who have any doubt.
Best extension in the market
Jason  from United States
Easy to install and nice interface. Will purchase another extension again.
Amazing extension!
Paolo  from United States
Generating Google & Facebook feeds perfectly without any templates code changes.
ahmed  from United States
It has all templates export data
DB  from United States
Essential products - Boost performance
Works like charm
Lishan  from United States
Easy to generate feed. Have advance filter option to filter out the product at front.
Best product for feeds
Toke  from United States
We have used many other feed plugins. This reallly make the job done.
You can make your own variable with PHP and that makes it so flexiable to have.
Ex we can have group prices direct in some our feeds and advanced qty calculations.
Marcin  from United States
It does its job and lets you customise feed content.
Nice extention
Susanne  from United States
Nice extention,and very fast support
Thank you
Nice extention
Suzanne  from United States
options are available for feed generation and easy to map the fields.
Arvinder  from United States
Multiple options are available for feed generation and easy to map the fields. Support is also very good.
Nice Module
Syed  from United States
This is really nice and demanding module the only downside of it is it does not provide parallel support to run multi feeds generating.
Happy with it
Sorin  from United States
Very usefull extension. Great support. Recommend.
DipX  from United States
great plugin
Cool extension, very usefull!
Vlad  from United States
I recommend this extension for generating a feed for google or others services. Very simple and cool!
Best Feed Extension
GJ  from United States
Bar none the best feed extension you can get for your magento 2 store. Best support and best code. Always a pleasure working with these folks.
Works as expected.
Dimitris  from United States
Saved me a lot of manual actions.
Suits my needs perfectly
Jay  from Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
This extension provides multiple feed options, I am currently using Google and Bing. As my products are predominantly configurable with simple variants (sizes) I had a hard time finding an extension that would suit my needs. Luckily with the help from their very experienced support, they managed to provide all the relevant assistance so that my feed met my requirements (no customisation required at all). The filters section is great, while dynamic attributes look very daunting however I've no doubt support would be happy to assist if needed. Highly recommend.
Works perfectly
Bene  from Chorvatsky Grob, Slovakia
We are using it for some time and it works perfectly.
A super, super module. Contains all feed templates. Easy to set up
Mihai  from Bucharest, Romania
A super, super module. Contains all feed templates. Easy to set up
Automate your Google Shopping with this extension
InkStoreUSA  from Cliffside Park, United States
We are using advanced product feed extension to upload product data to google merchant automatically. With rules we created (such as exclude out of stock items, exclude products without images,... etc), only in stock items and items with images are being uploaded to google. Time and money saver extension.
Good Product
Lukasz  from United States
Very good product.
But i found one bug with using if condition in contents. It is because in one function is wrong order arguments
Good Product
Sunny  from Stockport, United Kingdom
Very easy setup
Feeds for all
Domeradzki  from Mikolajki, Poland
Really simple create any feeds. Facebook, Instagram and what is important google shopping with taxonomy. I don't have idea, how I can work without this solution.
IT is OK!
Marcin  from Rzeszów, Poland
Super powerful plugin helpful and easy to use.
Outstanding product and product support
Miroslav  from United States
This product is worth at least 3 times when you take in consideration how agile is there chat and ticket support.
I am really happy to recommend this product to anyone one who have any doubt.

Keep up with the great work guy's!!!
works flawlessly
nisa  from Saint-Sulpice, Switzerland
used it to replace a competitors feed generation extension (an expensive one) as it acted out sometimes for no reason. mirasvit has become my goto if I just want an extension that works and has very little issues, so far if one of my clients extensions starts causing trouble I will replace it with a mirasvit one if they have one for the same purpose.
Great Extension
Diego  from Venice, Italy
Great extension.
It greatly facilitates the work of preparing feeds.
Furthermore, the ability to program rules in php is very useful.
The only really customizable extension and top support
CANENERO  from Lissone, Italy
I've tried several similar extensions but only with this one i was able to accomplish a particular need that i had. Also the support is fast and the best out there!
Installed also: Advanced Reports M2
Using it for a couple of projects
Greg  from Zdunska Wola, Poland
I am using this extension on M1 and M2 projects and I can't say any bad word about it.
It has very intuitive interface, covers lot of Feed Templates and it can be customise. I didn't have chance to use Mirasvit support which is also a very good news :)
Great Experience
Naveed  from Cirencester, United Kingdom
Bought this extension for Google shopping and Facebook shop feed and have a very good experience.
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
This is a must have for paid advertising
Nick  from Broken Arrow, United States
This extension is one we depend on (literally) every day to create custom feeds to send to Google and Microsoft Merchant Centers for paid ads, I can't imagine running our website without this tool. It is extremely easy to configure and use, has every feature you could need (like easy product filtering), and has never given us a bit of trouble. It's a no-brainer, just buy it!
Good Data Feed Extension
SH  from Liberty Lake, United States
Very comprehensive data feed extension. Did have some issues between Magento version upgrades.
Going Good So Far
Arvinder  from Mohali, India
The 5 Start is for their after purchase support. Keep it up team
best extension
manthan  from Surat, India
Their support team is amazing and the extension is very useful. Thanks!!!
Highly recommended
nettyper  from Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Best Magento 2 module
alchemica  from Bari, Italy
The best module to manage product feeds. Ability to do infinite filters and generate feeds as preferable.
Installed also: Dynamic Categories M2
Very good module
Davide  from Pavia, Italy
It's a robust and flexible product feeds module. We have integrated it in several stores for our clients.
Very Good
Ness  from Haifa, Israel
Im using this ext since magento 1 and now few year on magento 2.
the best one in the market !
Get listed with Google Shopping & Co. within minutes
Christoph  from Altentreptow, Germany
This module is a really great helper, we got our first Google Shopping feeds configured within minutes. Since then we didn't need to do anything to keep our products up to date in Google Shopping - the module is doing anything quietly in the background.
Very good for my Google Feed
Ketan  from Surat, India
Best for Configurable products, can easily get all data by dynamic Attribute and variable.
Support is awasome
Pays for itself in time saved
Alpine  from Bristol, United Kingdom
I only needed 1 feed but still this pays for itself as the features cover everything and there's a lot of power here.

