Magento 2 Reward Points, Referral and Loyalty Program Extension

The module is both a comprehensive loyalty program and a fully-featured referral program. It's an incredibly valuable and powerful tool.

With Rewards Points for Magento 2, you'll be able to increase retention, foster customer loyalty, and attract warm leads. The extension gives you a powerful new way to increase sales.

According to users, our module comes with the best support available to help you set it up.

  • Increase the retention rate
  • Gain high-quality leads
  • Reward customers for spending or sharing on social media
  • Split the program into tiers
  • Refund with reward points
  • Use GraphQL, REST
Hyvä compatible

The extension is compatible with the Hyva theme.
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Feature Highlights

Business Value

Improve your retention rate, increase customer loyalty and invite quality leads!

Opportunity: Loyalty and referral programs are among the best tools for boosting your online store's growth rate. A loyalty program encourages customers to return to your store. It'll also help you establish an emotional connection between them and your brand, helping nurture customer loyalty. A referral program encourages customers to promote your business among their friends and family, supplying you with curated leads.

Problem: the default version of Magento includes neither a loyalty, nor a referral program. You'll have to either reward your customers manually or use external systems.

Solution: The Customer Reward Points extension is incredibly robust. It includes both a loyalty and a referral program. It lets you control the way your customers earn and spend points, who gets rewarded for referrals, how the notification messages work, reward program tiers, and more. This reward points system is a sure way to make your customers more loyal and profitable on top of attracting more leads!

How It Works

This module's loyalty and referral programs are point-based. Customers can earn points for various actions, including but not limited to making purchases and referring others to the store. They can then spend these points on store products.

Even though the extension is very powerful, setting it up is very simple. Just establish your point earning and spending rules, and you're good to go.

Set up the program the way you want it

The module's customization opportunities are unparalleled. Its flexible Magento reward points system allows you to give customers reward points for a wide variety of events. It's up to you to decide how and when to stimulate sales by urging customers to use the obtained points. For example, you can limit the time for using the reward points so the customer has to spend his or her earned points and avoid losing the benefits he or she can get with the reward points. The module will definitely fit your exact business needs.

You can do more than give out points in the background

With customization opportunities so extensive, the Magento 2 Loyalty Program extension is mostly limited by you and your partners' imagination. Here are some ways to get the most out of it:

Get people to spend even more

You can split the program into an unlimited number of tiers. Customers in each tier can earn a different number of points for each action, and spend a different amount of points for the same amount of money while redeeming them. You can also add unique benefits with Magento conditions and make the higher tiers more valuable. The better their benefits are, the more customers will spend to get there!

Tiers in Mirasvit Magento 2 Rewards Points system.

Customer tiers are valuable to you as well. They take advantage of gamification: the tier list is essentially an incomplete task, and customers will be psychologically inclined to spend more to complete it. Not only that, tiers create a hierarchy, and many customers will want to spend more in order to secure a higher status.

Gain curated leads passively

Our Magento 2 Reward Points module comes with a fully-featured Magento referral program at no extra cost! It can work in two ways:

Referral tab on the customer's account page in Mirasvit Magento Customer Reward Points extension.

Connect the module to other services

graphql support

The extension supports GraphQL, REST, and SOAP, so you can easily integrate your program with external software. For example, you can connect your app and let customers redeem their points on mobile.

