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A well-designed blazing fast search in a store will increase its conversion rate and revenue growth.

The Elasticsearch extension provides a multifunctional in-store search system that returns relevant results within milliseconds.

Provide great search results to your customers, and give them incredible experience, so that they could find and buy items they want much easier.

  • High speed and more relevant search results
  • Super-fast search using autocomplete
  • Automatic correction of typing errors
  • Search across multiple content types
  • Responsive & mobile-friendly interface
  • Compatible with ElasticSearch 7.*, 8.*, OpenSearch and Sphinx Search
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Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud

The default search function in Magento frequently yields incorrect results for complex queries. This is because it operates on a logic that simply looks for matches in words and their fragments.


Our extension introduces flexible logic that takes into account various aspects of the search phase and significantly improves the relevance of the results.

What benefits Magento 2 Elasticsearch brings to your store

Enterprise level search
Great user experience
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase conversion
Grow store revenue
Easy infrastructure scaling

Fast and Relevant Elastic Search for Magento 2 Store

Product search is one of the most important and powerful tools in any online store. If your elastic search delivers relevant results quickly, your customers can find and buy products of their choice.

Search weights

Forcibly move positions of items in elastic search to promote or demote some specific products to customers.

Search in Singular/Plural

Out of the box your search can understand singular and plural words for EN, NL and other locales. You can customize Elastic Search in Magento 2 for another language.


Give your search support of language morphology with Magento 2 Elasticsearch. Stemming provides results for queries with special characters in the language. It also works for Magento OpenSearch engine.

Score Boost Rules

Increase search ranking of products with Score Boost Rules. Move certain products to the top or bottom of search output with flexible conditions.

Long-tail search

Search by abbreviations or any special symbols with a long-tail search feature. It provides correct search when customers are looking products by SKU, ISBN, etc.

Wild cards

Allow your customers to search for a product when they know only a part of its name. A wildcard mode will let to mark unknown parts with asterisk (*).


Increase relevance by extending native Magento search functionality on synonyms. Get an ability to easily import list of additional synonyms.


Provide higher search quality by excluding words with little or ambiguous lexical meaning. Use stopword list to remove words that are not useful during a search.

Search across different content

The extension allows your customer to search for nearly any types of content that is present in your store. Easily incorporate your own content in search output by connecting any data source available in your store.

Search indexes

Search across such indexes of Magento and third-party extensions:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • CMS Pages
  • Wordpress Blog
  • Blog MX
  • Magefan Blog
  • Ves Blog
  • Ves Brands
  • Mageplaza Blog
  • Aheadworks Blog
  • Amasty Blog
  • Amasty FAQ
  • Simple Press Forum
  • vBulletin Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Fishpig Glossary

Multi-store elasticsearch

Allow customers to search simultaneously in all storeviews and find products visible only in specific storeview. You are free to select the storeviews to include in Multi-store search.

Autocomplete & Suggest For Magento 2 Elastic Search

Search accuracy is the most important factor for any e-commerce search solution.

Instant autocomplete

Provide the fastest autocomplete on the market to your store's search bar. It's so fast that you need to set a delay in its configuration.

Support multi indexes

Specify a list of elastic search indexes where the autocomplete search is performed.

Full page layout

Display autocomplete results over store's layout in a hovering window. It fully covers the current page, making customer to focus on his search.

Multi-column layout

You can show autocomplete in different layouts: with 1 or 2 columns. Choose which one is looking better to represent your catalog.

Hot searches

Show customers the most popular search terms and lead shoppers to exclusive offers in your store.

Mobile friendly

The autocomplete functionality supports all responsive themes. It provides a great user experience on mobile devices.

elastic search magento 2

Elasticsearch Extra Features In Magento 2

Provide customers with valuable search information in specific situations. With our extension you can easily control redirects in your store, highlight search terms, display related searches, add your search results to Google.

Redirect from 404 to search results

Replace a 404 error page for a product with the search results for related products.

Even if a product has been disabled, removed, or if the link has been changed, customers will still be able to find similar products through the search function instead of encountering a 404 error.

elastic search magento 2

Redirect if single result

For a single search result redirect a customer directly to the required product page without showing him an intermediary page.

Display related search terms

In a situation when customer seeks a specific product that is not available, your store will be able to provide alternatives.

elastic search magento 2

Search terms highlighting

Show your customers where their search query is present in the search results by highlighting search terms with Magento 2 Elasticsearch Module.

Search term highlighting is used in autocomplete and search results pages to provide a more efficient and user-friendly search experience.