Key for me was proper support for grouped products, where values can be taken from the parent or the child product - I have a setup where the parent holds many of the "common" information and so few extensions support this properly. But this does, it was so easy.

Extra magic are the dynamic attributes, where you can use a bit of logic to create a value and get around any quirks or gaps in your data - "use the short description when it's not just 'just arrived', use the long description but chop it, or if empty use this other attribute"

This was so easy I have used this for some custom feeds that, in magento 1, I had used a custom product import/export module to do.
Great Extension
Rajiv  from Eltham, United Kingdom
Works really well we have used others
Nice Product
Ryan  from Melbourne, Australia
The functionatlity is much better than the amasty one. I came across a bug with amasty one.
Really good!
Rich  from London, United Kingdom
Works really well we have used others and the past and have had issues when we switched to this module it returned all the correct values, easy to use.
Great addition to e-commerce site
Ally  from Northampton, United Kingdom
Needed an extension to create product feeds for multiple stores in Magento. Handy extension & easy to use. Managed to get the feeds sorted and sort out category mapping too.
Great Extension
from Berkeley, United States
As always, Mirasvit puts out an excellent product.
Advanced Product Feeds for Magento 2
ExtensaDev  from Sofia, Bulgaria
It has all the custom option and super easy for setup
Faboulous product
Parijaat  from United States
Use this extension to generate product feed from your Magento website for Facebook, Google and other comparison websites. Nice.
Excellent Product Feed and I have recommended to other Shop Owners
JERRY  from Walnut, United States
this is a great extension and I would recommend to anyone looking to start creating product feeds for advertising on FB and Google.
Its Amazing Plugin
Shas  from Muscat, Oman
Experienced very good potential, easy to feed the product in every spaces of Social Media
Works great, customizeable and good support  from Carol Stream, United States
This has tons of customization and variables that we needed for quit a few of our feeds. Anything we had issues with, mirasvit was quick to help and get it resolved.
Best extension
Parm  from Surrey, Canada
It has all the custom option and you can setup a feed in 5mins.
Does what we need
Geeko  from Aarhus C, Denmark
Great plugin. Good with schedules, however you need to schedule store views at different times for it to work properly.
Great Magento 2 feed
Lio  from Nefat Petah Tiqwa, Israel
Very versatile, we export feed with this for everything we need
Installed also: Advanced Reports M2
Get this if you sell on Facebook or do Google shopping
Passy  from Durban, South Africa
Get this if you sell on Facebook or do Google shopping. No other extension is better than this one
does its job
an4rei  from Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Lots of setups to pick from and feed is always up to date
Great extension and superior support service
Kingtoys  from Hoogezand, Netherlands
We found this extension to be very comprehensive, but also easy to use. Highly recommend.
Outstanding Extension
Salman  from Carrollton, United States
this extension is outstanding , i would like to recommend you that this company is best in extensions
Worth the money
Kasper  from Thisted, Denmark
Very good Extension that makes all the feeds you want for Google Shopping, Facebook etc in the format you want.
High quality extension as always from Mirasvit.
Good extension
wrc  from Istanbul, Turkey
It’s a good tool for promoting products, and it suits everyone who wants to sync up with Google. Thanks.
Great Extension, Perfect Support
Cristi  from Moreni, Romania

We are using the extension for google shopping and facebook dynamic for close to 2 months and it helped us a lot. We had a few issues with it because of our MSI magento options but the Mirasvit support helped us a lot in solving all of them. Now everything is working perfectly. Really happy we've chosen Mirasvit solution for this.