Get the module and scale up your store!
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Very Easy to Use
Lishan  from United States
Very easy to use and set up rules.
Works like charm
Arvinder  from United States
Easy to use and set up rules for different actions like, leaving review, signing up, newsletter subscription.
Amazing Extension
Medofficedirect  from United States
Amazing Extension
Good Reward Point Extension
Candy  from United States
It's easy for customers to use.But still have room for improvement.
Great tool for customers
Simon  from United States
Great tool for customers. Work correctly, without errors. Have many options and rules. 10/10!
Functional and developed with the best practices.
JC  from United States
Great extension that we have been using on our last project, just purchased again for a second site!
Well worth the money, developed with the best practices.
Great Magento 2 Extension
WT  from United States
A good extension to use. Easy to use
DipX  from United States
great plugin
Developed with best practices
Raj  from United States
Being a developer myself can say that the extension is developed with the best practices.
I highly recommend any extension from them.
Works great!
Tal  from United States
I had a different one on M1 and this one is so much better.
Excellent Features
Nitish  from Ahmedabad, India
The functionality is well thought out. I appreciate the Mirasvit code quality of both extensions.
Once again, fantastic support and service from Team Mirasvit.
Installed also: RMA M2Store Credit & Refund M2
Amazing Solution to Keep Customer Coming Back
InkStoreUSA  from Cliffside Park, United States
Reward Point extension helped us to create and keep loyal customers. We have seen an increase on customers coming back. More order they placed, they collected more reward points and then they used them towards to next orders. It is an must have extension
Excellent to retain and bring new customers
Maxime  from Dublin, Ireland
I bought this module along with others. I would say no conflict and excellent functionality. The customer service is top notch.
IT is OK!
Marcin  from Rzeszów, Poland
It is easy and simple plug to use. Helpful and well prepared for magento.
Crafted for your store
Marcin  from Reda, Poland
If you don't want to pay subscription for outsourced automatic marketing, then this extension is for you.
Let's see what life will bring on in February
best extension
Rifat  from Dhaka, Bangladesh
Best reward point extension
Plugin is perfect for what we need
Zoerotso  from Itegem, Belgium
A lot of possibilies and easy to use
Installed also: Layered Navigation M2
the first selection in improving customer loyalty and return buyers
cangura  from Ljubljana, Slovenia
Probably the best choice for any magento shop owners wishing to increase loyalty and returning customers. Simple, intuitive and with great options.
Customers Love It
Tea  from Leicester, United Kingdom
We get so may comments from customers saying how they love the reward points, they get.

Its a fab tool if you have a business whereby you have regular returning customers.
Great extensiton
Hima  from Chennai, India
It enables to write complex conditions for earning and spending rules.
Installed also: Store Credit & Refund M2
So far so good
Bizzy  from Exeter, United Kingdom
Easy installation, from our testing so far it seems like a good product. We are currently planning our reward structure before we go live.
Great Extension
Hidden  from Surat, India
Great Extension & service. Thanks
Installed also: Follow Up Email M2Affiliate M2
Extension is great but there is bug
Shashank  from United States
The extension was good but there is a big bug in your extension, that it does not calculate the spend total while we edit order from the backend.
Great for customer loyalty and return purchases  from Carol Stream, United States
This extension works great and promotes customers to purchase again with point expiration emails and a lot of great features. I wish it had a bit more customization for interface features that didn't have to be hard coded like menu titles for points, and error messages for checkout when trying to combine points and coupons.

Overall, this is a no brainer. You should get it for your store!
Easy to setup and helps with gaining customer loyalty
Jerry  from Walnut, United States
This is a very comprehensive extension that offers many methods of awarding points and engaging with customers.

So far I find the extension easy to use and look forward to fully utilize all the behavior rules to keep customers more engaged. Thank you!
Would recommend
Rich  from London, United Kingdom
Having used another module provider that had terrible support and didn't work with the latest Magento version Mirasvit was a breath of fresh air prompt support and the module worked as expected.
Very flexible and quick to set up
iphigenie  from Bristol, United Kingdom
I use quite a few Mirasvit extensions so thought I'd pick this one when I decided I wanted a "light touch" marketing rewards program. This is very flexible and doesn't force you on to one model.

