Magento 2 Elasticsearch

The Elasticsearch Magento extension provides an incredible search experience. The search returns relevant results within milliseconds, increasing your store conversion rate simply by providing great search results!

  • High speed and more relevant search results
  • Super-fast search using autocomplete
  • Automatic correction of typing errors during search
  • Search across multiple content types
  • Responsive & mobile-friendly interface
Fastest Search

This is the fastest search autocomplete on the market

Ultra Relevant

Super relevance for any search term just with few clicks

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Feature Highlights

Product search is one of the most important and powerful tools in any online store. If your search delivers relevant results quickly, your customers can find and buy products of their choice. Smarter and faster product search will help you increase sales!

Elastic Search Ultimate provides your store with one of the fastest and most powerful search features for Magento 2. The extension is compatible with Magento CE, Magento EE, and Magento Cloud (Magento 2 Cloud Elasticsearch).

Our extension extends the default Magento 2 search and significantly improves the relevance of search results and adds bunch of must-have features.

Elasticsearch is one of the world's leading engines with a free open source product designed to offer horizontal scalability, maximum reliability, and easy management. It can fulfill the most sophisticated requirements of any modern-day online store. The extension connects the Elasticsearch engine to your Magento 2 store and ensures quick and relevant results.

The use of Magento 2 Elasticsearch extension improves your store's search results and lets customers perform searches of any kind. Elastic Search Ultimate strives to change the customer experience in your online store by speeding up store searches and making it more useful. The search works great on both desktop and mobile devices.

elastic search magento 2

The Highest Speed of Autocomplete on the Market

Provide an exceptional customer experience by adding the fastest search autocomplete on the market to your store's search bar. During a product search, the first thing that helps customers locate their desired product is the search autocomplete. This Magento Elasticsearch module has perfected the search process.

Make autocomplete even more useful by enabling the TypeAhead feature offered by our extension. With this feature, the Elastic Search Ultimate extension starts collecting data on the most popular search queries in your store. Our module groups queries and their results to quickly display the relevant suggestion while the user is still typing his or her query.

Stores that use Sphinx search and Elastic engines can activate Fast Mode to greatly improve search speed by excluding Magento 2 from the autocomplete search at the initialization stage.

Full Control Over Autocomplete Appearance

Results that have been obtained with search autocomplete include different types of product information. You can determine for yourself what kind of information will be reflected in the search results.

Multiple Types of Content in Search Results

Search results obtained with Magento 2 Elasticsearch module don't only display names of products but also provide other types of content such as categories, CMS pages, blogs, etc. For example, if your customer is looking to learn about your shipping policy, they will quickly be able to spot the correct page on your website.

Hot Searches

Autocomplete displays 'hot searches' in which search terms in highest demand are put forth. Thus, you can promote these high-use search terms in order to lead customers to exclusive offers in your store. The extension can also show the most popular Magento 2 elasticsearch search terms for your customers.

Responsive and Mobile-friendly

Our autocomplete supports all responsive themes. It provides a great user experience on mobile devices.

elastic search magento 2

High Relevance of The Search Results

Elastic Search Ultimate for Magento 2 sorts the search results by relevance to the search query. The goal is to show the most interesting products on the first page of the search results. Thanks to this feature, customers can instantly spot the items of their interest.

Full Control Over Sorting of Your Search Results

You have full control over your search results. By establishing proper scoring rules, you can relocate certain products or groups of products such as brands or categories in the search results provided for a specific query or a set of queries.

Search Understands Language Morphology

The extension uses morphology preprocessors, which allow it to understand singular/plural words and different lexical properties of the search query. Thus, even if the product description does not include the exact search term, it can still be shown in the displayed search results.

Search By SKU, ISBN, Abbreviations or Any Other Code with Special Symbols

The extension is equipped with a long tail search feature. Thus, it can correctly search for any words with hyphens or special symbols. This is very important for eCommerce as customers often search for specific products by their SKU.