Thank you,
Works very great with Google Shopping Ads
Perry  from Hong Kong
Works very great with Google Shopping Ads
Works but slow
Gecko  from Chula Vista, United States
Very configurable and has option that others don't. My issue is the time it takes to make my feed, over 6 hrs. After looking at the code I found that it pulls the full product catalog with each iteration and then filters the products after that.
from Brisbane, Australia
Good and useful
Richard  from Hardenberg, Netherlands
I think this plug-in is the best one for creating a product feed.
Love it
Chris  from Gadsden, United States
Very useful for our needs and great support.
Great Product Great Support
ar  from Methuen, United States
Very Flexible and reliable product - I have used it for more than 1 year. And been able to do what is needed for different feeds.
Support is excellent. Mirasvit people are quite clever and courteous.
hardik  from Surat, India
This extension works as expected
ease your life
esajee  from Islamabad, Pakistan
we have many requests to download products data, magento default is slow and not customizeable, it make our life easy for both dev, operations and sales team
Product Feeds
Thomas  from Griesheim, Germany
Macht was es soll, mit allen möglichen einstellungen. Wir können einfach alles nach Wunsch und aufbau exportieren. Vorbildlich !
imran  from Gandhinagar, India
perfect as described
Genuinely Useful and Flexible
K730  from Melbourne, Australia
There's a number of available Magento Product Feeds, however we've found this to be one of the most useful and flexible feeds available. The ability to powerfully "filter" the products in to each feed enables us the ability to run this extension on our Multisite segmenting the different brands in to their own identities and individual Facebook stores and Google Shopping accounts.
Works a treat!
thegrizzle  from Sydney, Australia
Very happy with the module - did everything it was required to do. Easy to install and integrate and works a treat.
Installed also: Advanced Reports M2
Just Perfect
Christys  from New Cross, United Kingdom
Works Well. Great Support!
Awesome Plugin!
XuB3R  from Durban, South Africa
High-Quality Plugin, Never had any big issues. Support is Awesome as well. 110% Recommended.
Works as advertised
Ev_rdam  from Bergschenhoek, Netherlands
All good, good support. Easy management.
Easy to use, work like a charm!
LamboPlace  from Subang Jaya, Malaysia
We bought this for product sync between our magento store and social media. Pretty handy!
Great product !
Harry  from Athens, Greece
I suggest it 100% working
This is a must for any store
Sam  from Northwich, United Kingdom
I consider this a MUST for any magento 2 store owner. We automatically send our catalog of enabled products to Google, Facebook and Bing Shopping. The extension is easy to setup and comes with a number of pre-made templates. Having this extension means that all of our products are synced in real-time across our most vitial advertising partners. A+ for this one.
working great
brandlive  from Buenos Aires, Argentina
bought it for M1 and M2.. both working fine!
Installed also: Push Notifications M2
Works fine
Misso  from Brusque, Brazil
Good module.
The best Magento 2 search engine out there!
VW  from Baltimore, United States
We had limped along with the built-in search engine for some time before installing Sphinx Search Ultimate. After installing this extension, the results were immediately noticeable! Search results now appear in real time and very quickly. The search algorithm is also very exact and continues to amaze me and my co-workers. We are regularly talking to customers on the phone and over the counter and the search is so fast that we now use it to quickly lookup product pricing rather than use our in shop software. The ability to fine tune the search results is great and is very easy to do. Finally, the spell correction is great and works like a charm!
Working without trouble for more than a year
AR  from Methuen, United States
Works flawlessly after setup.
Very usefull extension
Pawel  from Sosnowiec, Poland
It`s must have extension if you want to sales in marketplaces.
Installed also: Follow Up Email M2
Super Module
Linek  from Gdynia, Poland
It's super. You can configure almost everything you need.
Module allow high customization
Push96  from Faenza, Italy
Excellent support and case of uses
Great module
Davide  from Pavia, Italy
We are currently using this module for our clients' Google Shopping feed and it works like a charm. With also the support of custom variables, we were able to accommodate a particularity of the products of one of our customers.
Great Module
Satisfied  from Coal City, United States
Although feeds are becoming less relevant in today's market place, this is still extremely valuable and extremely well built for managing google shopping product and google reviews. The amount of filters and variables are quite awesome, allowing you to really tailor your feed data.
Very usefull
Bakalov  from Varna, Bulgaria
Easy to setup and use.
Great extension and support
Terry  from Sydney, Australia
Been using this extension for a while now and its still best and the support is very good and fast too
great feed module
Bulent  from Kardzhali, Bulgaria
must module if you use marketplaces.
Good product with its brilliance
ads  from United States
his extension is superb. Highly recommend
Best Magento 2 Product Feeds extension
Hans  from Solingen, Germany
a must-have extension for Multi-Channel sales, reliable and flexible setting for marketplaces and google shopping etc. In addition, best support service from mirasvit
Excellent Product and First Rate Support
GreenGlasses  from Holbrook, United States
Excellent, must-have extension for exporting Magento data in easily customizable reports as well as in XML format. Plus first-rate support! Highly recommended.
Extension works great and greatcustomer service.
Gabriel  from United States
We started a new website with no organic search sales. With this extension, we loaded our feed to google shopping and within 3 days and a few tweaks we started to makes sales. It works and customer service is always there to help in a timely manner. What else could you ask for..
Easy and flexible
Mike  from Lemmer, Netherlands
Provides templates for almost all providers.
And support is willing to help you add ones.
Also possible to define some simple logics in it.
Awesome Product, Even Better Service
Kelsea  from New York, United States
I love Mirasvit and their support team. Their extensions are super easy to use and set up. The team is even better to work with. They have customized quite a few extensions for us and are incredibly responsive. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!
Brilliant support and extension
Artem  from Kyiv, Ukraine
We use it for custom feed configuration and it works great! Support (fast and responds with solution) helped us to configure new feed with all needed setting.

