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Reward Points + Referral program for Magento 2

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Compatible with: Community: 2.1-2.2.*
Enterprise: 2.1-2.2.*

Fully featured and flexible marketing tool to implement a Loyalty Program for your online store! Reward Points+Referral Program is designed to appreciate your customers every time they benefit your shop in some way. Encourage your shoppers and they will be returning for new purchases over and over!

Fully Featured Loyalty Program For Your Store!

Magento 2 Reward Points + Referral Program extension allows you to encourage your customers for benefiting your online store. Our solution is a fully featured, powerful and flexible marketing tool, designed to drive more sales and attract more returning customers to your shop.

Your visitors can be rewarded for:

  • referring a friend to your store
  • purchasing items in bulk
  • adding a product review
  • purchasing some specific products
  • signing up
  • voting
  • sharing your shop content via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.)
  • their Birthday etc.

Backend interface of our extension allows you to easily create and edit:

  • earning rules
  • spending rules
  • notifications rules

Furthermore, it has never been so easy to manage store referrals and reward transactions! Also, you may add points manually from the backend interface. Change point statuses on the go - approve or assign any alternative status for further consideration.

Easily create 3 types of earning rules:

  • product based rules
  • behaviour based rules
  • cart based rules

Reward Points + Referral Program is flexible enough to bring into life almost all your wishes related to a loyalty and referral program! If you ever wanted to launch an outstanding and remarkable Loyalty Program - you have got the solution! Turn your visitors into loyal returning customers and they will be purchasing more and more!

10 advantages you get with Reward Points + Referral program

  • Clear customer interface
  • Customers can pay for their purchase with points earned
  • Transparent earning and spending rules for shoppers
  • Instant social media sharing and inviting friends for points
  • Simple and transparent rewards history
  • Create Product, Behavior and Cart earning rules
  • Manage actions and conditions for spending rules
  • Use WYSIWYG editor to customize Notification rules
  • Launch loyalty program for your store with ease
  • Win more loyal customers and drive more sales in your shop!

Feature Highlights

Clear And Intuitive Customer Interface

Reward Points + Referral Program provides your customers with all the important indicators within one screen.

Every registered customer is able to earn reward points after signing up. Also, they are able to see all transaction history and earning/spending rules at a glance. It is like a short price list of all available rewards.

In the My Referrals menu a customer can see all actions and rewards related to attracting referrals.

Reward Points + Referral Program allows your customers to clearly understand and use the reward scheme right from their personal account!

Social Activity Rewards

Reward Points + Referral Program allows you to reward your customers for their social media activities.

Suppose, most of your visitors have accounts in:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • or Google+

You can give them loyalty points for reposting/retweeting or sharing your products in their social accounts.

Reward Points + Referral Program lets you reward your customers even for their favourite personal activities!

Spend And Earn Reward Points At Once

Reward Points + Referral Program allows your customers to spend their loyalty points on their orders.

Furthermore, the shopper can manage the amount of points for paying the purchase by him/herself! For instance, a customer has 324 Reward Points on the account, but, there is an option to enter the preferred amount to spend on the current purchase. Also, the customer can earn points regardless of spending them at this time.

Reward Points + Referral Program lets your store shoppers spend and earn points at the same time!

Comprehensive Earning Rules

Reward Points + Referral Program allows you to create 3 types of earning rules:

  • product based rules (yon the Product page, you can show customers ‘Get 10 Reward Points For This Item!’)
  • cart based rules
  • behaviour based rules.

Here are a few use cases of our extension rules:

Product Based Rule user example:

You want to promote all Jackets. To bring it to life, you should easily create a new product based earning rule, set the Category ID in Conditions and define the number of points, a customer gets for purchasing any jacket in your store: ‘Get 1 Reward Point for Each $10 Spent on Jackets!’

Cart Based Rule user example:

You want to promote Jackets over and over! You may create a cart based rule, set the Category ID in Conditions, and define the number of points a customer gets for purchasing jackets in bulk in your store: ‘Order 3 Or More Items And Earn Double the Reward Points!’

Behavior Based Rule user example:

You want your customers to refer their friends to your store. In other words, you need to launch Referral Program. Simply create behaviour based rules like the following: ‘Refer a Friend and Receive 5 Points For His/Her Sign Up in the Store’ or ‘Refer a Friend and Receive 3 Points For His/Her First Order’ etc.

