Magento 2 Reward Points Extension and Loyalty Program

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Boost customer loyalty and engagement with our extension. Transform your shoppers into brand advocates with a rewarding loyalty program, incentivizing purchases, referrals, and social media interactions. This powerful, flexible tool is designed to drive sales, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate your brand's reach.

  • Increase the retention rate
  • Gain high-quality leads
  • Reward customers for spending or sharing on social media
  • Split the program into tiers
  • Refund with reward points
  • Use GraphQL, REST
Hyvä compatible

The extension is compatible with the Hyva theme.
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Why Choose Our Reward Points Extension for Magento 2?

Our extension simplifies the creation and management of a customer loyalty program. This comprehensive solution enables you to engage, motivate, and retain customers effectively, driving increased sales and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Retention: The reward points extension allows customers to earn points for every purchase they make, incentivizing them to return and shop more to spend their expiring points.
  • Customer Engagement: It rewards customers for non-purchase actions such as account registration, birthday gifts, long-time inactivity, newsletter subscription, and more, encouraging them to be more active in your store.
  • Extended Reach: The reward points extension allows customers to earn points by referring friends and family and sharing your product pages on social media, expanding your store's reach and customer base.
  • Order Value: It encourages customers to increase their order value with reward conditions and personalized promo messages and lets you reward customers for purchasing specific product groups.

The customization opportunities offered by the module are unparalleled. Its flexible Magento reward points system allows you to award customers with points for a wide variety of events. You have the freedom to decide how and when to stimulate sales by encouraging customers to use their accumulated points.

For example, you can limit the time for using the reward points, prompting the buyer to spend her earned points to avoid losing the benefits associated with them. The module will undoubtedly cater to your specific business needs.

Encourage the spending and sharing of reward points

Reward your customers for a wide array of actions on your store, such as:

  • Signing up
  • Placing an order
  • Referring a friend
  • Writing a review
  • Having a birthday
  • X days of inactivity
  • Creating an RMA
  • Subscribing to the newsletter
  • Facebook share
  • Facebook like
  • Twitter tweet
  • Pinterest pin
  • Joining the affiliate program
  • Rising to the higher tier
  • Falling to the lower tier
  • Signing up for push notifications
  • Referred customer signing up
  • Referred customer placing an order
Earning rules in Mirasvit Magento Rewards Points system.

Control how, when, and who can redeem the points

The Magento Rewards Points system also lets you thoroughly customize how customers spend their points. You can define:

  • How long a particular rule will be active
  • The expiration timeline for points
  • The maximum number of points a customer can spend per order
  • The cart attributes to which the rules apply
  • The types of customers to which the rules apply
  • The types of goods customers can purchase using points
Spending rules in Mirasvit Magento 2 Customer Rewards Points extension.

Assist visitors in understanding your rewards program

You need to make sure that customers have a clear understanding of how your program works. The module provides extensive notification rules: you can control what kind of information, where and under which circumstances you plan to display it. In particular, you can display information on the cart, reward points and referrals pages. This is great if your goals are to optimize the funnel, increase the average order value, promote specific deals, among other options.

Notification rules in Mirasvit Reward Points for Magento 2.

For example, should your customer add only a single product to cart, you can display: “Buy another and receive extra points”, - right on the cart page. This will encourage them to go to the checkout with more goods.

Last but not least, the module sends automatic notifications each time the customer's point balance changes. They won't have to go to your site to remember how many points they've got remaining.

Provide spontaneous rewards

Assigning points manually in Mirasvit Magento 2 Loyalty Program module.

Customers appreciate pleasant surprises, and you can assign points yourself to foster their loyalty. Your support team can also assign points as a form of compensation.

In addition, you can assist customers with manual point redemption.

Given the extensive customization opportunities, the Magento 2 Loyalty Program extension is primarily limited by your imagination. Here are some ways to maximize its potential:

Increase the average order value in your store

You can stimulate the purchase of complementary products or bundles by rewarding customers with a significant number of points.

This will make your existing cross-selling setup even more efficient.

Cross-selling with Mirasvit Magento 2 Rewards Points system.

Complement your sales or entirely substitute them

Promoting specific products with Mirasvit Magento 2 Rewards Points system.

Rewarding more points for certain products is very similar to having a sale with actual discounts.

However, you'll get much more out of it in the long run. The customers will have to return and buy more in order to redeem the points.

Recapture the interest

You can set a rule that rewards points to customers if they've been inactive for a long time, or you can manually reward those customers. The Magento 2 Loyalty Program will then send a balance change notification.

This creates a perfect opportunity for customers to return to your store and check how they can spend their rewards.

Email notification on manual reward points assignment in Mirasvit Magento Customer Reward Points extension.

Motivate customers to spend reward points before expiry

You can make the points expire faster. The Reward Points Magento module will automatically notify the customers a week prior to their points' expiration date.

This will encourage customers to redeem their Magento loyalty points - and spend more.

Get people to spend even more

You can split the Magento rewards program into an unlimited number of tiers. Customers in each tier can earn a different number of points for each action, and spend a different amount of points for the same amount of money while redeeming them. You can also add unique benefits with Magento conditions and make the higher tiers more valuable. The better their benefits are, the more customers will spend to get there!

Tiers in Mirasvit Magento 2 Rewards Points system.

Customer tiers are valuable to you as well. They take advantage of gamification: the tier list is essentially an incomplete task, and customers will be psychologically inclined to spend more to complete it. Not only that, tiers create a hierarchy, and many customers will want to spend more in order to secure a higher status.

Gain curated leads passively

Referral tab on the customer's account page in Mirasvit Magento Customer Reward Points extension.

