About Us

Who we are

Mirasvit is your provider of the best extensions for Magento-based online stores. We are passionate about what we do and believe that constant development and sophistication is what makes us stand out. Mirasvit is oriented on finding and presenting the most innovative solutions for solving all eСommerce related tasks.

What we do

All of our extensions are developed by a team of professionals and based on years of knowledge and experience, which is exactly is at the heart of what we do. Our primary goal is to deliver the most effective ideas for e-Commerce needs for businesses of all types, including yours.

Why do you need our extensions?

Implementing our extensions in your Magento online store will open up new opportunities for your business and help you transform your needs into a stream of new customers. Our extensions will provide you with a lot more options and boost your sales. You will notice how all your previous limits will slowly disappear with the right extensions.

Why Mirasvit?

We stand behind our company and here’s why:
  • Easy to install modules
  • Multiple store, language, domain support
  • Safe Magento updates
  • The code of our extensions is open so you can customize it according to your needs
  • Exceptional customer support service (90-days of free, high quality support)
  • Client-oriented
  • No risk involved (30-day money back guarantee)
  • Every extension comes with a step-by-step guide
  • Constant improvements and upgrades (free lifetime updates)
  • Various discounts and bonuses

What you get by becoming part of Mirasvit family

When you purchase a product at our store you sign up for high-quality products and outstanding service support, along with a wide range of discounts and bonuses. We strive to tune everything to our customer needs as we understand that meeting these needs is vital when it comes to building confidence and loyalty with our customers.

Mirasvit develops the most cutting-edge Magento extensions for online stores to shape the future of the eCommerce industry. To get the best solutions for your online store and boost your sales purchase our Magento extensions now!


Our team is constantly working to build a better environment for the future of eCommerce. Our mission is to develop and sell the very best Magento extensions to show eCommerce owners that there are no limits to their opportunities with the right modules. Whether it is the development of new software, shaping of new ideas, helping out our customers or implementing simple updates everything comes with our highest level of engagement.