Google Sitelinks Search Box

Use the option Google Sitelinks Search Box to incorporate your search results into Google search results. Allow customers to search your store directly from Google search results pages.

elastic search magento 2

Search Spell Correction

Default Magento sometimes can show empty search results, stimulating customers to leave the store. Your store enhanced with Elasticsearch module will always find what to propose to customers.

Spell correction

Customers often misspell search queries. Our extension has a powerful spelling corrector that will provide customers with the results they are looking for.

Fallback search

Provide search results for a query that has no results. The Elasticsearch extension shows related queries to offer some good alternatives.

elastic search magento 2

Flexibility of Elastic Search Ultimate for Magento 2

Our module fits the needs of multi language stores of various sites and provides dedicated pages for specific queries

Search Landing Pages

Show a landing page instead of the regular search results for specific queries to faster give what customers what they want.

Such pages will look like regular catalog pages, and are very useful for SEO optimization by having their own SEO-friendly URLs, titles, and meta tags.

elastic search magento 2

Full Multi-Language Support of Elasticsearch

All elasticsearch extension features are available for any language. The speed and quality of results will remain the same.

Effortless Scaling of Search Infrastructure

Stores can use one server, or cluster of Elasticsearch nodes to cope with high loads in Magento 2. Our elastic search extension will provide a fast reliable search for any infrastructure. It supports different combinations of Magento and Elastic engine. E.g. Magento 2.3 ElasticSearch, or Magento 2.4 / Magento 2.4.4 OpenSearch. Our team will help to setup correct Elastic search or OpenSearch configuration.

Category Specific Search

Among other features, you also can enable search inside the category. It's a useful feature for categories with a lot of products.

The extension implements AJAX-based search functionality within each category with layered navigation for even greater precision.

Additionally, you can set a minimum number of products required for the search bar to be displayed, ensuring that the feature is only used when truly necessary.

elastic search magento 2

Reports for Elasticsearch

The extension offers powerful analytics of your store search. You can use the following reports:

  • Report by search terms, which shows the most popular terms in your store
  • Report by search volume, which shows the number of search terms and engagement, that is, the ratio between the number of search results and the number of clicks
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Chris Verified Buyer
From Grossandelfingen, Switzerland
Using the module for over 1 month
Does what it should and more!
Great Support! thx.
Also installed:
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Philip Verified Buyer
From London, United Kingdom
Using the module for over 1 year
Amazing support from Olena
great support as always!
Also installed:
Blog MX
Matthew Verified Buyer
From Montreal, Canada
Using the module for over 2 years
One of many essential add-ons developed by Mirasvit.
An excellent search add-on that is easy to maintain from a greater developer.
Also installed:
Mass Product Actions,  AI Assistant
Robert Verified Buyer
From United States
Using the module for over 1 year
Elevating Search with Mirasvit Search Ultimate
It's been a game-changer for us, and we couldn't be happier with the results.
Also installed:
Advanced Product Feeds,  Full Page Cache Warmer,  Order Management,  RMA,  AI Assistant,  Automatic Related Products,  Google Tag Manager and 8 more
Michael Verified Buyer
From Abingdon, United Kingdom
Using the module for over 3 years
Brilliant Extension
Easy to install. Immediate benefits within minutes. Miravist's code is clean & professional too. Fanasatic Developers. Highly Recommended.
Also installed:
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Manual & Support
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Frequently asked questions
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Why the Elastic Search provides better search results?

Elastic Search Ultimate is an extension for Magento 2 that provides one of the most powerful and speedy search features for your online store. The extension is compatible with Magento CE, Magento EE, and Magento Cloud (Magento 2 Cloud Elasticsearch).

By extending the default Magento 2 search, our extension significantly enhances the relevance of search results and introduces a range of essential features.

Elasticsearch is one of the world's leading engine that offering free and open source products that can be horizontally scaled, are highly reliable, and easy to manage. The extension seamlessly connects your Magento 2 store to the Elasticsearch engine, delivering fast and precise search results.

Using the Magento 2 Elasticsearch extension improves your store's search results, allowing customers to perform any type of search with ease. Elastic Search Ultimate aims to enhance the customer experience on your online store by speeding up search queries and making them more useful. Our search functionality works equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

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How the Elasticsearch module achieves highest speed of autocomplete?

By adding the fastest search autocomplete on the market to your store's search bar you can provide an exceptional customer experience. During a product search, the first thing that helps customers locate their desired product is the search autocomplete. This Magento Elasticsearch module has perfected the search process.