Our Magento 2 Reward Points extension comes with a fully-featured Magento referral program at no extra cost! It can work in two ways:

Provide an incentive to recommend your store

A loyal customer is already likely to share your store to any warm lead by themselves, but it's better to give them a tangible benefit for referring someone and increase the chances of that happening.

With the Magento referral program extension, you can also reward them for the orders placed by people they refer. That way, they'll have a personal stake in directing only qualified leads to your store.

Increase their conversion rate

While the referred leads tend to be higher-quality, giving them with this referral program Magento extension an extra incentive to purchase from you will work wonders for maximizing your profits.

Everything the customers need is in one place

With Reward Points in Magento 2, you get a page with all the relevant information to the account dashboard.

Customers will be able to see the ruleset, their tier, the number of points they have, and their transaction history there.

They'll also be able to refer someone via email or a URL from that page.

Account page in Mirasvit Rewards Points for Magento 2.

Guide the customers without diverting the funnel

Cart page notifications in Mirasvit Magento 2 Loyalty Program extension.

The notifications will smoothly deliver the gist of the program's rules to customers while they're browsing your catalog and making purchases.

Find out who the most profitable customers are

A list of customer transactions involving reward points in Mirasvit Magento Rewards Points system.

There's a complete list of point-related transactions in the admin panel. You'll be able to see how many points each buyer has earned or spent.

No transaction will ever slip through the cracks!

Analyze the entirety of the program

The reports will let you ensure you're earning more than you're losing while giving out points as well as help you fine-tune your program.

Reports in Mirasvit Magento Customer Reward Points extension.

Connect the extension to other services

graphql support

The Magento 2 reward points extension supports GraphQL, REST, and SOAP, so you can easily integrate your program with external software. For example, you can connect your app and let customers redeem their points on mobile. This feature is particularly used in the Magento 2 Enterprise Reward Points version.

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Good extension
Developer Verified Buyer
Good extension for rewards points. We gave $1000 worth reward points for our 30 year anniversary and data was sync to NetSuite as expected.

Also installed: Advanced SEO Suite,  Google PageSpeed Optimizer
A reliable solution
Gbcom Verified Buyer
A solution that's easy to configure. My customer knows how to use it without help, which is a good thing.
Also installed: Full Page Cache Warmer,  RMA,  Advanced Reports,  Elastic Search Ultimate,  Help Desk MX,  Advanced SEO Suite
All in one
Sny Verified Buyer
Has all it needs to build a powerful loyalty program
Also installed: Google PageSpeed Optimizer,  Product Kits
Works like charm
Mohamed Verified Buyer
A good extension to use. Easy to use & amazing for customers
Also installed: Advanced Product Feeds,  Full Page Cache Warmer,  Push Notifications,  Customer Segmentation Suite
Helps to improve custom loyalty
Hilary Verified Buyer
A lot of way to let customer earn reward points. Improve interaction between customer and make more engagement. It helps to improve customer return to store. Coding of Mirasvit is good compare to other extension developer too.
Also installed: RMA,  Improved Sorting,  Follow Up Email,  Automatic Related Products,  Layered Navigation,  Affiliate,  Promo Banners and 8 more
Frequently asked questions

chevron-down chevron-right Can I reward my customers for the orders of their referred friends in my store?

Yes, our Magento 2 Rewards extension allows you to do that. You need to create a rewards earning rule that will give Magento 2 rewards points to the customer when their referred friend makes a new order in the Magento 2 store.

chevron-down chevron-right Can a loyalty program be set up for specific customer groups?

Yes, in the settings of each earning or spending rule, you can specify to which customer groups this rule should apply. Additionally, you can enable the module in the customer account only for specific customer groups via the module settings.

chevron-down chevron-right Is it necessary for a customer to join the loyalty program to participate in it?

Every registered customer automatically becomes a part of the loyalty program in your store. There is no need for a special registration process. However, if necessary, you can set different reward rules for various customer groups.

chevron-down chevron-right Can the module be configured to calculate the tier based on the total purchase amount over a defined period, rather than the sum of earned points?

Yes, in the module settings, you can configure how you would like to calculate the tier for customers.

chevron-down chevron-right Is it possible to configure the module to accrue points on the purchase amount after the discount is applied?

Yes, you can configure the module in a way that the number of earned points will be calculated after the applied discount.

Version 3.1.6Sep 29, 2023
Negative item discount amount if coupon and Rewards are applied
Version 3.1.5Sep 26, 2023
Balance Update Email sent from the store which the customer was registered instead of the store where the order was placed
Added different eventlisteners for Facebook Share button
Version 3.1.4Sep 1, 2023
Fix item discount rounding for items with identical price
Fix calculation discount for bundle items in invoice
expiration points did not calculated in reports due to nullable columns
Compatibility with Klarna
Version 3.1.3Aug 3, 2023
Passing null to parameter #1 ($num) of type int|float is deprecated in Report/Points.php
Rewards Discount is additionally displayed in Magento discount field
Deprecated Functionality: stripos(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($haystack) of type string is deprecated in module-price-permissions AdminhtmlBlockHtmlBeforeObserver
Facebook Share gave points before post when customer is not logged in to Facebook in the browser session
The accuracy of tire calculation in time is close to minutes
Compatibility with Order Management module
Version 3.1.2Jun 26, 2023
Rewards Shipping discount wasn't added in invoice and credit memo
Undefined array key "qty"/Undefined array key "qty" price in RewardsCatalog/Controller/Product/Points if product view page returns 404
Added Rewards widget and expiration moints number message for customer account. Replaced AddThis with AddToAny
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