Reward Points + Referral program

Reward Points + Referral program

This extension allows you to reward your customers with points for any purchases or any other actions they do in your store. They can then be redeemed for discounts or any other benefits you wish to create.

Compatible with:

Community - 1.9.3
Enterprise -


The Reward Points module allows you to create a unique loyalty program in your store. Customers can earn reward points for orders in your store and then spend them on new orders. Customers can refer friends and receive points for friend's orders. Customers can earn points for certain actions (e.g. reviews, likes in social media, sign up for newsletter, etc).

The extension will easily help you to convert your visitors into loyal and profitable customers who will become your brand advocates in a short period of time. This will, in turn, bring you more and more potential customers.

Administration Interface

Product Earning Rules

This allows to receive points for certain products. On the product page, customers can see the number of points which they will earn if they buy this product.

Cart Earning Rules

This allows to receive points for the total sum in your cart. You can give a different number of points for achieving certain conditions.

Interesting usage examples
  • Earn 10 points for each spent $10
  • Buy N products from category A and receive double the points!
  • Pay via payment system A and recieve X points as a bonus!

Behavior Earning Rules Must Have

Allows customer to earn points for doing certain actions:

  • Customer signs up in the store
  • Customer votes
  • Customer emails a product's link to a friend
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Customer adds a tag to a product
  • Customer writes a product review
  • Customer has a birthday
  • Customer is not active for long time
  • Facebook Like
  • Twitter Tweet
  • Google+ Like
  • Pinterest Pin
  • Referred customer signs up in the store
  • Order from a referred customer
Interesting usage examples
  • If customer has not visited the store for N days, the extension automatically gives X points and sends an email with an invite to use points.
  • When customer N invites friends who place at least one order each, the customer receives a bonus of X% from the sum of their orders.
  • Invite a friend and receive a 15% bonus for their first order, 10% for the second order, and 5% for the third order!

Spending Rules

This allows you to manage how customers can spend their points. For example, for every 10 points we give a discount of $1.

It the ability to limit the number of points which the customer can use per order. For example, using points a customer can pay no more 20% of the total order.

Notification Rules

This allows you to manage the rules for displaying notification messages to customers. These messages can inform customers about the ability to earn points. Messages can be shown on the following pages:

  • Customer Account > My Reward Points
  • Customer Account > My Referrals
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout Page

You can setup different conditions to show the messages.


  • On the product page we show the number of points which the customer can earn if they buy a certain product.

  • Extension displays social buttons block on the product and category pages. The customer can like the page and earn points.

  • On the cart page we show the block, Use Reward Points.

    Customer can enter any number of points which they would like to spend and receive a discount. The sum of the earned and spent points will be shown in the cart total.

  • Section, Reward Points in the customer account

    Customer can check the number of points on their balance, their transactions, and information about conditions to earn/spend points.

  • Section, My Referrals in the customer account

    Customers can send invitations to their friends and earn points for their registrations or orders.

Integration with other extensions

  • Extension is integrated with Mirasvit Advanced Newsletter

    This integration allows customers to earn points for newsletter signups.

  • Extension is integrated with the following types of onepage checkouts: New

    • IWD Onestepcheckout
    • MageStore Onestepcheckout
    • Apptana Onestepcheckout
    • Idev Onestepcheckout
    • Firecheckout
    • GoMage Checkout
    • LotusBreath Checkout

    This integration allows customer to use points on the onepage checkout page.

Advantages over other solutions

  • You pay for the extension only once. No monthly or annual payments. No limits for number of transactions, products or customers.
  • Extension is integrated with Onepage Checkout extensions of different vendors. This allows your customers to spend points on the checkout page. This is very convenient for customers. Other solutions don't have this advantage.
  • Extension has very flexible Earning/Spending/Notification Rules. This allows you to configure the extension according to your own unique requirements.




  • Added earning points from Facebook Share


  • Discount amount calculation for shipping
  • Incorrect notification display depending on customer group
  • Incorrect comment when more than one backend locale used
  • Discount Amount percent value calculation




  • Allowed conflict resolution using Advanced section in Settings (#108)
  • Allowed display/hide behaviour frontend notifications (#108)
  • Improved documentation, added How-to and Known Issues sections (#109)




  • Allowed points spending for backend orders (#101)
  • Added options to display/hide rewards block on checkout and cart pages (#99)
  • Added condition to check for email confirmation in (#96)


  • Fixed negative MIN and MAX for rules (#98)
  • Fixed delete purchases on quote delete