Was a bit disappointed that there isn't a way to do a one off "backwards" analysis to give points for past reviews or past orders, as you can do with the email follow up tool for example.
Great Extension!
Wac  from Ernakulam, India
I have used this extension on my different projects and very easy to configure its, result also really great also easy to customize for the developer to own logic .
Increased our sales
Brandon  from Berkeley, United States
The Mirasvit rewards program has greatly increased our sales. We display to the customer the reward points earned for each purchase. It has increased our conversion rate and our customers love it!
Reward Points
Michela  from Rome, Italy
The extension works as expected. Not so easy to configure but Mirasvit gives professional assistance. I was empressed by how much customers are keen on coming back to our store to spend the points earned on their previous orders.
Installed also: Layered Navigation M2
Foarte buni!
Lavinia  from Selimbar, Romania
Great extension. I recomand this to everyone
Installed also: Follow Up Email M2
Great Extension! Love Mirasvit
Ryan  from Melbourne, Australia
Started using this extension since M1, we just migrated our website to M2 this year, and realised that Mirasvit offers M2 version free of charge. Really appreciate this offer to save the total cost for the customers. The extension itself is perfect, well desgined and programmed.
Great extension
mrk  from Warsaw, Poland
I bought this extension when it cost $149, but i believe it's worth the price even now. It's sophisticated extension that allows to create a custom discount program.
Very cool extension
Mohammad  from Cairo, Egypt
I recommend it to everyone and store.
Very useful extension in e-commerce store
Vinay  from Chennai, India
Recently bought the "Reward Points" which is working excellent to retain the existing customers and derives a good returns for our online store. It is very helpful and one of the must extension for e-commerce website.
Installed also: Follow Up Email M2
CBlue  from Florianópolis, Brazil
Great extension great support and features. So far all works very well.
Awesome Plugin
Shas  from Muscat, Oman
I have used the plugin and very easy to configure its, result also really great
Rewards points plugin help us to boost our sales
Kiran  from Mumbai, India
Rewards points plugin help us to boost our sales
They help us for installation
Good Product
Suraj  from Mumbai, India
Best option i have seen
Installed also: RMA M2
Getting New Sales
Keylime  from Panama City, Panama
With the help of influencers using this referral program
Pa  from Harrow, United Kingdom
Easy to set up and good features to work with. Just what I was looking for.
Best out there
James  from Nairobi, Kenya
We tested a couple of reward points extension and finally settled for Mirasvit Reward Points + Referral program. We are glad we did. Its easy to use and fully loaded with features. The best part is the timely support we have received during implementation.
mohamedkasem  from Cairo, Egypt
great extension with good features
Installed also: RMA M2
Powerfull Features
itechnical  from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
fully featured reward points extension , i did purchase it after comparing it to several others and i chose it as it is the most affordable based on its advanced features.
i had to Cancel it and got my full refund without any question .. my refund was because we fail to integrate with our PWA .
There is no risk dealing with these guys, as they offer great refund policy!
Very good extension
Mike  from Central, Hong Kong
Very good extension, must have!
Awesome Extension
XuB3R  from Durban, South Africa
A bit tricky module but worth it for sure! Thanks, Mirasvit
very good plugin
ben  from Shenzhen, China
very good
Good Extension
Colince  from Dhaka, Bangladesh
Very useful and easy to install. Recommended.
Great Extension!
Alisher  from Edison, United States
I have always loved Mirasvit's extensions. And they have created another great extension. Recommend it.
Great Extension and Must Have
Hosen  from Dhaka, Bangladesh
We are using this extension for almost one year and This extension is one of our daily and most used extensions. Users just loved the Reward points and it increases our returning customers and orders.
Initially, we face a few issues with our custom theme but they help us to work as we expected. Their technical support is very prompt and accurate. Best wishes for the whole team and will buy more extensions from them for sure.
great extension
yuval  from Kadima, Israel
great extension and very helpful for costumers
Installed also: Advanced Reports M2Affiliate M2
Easy to implement, attracting to customers
Christoph  from Altentreptow, Germany
Another great extension from Mirasvit! As always clean and well tested code which makes it real fun to use Mirasvit extensions. BTW: very good support - in case it is needed...
Great extension but MLM feature missing
HappyMagento  from Nairobi, Kenya
Sadly not possible to add multi level marketing commissions for referred users. Everything else it top notch.
veera  from Jyväskylä, Finland
very useful and easy to install. no issues. I recommend
Installed also: Help Desk MX M2
Really build loyalty
Rob  from Johannesburg, South Africa
This extension makes it easy to reward customers for reviews and for purchases. We have found it has built us a great and loyal fanbase
Good Job
Gökhan  from Aydin, Turkey
I have 5 extension this company. All perfect.
Works perfect
Murawei  from Berlin, Germany
This extension offers a lot of possibilities to build up a customized reward programm.
Great product and support
Probal  from Deception Bay, Australia
Excellent support from them. Specially from Denis and Inna. Thank you so much.
Great Extension
K730  from Melbourne, Australia
Rewards drive repeat sales. If you have a Magento store with customers already in the database then this extension will pay itself off incredibly quickly. Combine this extension with Follow Up Email and Customer Segmentation Suite and you have a VERY powerful system to re-engage your customers and encourage them to take actions which rewards them.
Great extension at a great price
nutrisol  from Huthwaite, United Kingdom
This is a great extension, easy to install and so many features for the price when compared to other similar extensions from other Magento extension companies. Highly recommended.
Installed also: Help Desk MX M2Affiliate M2
nice extension to bring back customers by providing them incentive
jajo  from Hyderabad, India
This extension provides an incentive to customers to buy again from your store . If u can extend good service to them then they can become ur loyal customers.
Easy Peasy
GOS  from United States
Couldn't have asked for a more well laid out extension to service our customers. I've said this before, rewards are something I bet the majority of Magento users offer their customers. Why this isn't an included feature in Magento blows my mind. Nonetheless, we have developers like Mirasvit who are here to help. This extension is extremely powerful and flexible. If you're serious about a offering a rewards program, you need this extension!
Rewards & Loyalty
Chandra  from Ketti, India
This is the best plugin I got for our Magento 2 platform
Works as advertised
Ev_rdam  from Bergschenhoek, Netherlands
Good extension, good support.
Great Extension!
HH  from Mexico
So far, so good. Excellent extension, easy to setup and support is great!
Great Reward Points program
Trent  from United States
We have been using Mirasvit's reward points extension for about a year now for magento 2. We had used another for our Magento 1 website and it always seemed to have issues, especially on upgrades. Mirsavit's extension has been great and their support has been fantastic. I love how they keep making the same extension better over time. Our customers love this feature and it really helps keep them coming back.
Installed also: Full Page Cache Warmer M2
Great RMA extension for magento 2 and Mirasvit always keep it updated in line with magento new releases
steven  from Walnut, United States
Great RMA extension for magento 2 and Mirasvit always keep it updated in line with magento new releases. Helps us big time
Sophisticated, Comprehensive and definitely a must have for your marketplace
LamboPlace  from Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Comprehensive, sophisticated, stable and cover almost 100% features you might want a reward program to have.