Great extension and superior support service
Alexander  from Moscow, Russia
We're using this extension for Yandex Market and Google Shopping feeds.
Works like a charm for both!
Support is super fast and helpful!
Magento 1: Really great app.
Rob  from Addlestone, United Kingdom
Properly impressed with this extension and is used for so much more than just google shopping feeds. Use it for product verification, customer data feeds and of course google shopping.
Magento 1: A "must have" extension
Chantale  from Montreal, Canada
This extension is great.Highly recommend.
Magento 1: Great extension
Ken  from Hangzhou, China
This extension is great. Thank you for your work.
Magento 1: Good extension
from Newton Abbot, United Kingdom
I was use this for long time and good for use.
Filip  from Czechia
This is really cool extension with lot of flexibility. You don't need development anymore in case of any customizations.
Magento 1: Great extension with lots of templates
Alfred  from Enns, Austria
There is not really a need to know much about XML or CSV. The extension comes with ready made templates for Google, Amazon and lots of others! Templates are easiliy to adapt too - there are no limits. Great support as always.
Magento 1: Very comprehensive extension
Annette  from Kew, Australia
We found this extension to be very comprehensive, but also easy to use. Highly recommend.
Exactly what our client was looking for  from Toronto, Canada
We buy and install this extension for all our clients because it's flexible and easy to use. Highly recommended.
Peter  from Athens, Greece
Very good support
Very Flexible Extension
J.  from San Antonio, United States
This is a very flexible extension and can be configured to be utilized with many 3rd party services. We had some cron issues in the beginning when we first purchased the extension in 2016 but they were resolved fairly quickly by Mirasvit.
Magento 1: Produto excelente!
Marco  from Sorocaba, Brazil
Uso há mais de 2 anos, nunca deu problema é altamente customizável, user friendly, não precisa ter conhecimento em programação. Enfim, recomendadíssimo para o mercado brasileiro também.
Magento 1: A "must have" extension for all store owners
Robert  from Stabekk, Norway
This is really a "must have" for all Magento store owners. Lots of usefull reports displayed in a beautifull and well arranged grapic user interface.
Also the Mirasvit team offers exeptional support if you should experience any problems.
Very flexible Tool
Jack  from Faringdon, United Kingdom
I wanted a tool to automate the generation of our Google Merchant feeds and have found Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds module very easy to use. I've now automated the generation of our Google Merchant feeds and started the same process with Bing and will soon be starting to create a feed for Amazon as well. I have found the module to be very easy to use and Mirasvit have provided quick, high quality support when I've needed it.
Magento 1: Works great!
Brian  from Forked River, United States
Have been using this for a year now, easy installation and no problems! Has brought us a lot more sales through google shopping!
product feed
Dave  from Voorthuizen, Netherlands
nice plugin
Magento 1: Excelent
Weverson  from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Best product with a lot of filters.
Magento 1: Easy install, does what says on the tin
Adam  from Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom
No problems installing this. Worked so well I'm back for more. Excellent support also if you need to ask a question. Highly recommended.
Very Usefull
FiloBlu  from Santa Maria di Sala, Italy
We found this module very usefull for our needs!
Magento 1: Just simply the best productfeed generator
HRR  from St Helens, United Kingdom
I use it for google shopping and some others, and its just the best you can get :-)
We are definitely going to upgrade this extension for m2
Andre  from Leeuwarden, Netherlands
We will upgrade the extension for M2,that says enough about the use of M1.
Installed also: Advanced SEO Suite M2
Magento 1: Great Module, in less hassle do the lot of work
Simon  from India
Great Module, in less hassle do the lot of work
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
Great Module
Simon  from India
Great Module, in less hassle do the lot of work
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
Magento 1: Works great with FB dynamic Ads
Jiradech  from Bangkok, Thailand
Just install and set up feed with google shopping template. Works with FB campaign without any issue.
Amazing product!
Gabriel  from Central, Hong Kong
Works really well
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
Magento 1: works great
Amir  from Shah Alam, Malaysia
easy to install and work as expected
Magento 1: Great Extension
Tom  from Kenosha, United States
Great Extension, was up and running in no time. Had sales from it the very next day!
Magento 1: good product
Giuseppe  from Bari, Italy
good product
Magento 1: Great Extension!
Alexander  from Falkensee, Germany
Nice Extension! Especially the Dynamic Attributes Feature is really helpful!
Magento 1: Awesome pluggins
xavier  from Plelan-le-Petit, France
Really a nice feature if you want to inform your clients without needed to answer to all your email. The process is very simple and it's a really nice service for our customers.
Very good and easy to use.
Steve  from Camarillo, United States
Very good and easy to use.
Magento 1: Great - Must Buy!
nbb  from Rugby, United Kingdom
his is the best feed extension in the market.
We had a specification list for what features were required and sent this over to them to let us know what was possible. They responded very promptly stating everything was possible!
We have purchased from them in the past and were very happy with the extension and support. We were certainly not let down.
The extension can do almost everything and the developer support is fast and responsive and most importantly very helpful! We came across things we wanted to do after installation, and even those were possible.
Great extension, must buy!
Thank you
Magento 1: best extension ever
Mehdi  from Cordova, United States
this is the 2th extension i purchased
So far so good
Henry  from Altamonte Springs, United States
Only set up some google feeds but all went well and no issues so far. Have not needed Mirisvit support for once but if I did I know they are great and fast.
Magento 1: Just what is says on the tin
Max  from Minsk, Belarus
Does the job exactly as descrtibed, what else could you want from it.
Installed also: Store Credit & Refund M2
Magento 1: Best in one
Sanjeev  from Alpharetta, United States
Best software we can us e for google merchant
Magento 1: Great
Sam  from Huainan, China
This extension is great!
Magento 1: Super Extension!
Konstantin  from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Helped us advertise on multiple platforms using feed database!
Magento 1: Support is excellent
Nalini  from Trincity, Trinidad and Tobago
I had problems after installation and they were able to assist. I've not started using the feeds as yet but I will update my review when I do.
Magento 1: Excellent Products Feeds!!!
Paulo  from Uberlândia, Brazil
Hello visitors, give up searching for Supplier of Product Feeds module, this module Mirasvit is the best available for Magento. After we tried several others, we stopped at Mirasvit no doubt this is the best and most complete module for this purpose available for Magento. We are Customer Mirasvit from 2 years ago. Congratulations, Mirasvit is excellent.
Magento 1: Powerfull tool
Thijmen  from Amsterdam, Netherlands
The extensions is great and add a lot of value to the magento store!
Magento 1: Great Extension
Mathias  from Sarasota, United States
My shopping feed has never been easier and more automatic. Works great, I highly recommend this extension.
Magento 1: No Issues, Easy to Use
Rivkah  from Central Islip, United States
No Issues, Easy to Use
Magento 1: Greate!!!!
agordi  from Odessa, Ukraine
Greate Extention!! Help a lot of generate feed for export to any markets~!!!
Magento 1: The Best!
Paulo  from São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil
Fantastic features
Magento 1: This product worked great!
david  from Orange, United States
We lobe this plugin. Worked exactly as advertised.
Magento 1: Great product and very handy
Shabaka  from Hook, United Kingdom
Thanks to the team for this great products. At first it was a little tricky but once setup it is a life saver.
Magento 1: Super Nice
Sascha  from Bruchsal, Germany
and flexible Module. When you find out how to handle it you can make all feed what you need. 5 stars.
Magento 1: Superb handling of configurable and grouped products - brilliant!
Joelle  from Bristol, United Kingdom
I thought I could generate my feeds myself using an advanced export tool - boy was I wrong and I wasted my money, because most export tools do not support grouped products properly.

