Advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2

Powerful Extension for SEO compliance of your online store. Search engines wants your website to be perfectly tuned for users, which may cost a lot for you. Advanced SEO Suite solution allows you to automate most SEO settings and save your time and money for SEO specialists!

Compatible with:   Community: 2.0-2.1.*
Enterprise: 2.0-2.1.*

Take Control of store SEO with Advanced SEO Suite!

Advanced SEO Suite allows you to make even more SEO setting, than any professional SEO specialist knows!

Our solution has very convenient backend interface to set up optimisation options and transparent frontend interface (Magento 2 SEO Toolbar), showing the results of every page optimisation process.

With SEO Toolbar you may analyze the following key indicators:

  • robots meta header
  • canonical URL compliance
  • number of H1 tags, present on the page
  • meta title, description and keywords with their density
  • images alternative description

If you customized all settings right, you’d see comments in green. Otherwise, you’ll see recommendations to fix the issue in red.

Administration interface gives you almost unlimited options to:

  • create advanced SEO templates for results / layered navigation, categories and products
  • create rewrites: Rewrites Management for meta tags of the product and category pages prevail over any other SEO values
  • manage your webstore redirects
  • create conditional rules to set all SEO workflows to meet your store needs

Bring your online store to a new quality level with Advanced SEO Suite and get more customers from organic search results!

10 advantages you get with Advanced SEO Suite

  • SEO page analysis at a glance, using SEO Toolbar
  • Get advanced rich snippets for your store
  • Manage SEO settings for pages, categories and layered navigation
  • Create ultimate SEO templates
  • Manage Rewrites for meta tags to prevail other values
  • Automate Meta Tags management for your store
  • Generate advanced Sitemap for Google in HTML/XML format
  • Control all store redirects fast and easy
  • Configure canonical URLs for your online shops
  • Increase your store search engine visibility and grow CTR indicator!

Feature Highlights

Flexible Rich Snippets and Open Graph Settings

Advanced SEO Suite extension gives you the ultimate options to configure your store rich snippets. Snippet is a description of or an excerpt from the webpage, that follows the title and precedes the URL and Cached link.

Our SEO solution allows you to generate snippets for store Products and include the following information:

  • item description
  • item image
  • availability of item
  • payment methods
  • delivery methods
  • product category
  • brand and model attributes
  • color, weight, dimensions and conditions of the product

Manage Rich Snippets settings for Category and Organization with Advanced SEO Suite.

Make your categories look different in search engine results - show the number of product reviews.

Also extension allows you to change your Organization appearance in search engines. Show the full address and other contact information in search results and make your company stand out among all others.

Add Breadcrumbs to your product rich snippets with Advanced SEO Suite easily! Just click Yes in the dropdown menu and your store will outstand with its sophisticated appearance.

magento 2 rich snippet

magento 2 seo breadcrumbs

Advanced SEO Suite allows you to integrate store pages into social graph.

Activating Category Opengraph lets you add meta tags for logos and images of your products.

Set Relationship Tags Up Easy

Advanced SEO Suite allows you to manage one of the most important SEO features - Canonical URL Tags - without effort!

Take control of the multiple versions of the same content within your store - use canonical tags for:

  • configurable products
  • grouped products
  • bundle products
  • cross domain content

Also you may set selected pages without canonical URL tags.

Easily enable necessary relationship tags:

  • alternate (link to an alternative version of the page, for example, printed version) and hreflang (indicate to a search engine, that your page have another version in different language, for example, direct Spanish users to a Spanish version of your store right from the search results)
  • next and prev (give the search engine a hint, that it should consolidate indexing properties, such as links, from the component pages/URLs to the series as a whole, i.e., links should not remain dispersed between page-1.html, page-2.html, etc., but be grouped with the sequence)

Limit meta title and description length and manage your snippets in search engine results.

Every search engine has the limitation of characters for website snippets. It is extremely important to know and set maximum length for these indicators, if you want your store look accurate and readable in search results.

Recommended meta title length is up to 55 symbols, and meta description is up to 90 symbols.

Keep these numbers in Magento 2 seo settings and get clear search results!

magento 2 canonical tags

magento 2 seo toolbar

Automate Cross-Linking For Your Store

Advanced SEO Suite allows you easily manage one the most important SEO features - cross links.

With our solution you may once set the list of pages to add links automatically.

For example, you have a page and you wish to promote it by keyword "laptop". So you create an autolink and every time word "laptop" is used in your store CMS pages, Products or Category descriptions etc, and it will be replaced by link

Of course, you can limit the number of auto-links per page to comply with the recommended word frequency.

Just a couple of minutes with our solution - and your cross-linking strategy is ready to launch!

magento 2 seo cross-linking

Customize Store Sitemap

Advanced SEO Suite makes your Sitemap configuring process smooth and easy.

Extension lets you set the most important options for Frontend sitemap of your store:

  • URL path
  • meta title and description
  • H1 header
  • the list of CMS pages to ignore etc

Also you may define a list of links, which will be added to the frontend sitemap. For example, /promotions/, Our Promotions /customer/account/, Customer Account will add links Our Promotions and Customer Account to the sitemap.

Our solution allows also to define a list of patterns for links, that will be excluded from the frontend sitemap.

Master sitemap settings in a few minutes with Advanced SEO Suite!

magento 2 sitemap

Powerful SEO Templates

Create and manage powerful and advanced SEO templates with our extension in a few simple steps.

SEO templates are designed to manage meta information of your store pages, basing on the rules defined by you.