It's a MUST have.
Good search engine
maestro  from Tokyo, Japan
I use this extension to our commerce.
It is good search system for our customer
Reward Points
Allan  from Shepperton, United Kingdom
This little add-on has a major impact on customer loyalty and helps you to stabilize and increase sales:-) The useful adaptations of this module you can do is that you can customize this extension as your needs.
Inevitable Truth
Scott  from Coal City, United States
You must have a rewards program to compete in today's market, and this extension is well written, flexible and one time cost.
Must have!!
wrc  from Istanbul, Turkey
This extension is working really good. Thank you Mirasvit!
Must have extension  from Islamabad, Pakistan
So awesome loving, I have extension before from other vendor but this is what we were looking
another golden feather to Mirasvit
sun  from United States
Competitive and easy to use extension which gives more shoppers as well as sale
Good extension
Hervé  from Molsheim, France
This extension do a job, reactif customer service. thanks
Must have!
Ingo  from United States
Great extension that does just what it say.
Also perfect customer support
Great extension
Tom  from Kenosha, United States
Use to be a long time user of sweet tooth rewards. But this extension blows theirs out of the water. Everything worked perfect and never ran into any issues. Another great extension from these guys!
Very good extension
Michaela  from El Pla de Santa Maria, Spain
Great support and great extensions that really work!
Best Product Best Support
Prem  from Botany, Australia
The extension is as described and support is the best. Good Job Mirasvit.
Magento 1: mirasvit love you
turgay  from Istanbul, Turkey
I am using the mirasvit 11 module
I am very satisfied with all
Absolutely must
Good function and great coding
yuhuang  from Summerland, Canada
I intergate this into my app.It looks good
Awasome product and great support
Kiran  from Mumbai, India
This extension is working really good my expectation is match and instant support is there.
Mirasvit Responds Quickly to Customer Feedback
J.  from San Antonio, United States
We submitted a feature request to Mirasvit to include the ability for customers to unsubscribe to reward expiration notifications and they put it on their roadmap followed with roll out soon after. We like working with developers that take swift action on customer's feedback.
A good investment for my business
Budiono  from Jakarta, Indonesia
I have review quite a few of magento rewarding extension, but Mirasvit’s one simply outnumbers them all.
I haven’t play and test much with this extension, but as far as I can see, this extension quite complete specially in earning rule. It contains many options for awarding customers loyalty points. If I can suggest, it will be perfect if this extension has a facebook share earning rule.
Another important things is: im using ultimo template and magestore checkout, and they stated that this extension is supported for those specific modules!
Overall, I feel this extension is a good investment for my business.
Magento 1: Get loyal customers
Robert  from Stabekk, Norway
A loyalty program is a great way to gain loyal customers that comes back and send more money. Mirasvit Reward Points + Referral program solves this in a great way. Really felxible setup of points and triggers. Truly recommended!
Magento 1: extension is good
Chris  from Lake Forest, United States
This team is really wonderfull, they always help if there is any issue within short time.
I had an enhancement request. Literally in 24 hours it was implemented. Amazing!
John  from North Hollywood, United States
I had an enhancement request. Literally in 24 hours it was implemented. Amazing!
Really Good! Really Powerful!
Howard  from Johannesburg, South Africa
Great extension. Has a wide variety of options.
Fully recommended.
Magento 1: Extension works great
Brian  from Forked River, United States
This extension was easily installed and works great. It has really improved our sales! Highly recommend this extension.
Magento 1: Great Extension
Philip  from Temple, United States
I have a complicated theme, and the support team figured out the problems I was having. I ended up ditching the complicated theme and this extension went into the replacement theme without a hitch.
Magento 1: Great Extension
Philip  from Temple, United States
Merge tickets is what made me switch from my old ticket system to Mirasvit
Very good extension
Anthony  from Lancaster, United Kingdom
This is a very good extension with a lot of great features and functionality. I love that we can create specialized rules to give special bonus rewards points for specific products or cart totals. Coming from a a more simple rewards module this one really open up new opportunities for our clients.

