Advanced Product Feeds for Magento 2

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Promote your products and achieve higher sales by using the power of marketplaces and comparison shopping engines with magento data feed extension. You can automatically generate and deliver feeds of your product catalog to those services with Magento Product Feeds extension.

This tool is unbelievably quick to use and is also outstandingly flexible. It's compatible with all major shopping and advertising services, including Google Shopping.

Simply install the module, generate your very own product feed, present your catalog to a wider audience, and boost your sales right now!

  • Get thousands of prospects to see your products
  • Leverage the most popular shopping channels
  • Use 50+ feed templates
  • Customize the feed with filters and patterns
  • Automate feed generation and delivery
  • Analyze feed performance reports
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud

Business Value

Once you get your products listed on the most popular shopping engines and marketplaces, you will be able to attract a far greater number of new customers!

  • The Fastest to Set up: Easily create feeds for your product catalog by using prebuilt templates. You'll never have to create a feed from scratch again with the Product Feed for Magento 2. It includes 50+ templates for all major shopping search engines and marketplaces.

    On top of that, it doesn't matter how many products you have in your store. Our module will quickly generate a feed with any number of products, completely hassle-free!

  • The Most Flexible: The feed will always perfectly fit your needs. You can add as many fields to the feed as necessary, and customize every single one of them.

    That's not everything: the module is also amazingly versatile! There's a wide variety of product filters available. Patterns, dynamic attributes and dynamic variables offer unprecedented customization opportunities. You can export any product's attribute, alter prices, remap categories, automate generation and delivery, and use built-in analytics.

Ready-to-use Templates

Generate your very own feed quickly and easily

Product feed templates in Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds Magento 2 extension

The Magento 2 product feed extension includes 50+ templates for Amazon, Bing, eBay, Instagram, and many other search engines and marketplaces. Of course, our module allows you to generate a Magento Google product feed for a Google Shopping service.

Generate a Magento 2 Facebook product feed with this extension in order to attract an audience from the most popular social media in the world.

The templates of the feeds provided along with this extension have all the necessary variables. You don't need to add anything.

You can use them straight after the installation. Each of the feeds can be generated for any store view individually.

Complete Control

You can change anything

Feed columns in Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds Magento 2 module

There's no limit to how many fields you can add to the feed. Easily edit new fields from a drop-down menu or directly modify the code of the fields.

This applies to both the templates and the feeds you create yourself.

Use existing feeds as a configuration template. Duplicate and modify them to your needs.

Preview your feed before synchronizing it with the shopping engine.

Easy Configuration Management

Backup and restore product feeds configuration


Quickly import and export the feeds configuration. The extension allows you to export and restore information on the following objects:

  • Templates of the feeds
  • Created filters
  • Dynamic attributes
  • Dynamic categories
  • Dynamic variables

The Magento product feed export extension can export all configuration to YAML files. You can keep them as a local backup in your Magento root directory. Alternatively, copy those files to another location.

Speed up the setup process of your stores with this feature.

Flexible Filters

Export only necessary products

Product filters in Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds Magento 2 module

The module gives you unlimited filtering options of exported products. For instance, you can:

  • Filter by price.
  • Hide out-of-stock products.
  • Filter by parent categories.
  • Filter by SKU.
  • Hide products without images.
  • Filter by any other attribute, like color or manufacturer.
  • Filter by parent product attributes if the product is configurable, grouped or bundled.

Create conditions that fill the feed with products that you need. For example, export to the feed only such products that have a higher price than a certain value.

Use filters to avoid exporting to the feed all the products that you do not want to promote, like those that have no listed price, are out of stock, have no images, etc.

Exceptional Customization Options

Put your products in the right categories for any marketplace

Use the dynamic categories option to perfectly match the categories of your store with the categories of the marketplaces you create product feeds for.

With the advance product feed for Magento 2, you can adjust the taxonomy of your store with the categories shopping engines provide in several clicks. To map categories of your store, you simply need to select from the drop-down menu for the corresponding categories of the shopping engine.

Complement the patterns with dynamic attributes

Dynamic attributes let you create brand new attributes or alter the existing values depending on the conditions you specify or the values of other attributes. This greatly expands your customization options.

