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This extension allows you to reward your customers with points for any purchases or any other actions they do in your store. They can then be redeemed for discounts or any other benefits you wish to create.

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The Reward Points module allows you to create a unique loyalty program in your store. Customers can earn reward points for orders in your store and then spend them on new orders. Customers can refer friends and receive points for friend's orders. Customers can earn points for certain actions (e.g. reviews, likes in social media, sign up for newsletter, etc).

The extension will easily help you to convert your visitors into loyal and profitable customers who will become your brand advocates in a short period of time. This will, in turn, bring you more and more potential customers.

Administration Interface

Product Earning Rules

This allows to receive points for certain products. On the product page, customers can see the number of points which they will earn if they buy this product.

Cart Earning Rules

This allows to receive points for the total sum in your cart. You can give a different number of points for achieving certain conditions.

Interesting usage examples
  • Earn 10 points for each spent $10
  • Buy N products from category A and receive double the points!
  • Pay via payment system A and recieve X points as a bonus!

Behavior Earning Rules Must Have

Allows customer to earn points for doing certain actions:

  • Customer signs up in the store
  • Customer votes
  • Customer emails a product's link to a friend
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Customer adds a tag to a product
  • Customer writes a product review
  • Customer has a birthday
  • Customer is not active for long time
  • Facebook Like
  • Twitter Tweet
  • Google+ Like
  • Pinterest Pin
  • Referred customer signs up in the store
  • Order from a referred customer
Interesting usage examples
  • If customer has not visited the store for N days, the extension automatically gives X points and sends an email with an invite to use points.
  • When customer N invites friends who place at least one order each, the customer receives a bonus of X% from the sum of their orders.
  • Invite a friend and receive a 15% bonus for their first order, 10% for the second order, and 5% for the third order!

Spending Rules

This allows you to manage how customers can spend their points. For example, for every 10 points we give a discount of $1.

It the ability to limit the number of points which the customer can use per order. For example, using points a customer can pay no more 20% of the total order.

Notification Rules

This allows you to manage the rules for displaying notification messages to customers. These messages can inform customers about the ability to earn points. Messages can be shown on the following pages:

  • Customer Account > My Reward Points
  • Customer Account > My Referrals
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout Page

You can setup different conditions to show the messages.


  • On the product page we show the number of points which the customer can earn if they buy a certain product.

  • Extension displays social buttons block on the product and category pages. The customer can like the page and earn points.

  • On the cart page we show the block, Use Reward Points.

    Customer can enter any number of points which they would like to spend and receive a discount. The sum of the earned and spent points will be shown in the cart total.

  • Section, Reward Points in the customer account

    Customer can check the number of points on their balance, their transactions, and information about conditions to earn/spend points.

  • Section, My Referrals in the customer account

    Customers can send invitations to their friends and earn points for their registrations or orders.

Integration with other extensions

  • Extension is integrated with Mirasvit Advanced Newsletter

    This integration allows customers to earn points for newsletter signups.

  • Extension is integrated only with the following types of onepage checkouts:

    • IWD Onestepcheckout - v4.2.2
    • MageStore Onestepcheckout - v3.7.1
    • Apptana Onestepcheckout
    • Idev Onestepcheckout - v4.5.5
    • Firecheckout - v4.2.5
    • GoMage Checkout
    • LotusBreath Checkout - v4.2.0
    • Amasty Checkout - v2.9.10

    This integration allows customer to use points on the onepage checkout page.