Had a few small bugs with the extension but Mirasvit were extremely responsive in getting back to me and addressing any issues.
Magento 1: Great extension
H0bby  from Bandung, Indonesia
Extension is what i need. Fast support no errors..
Issues with customer Session.
Pankaj  from Selangkor, Malaysia
Hello Guyz, While I am removing items from mini-cart for a logged in user. Extension cause issue and not updating total of cart amount & and count display on mini cart. Its a critical issue with this extension. You guyz need to fix this.... Even issue exist on your DEMO as well.
Magento 1: Lives up to its expectations
Sil  from Geleen, Netherlands
This module does exactly what is should do. We use it primarily for the direct reward system.
Very good and easy to use.
Steve  from Camarillo, United States
Good support.
Great detailed extension
Henry  from Altamonte Springs, United States
Only 4 and not 5 yet as this has some huge overhead on your m2 resources but it is such a good extension with unlimited possibilities. Great support as always. Mirisvit even went with my custom points add on for the extension for non-mirisvit extensions. Wow, fast and did not expect this support to this level!. It means we support and buy more Mirisvit because of things like this1 Thanks
Magento 1: Really feature-rich
Harmon  from Orange, United States
Allows me the flexibility in running promotions for customers to earn rewards points.
Increased retention
from Brisbane, Australia
Increase customer retention and repurchases. Good stuff.
Magento 1: Good extension
Bert  from Cilegon, Indonesia
Good extension work as expected. Only small point, it will be nice to have the feature to apply Reward Points while creating a manual order in the admin.
Another must have
Wladimir  from Waterford, United States
Rewarding customers helps in recurring sales and encouraging customer activity/interaction. This tool delivers with unlimited options to engage customers without being "pushy". So far Mirasvit has delivered many great tools and I highly recommend them for any M2 store!
Magento 1: Great Extension
Milosz  from Springfield, United States
Lots of possibilities, you can configure this extension in every possible way and the customers are going to be happy!
Awesome Extensions with Unbeatable Customer Service!
Viktor  from Winnipeg, Canada
What can be felt, not always can be expressed in words, but I will try my best!

1. I bought almost all existing extensions for M2, while offered a very generous discount from a Sales Rep. Then, as all of us know, all the miracles stop right there, but not with these guys.

2. Installed the extensions, and as it usually happens, problems did not wait so long to arise on my horizon.

3. No fear, help is near... that is my personal Slogan... and found out the same attitude from Mirasvit guys. I asked for help, and it was near. I reported PHP7 and other compatibility issues, and a fix was ready in a blink of an eye. I asked for features improvements and suggested new features, and these came in a matter of a few days.

4. Features pack on the extensions is very reach, and these guys are always open to any sound improvements on their extensions.