Applying Synonyms and Stop Words

The use of a list of synonyms and stop words allows our extension to return correct results even when a customer has not entered a query that fully matches our products. This feature greatly improves the quality of search results.

Correcting Misspelled Search Queries

Customers often misspell search queries. In this case, default Magento search returns 'no results'. As a result, customers can't find what they are looking for in your store. Our extension has a powerful spelling corrector. It will correct all misspelled search queries and provide customers with the results they are looking for.

Provide Alternatives If You Don't Have Exact Match To A Customer Query

Customers often begin a search with a specific product in mind. However, if you don't have that item in stock, the search module will still offer similar products. For example, if a customer is searching for 'red chronograph watches,' but they are not available in store, our search extension will show results for the shorter query 'chronograph watches.'

Return Related Search Queries in Search Results

The extension shows related search queries in the search results. It allows a given customer to understand what other customers with similar requests are looking for, and can offer some good alternatives.

Full Multi-Language Support

All extension features are available for any language. The speed and quality of results will remain the same.

elastic search magento 2

The extension allows your customer to search for nearly any types of content that is present in your store. It includes the following items:

  • Products

    The extension performs a search by all the product attributes, product category names, custom options, related content, associated products, and much more.

  • Categories

    The extension shows a list of categories that match the search query.

  • Attributes

    Extension reflects the values of a specific attribute in search results like a list of Authors or Brands matching the search query.

  • CMS Pages

    The extension shows a list of CMS pages matching the search query.

  • Third Party Plugins

    The extension can search through the content of different plugins and even external systems such as:

    • Wordpress Blog
    • Blog MX
    • Magefan Blog
    • Ves Blog
    • Ves Brands
    • Mageplaza Blog
    • Aheadworks Blog
    • Amasty Blog
    • Amasty FAQ
    • Simple Press Forum
    • vBulletin Forum
    • Knowledge Base
    • Blackbird Content Manager
    • Fishpig Glossary
  • Any Custom Content

    The extension can easily incorporate your own search content in search results of your store. You can connect any data source your customers may benefit from.

Super-Fast Search

The extension uses an Elasticsearch engine in order to index content and perform searches. The speed of Elasticsearch is the highest on the market, as it's an enterprise-level solution.

The extension uses a special algorithm to render search autocomplete results directly from elasticsearch within milliseconds.

Effortless Scaling Your Search Infrastructure

Most stores run Elasticsearch on the same server as Magento, which works quite seamlessly. However, if you have a huge catalog or a high volume of search queries or high availability requirements, you can run a cluster of Elasticsearch nodes. The cluster will distribute your load or data over different servers. It's quite easy to archive the data with our extension.

Redirecting From 404 to Search Results

Nobody likes to see 404 error pages. But when it comes to eCommerce, these things happen from time to time. To solve this problem, we redirect customers to the correct search results page instead of showing a 404 error page.

Say, your store had a product at one point, and it got delisted, but Google still shows it in the search results. Our extension will redirect your customers to a search results page with similar products instead of leading them to a 404 error page, preventing you from losing potential customers.

Redirecting Customers in Case of Single Result

The extension can redirect a customer directly to the catalog page in case of a single search result. For example, the customer can enter the SKU of a product in the search box, hit Enter, and go directly to the required product page. No intermediary pages are required here, making it a very convenient option.

Search Landing Pages

The extension can create special pages that will show search results for specific queries. Such pages will look like regular catalog pages, and will have their own SEO-friendly URLs, titles, and meta tags.

For example, you can create a page titled 'Samsung mobile phones for ladies'. It will look like a regular catalog page, but the product list will return search results by the query 'samsung mobile phones for ladies'.

Store owners with a huge number of products in their stores often create their catalogs using search landing pages. They include links to pages from the main navigation menu. This allows them to easily manage their huge catalogs.

