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Knowledge Base for Magento 2

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Compatible with: Community: 2.0-2.2.*
Enterprise: 2.0-2.2.*

Knowledge Base is an online store resource center, that answers customers’ most popular questions and covers most customers’ self-service features.

Organize all frequent inquiries and other helpful content with our solution. Reduce your support/helpdesk loadings and save your customers time using Knowledge Base!

Knowledge Base - fully featured Store Guide solution!

Suggest to your online store customers a powerful help resource, save them time and make them happier!

Knowledge Base is the extension allowing you to organize the most asked questions or any other helpful information by means of articles which are sorted by defined categories.

Our solution makes your customers' self-service fast, easy and convenient, since it’s possible to:

  • perform searching by single words, words combinations, exact phrases or tags
  • get results from categories and articles
  • surf through categories via breadcrumbs or right menu
  • get an answer within seconds

Knowledge Base for Magento 2 has a simple and intuitive user interface. Customers will enjoy your store help center!

Our extension is not only fully featured, but also fully customizable. You can make unique designs for each article using the built-in WYSIWYG editor or directly editing the HTML source code. Knowledge Base is a SEO friendly extension. You may set meta tags for your articles so the snippets you have made yourself will be visible in search engines for the relevant search queries.

Also Knowledge Base administration interface allows you to:

  • set article status, sort order, SEO-friendly URL key and author
  • assign an article multiple tags and categories
  • define number of votes and rating for each article

Boost your customer experience with Knowledge Base Extension!

10 advantages you get with Knowledge Base

  • Conveniently structured Store Help Guide.
  • Search by categories and article content.
  • Search by word combination or exact phrases.
  • Save your customers time with Knowledge Base self-service.
  • Give your customers an excellent user experience returning answers in a split second!
  • Customize every article with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Get SEO-friendly URLs and search engine snippets for your help center articles.
  • Get your articles available in multiple categories.
  • Manage article ratings and votes.
  • Save your support team time and save money all at once!

Feature Highlights

Clear Customer Interface

Knowledge Base interface is intuitive and clear for every customer.

Our solution allows your store clients to understand everything at a glance. All categories, questions and search strings are available at a single-click.

Convenient Article Page

Knowledge Base Extension allows you to organize articles in a structured and clear form intuitively understood for every customer.

The article page has a very convenient interface, which gives your store users an option to surf through the categories in two different ways:

  • using breadcrumbs under the main menu (it allows to return to any parent directory);
  • using right menu ‘Categories’ (it is very easy to access any related or even non-related category).

Also user can choose any of the tags assigned to the article and automatically get search results related to this tag.

Advanced Administrative Interface

Knowledge Base interface for administrators gives you the most advanced features to make your help center easy to use and unique.

Our solution allows you to:

  • create articles with absolute custom design using WYSIWYG editor or editing HTML source code
  • make every article more visible in your help center by adding tags
  • assign several different categories to one article, if its content related to them
  • set SEO-friendly URL for each article
  • manage article status (active or not)
  • set sort order
  • define an article author

Manage your support articles fast and easy with Knowledge Base!

Relevant Search Results

Knowledge Base allows your customers to perform search in several modes:

  • by exact phrase
  • by single word
  • by word combinations

Whatever your customer enters in the search string, our solution gives the most relevant results list in a split second from:

  • categories names
  • articles content
  • tags

Your customer will see the most appropriate articles at a glance!

Use Ratings to sort articles by quality and relevance

Knowledge Base Extension lets you organize all articles by their quality, using rating and votes number for each article.

For example, you added some information to the article ‘Shipping Fees’ and published it.

Customers rate this article over some time by voting if they consider ‘Shipping Fees’ useful. So the more votes the article gets, the higher the rating. Therefore, the high rating establishes a ground for assigning the article good quality. If the rating is low, you need to edit the content and add some more useful and clear information for your customers.

Use ratings and votes to evaluate your help resource articles and constantly improve them!

SEO-friendly Knowledge Base

Besides SEO-friendly URLs which you may set in the administrator interface, you can also customize the appearance of your articles in search engine results (snippets).

Manage Meta Title and Description in order to make every article more visible in Google or any other search engine.

This feature is very useful, since it makes your store's unique content available in the external process and, as a consequence, can bring new leads for your online shop.

Install Knowledge Base extension and give your customers better experience!

Here is what Knowledge Base solution customers say:

"Using knowledge base we get fewer support calls and questions. Allowing our employees to help more customers to a greater degree."

"..Purchased the Knowledge base extension 4 months ago and it's a simple yet superb module which allows our site to offer more information in a organised manner..."

"Good extension, Works as expected, saved lots of my time doing this myself and it solved my problem."

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  • Allows to create articles with the same url per store view




  • Allowed to exclude categories keys in article URL


  • Variables for category description




  • Cron sitemap generation




  • Compatibility with 2.2.0
  • Sitemap generation for multi stores




  • sitemap generation for multi stores




  • compatibility with Magento 2.2.0rc
  • filter articles by customer group




  • Added ability to filter articles by customer group
  • Improved category tree displaying




  • URLs for sitemap




  • Added categories and articles to sitemap




  • Fixed wrong parent pickup on Category creation without selecting a parent




  • Ability to add additional content to category and change layout (xml)




  • Added option that allow to show amount of articles in category that does not contain other categories on category list page




  • Fixed redirect after voting on article




  • Fixed config does not store for storeview
  • Fixed article view page does not display categories
  • Fixed search does not use tags




  • Added filters to admin artilce list page


  • Fixed styles for long article's name in sidebar
  • Fixed js error for Single store mode when saving article




  • Added ability to hide article's date
  • Moved category view link under the list of categories/articles




  • Fixed an issue when "Articles not found for store with multiple root categories"




  • Varnish compatibility
  • KB permissions position in role resource tree




  • XML errors




  • Ability to assign article to storeview


  • Support of Magento 2.1.2




  • Added ability to assign article to storeview


  • WYSIWYG insert variable widget




  • Use the same font-awesome.min.css for all extensions


  • Added translation (#17)




  • bug: Remove unnecessary paging templates




  • Latest version of font-awesome




  • Update font awesome to the latest version




  • Ability to use widgets




  • Fixed an issue when settings "Enable Articles Rating" and "Hide article's author" not working properly (#13)




  • Fixed an issue when 'kbase' css class is added to the body tag on every page (#11)




  • Fix article's category field in edit form for M 2.1.0
  • Fixed an issue when WYSIWYG contains broken images




  • Added ability to browse an existing image or upload a new image when editing knowledge base content




  • Fixed an issue when WYSIWYG is not showing




  • Fixed styles issue with categories sidebar and helpful block




  • Support of Magento 2.1.0







  • KB2-42 - Fixed that inactive categories displaying in a list of categories




  • KB2-41 - Fixed Article 'created at' contains wrong date




  • Category Display Mode
  • Styles


  • Issue with menu
  • Remove field "Url Key" for root category
  • Fixed an issue with showing disabled categories
  • Fixed an issue with tags

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