Advantages over other solutions

  • You pay for the extension only once. No monthly or annual payments. No limits for number of transactions, products or customers.
  • Extension is integrated with Onepage Checkout extensions of different vendors. This allows your customers to spend points on the checkout page. This is very convenient for customers. Other solutions don't have this advantage.
  • Extension has very flexible Earning/Spending/Notification Rules. This allows you to configure the extension according to your own unique requirements.
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Pick a quick tutorial to learn about various aspects of this extension
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  1. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    James from Cerklje ob Krki, Slovenia
    Nice extension for customer acquisition. It's a must have.
  2. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    very reliable vendor
    tung from Hanoi, Vietnam
    good extension
  3. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great Extension
    Amar from United Kingdom
    Great Extension and a must have if you are looking to provide an incentive for customers to keep coming back
  4. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Good extension
    Kaamastra from Mumbai, India
    Good extension. Does whats promised
  5. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Nice addition for extra income
    Mike from Echtenerbrug, Netherlands
    We use this to get customers coming back and back.
    Works great
  6. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    good extension
    mihai from Otopeni, Romania
    i ve bought 2 extension from mirasvit rewards poins and Rma and both extension works great. They offer good support for each problem appeared.
    I will sure buy from them again.
  7. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great support and great reward points extension!
    itsik from Tel Aviv, Israel
    Highly recommend this extension, the support help me to implement on IWD checkout.
  8. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Helped Us Retire a not so Successful Loyality Program
    Michael from Vancouver, Canada
    Were looking to a loyality program to replace/retire a membership program that wasn't working for us. Since we have several other extension made by Mirasvit it was a no brainer to give this on a try. Have been run our new loyality program now for three month and everything is working amazing. Is a very happy client :)
  9. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Excellent Plugin for reward points works great!!
    Pooja from Thane, India
    Its an excellent plugin with all possible features you may need.
    Customer support received was really prompt and would recommend them as this is a big missing link with many development companies.
  10. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Customers will come back to you for sure
    Igor from Russia
    A must-have system for the store owners who want to keep their customers coming back again and again. Numerous earning rules, like having birthday or being not active for a long time, is a strong advantage. Probably more earning rules should be added in the future, like filling up customer account info, or replying to a product question. But in general, the extension is what I've been looking for.
  11. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Very good extension
    Michaela from la Torre de Fontaubella, Spain
    Great support and great extensions that really work!
  12. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    mirasvit love you
    turgay from Istanbul, Turkey
    I am using the mirasvit 11 module
    I am very satisfied with all
    Absolutely must
  13. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Get loyal customers
    Robert from Oppegard, Norway
    A loyalty program is a great way to gain loyal customers that comes back and send more money. Mirasvit Reward Points + Referral program solves this in a great way. Really felxible setup of points and triggers. Truly recommended!
  14. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    extension is good
    Chris from Lake Forest, United States
    This team is really wonderfull, they always help if there is any issue within short time.
  15. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Extension works great
    Brian from Forked River, United States
    This extension was easily installed and works great. It has really improved our sales! Highly recommend this extension.
  16. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great Extension
    Philip from Temple, United States
    I have a complicated theme, and the support team figured out the problems I was having. I ended up ditching the complicated theme and this extension went into the replacement theme without a hitch.
  17. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great Extension
    Philip from Temple, United States
    Merge tickets is what made me switch from my old ticket system to Mirasvit
  18. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great extension
    H0bby from Bandung, Indonesia
    Extension is what i need. Fast support no errors..
  19. Overall Satisfaction
    80 %
    Lives up to its expectations
    Sil from Netherlands
    This module does exactly what is should do. We use it primarily for the direct reward system.
  20. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Really feature-rich
    Harmon from Los Angeles, United States
    Allows me the flexibility in running promotions for customers to earn rewards points.
  21. Overall Satisfaction
    80 %
    Good extension
    Bert from Cipayung, Indonesia
    Good extension work as expected. Only small point, it will be nice to have the feature to apply Reward Points while creating a manual order in the admin.
  22. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great Extension
    Milosz from East Rutherford, United States
    Lots of possibilities, you can configure this extension in every possible way and the customers are going to be happy!
  23. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great & fast working
    Rajat from Leonia, United States
    good module and more than that best support
  24. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Reward points the best
    Simona from Pezinok, Slovak Republic
    This extension is super, all is valid and great support.
  25. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    one of the best Reward Point Plugin
    krishnendu from Guwahati, India
    After doing a extended research for about 3 days we bought this plugin and didn't regret. The flexibility it allows cannot be found in any other similar plugin....
  26. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Reward Points
    Beverly from Oviedo, Spain
    Excellent add-on - trouble free implementation
  27. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Best Ever
    Isaac from Kannapolis, United States
    I love working with Mirasvit. Extensions are great and always supported
  28. Overall Satisfaction
    80 %
    Great extension, super support
    Bojan from Mantinge, Netherlands
    The last month we were busy implementing this extension on our website. We encountered some extension we use and Mirasvit helped us out professionally. This is the third Mirasvit extension we use so that must tell you something about the quality and support.
  29. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    the best
    Alessandro from Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy
    i think this is the best on the market....great support
  30. Overall Satisfaction
    60 %
    great support
    Kamendra from India
    Its good but, need to improve. Awesome support
  31. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Jay from United Kingdom
    This plugin working perfect and when i installed don't have problem, is perfect plugin
  32. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    The best rewards program
    Flavio from Presidente Prudente, Brazil
    A great module to build and manage your affiliate portfolio. With a well thought out policy enables customer loyalty.
  33. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Increased customer orders
    Iqbal from Cromer, United Kingdom
    Another worth while purchase and already seen our return on investment in under a day for this extension. I saulte you all at Mirasvit.
  34. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Good module
    Abhijeet from Pune, India
    this reward point module is very useful and works very well with out custom magento site. Mirasvit guys have supported us well on this module and even they provided custom integration with magegiant module for us. so far its going on very well and we also have proposed some new features in referral program of this module. We are using most of it as of now.
  35. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Refferal point system from mirasvit
    Tiem from Rotterdam, Netherlands
    The refferal system is amazing, investing in exist customers is 1 of the best thing, and that thanks the plugin of mirasvit!

