Partnership program by Mirasvit

The partnership program by Mirasvit is a new channel created attract more customers to agencies and provide them with competitive solutions for Magento stores. This program gives you a great chance to save time and earn money.

Who is eligible to apply for this partnership?

If you are a Web Developer or a Digital Agency, you are invited to join our partnership program.

Why partner with Mirasvit?

Mirasvit delivers trusted and reliable solutions. Our extensions are innovative, comprehensive, and highly advanced. Our software has already helped over 50,000 small, medium, and large business owners succeed in eCommerce.

Benefits of partnership

The most important advantage is that you get to receive benefits for your customers and earn money while saving time. The extensions Mirasvit provide will generate extra revenue for you and help your customers:

  • enhance their functions on your online stores
  • transform their needs into a flow of new customers
  • expand their current business opportunities

7 Additional Partnership Advantages:

  1. Save time and money: Our extensions can provide a complete solution set up within a few hours of your customers' queries (if any).
  2. Full support and service are on our side. Imagine that your clients need some help or are experiencing some issues with our extensions. In this case, you, as a Partner, have full access to our support system as it makes you eligible to make direct inquiries to our developers using our priority ticket system.
  3. Get more projects done on time. We provide you with a ready-made solution, so you don’t need to develop your own from scratch, and can complete more projects faster!
  4. No further training. Our extensions are designed for customers who do not possess any additional technical skills. This means that you don’t need to worry about spending lots of time trying to educate your clients on how to handle their extensions, and it gives you more time to work on new projects.
  5. Wide Partner Network: we pass new projects on to our partners. We receive any number of inquiries from potential customers who are looking to create different Internet projects for them, and encourage our customers to connect with a development partner in our partnership network. As a Mirasvit Partner, you have the opportunity to receive new customers from us!
  6. Get promotional support from Mirasvit. We use all of our media channels to deliver information about our partners to your potential customers and provide you with all necessary support materials.
  7. Attractive discount system. We offer all of our Partners a 20% discount for any of our Magento Extensions

Participation fee and terms

To join our Partnership Program, you need to pay a yearly participation fee of USD 99 and provide us with the following basic information about your company:

  • name of your website
  • logo
  • short description
  • Your account email, etc.

That’s all you need to start earning now with the best Magento Extensions created by Mirasvit!

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