  • Added variables to transaction comments (#92)
  • Made order links in transaction comments clickable (#88)
  • Enabled points hint display for grouped and bundled products (#87)
  • Added Email condition to the both earning and spending rules (#83)
  • Added promotional messages for behaviour rules Sign Up and Write Review (#75)


  • Restored and improved Magestore Onestepcheckout support (#90)
  • Fixed multiple category equal check in earning rules (#85)
  • Fixed standard RWD checkout support (#81)
  • Fixed bug with pagination in customer's transactions grid (#78)
  • Fixed Refer Friends share link generation for uncategorized products (#77)
  • Fixed incorrect check for Special Price in Product Rule (#73)
  • Removed obsolete RWP-109 bug check, that makes validator return false fail (#71)
  • Fixed tax amount missing in earning rules (#62)
  • Fixed disabling coupons and rewards in Firecheckout (#59)




  • Allowed points calculation as percent from product price (#56)
  • Added Store and Currency conditions to Earning and Spending rules (#54)
  • Added Coupon Code condition to the Earning Rule (#52)


  • Improved documentation regarding rules conditions (#57)




  • Fix issue with incorrect points calculations for grouped products when Product Rule is used (#50)
  • Fixed issue with awarding points below minimal spending limit (#50)
  • Fixed issue with "Is Referral" condition, which does not work with event "Customer signs up" (#50)
  • Made "Is Referral" and "Is Referee" conditions Yes/No dropboxes (#50)
  • Fixed store crush issue when Rewards Social Buttons block is called directly (#46)
  • Made refer links redirect to SEO-friendly URLs (#44)
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of minimal points for spending (#42)
  • Fixed Ultimo theme compatibility (#39)
  • Fixed firecheckout styles (#37)


  • Added support of Aitoc Onestepcheckout (#49)
  • Added to Spending Rules filter by customer attributes (#50)




  • Issue when option "Allow to spend points for shipping charges" ignoring in spending rules (#37)


  • Improved Refer Friends invite popup (#34)




  • Issue when points are not earned for pins (#30)






  • Issue when spending rules discount used only base currency (#22)




  • Sign In points awarding when save process is altered by checkout (#17)
  • Issue when spending rules calculate wrong amount of max point to spend (#19)




  • Added Rich Pins support for Pinterest
  • Created script for exporting customers' balances to CSV


  • Added ProxiBlue GiftPromo detection to Validator
  • Fixed Summary Block display at Customer Account Dashboard
  • Fixed insecure link for Reward Block at Cart
  • Fixed an issue with earning twitter points for new Twitter API




  • RWP-130 - Added conditions Discount Amount and Coupon Used to the Cart Rule


  • RWP-135 - Fixed issue with incorrect variable handling in WYSIWYG editor in Earning and Notification rules
  • RWP-124 - Fixed layout of Rewards Block for IDev Checkout
  • RWP-132 - Fixed bug which prevents tinyMCE from correct images and widgets upload in rules
  • RWP-129 - Fixed points earning if we manually change the order status




  • Add French locale files


  • RWP-128 - Fixed issue which prevents social buttons from earning points (affects only 1.1.5)
  • RWP-125 - enabled translation for backend translations and fixed email template selection




  • RWP-117 - Added compatibility patch with Intenso-based themes, which allows spend block to be shown on cart
  • RWP-120 - Allow to always use Referred Customer properties in Behaviour Rule
  • Compatibility with IdevCheckout v. 4.5.5


  • RWP-122 - Fixed referral record on registration from social network and fixed field with sharing URL
  • RWP-123 - 3rd-party extensions can change the quote id for order and this may be cause of error in backend
  • RWP-122 - Fixed referral record on registration from social network and fixed field with sharing URL
  • RWP-115 - Fixed behaviour event Customer logs in, now it earn points once a day
  • RWP-120 - Added script disable script for Referral condition
  • RWP-119 - Added missed translation strings to CSV files
  • RWP-115 - Fixed behaviour event Customer logs in, now it earn points once a day
  • RWP-112 - Fixed bug, which forced all notifications to be sent from General Contact email
  • RWP-109 - Fixed bug with not cancelling points, awarded for order from referral

  • RWP-109 - Added validator test for known issues and check for RWP-109 added
  • RWP-109 - fixed very old bug with not cancelling points, awarded for order from referral. Affects all versions

  • RWP-107
  • RWP-100
  • RWP-106

  • RWP-73

  • RWP-70

  • RWP-71

  • RWP-68

  • RWP-53

  • CSS fix for RWP-34
  • RWP-43

  • RWP-41

  • RWP-40

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