    Thanks Mirasvit from the Netherlands!
  36. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Powerful Reward Program
    ethan from Savannah, United States
    Very powerful reward program that allows you to set spending and shipping rules based on condition and behaviors. The ability to give reward based on social sharing is a huge plus. We had some compatibility issue with in-store credit extension. Support team was able to resolve the issue. Highly recommend both the extension and Mirasvit.
  37. Overall Satisfaction
    80 %
    Great extension with lots of possibilities
    Dennis from Nijeveen, Netherlands
    I use the extension combined with reward data from a physical shop.
    also the support is great!

    I would recommend this extension if you want to provide your loyal customers.
  38. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Cool support and functionality
    David from London, United Kingdom
    Had few questions about license for dev. domain. Support responded quickly and helped solve problems I had within 5 mins.

    Great job!
  39. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great extension
    Ferenc from Kazincbarcika, Hungary
    Very useful extension, recommended for everyone
  40. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Hooman from Fremont, United States
    Great Plugin ... Thanks.
  41. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Excellent support
    Henning from United States
    The extension is great. Excessive features and great price. Support is outstanding, the guys answer almost immediately and solve problems within hours + enhancing features in really short time on request.
    I can recommend this extension and mirasvit in general.
  42. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Works as described, Easy Setup, Great Support
    cryogenn from United States
    The Rewards Plugin by Mirasvit is definitely comparable with the features it provides with respect to other rewards plugins and the price is very competitive. The install and setup service was simple and I had some CSS issues with my theme that Mirasvit support looked into and fixed without any issues. Support replies were always timely and I look forward to doing business with this extension provider in the future.
  43. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great service!
    Samo from United States
    Great service! Very fast and i would defiantly buy more extensions from Mirasvit.
  44. Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great extension
    Alex from United States
    Cool extension and amazing support

The Reward Points + Referral program is compatible with:

Magento Community Edition (CE)1.6.0 - 1.9.4
Magento Enterprise Edition (EE)1.10 - 1.14.2
Refund Policy

All customers can request a refund during 30 days after purchase of our software, if customer think that our software is not suitable for any reason. To request refund, customer must remove all copies of our software from its store, servers, computers, email, etc and confirm by email such removal. After receiving a request we will proceed refund within 3 business days.

If request for refund is received after 30 days after purchase, it will be rejected. Cost of installation and customization services are not refundable.

Support and bug fixing

Mirasvit offers free 90 days support of all software sold on this site. Customers can report all bugs, which were found in our software. We can solve only the bugs directly related to or caused by our extension. Those bugs must be reproduced on fresh Magento installation without any 3rd party plugins. We will solve that bugs in order of our development plan. 

We don’t do any type of custom work and we have a right to reject a support request if the issue is store-specific (cannot be reproduced on the fresh Magento installation without any 3rd party plugins).

Mirasvit will not be liable to you for any damages (including any loss of profits/saving, or incidental or consequential) related to our support service caused to you, your information and your business.

Software updates

Mirasvit offers free lifetime updates if they areavaliable. Updates are limited to the Magento version branch (1.x.x or 2.x.x). Customer can download an update and install it by himself. If support period is expired, can’t solve any possible problems with our software during or after updating. Mirasvit does not guarantee that it will release updates for any product.