Advanced Events And Conditions For Behavior Earning Rules

Reward Points + Referral Program allows you to use ready-made events for applying earning rules.

Our solution includes the following trigger conditions:

  • signing up in your store
  • emailing a product to a friend
  • signing up to a newsletter
  • writing a product review
  • birthday
  • missing any activity for a long time
  • social media activities
  • referring someone to your store
  • order from a referred customer

Use any of these events to reward your customers with points, which amount you can define yourself for every earning rule.

Moreover, you can limit the maximum number of points that every customer can earn per day with their current activity.

Furthermore, you are able to apply your own conditions to meet each rule.

Reward Points + Referral Program is flexible enough to implement the loyalty program of any difficulty level.

Create And Manage Spending Rules Easily

Reward Points + Referral Program lets you manage all spending rules settings at your ease, as all of them are clear and transparent.

The only important detail you should cover is an exchange rate (points to your shop currency).

  • define the number of points spent to activate the rule (how many points customer should spend to receive discounts in real money)
  • define the discount in a base currency which the customer receives (which discount your customer receives in your shop currency)

In other words, customer receives a $1 discount for each 10 points spent.

All other settings are optional. You may define for each spending rule:

  • the minimum amount of points to spend
  • the maximum amount of points to spend

Also, you can apply the rule only to items matching the special conditions, which you are able to specify yourself.

For example, you want to apply a spending rule only if the Raw Total in a Cart is more than $100.

Create flexible spending rules to bring your business needs to life with Reward Points + Referral Program!

Clear Call-To-Action Notification Rules

Reward Points + Referral Program has a feature of creating Notification Rules in case the rule is not obvious or transparent.

Your customers are entitled to be awarded for their possibilities and opportunities with your store Loyalty Program. Additionally, Notification Rules are the perfect solution for calling your customers to some action.

That is who Notification Rules are supposed to serve.

For example, you should announce Earning and Spending Rules conditions right inside the customer’s account. Every time your visitor logs in and enters My Reward Points section, they see a clear explanation of the program and a list of possible actions with the points he/she owns.

Another example: you can notify your customers that they earned some points for purchasing 2 items of a specific product instead of 1. This may bring you some extra sales!

Reward Points + Referral Program is the perfect marketing tool to drive more sales to your online store!

WYSIWYG Editor For Notifications

Reward Points + Referral Program has fully featured built-in WYSIWYG editor to customize notification messages, which are supposed to be sent after applying each rule.

You can use different variables in the message body, for example:

  • customer name
  • store name
  • amount of points earned
  • current points balance, etc

It is simple and convenient to use them since we made several tips for you right in the bottom of the WYSIWYG editor.

Stand out with Reward Points + Referral Program, let your customers get used to your unique message style!

Manage Sales and Promotions Easily

Reward Points + Referral Program allows you to choose the customer groups for applying each spending rule.

This is an extremely useful feature if you are planning, for example, to create special loyalty program conditions for Wholesalers.

Another example: you may apply spending rules to visitors who are not logged in. This brings them to action: a visitor sees that they already had some reward points and can use them to pay for their order. So, this can push your prospect to sign up, make a purchase and become returning customer!

For instance, you want to run a sale campaign for a designated period. All you need to do is create a Spending rule and your preferred activity dates!

Reward Points + Referral Program can bring you even more returning shoppers than ever before!

Manage And Analyze All Transactions On The Go

Reward Points + Referral Program allows you to manage all reward points transactions quickly and easily.

You are free to add new transactions with the associated notification manually.

Furthermore, the Reward Points + Referral Program extension provides you with convenient transaction searching options.

Feel confident in your store's loyalty program effectiveness with Reward Points + Referral Program!

Advanced, But Simple Configuration

Reward Points + Referral Program configuration settings cover all extension activities and are flexible enough to comply with your store Loyalty Program.

You may define the order status for the final approving of earned points or allow your customers to spend points on shipping fees.

Also you can take control of the Notifications and Referral Program settings.

Reward Points + Referral Program is easy to use, but an incredibly useful extension for growing the number of loyal customers and drive sales to your online store!

Install Reward Points + Referral Program extension and get more loyal customers!
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