About Us

We are Mirasvit

Mirasvit is one of the top worldwide Magento Extension Providers. Owing to helpful customers' feedback, we utterly understand the pains and needs of merchants. All these allow us to produce probably the best 'value for money' solutions on the market.

Implementation of our solutions to your store will let you boost your business efficiently and conveniently. Using ready-to-use solutions let you use our multi-year experience instead of making your own mistakes. Save time - save money.

Our priorities

Since the day we started to design the extensions, we invariably focus on three fundamental fields - quality, support, and safety.

Whatever solution you choose to buy, you can always be sure you get a high-quality product. Carefully designed by our well-trained engineers and developers, and precisely tested by our QA team before delivering it to your store.
Sometimes things can go wrong. We understand how it is essential to get fast and high-quality support from the provider. Our support engineers have exceptional expertise in dealing with all sorts of problems. Be sure whatever happens with your store, our support team would come to help.
We provide a stress-free service. It means you can request your money back within 30-days after purchases. Also, you get lifetime free updates. So rest assured, your business will always be up-to-date.
Our goals
We believe that eCommerce makes the world better. That's why we struggle to develop only practical solutions that would help store owners earn more money or simplify the daily drill from the day of module installation.
Our story
Mirasvit was founded by Vladimir and Alexander in 2007

In the first few years, the company ran as a web development agency. We have been providing development services for small and mid-sized online stores. During this period, we met a lot of prominent entrepreneurs who struggled to improve their stores to sell more and faster. They were our teachers and mentors those days.

In 2009 we decided to change our business model and focus only on designing extensions for Magento merchants. As time shows, it was the correct decision. Since that time, we have developed dozens of useful modules and have got more than 25 000 customers around the earth.

2007 - 2020
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Feel free to reach us out if you have ideas about how we can improve our modules to make them better for your business. We appreciate the customer's feedback and are open for collaboration.