Make autocomplete even more useful by enabling the TypeAhead feature offered by our extension. With this feature, the Elastic Search Ultimate extension starts collecting data on the most popular search queries in your store. Our module groups queries and their results to quickly display the relevant suggestion while the user is still typing his or her query.

Stores that use Sphinx search and Elastic engines can activate Fast Mode to greatly improve search speed by excluding Magento 2 from the autocomplete search at the initialization stage.

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How the extension gives full control on the appearance of autocomplete?

Results that have been obtained with search autocomplete include different types of product information. You can determine for yourself what kind of information will be reflected in the search results.
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What types of content can the Elasticsearch module display in search results?

Search results obtained with Elasticsearch module don't only display names of products but also provide other types of content such as categories, CMS pages, blogs, etc. For example, if your customer is looking to learn about your shipping policy, they will quickly be able to spot the correct page on your website.
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What is the Hot Searches functionality of the Elasticsearch module?

Autocomplete displays 'hot searches' section in which search terms in highest demand are put forth. Thus, you can promote these high-use search terms in order to lead customers to exclusive offers in your store. The extension can also show the most popular search terms for your customers.
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Why spell correction in search is important for quality search results?

Often the search query is typed in with a misspell. In this case, default Magento search returns 'no results'. As a result, customers can't find what they are looking for in your store. Our extension has a powerful spelling corrector. It will correct all misspelled search queries and provide customers with the results they were seeking.
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How the Elasticsearch module provides alternatives if it does not find an exact match to a customer query?

Customers often begin a search with a specific product in mind. However, if you don't have that item in stock, the search module will still offer similar products. For example, if a customer is searching for 'red chronograph watches,' but they are not available in store, our search extension will show results for the shorter query 'chronograph watches.'
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What exactly of external systems are supported for search with this extension?

The Elasticsearch Magento extension can search through the content of different third party plugins and external systems such as:

  • Wordpress Blog
  • Blog MX
  • Magefan Blog
  • Ves Blog
  • Ves Brands
  • Mageplaza Blog
  • Aheadworks Blog
  • Amasty Blog
  • Amasty FAQ
  • Simple Press Forum
  • vBulletin Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Blackbird Content Manager
  • Fishpig Glossary
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Why it is important to make redirect on 404 error?

Nobody likes to see 404 error pages. But when it comes to eCommerce, these things happen from time to time. To solve this problem, we redirect customers to the correct search results page instead of showing a 404 error page.

Say, your store had a product at one point, and it got delisted, but Google still shows it in the search results. Our extension will redirect your customers to a search results page with similar products instead of leading them to a 404 error page, preventing you from losing potential customers.

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How the search landing pages can benefit a store?

The Elasticsearch Magento 2 extension can create special pages that will show search results for specific queries. Such pages will look like regular catalog pages, and will have their own SEO-friendly URLs, titles, and meta tags.

For example, you can create a page titled 'Samsung mobile phones for ladies'. It will look like a regular catalog page, but the product list will return search results by the query 'samsung mobile phones for ladies'.

Store owners with a huge number of products in their stores often create their catalogs using search landing pages. They include links to pages from the main navigation menu. This allows them to easily manage their huge catalogs.

Search landing pages are also very useful for SEO optimization. You can create them for different search phrases with different sets of products. Their creation and support won't take up too much of your time, while still improving traffic from Google and other search engines.

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What big online projects use Elasticsearch Engine?

Elasticsearch is a real-time distributed search and analytics engine. It's used in projects of any size from startups to huge enterprise search clusters. Some examples include:

  • Wikipedia. It uses Elasticsearch to provide full-text search with highlighted search snippets, and search-as-you-type and did-you-mean suggestions.
  • The Guardian. This media outlet uses Elasticsearch to combine visitor logs with social-network data to provide real-time feedback to its editors about the public's response to new articles.
  • Stack Overflow. This online project combines full-text search with geolocation queries and uses "more-like-this" to find related questions and answers.
  • GitHub. Uses Elasticsearch to query 130 billion lines of code.
Version 2.2.61Jun 20, 2024
Issue with Category search results and Category restrictions
Version 2.2.60Jun 12, 2024
Empty URL key for Knowledge Base index in fast mode
Version 2.2.59Jun 6, 2024
URL key adjustments for Knowledge Base index in search autocomplete results
Version 2.2.58May 23, 2024
Aheadworks Blog HTML tags on search results page
Include Boost Rules in qraphql product search
Version 2.2.57May 8, 2024
Aheadworks Blog compatibility
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