Most of my content is in the group, but of course some attributes and price/sku/stock are in the simple product. This tool allows me to pick for each field where they come from, and this is magic! Add to it constants and patterns and I could craft exactly what I wanted. In 20 minutes!

A time saver, and finally my products are again on Google feeds. Worth every penny after a day already, and I've only done 1 feed!
Magento 1: Amaizing
Nabil  from Valencia, Spain
A very great support and very complete, much better than Amasty one
Magento 1: Very good Extension !
Srinivas  from Hyderabad, India
After searching online, we found this extension was very useful and it was fulfilling all our needs and we don't need to spend any time on customization of our application. Great work!!
Magento 1: Must Have!
Michael  from Sydney, Australia
Great tool if you want to publish product feeds to Google Shopping.
Magento 1: Great extension with great support
Datacom  from Italy
Great extensions with good result!
Magento 1: Great Plugin
Devon  from Swindon, United Kingdom
Very good plugin if you know how to use it.
Magento 1: Excellent
Murray  from Hythe, United Kingdom
Great support for a great product
Magento 1: Good Module
Willian  from Joinville, Brazil
A good module to automate the export management product feeds
Magento 1: Great!
Milosz  from Springfield, United States
Overall, this extension makes everything simple and fast. Ready templates are there for you and support is willing to help with everything!
Magento 1: I've been using the extension for two years and we love it!
Sophie  from Pingtung City, Taiwan
Great extensions with good result!
Magento 1: Nice module
Rajat  from Caldwell, United States
Worked Like a charm
Magento 1: Great Product
Abiola  from Warminster, United Kingdom
Many thanks for great product.
Magento 1: Made my life so easy
Eileen  from New York, United States
My affiliate feeds were a mess and with this extension I was able to straighten everything out. Works perfectly!
Magento 1: Best Feed Plug In
Chris  from Bolton, United Kingdom
I've tried a few google shopping feed plug-ins for Magento but this one is the best. It's fairly easy to use once you spent a bit of time getting used to it. It allows you to filter out any products you like without needing developers to get involved.
Magento 1: Excellent Choice
Josh  from Saint Augustine, United States
I have purchased and setup multiple extensions from this company which all function perfectly with my site. The support is top notch with fast responses and helpful tips when needed. They have even gone above and beyond to help me with issues outside of their product scope. I continue to come back here for my extensions and highly recommend to anyone who is shopping for quality addins with excellent support!!
Magento 1: A great plugin
Ruozhi  from Baza, Spain
Just know a little programming, this plug-in will become a very useful tool.
Magento 1: Awsome product
Geneboss  from Kerman, United States
Very easy to install and simple to follow with great useful features.
Magento 1: Works for Amazon Product Feeds
Mark  from Dunbar, United Kingdom
We used this extension successfully to create brand new products on Amazon. I.e a full product specification feed rather than just an inventory/price feed. The M2EPro extension was unable to model our products for Amazon and other feed extensions just failed to produce the feed on our resource limited server. This is a great extension. The only thing it can't do is to produce the weird Amazon headers required on the feed. The Mirasvits team said they were happy to do this for us but we just haven't got round to it yet.
Magento 1: very Usefull
Gökhan  from Aydin, Turkey
I bought 2 plugin from Mirasvit. Both my job incredibly easier. Currently this company I'm thinking of buying 2 more plug-ins. I hope I get a discount because of the plugin.
Magento 1: Excellent, excellent, excellent
PK  from Los Angeles, United States
Go with this extension over a third party. You can do everything with it, and everything is easy to work with once you get the hang of it (which is like 2 hours).

