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The Facebook Pixel Magento 2 extension is a tool to maximize the business efficiency of your ad campaigns launched via Facebook Ads service. With the data collected by this module you will be able to create a perfect target audience to get increased conversion rates for your ads.

  • Determine your perfect audience by collecting user behaviour data through Facebook Pixel tracker in your frontend
  • Data collecting works even for users with activated adblock plugin
  • More reliable connection between your data and Facebook with the Conversions API support

With almost three billion users, Facebook and its Instagram can be a source of new potential customers for you. All you need is to collect the data on your existing audience and provide it to Facebook.


Add Facebook Pixel to Magento 2 store and let Facebook algorithms find you potential clientele interested in buying. The deep user profiling of Facebook algorithms allows it effectively retarget ads, increasing conversions.

What benefits does Facebook Pixel Magento 2 bring to your store?

The Pixel tracker stands out as a marketing efforts enhancer, making more effective, increasing the profitability of an e-commerce store through its user profiling.

Beyond the basic tracking capabilities, Facebook Pixel for Magento 2 offers a multifaceted approach to understanding customer behavior and optimizing marketing efforts.

Businesses become able to identify customer segments interested in particular products or services. This detailed insight achieved through the FB Pixel extension enables the delivery of precisely targeted ads to Facebook and Instagram users, maximizing the return on ad spend.

It helps to speak to the right audience

The store's accumulated data plays a pivotal role in identifying the ideal audience for a particular business. Facebook algorithms can use this data to identify traits of the high-value customers and find people with similar traits among its three billion audience.

Such intelligent expansion of the store's customer base opens new avenues for growth. This allows to diversify customer demographics and tap into previously untapped markets.

It supports offline activity tracking

Facebook Pixel's advanced tracking capabilities extend beyond the virtual storefront. It seamlessly integrates with offline in-store purchases or phone orders with the Conversion API support.

Attribute offline sales to your online marketing efforts, enabling a more accurate assessment of your advertising campaigns. Get a unified perspective on customer engagement.

It continues collecting data when adblock activated

Be sure the store acurately collects the event data on all of potential and actual clients. Even in case some of them have adblock activated, which blocks tracking scripts from operating.

The Magento Facebook Pixel is capable to collect data directly from server events, meaning it will track users with adblock.

It can give insights on optimizing Facebook ads

Every click, every view, and every purchase event in a store is carefully logged. This wealth of data empowers businesses to understand their audience.

Magento Facebook Pixel is a tool to get insights at every stage of sales funnel. This nuanced understanding of the user's path can ensure the marketing budgets are used optimally

Main features of Facebook Pixel

Enhanced audience insights

Pixel Facebook extension offers the ability to gain profound insights into your website visitors. Its advanced algorithms track user interactions, identifying patterns in online behavior.

By analyzing user behavior and interests, businesses can create detailed customer profiles. This nuanced understanding enables businesses to anticipate customer needs, personalize user experiences, and foster long-term customer relationships.

Conversion tracking

Magento Pixel Facebook excels in tracking conversions, providing businesses with real-time data on how users interact with their websites after clicking on Facebook ads.

This the Magento Facebook conversion tracking employs machine learning algorithms to analyze multiple variables influencing user conversions. Use these patterns to optimize the ad delivery, and reach potential customers, thereby maximizing conversion rates.

Custom audience creation

Optimize the advertising strategy with custom audience development through Magento Facebook tracking pixel data. Dissect the visitor behavior patterns and establish specific audience categories.

This detailed segmentation achieved through the Facebook Pixel extension Magento 2 empowers to deliver laser-focused ads, maximizing the impact of marketing campaigns. For example, retarget users who abandoned their shopping carts or showcase products to users who displayed a keen interest in specific items.

Dynamic ads optimization

Create dynamic ads that automatically show the right products to the right audience based on user behavior analysis. These ads dynamically showcase products that align with individual interests.

Businesses can also leverage enhanced data analysis to gain insights into user preferences, allowing for the creation of hyper-personalized ad campaigns.

Facebook Conversions API support

Conversions API support is a tool to mitigate the challenges posed by ad blockers and privacy-focused browser settings. Traditional pixel-based tracking methods are often hindered by these privacy measures, leading to incomplete or inaccurate data.

Conversions API operates at a server level, ensuring that Facebook analytics receives accurate data regardless of users' privacy settings. This ensures the reliability of analytics.

conversions api prerequisites

Reliably catch customer actions

Ensure that customer action is accurately recorded. Since Conversions API tracks events at a server level, it is capable to reliably catch offline events.

The Pixel Facebook Magento 2 extension supports the following list of events:

  • Add to cart add_to_cart
  • Add to wishlist add_to_wishlist
  • Begin checkout begin_checkout
  • Purchase purchase
  • Add payment add_payment
  • Register customer register_customer
  • View content view_content

Easy Facebook Pixel integration with your store

Our tool makes Facebook Pixel integration Magento 2 a simple one-minute job. In your Magento 2 add Facebook Pixel code automatically to all pages of the store.

Simply install Facebook Pixel Magento 2 as a usual module, and provide the Pixel ID, JS code snippet and access token to connect your Facebook Business profile with your store.

Ensure Facebook Pixel is on all pages of your store

For successful user behavior tracking the Pixel code snippet should be present on every page of your store.

Our Magento 2 Facebook Pixel extension will help you to ensure the Facebook Pixel is correctly embedded on every page of your store. No coding is required.

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