A store can have such dynamic attributes as product availability, shipping cost, stock status or others. For example, you can set the shipping price to $2 USD for products lighter than 20 lbs, and to $4 USD for products heavier than 20 lbs.

Take off the training wheels

Dynamic variables are even more robust than dynamic attributes. They let you use PHP functions to make sure that any possible variable fits your needs down to the last point.

Using dynamic variables lets you add more flexibility to your Magento product data feed. For any product, get a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), change its final price, show the available quantity from all stocks, etc.

With dynamic variables, you can easily add a dynamically changing field of special price when the product's final price becomes lower then its regular value.

Pattern Library

The module lets you customize the output of your product feed with programmatic patterns. These patterns are shortcodes for calling and editing attributes from your Magento database.

Magento Advanced Product Feeds extension provides two general types of patterns for attributes and product values. When using them, you can apply attribute code, filters, basic php functions, calculations and links to parent products within those patterns.

Build your feed with patterns by selecting them from a drop-down menu. Use the pattern preview button available in the pattern library to get a glance on the output you will get when using the particular pattern attribute.

With the help of patterns, make your product feed to stand out in shopping search engines and marketplaces, attracting even more customers to your online store.

Fine Tune Your Feed

The most common way to use patterns is to fetch specific values within configurable products. For example:

  • Return the parent product's value.
  • Export simple products with the 'not visible individually' attribute.
  • Export simple products with the link to a parent product.

They also come in handy if you need to alter the variables. For instance:

  • Show the 1.5x price of your products in shopping search engine feeds.
  • Make shipping free for products that cost more than 1000 USD (or any other price).
  • Manage product inventory numbers.

Feed Automation

Your feed will always be up to date

Our extension supports several ways of updating the product feed and one of them is done automatically via cron job. You can set up the feed generation schedule at any time or day of the week.

Let's say you need to renew your Magento 2 Google product feed on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7AM. The Product Feed Magento extension can perform this automatically on schedule, making the process much more efficient.

Access any feed by its unique URL

Every generated product feed in your store gets its own unique link for access. Use this link for tracking purposes, for example, in Google Analytics. The extension can automatically add Google Analytics parameters to the product feed URL.

Depending on the shopping engine, this link can contain a txt, csv or xml file. The latter one can be used as a Magento rss product feed.

You can schedule the upload

Automate the delivery of your product feed to the shopping engines. Get the service's FTP, FTPS or SFTP credentials, add them to the feed, set the transfer mode and you're good to go. The extension will automatically deliver the files of the product feed.

Use the Test Connection button to verify the correct communication of your store with the servers of the shopping engine.

Remain in control

The extension can send an email after each successful feed generation and delivery, or after multiple failed ones. You won't have to sacrifice control for convenience.

Full Feed History

Always know your feeds have synchronized successfully

In addition to notification emails, on feed generation you can get detailed information on it in a feed history tab. Track when the feed update was created, what source triggered the update, see the type of action that was made to the feed and general details of the process.

Product Analytics

Take advantage of your data

Use a built-in reporting tool to track general effectiveness for all your feed for any given time period. Alternatively, you can watch the performance of any specific feed.

Enable and disable tracking clicks and orders for each feed individually. You will be able to see how many clicks and orders you received from a particular product feed during the reporting period.

Display all details regarding your product feeds in the grid. Use product filters to narrow down the scope of view on the available data. You can track almost any parameter of your product feeds, including revenue, revenue per click, sold SKUs, etc.

Visualize any of the information in the grid on the interactive graphical chart. Adjust this chart to your needs by selecting its most suitable form: pie chart, diagram, histogram, etc.

Export generated reports to CSV and Excel XML files.

Use one of the most powerful tools available

You can review feed reports in your Google Analytics account. Just set the desired UTM parameters and monitor them in Google Analytics reports.

Specify such parameters as campaign source (google, newsletter4, etc.), campaign medium (cpc, banner, email), campaign name and term. Additionally identify paid keywords of the campaign.

If you've already been tracking your campaigns in Google Analytics, you can carry on seamlessly.

Command Line Interface Support

Work with your product feeds in the terminal

Our Magento product feed extension provides two ways of managing your feeds. You can do it in the backend admin panel of your store or using the command line interface.