Best decision we made to get integrated with our marketing channels.

Documentation and dev support is excellent as well in case you need that. They don't ask 100 follow-up questions before getting to work!
Magento 1: Good plugin to get
Dwee  from Kolkata, India
This is a very good plugin to purchase. IF you have a site with a large catalog of products just look no further. This will not disappoint. Not to forget the superb support offered by Mirasvit.
Magento 1: Better then others
James  from Hilton Head Island, United States
This is the only Feed Extension that would no crash with over a 100 products generation and feed. Now all I need is a way to set Cron Job priority as it gets bumped by other jobs
Magento 1: This extension works like a charm! and super excellent support!
Sam  from Shenzhen, China
Well i have to say that this extension works like a charm! we purchased other extensions from other company, but the extension we purchased from Mirasvit is the best one. I have some questions while installing and configuring, but i got great support from Olha. Great extension and Great support! thank you!
Magento 1: Nice extension
Jay  from United Kingdom
This extension is perfect. Is possible custom all fields and include in different feeds.
I recommended this extension
Magento 1: Must have module if you need a feed.
Sergei  from Rotorua, New Zealand
Powerful, easy to use!
Installed also: Full Page Cache Warmer M2
Magento 1: Works like a charm
Michael  from Brisbane, Australia
Highly recommend this extension, it does exactly what it claims and it does it well. Support answered the couple of questions I had quickly and efficiently.
Magento 1: Works Great
Brad  from San Antonio, United States
Works great, only issue is some of the preconfigured feeds need updated to the current feed specs, but it's really easy to fix yourself. I would definitely recommend this extension. It works great for my needs.
Magento 1: Data at your fingertips
John  from United Kingdom
Makes it far easier to extract the data you neeed. No problem on install. Fantastic support from Mirasvit as always.
Magento 1: It works as expected
Rudy  from Corona, United States
Not much to adjust if you are looking for a standard feed push to Google or other similar search engine sites. However if Google changes something, I am not sure how responsive the developer to provide us the patch or direction on tweaking the module.
Magento 1: Best in class
Robert  from Warrington, United Kingdom
Firstly we tried another product feeds, but their extension not so powerful. Then we bought this extension, it's exceptional solution for products export. A lot of helpful features, pre-set feeds and great customer support.
Magento 1: This is for pros
SB  from Carson City, United States
The main thing is that the cron and feed formats work. This is not a simple click-and-play type of extension. You need to understand marketing and product feeds, as well as some knowledge of file formats but once you have this all configured, it is going to vastly improve the accuracy of your feeds, listing quality, and ultimately save you tons of time.

With that said, the default templates work well and get you most of the way.
Installed also: Advanced SEO Suite M2
Magento 1: Dynamic attribute!
Tatsuro  from Japan
I like dynamic attributes function. I use it to export google shopping's shipping and ebay's product shipping. Before I installed this extension, I manually calculated the shipping in Excel file.
Magento 1: It worth to buy,and there service is great
Xiaoya  from China
i bought the extension last month,but i dont know how to configure it,Alexei Tyshkevich is very patient and help me resolve a lot of questions, there service is great, Highly Recommended to Buy it. i will consider to buy more extension from here.
Magento 1: Flexible and has great reporting
Tom  from Ventura, United States
Very happy with the extension. The reporting features are great.
Magento 1: very useful
Marco  from Torre del Greco, Italy
this plugin is a must-have for ecommerce sales. Very useful and complete!
Magento 1: Easy and simple
Iqbal  from Manchester, United Kingdom
Top extension, and being able to connect to every major comparison and site search engine. Excellent support and user documentation makes it simple to set up and have product indexed relatively quickly.
Magento 1: Great product
Leonid  from Metuchen, United States
I love this extension
Magento 1: Feine Sache :-)
Rene  from Magdeburg, Germany
Kann das Modul nur weiter empfehlen! Alleine durch den Performance Filters für jeden einzelnen Feed.
Magento 1: Great code, great support.
Ghio  from Lemmer, Netherlands
Highly recommended. great code and great support. i mean by that that in few mins. you get personal answer on your questions. That have to be rewarded. Thanks.
Magento 1: Most versatile and feature rich Product Feed extension
Jeremy  from West Valley City, United States
Highly configurable and stable extension. I did have a couple issues that were quickly fixed by the great support team. Only downside of support is their hours don't match mine very well.
Magento 1: I would make money without it
Roman  from Mariánské Lázně, Czechia
I have more then 300 000 products and no other extension on market was able to handle it, but this extension work great and because more then 70% of my revenue comes from price comparison sites for me it´s a must have.
Magento 1: Works way better than expected
Frank  from Los Angeles, United States
It is working perfectly fine, saved us tons of hours. Easy to install and operate without an issue. So far so good after 3 months.
Magento 1: Great extension, great support
Andrew  from United States
Very easy to use. I had a few questions and support was very quick to reply.
Magento 1: Excellent extension for large store, Excellent Support
SHARAD  from India
Mirasvit extensions are superb and their support is excellent. This extension gave us easy feeds for google shopping and idealo, etc. Our sales went up by 25% due to referrals coming from idealo and google.
Magento 1: Great extension
Andrea  from Rubano, Italy
Very great extension, very useful and easy to use.
Magento 1: Great module
NIJAZ  from St Louis, United States
Works awesome updating inventory on all my sales channels
Magento 1: Advanced product feeds
Beverly  from Benicarló, Spain
One of the best Feeds modules available. Great value and easy to integrate with good support
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
Magento 1: Excellent Extension
Dan  from Mason, United States
This is a great extension. It's well written and is very flexible. We use it all the time in our store.
Magento 1: Incredible product incredible support
Dale  from Newport Beach, United States
This extension was the perfect solution for our Facebook advertising needs. The post-sale support we received was incredible.