5. Extensions updates are done via composer, so no manual uploads and unzips on every update release. That makes all my updates as easy like a snap of a finger,.. 10 seconds and I am all set.

P.S. In the end of the day I feel happy to be a respected customer of Mirasvit. I am hooked on this valuable M2 Solutions Provider. My $$$ spent on the extensions are secure... I feel like a part of the Team. I highly recommend Mirasvit to anyone who is seeking peace of mind and stable future for his/her Online Business.
Magento 1: Great & fast working
Rajat  from Caldwell, United States
good module and more than that best support
Magento 1: Reward points the best
Simona  from Ružomberok, Slovakia
This extension is super, all is valid and great support.
Magento 1: one of the best Reward Point Plugin
krishnendu  from Guwahati, India
After doing a extended research for about 3 days we bought this plugin and didn't regret. The flexibility it allows cannot be found in any other similar plugin....
Magento 1: Reward Points
Beverly  from Benicarló, Spain
Excellent add-on - trouble free implementation
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
Magento 1: Best Ever
Isaac  from Kannapolis, United States
I love working with Mirasvit. Extensions are great and always supported
Magento 1: Great extension, super support
Bojan  from Netherlands
The last month we were busy implementing this extension on our website. We encountered some extension we use and Mirasvit helped us out professionally. This is the third Mirasvit extension we use so that must tell you something about the quality and support.
Magento 1: the best
Alessandro  from Fiorenzuola d'Arda, Italy
i think this is the best on the market....great support
Magento 1: great support
Kamendra  from India
Its good but, need to improve. Awesome support
Magento 1: Excelent
Jay  from United Kingdom
This plugin working perfect and when i installed don't have problem, is perfect plugin
Magento 1: The best rewards program
Flavio  from Jundiaí, Brazil
A great module to build and manage your affiliate portfolio. With a well thought out policy enables customer loyalty.
Magento 1: Increased customer orders
Iqbal  from Manchester, United Kingdom
Another worth while purchase and already seen our return on investment in under a day for this extension. I saulte you all at Mirasvit.
Magento 1: Good module
Abhijeet  from Pune, India
this reward point module is very useful and works very well with out custom magento site. Mirasvit guys have supported us well on this module and even they provided custom integration with magegiant module for us. so far its going on very well and we also have proposed some new features in referral program of this module. We are using most of it as of now.
Magento 1: Refferal point system from mirasvit
Tiem  from Ridderkerk, Netherlands
The refferal system is amazing, investing in exist customers is 1 of the best thing, and that thanks the plugin of mirasvit!

Thanks Mirasvit from the Netherlands!
Magento 1: Powerful Reward Program
ethan  from Savannah, United States
Very powerful reward program that allows you to set spending and shipping rules based on condition and behaviors. The ability to give reward based on social sharing is a huge plus. We had some compatibility issue with in-store credit extension. Support team was able to resolve the issue. Highly recommend both the extension and Mirasvit.
Magento 1: Great extension with lots of possibilities
Dennis  from Meppel, Netherlands
I use the extension combined with reward data from a physical shop.
also the support is great!

I would recommend this extension if you want to provide your loyal customers.
Magento 1: Cool support and functionality
David  from Bromley, United Kingdom
Had few questions about license for dev. domain. Support responded quickly and helped solve problems I had within 5 mins.

Great job!
Magento 1: Great extension
Ferenc  from Hungary
Very useful extension, recommended for everyone
Magento 1: Reward
Hooman  from United States
Great Plugin ... Thanks.
Magento 1: Excellent support
Henning  from United States
The extension is great. Excessive features and great price. Support is outstanding, the guys answer almost immediately and solve problems within hours + enhancing features in really short time on request.
I can recommend this extension and mirasvit in general.
Magento 1: Works as described, Easy Setup, Great Support
cryogenn  from United States
The Rewards Plugin by Mirasvit is definitely comparable with the features it provides with respect to other rewards plugins and the price is very competitive. The install and setup service was simple and I had some CSS issues with my theme that Mirasvit support looked into and fixed without any issues. Support replies were always timely and I look forward to doing business with this extension provider in the future.
Magento 1: Great service!
Samo  from United States
Great service! Very fast and i would defiantly buy more extensions from Mirasvit.
Magento 1: Great extension
Alex  from United States
Cool extension and amazing support
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