With the command line interface, you get the possibility to take the following actions in your product feeds:

  • Generate all active feeds
  • Generate feed with a specified ID
  • Make a delivery of all active feeds
  • Make a delivery of the feed with a specified ID

Full Template List

  • AdForm
  • AllYouNeed
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Amazon Ads
  • Awin
  • Become Europe
  • Belboon
  • Beslist
  • BestShopping
  • Bing Shopping
  • Bizrate
  • Choozen
  • Ciao
  • CJ
  • Commission Junction
  • Domodi
  • DooYoo
  • eBay (Commerce Network)
  • Facebook Store
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads
  • FashionChick
  • Fishpond
  • GetPrice
  • Google Shopping
  • Instagram
  • Kelkoo
  • Kieskeurig
  • Marktplaats
  • Newegg
  • Nextag
  • Pagineprezzi
  • Partner-Ads
  • PriceGrabber
  • PriceMe
  • PriceRunner
  • PriceSpy
  • Rakuten Apparel
  • Sears
  • ShareASale
  • ShopMania
  • ShopPrice
  • Shopzilla
  • SingleFeed
  • The Find
  • TradeDoubler
  • TradeTracker
  • Trovaprezzi
  • Twenga
  • Webgains

You are not limited to the predefined list of comparison shopping engines. Create your own templates for any marketplace you need.

Install Advanced Product Feeds and increase your sales on marketplaces and comparison shopping engines!
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Eva Verified Buyer
From Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania
Using the module for over 1 month
Everything works great
I have Installed it for google shopping and also for platforms to compare pricing. Also I'm sending feed to FB catalogues. Works well.
Also installed:
Google Tag Manager,  Facebook Pixel & Conversion API,  Advanced SEO Suite,  GDPR
James Verified Buyer
From Surbiton, United Kingdom
Using the module for over 3 years
Plugin Works Great and is great for Google Shopping
I needed a plugin to export products for use on Google Shopping, this has worked great for me, I export feeds every few days and have had no issues
Also installed:
Follow Up Email,  Google PageSpeed Optimizer
Drew Verified Buyer
From North Olmsted, United States
Using the module for almost 1 month
Highly customizable module with great support
We chose Mirasvit's product feed extension because it seemed to be the most customizable of the alternatives. After setting up our Google Shopping feed, we're happy with our choice. It was easy to set up and was able to be customized to meet our requirements.
Also installed:
Google Tag Manager,  Dynamic Categories Verified Buyer
From Copenhagen, Denmark
Using the module for over 1 month
Excellent module and great support
Easy to use and set up. The support very good and fast. Got one questions and start a chat with the support. 5 minutes later I got my problem solved.
Also installed:
Product Labels
Andy Verified Buyer
From Lons-le-Saunier, France
Using the module for 7 months
Excellent module
Excellent extension that allows me to send my products to other platforms easily. Easy to install as with all Mirasvit extensions espectilly with composer. I recommend this extension for any site wanting to expand their traffic and sales. Thanks!
Also installed:
Product Finder,  RMA,  Help Desk MX,  Full Page Cache Warmer,  Mass Product Actions,  Google PageSpeed Optimizer,  Advanced SEO Suite and 11 more
Version 1.4.4Apr 26, 2024
Added "Strip style tag" modifier
Fixed preview in CSV feeds (conflict between jQuery and lib/web/legacy-build.min.js)
Version 1.4.3Apr 18, 2024
Add a script for reports only if the reports feature is enabled in the configurations
Fixed the issue with incorrect feed URL
Version 1.4.2Mar 21, 2024
Check that the feed is generated before delivery
Added ability to get the "Manage Stock" attribute
Fixed the issue with custom static attributes
Fixed the issue with export generation on Magento PWA
Version 1.4.1Mar 4, 2024
Fixed the issue with an empty first line in CSV/TXT feeds when the header is excluded
Fixed the issue with getting stock status for a bundle product
Fixed the issue with feed email notifications not being sent
Fixed compatibility with PHP 7.1
Version 1.4.0Feb 21, 2024
Added ability to manage feeds in remote storage
Remove modifier arguments if no modifier is set (CSV, TXT feeds)
Get categories in a feed only for the selected store
Optimized the loading of the "Content Settings" tab when the number of product attributes exceeds 1000
Added a patch to fix CSV and TXT feeds where modifier arguments were stored incorrectly
Fixed the issue with getting the lowest category for a product
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