I highly recommend Mirasvit for product quality and support.
Magento 1: Trully must have it!
Vadim  from Bucha, Ukraine
Strongly recommended for economy your market budgets and global analytycs This extension very convenient and witout analogs. Special thanks for the quick support. Mirasvit is the company of professionals, thanks a lot!
Magento 1: Very Useful Extension
László  from Papa, Hungary
Very useful, works like described and so simply. The Advanced Product Feeds Module is highly recommended because it is extremely flexible as you can export every possible field which can then be manipulated in ever possible way. This allows a truly custom export file.
Magento 1: Great Extension and Great Support
Johnny  from Santa Ana, United States
The extension is very professional and the great support. I am very satisfied with the results. Keep up the good work Mirasvit.
Magento 1: Great extension with lots of features
Rob  from Rijssen, Netherlands
Although this extension has a lot of predefined feeds, i needed an extension for a real estate website that could connect the objects with multiple real estate search agents. This extension made that really easy to accomplish, and with the built in filters i can even choose which objects are connected to different agents. Thumbs up!
Magento 1: Good extension with the right templates for the most popular sites
Dennis  from Meppel, Netherlands
Good extension, works like it should do. the templates are great!
Magento 1: Very easy to us
ethan  from Savannah, United States
Ive tried a few other feed extension. This one is by far one of the best. It comes with many pre-build templates out of the box that help setting up profiles like a breeze. Dynamic and category mapping is a huge plus as well. Support is amazing as always.
Magento 1: Works great and custom work for free within a week!
Jelcke  from Amsterdam, Netherlands
This module delivers great performance and features all backed up by the Mirasvit service.
I keep buying modules with this company!
Magento 1: Good Extension
Kenny  from Layton, United States
We started using this extension when we launched our new Magento store. It is easy to use and is easy to customize.
Magento 1: Marvelous Extension
Waqar  from Amersfoort, Netherlands
I switch from another extension for product feed and is really satisfied with the results and the possibilities of customization as per your won need.
A perfect find to create product feed for various price comparison platforms.
Magento 1: The best feed extension
Teodor  from Sofia, Bulgaria
This is the best feed export extension on the market. I check 5-6 other "similar" extensions but this is the most powerful extension. You can track clicks, orders and etc. even with graphic view. Also you have more than 20 predefined feeds.
Also the support is amazing.
Magento 1: the categories filter have problem.
Pis  from Shenzhen, China
I love this extension,it's work good.but there is a big problem.

When add categories to filter,it's will redirect to 404.

I have check the's the same.I think developer need fix this ASAP!

Except this problem,i recoment this extension.
Magento 1: Awesome module and support
brady  from Memphis, United States
This is an awesome module. Should be built into every Magento store from the start. I wouldn't want to be without it.
Magento 1: Best extension ever
Sorin  from Oradea, Romania
I have used other extensions before but no other extension is flexible like yours. Cheers.
Magento 1: Best Module
Mateusz  from Bialystok, Poland
very good module to generate XML files. Everything works as it should.
Magento 1: Great Product and Greatest Support
Avrohom  from New Rochelle, United States
Great product but even better was the support to get his running perfect - would strongly recommend
Magento 1: Nice and easy to use
Radovan  from Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovakia
It's poweful in custmization and easy to use. Very nice is that we get 1 year updates for next versions, what is unique among Magento developers.
Magento 1: Makes like easy!
Kristi  from United States
We have just recently purchased this and are only using a small number of feeds so far, but it has been seamless and works splendid! We now have our complete product offering available on Google shopping instead of just a few items that we hand-loaded previously which was time-consuming. We are excited to see what happens when we start on some other product feeds as well!
Magento 1: Saves me a lot of time and works perfectly
Per  from Holstebro, Denmark
The perfect module for delivery of product feeds to comparison sites, Works like a charm, easy to use, always updated and best of it all it saves me a lot of time.
Magento 1: Excelent
Eduardo  from Lauro de Freitas, Brazil
Very useful extension, excelent filters and very fast. Recommend!
Magento 1: Professional Extension
mariano  from Ourense, Spain
The extension is very proffesional and the service support es the best service in magento
Magento 1: Great extension
Stian  from United States
Easy to use and easy to setup. Includes templates for many providers
Magento 1: Excellent Product, Amazing Support
DanZ  from United States
This extension does exactly what its supposed to and the built in templates make it usable right out of the box.

