Layered Navigation for Magento 2

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Compatible with: Community: 2.1-2.2.*
Enterprise: 2.1-2.2.*

Layered Navigation extension allows you to add super flexible and attractive navigation that matches all modern approaches and trends to your Magento store. It significantly expands default Magento navigation, fixes some issues with it and adds a lot of new features to it.

When customer visits your website he has just a few seconds to find the product he was looking for. So it is critically important to provide your customers with convenient and clear website structure and navigation through your shop. This can significantly increase your store conversion rates.

Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 allows to add super flexible and attractive navigation that matches all modern approaches and trends to your Magento store. It significantly expands default Magento navigation, fixes some issues with it and adds a lot of new features to it.

Features Highlights

AJAX in Catalog 

Thanks to Ajax technology the results will instantly come to your customers without reloading the page.

Multi-filters feature

In default Magento you can choose only 1 filter option. It is not convenient as you cannot check all products that meet your parameters. Our extension resolves this problem. Your customer will be able to choose several colors for the product at the same time and extension will filter the product list only by chosen colors.

Images in the options

Extension allows to show small images that illustrate each option instead of the text. It simplifies the navigation for users. For instance,  you can replace brand names with brand logos  and thus make it more recognisable. 

Slider for the price

Allows your customers to choose the price range simply and filter products according to this range. Extension allows to configure the slider appearance flexibly.

Additional options for products filtration

  • New products filter allows to find Newly arrived products 
  • On Sale filter allows you to find Promo products 
  • Stock filter allows to filter products by its stock availability 
  • Rating filter allows to filter products by its rate

SEO Friendly URLs

Extension allows to improve SEO rankings of your store by adding SEO-friendly URLs in filters.
SEO Friendly URLs for Layered Navigation links can be created by our extension, replacing too complicated Magento native filtered category URLs like to much more clean and searchable .

Flexible appearance settings

Extension allows to flexibly configure the appearance of the Layered Navigation. You can set the filter block both in horizontal and vertical positions. Filters can be either hidden or visible. Panel of filter’s resetting also can be horizontally and vertically placed.

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  1. good
    Overall Satisfaction
    80 %
    help a lot
    By Boonchai on
  2. Feature rich extension with reliable and client oriented support
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    We are using this extension for several moths and have only positive expierience. We're using custom theme and dedicated server for database. Developers helped us with all questions and made some customization to suite our needs.
    By Tom on
  3. Fine module
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Is a great module for filters. All is configurable, just yes/no categories yes/no.. is easy work
    By Bosco on
  4. Best navigation solution for Magento 2
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Really happy to have finally gotten a great layered navigation for my online store.
    A must have for all merchant ! I recommend it without any hesitation.
    By Justin on

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