You may create SEO template for:

  • products
  • categories
  • results or layered navigation

Nevertheless, meta tags defined in SEO Templates can be overwritten by the same tags filled in SEO Rewrite Manager.

magento 2 seo templates

Simple SEO Templates Interface

It was never that easy to create SEO templates!

Advanced SEO Suite allows you to make all necessary settings within a few fields. Just fill out the following information:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta keywords (if you need to, because search engines are not crawling this section any more)
  • Meta Description
  • H1 title
  • SEO description
  • short and full product description templates (if you create SEO template for products)

You are free to use variable templates for any of the abovementioned fields. For example, it is a good idea to use the following statement for Meta Description Tag:

[filter_selected_options] [category_name] ★★★★★ good prices, favorable terms of delivery and payment - [store_name] [| Call us {store_phone}]

Also the extension automatically removes HTML tags and unnecessary whitespaces from Description Meta Tag.

magento 2 seo template configuration

Flexible Rules for SEO Templates

Advanced SEO Suite allows to define conditions, triggering SEO template.

You may create the main condition and several sub-conditions then, or create multiple-levels of sub-conditions by using a combining condition.

Our extension lets you even Stop Further Rules Processing - in this case, the template will be applied to the page, even if another rule with higher sort order value is applicable.

Advanced SEO Rewrite Rules

SEO Rewrite Rules configure meta tags, H1 headers and SEO description for any store URLs.

So, if you need to make especial SEO settings for the defined URL (or group of URLs), use SEO Rewrites.

Those rules will be applied to URLs defined by you only, and will not affect on the child categories or any other store pages.

Furthermore, Rewrites prevail over any other SEO settings from all your SEO Templates!

Smart Redirects Interface

Advanced SEO Suite has very clear interface for managing all store’s redirects.

Redirects are one of the most important SEO things. If your store clients will see 404 error page too frequently, they probably go to another shop.

Our extension allows you efficiently manage redirects and get more orders even from error pages! For example, you may redirect all users, that got in "404 Not Found" error page to the Homepage of your site or even the page with Promotions/Sale. This way your customers will most likely be satisfied with the results!

Get more happy customers for your store with our solution!

Optimize Google XML Sitemap

Advanced SEO Suite has several options for optimizing Google XML Sitemap automatically:

  • hiding specific CMS pages from sitemap (404-page or Enable Cookies, for instance)
  • adding custom links
  • adding all product images watermark
  • adding product tag URLs
  • splitting Google XML Sitemap into multiple files by size or number of links and creating Sitemap XML Index (coming soon)
  • generating correct Google XML Sitemap files with links equal to canonical URLs

There is no need to make all those settings manually! Advanced SEO Suite will take care for this!

Built-In Robots.txt Editor

Advanced SEO Suite has ready-made built-in editor for robots.txt.

You don’t need to create this important file in simple text editors: our extension lets you manage robots.txt content without even leaving Advanced SEO Suite interface!

Install Advanced SEO Suite and easily get higher search engine positions!

Here is what Advanced SEO Suite solution customers say:

"...I highly recommend it to all store owners. I would say that this is a must have!!! It saves your time with doing lots of manual operations with SEO. If you are serious about your positions in Google, this is exactly an extension you should purchase..."

"This is a very helpful extension if you want to speed up time associated with SEO optimization..."

"We have been using this extension for about 6 months and had a great experience with this product..."




  • Fixed an issue with incorrect rich snippets




  • Ability export redirects




  • Fixed an issue with incorrect alternate tags (for some stores)
  • Fixed error if slash exist in autolink keyword




  • Fixed an issue with page load delay (if large number of redirects with *)




  • compatibility with extension Mirasvit CacheWarmer version 1.0.1




  • Fixed an issue with SEO template error




  • Fixed an issue with users roles




  • Fix compilation error




  • Fixed an issue with FPC performance




  • Fixed an issue with redirect error




  • Use the same font-awesome.min.css for all extensions




  • Ability set store id in import file


  • Fixed an error if get parent category data




  • Fix notice
  • Fixed an issue with broken design (for some stores)
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect store code in URL for Autolinks
  • Fixed an issue with Cross Domain Canonical
  • Fixed an issue with attribute error




  • Fix compilation error




  • Fix undefined index notice
  • Fixed an issue with attribute error




  • Fixed an issue with snippets comma in price




  • Fixed an issue with filter attributes for robots tags




  • Fixed an issue with robots tags for search pages




  • Fixed notice




  • Ability change product url key by template




  • Fixed breadcrumbs issue for venustheme




  • Fixed an issue with excludeing pages from xml sitemap




  • Fixed an issue with wrong title on home page




  • Added ability to use a longest product url as canonical


  • Fixed an issue with incorrect aggregate rating value




  • Fixed an error if Category Opengraph set as Use first product image




  • Fixed an issue with error if run setup:di:compile (affects from 1.0.8)




  • Added ability to remove parent category path for category urls




  • Fixed links for "Example of CSV file" for Redirects and Autolinks




  • Fix My Downloadable Products link




  • Fixed an issue with configuration Robots Meta Header in admin panel
  • Fixed an issue with error if get parent category data




  • Support of Magento 2.1.0




  • Issue with wrong case of some filenames




  • Ability to autolink product attributes too
  • Backend menu
  • Improved SEO Toolbar


  • Fixed an issue with saving configuration in magento 2.0.5
  • Fixed an issue with saving new customer address



  • Added breadcrumbs depending on CMS Page Settings
  • Added breadcrums on sitemap page



  • Initial release

Reasons to choose Mirasvit

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