Very intuitive and easy to use interface will allow you to generate custom feeds for any purpose within moments from installation.

The support team is very responsive, and has implemented 2 suggestions we had into a new build of the extension within 24 hours, which is nothing short than exceptional!

Highly recommended!
Magento 1: Must Have  from United States
What a great extension and amazing customer service!
Magento 1: Great extension and great support
AbdelKarim  from United States
For me all time it's difficult xml feeds. Any issues with extension, and support work fine. A good extension.
Magento 1: great product
Albert  from United States
We purchased several extensions from Mirasvit and we could not be more happy with the quality of the product. Customer support is second to none. These guys are patient and professional.
Mirasvit is the first place we look every time we need a new extension.
Magento 1: This is just mast have module
Chris  from United States
This is one of the best plugins that we have used. It's extremely well thought out, the list of features and feed options is quite flexible!
Magento 1: Extremely convenient ext.
Vadym  from United States
Стоит брать хотя бы за возможность массово прописать тайтлы и дескрипшины.
Magento 1: High quality and immediate ROI
Viktor  from United States
Simply the best magento extension ever experienced both from the point of view of business - saves years of man-days once installed and provides for clear and transparent added-value to your online business, - and technically it is ideal and flawless, simple UI with a sophisticated software logic behind it. Highly recommended for any growing e-commerce.
Magento 1: Best services!
Waqar  from United States
Best services and I am quite confident that the same level of services I will get in future too.
Magento 1: Great speedy support
Marco  from United States
not only do they have a ton of features but their support is fast!
Magento 1: Excellent Support, the best extension
Milan  from United States
This is one of the best plugins that we have used!
Magento 1: Great extension
SimplyWholesale  from United States
The advanced products feeds extension is a must for any magento platform looking to provide CSV, TXT or XML files to list products on other platforms. The support received has been very quick and efficient and we have managed to increase our sales considerably as a result.
Magento 1: Essential
Bernardo  from United States
This is an essential tool for you who want to sell more and more at Google Shopping. Easy to use, you will start sending your products in minutes. This is a Top 5 magento extension and you must have it.
Magento 1: Excellent Feed Extension
Robert  from United States
We've tried other extensions for product feeds for Magento but had problems and abandoned the other and went with this extension which I am very happy with. We had a few issues in the beginning (as we do with most extensions) but the Mirasvit support took care of everything right away. We're now sending our Google feed directly from Magento and it works like a charm. Other feeds will be transferred off our current provider for an annual savings of over $5000. I highly recommend this extension and this company since their support is fantastic.
Magento 1: Very good, possibly the best
Papimaoui  from United States
I've tried several feed extension from other well known developers and this is by far the most powerful options.

Creating good quality feeds from existing Magento data is not a simple task, but this extension has the power and flexibility to manipulate the existing data to conform with the many Amazon inventory file guidelines. Now I am able to export complete and optimized inventory flat file directly from Magento, something that before took me hours of work in Excel.

Extension is well thought out, easy to install and works without any problems. Great support and willingness to continually improve the extension.
Magento 1: Awesome Plugin
dancs  from United States
This is one of the best plugins that we have used! It's extremely well thought out, the list of features and feed options is extensive! The functionality / ability to generate and customize new feeds is tremendous. The attribute/category mapping features are very extensive and extremely flexible.
The team behind the product is very responsive.
Extension was easy to install and works as advertised.
Magento 1: Must Have
Bernardo  from United States
A "must have" extension. This is my 3rd extension from Mirasvit and I really recommend it. The support is very good and they know what they're doing.
Magento 1: Awesome Plugin
dancs  from United States
This is one of the best plugins that we have used! It's extremely well thought out, the list of features and feed options is extensive! The functionality / ability to generate and customize new feeds is tremendous. The attribute/category mapping features are very extensive and extremely flexible.
The team behind the product is very responsive.
Extension was easy to install and works as advertised.
Magento 1: Great support and outstanding extension
Elena  from United States
Thanks a lot, Mirasvit. I really love this extension. It is easy to use and easy to configure.
Thanks a lot to support. I bought this extension with instalation. Mirasvit support installed it and did full configuration of the feeds I asked them to configure.
Thank you so much, guys.
Magento 1: Must have module
niko0487  from United States
This is just mast have module, and service from Mirasvit is incredibly good
Magento 1: Good Support, Nice extension
undecided  from United States
nice setup for a feed, quite flexible, not tested for more product catalogs yet, but so far quite happy - especially the support is very good
Magento 1: Handy module
snh  from United States
We cant wait for the next version with category matching and more goodies.

This extension makes us happy. And although it is not a 1 click install is balances between hands-on and ease of use. Perfect.
Magento 1: You guys are awesome
Nielsen  from United States
Thank you very much, it appears to operate exactly like I was hoping for. You guys are awesome, I will definitely be looking at other extensions you carry that will help us along. Take care.
Magento 1: feed back
Georgiy  from United States
The great and fast support, very flexible module
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