Magento 2 Extensions

  • Sphinx Search Ultimate

    Get an innovative approach to search for your online store and increase your website conversion from search results by more than 50% with Sphinx Search Ultimate! Incredible relevancy within milliseconds, search autocomplete, misspelling correction, searching by multiple content types (CMS pages,...
  • SEO Monitoring & Reports

    Google is one of the main sources of the traffic for the online stores. That’s why store owners are ready to invest time and funds into Search Engine Optimization. It is really important to measure the effectiveness of such investments and correct your SEO strategy on time. Magento 2 SEO Monito...
  • Advanced Product Feeds

    This is an outstanding extension for generating and publishing your store product feeds in comparison shopping engines and marketplaces. Operates with all comparison engines. Fast and flexible, interacts with Google Analytics to measure campaign results, has a lot of options and more than 50 rea...
  • Full Page Cache Warmer

    The Full Page Cache Warmer solution solves an issue with cache updating. Whenever your customer or Google visits this page, it will be loaded in a split second! This extension brings a unique robot designed to monitor cache status. Once some page cache was cleared, the robot visits this page and...
  • Advanced SEO Suite

    This is a powerful Extension for SEO compliance of your online store. Search engines want your website to be perfectly tuned for users, which may cost a lot for you. Advanced SEO Suite solution allows you to automate most SEO settings and save time and money for SEO specialists!
  • Reward Points + Referral program

    Fully featured and flexible marketing tool to implement a Loyalty Program for your online store! Reward Points+Referral Program is designed to appreciate your customers every time they benefit your shop in some way. Encourage your shoppers and they will be returning for new purchases over and over!
  • Elastic Search Ultimate

    Elastic Search Ultimate will lead your customers exactly to the products they are looking for! This will ultimately create an increase in your store conversion using just your search results! This extension creates an incredible search experience. It returns the right search results within mil...
  • Advanced Reports

    Analytics for any ecommerce store is the number one everyday activity. Magento 2 Reports extension utilizes the cutting-edge UI technologies and improvements of Magento 2 to help you get deep insights of your shop performance indicators. Level up your store analytics flows with Magento 2 Advanced...
  • RMA

    Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a powerful tool for managing returns and/or exchanges of goods. This extension is important if you wish to build strong relationships with your store customers and win their trust and loyalty.Magento 2 RMA Extension has an intuitive, step-by-step user int...
  • Follow Up Email

    Increase your store Conversion Rate and drive more sales with the most powerful and fully featured Follow Up Email Extension for Magento 2!The average online shopping carts abandonment rate is about 68%! Use Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension to win back your customers, grow your online store Co...
  • Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro

    Speed up the search process in your online store with Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro! Our extension allows to perform fast and precise predictions to complete the word or phrase a customer searches for. Turn your store visitors shopping activities into a pleasant experience - suggest them the ...
  • Advanced Sphinx Search Pro

    Advanced Sphinx Search Pro is the most adaptive Magento 2 search engine! It gives customers search needs in a split second and provides highly relevant results. Stop your store search issues with our solution: no more empty results! Get more orders with the Extension and watch how your conversion...
  • Store Credit & Refund

    Store Credit & Refund Extension covers and automates most of your store activities, related to Credits and Refunds to customers. This simple, but incredibly powerful solution allows you to get more loyal and satisfied clients. Turn returns and exchanges into Credits and save your time and money!
  • Knowledge Base

    Knowledge Base is an online store resource center, that answers customers’ most popular questions and covers most customers’ self-service features. Organize all frequent inquiries and other helpful content with our solution. Reduce your support/helpdesk loadings and save your customers time usin...
  • Improved Asynchronous Re-indexing

    Boost your online store administration performance with Improved Asynchronous Re-indexing for Magento 2 extension! This extension gives you the convenient ability to greatly speed up the routine processes of manually checking the statuses of indexes. With our extension, you can sit back and relax...
  • Help Desk MX

    Provide your online store customers with outstanding support, using Help Desk MX Extension. Collect and process all inquiries, emails and offline chat messages in one place! No piece of information will be lost, every message will be assigned to the right department and appointed manager. Carry o...
  • Gift Registry

    Let your customers' wishes come true with Gift Registry extension! Our solution makes your customers happier: by sharing and referring friends to their Gift Registry, they receive the gifts they really want. Regardless of your store's product mix, you can grow your conversion rate, since specifie...
  • Fraud Detection

    Chargebacks and frauds are common issues for any online store. The Fraud Detection extension prevents fraud basing on a fraud risk score for every order. Our solution has a score-based algorithm to evaluate order risks from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the riskier the order is and the more rea...
  • Push Notifications

    Notify your customers directly from their browsers with our Push Notifications Extension.This extension gives you the ability to contact your customers in a new way. Your customers will be more likely to read your messages because they will not be buried in their email inbox and you will be able ...

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  • Product Labels

    Every store drives additional sales with promotions and discounts. Product Labels extension is the perfect solution to highlight promoted items by using bright images and making them more visible and attractive for your customers. Our extension is the cutting-edge marketing solution for your onli...
  • Affiliate

    Launch fully featured affiliate programs for your store with the Magento 2 Affiliate extension! No need to use third party services and pay them fees anymore. Drive more sales from alternative channels and let your affiliates earn additional money.Our solution has 4 types of promotions available....
  • Search Spell-Correction

    Misspellings and typos are part of our digital activities. Your store's customers may be in a hurry or busy and can type their search queries inaccurately. Search Spell Correction is a new way to help your shoppers find what they came for. Our extension will correct all the typos and misspellings...
  • Blog MX

    FREE, fully featured, and powerful Blog solution for your online store! Magento 2 Blog MX allows you to open a blog and engage more and more customers in your shop activities using any type of content: images, video, articles etc. Get an outstanding Magento Blog extension absolutely free for a li...
  • Customer Segmentation Suite

    Customer’s segmentation is one of the main principles of marketing. It allows to use the communication channels with customers in the most effective way. Also it will decrease the financial resources for marketing.