Sales Motivation

  1. Advanced Product Feeds

    Advanced Product Feeds

    Publication of your products in the comparison shopping engines will allow you to attract more new buyers to your store. This extension allows you to automatically generate a feed with products for all common comparison shopping engines (Google Product Search,,,, etc.).
  2. Magento Follow Up Extension

    Follow Up Email

    Trigger messages have proven to be a reliable tool of email marketing with a very high rate of response and conversion. Follow Up Email can bring up to 40% of the total income that you receive through the email distribution.
  3. Reward Points

    Reward Points + Referral program

    This extension allows you to reward your customers with points for any purchases or any other actions they do in your store. They can then be redeemed for discounts or any other benefits you wish to create.
  4. Store Credit and Refund Magento Extension

    Store Credit & Refund

    This extension allows you to launch your own Store Credit program. It simplifies work with exchanges and returns as well as increases customer loyalty. Turn returns into new customer purchases!
  5. Advanced Newsletter

    Advanced Newsletter

    Create professional newsletters in a few clicks, right now. Subscribers segmentation, integration with MailChimp, reporting system, and mailing scheduler all in one module.
  6. Yandex Market Export

    Yandex Market Export

    Yandex Market Export Extension allows your store to export products to Yandex Market ( and other price-aggregation services that support YML format.
  7. Magento Gift Registry

    Gift Registry

    Magento Gift Registry is the cornerstone to a successful site for stores specializing in baby products, wedding gifts, clothing, or any online shop which wants to offer customers the ability to specify to friends and family exactly what gifts/items they want. Whether you are a merchant large or small, if you are in a market that specializes in gifts, this extension is for you.
  8. Product Labels

    Product Labels

    The customer's understanding of certain product features can be a decisive factor when choosing a product to purchase. Therefore, it is important to convey to the buyer the key characteristics of the product, discounts, and promotional actions. The extension allows you to easily create an unlimited number of labels for products, to create texts using a pattern, and to control linking the labels to products on the basis of values of attributes or on the basis of rules.
  9. Banner Management System

    Banner Management System

    Banner Management System allows you to manage banners in your online store and analyze their effectiveness.
  10. Video For Products Pro

    Video For Products Pro

    Enables you to integrate video from YouTube into your online store, fully customizable, easy to setup
  11. Promotional Offers

    Promotional Offers

    A good promotional offer increases the sales of an online store significantly. Therefore many try to hold promotional offers, special offers, sales, best deals as often as possible. It is very important to convey to the customer the terms of your offer, to show what products are involved in it, to clearly define the duration of the offer. Namely these tasks can be solved with this extension.