Search landing pages are also very useful for SEO optimization. You can create them for different search phrases with different sets of products. Their creation and support won't take up too much of your time, while still improving traffic from Google and other search engines.

Search Redirects

Sometimes it can be advantageous to show a customer your landing page instead of the regular search results when they are looking for certain words. For example, if a customer is looking for the word 'apple', the search can automatically redirect the customer to the category with apple-related products.

Google Sitelinks Search

By incorporating your search results into Google search results, you allow customers to search your store directly from Google search results pages. The search box greatly increases the chances that customers will visit your website, opting for yours over other links appearing in Google search results.


The extension offers powerful analytics of your store search. You can use the following reports:

  • Report by search terms, which shows the most popular search terms in your store.
  • Report by search volume, which shows the number of search terms and engagement, that is, the ratio between the number of search results and the number of clicks.

Magento 2 Enterprise Elasticsearch

We also offer the Magento 2 Enterprise Elasticsearch extension in order to improve relevance, add a spell correction feature, and speed up layered navigation.

Elasticsearch is a real-time distributed search and analytics engine. It’s used in projects of any size from startups to huge enterprise search clusters. Some examples include:

Wikipedia uses Elasticsearch

uses Elasticsearch to provide full-text search with highlighted search snippets, and search-as-you-type and did-you-mean suggestions.

Guardian uses Elasticsearch
The Guardian

uses Elasticsearch to combine visitor logs with social-network data to provide real-time feedback to its editors about the public’s response to new articles.

Stackoverflow uses Elasticsearch
Stack Overflow

combines full-text search with geolocation queries and uses “more-like-this” to find related questions and answers.

Github uses Elasticsearch

uses Elasticsearch to query 130 billion lines of code.

Elastic Search Ultimate Other extensions
Search Indexes
Search Autocomplete
In-Page Search
Spell Correction
Typeahead search
Relevance boost rules
Wildcard exceptions
Long-tail search
Synonyms / Stopwords
Hot searches
Landing Pages
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Works as expected
Maxim  from United States
Excellent plugin for ES and great support by Mirasvit. Definitely recommend!
Easy transition to elastic search  from United States
If you are not on Magento 2.4 yet and need elastic search, this is the best way to do it. It is easy and effective.

It also makes managing indexes pretty simple. I am still learning but it seems like this is a great extension so far.
Amazing Module
Neo  from St Louis, United States
Easy to install, customizable . Great fast support.
It's Great
Corinne  from Castle Rock, United States
Honestly, it's just great. Conversion rates have gone up, and the experience is great out-of-the-box.
Very Fast Response
Ketan  from India
Most Usefull extension.
Configuration is very Powerful,
Can show data by attribute and score boost rule
Synonyms feature is best.
Works out of the box but the magic is in the custom indexes
Alpine  from Shipley, United Kingdom
I had the old "sphinx search" on magento 1 and it was good, and this is just as good.

- fast search that allows to customise search index adding attributes with weighing
- quick search with results preview that is nice and quick
- it allows to revert to mysql as search/index when you need to do a test installation to quickly check something, without needing an elasticsearch deployment
- synonyms, analytics, landing pages which I havent really started using seriously

but the extra magic is in the additional indexes and custom indexes - add search for wordpress blog, knowledge base, and a template to create more.

I was able to whip up a custom search that searches through magento cms blocks whose url-key match a pattern, and generate custom results links. That way I could make an "attribute landing pages" extension's pages appear in search results.
Even easier for content from a third party extension or an external cms - as long as you can describe a table or query that returns the data, and create a template, you can index content from anything and make the site feel more seamless.
Must Have Extension
Brandon  from Martinez, United States
We have been using Mirasvit extensions successfully on our site for years. Back on our Magento 1 site, and continuing on with our Magento 2 site. Their elastic search is a must have. It improves upon the existing search in Magento 2. We also purchased the Improved Sorting module from Misrasvit to go along with their elastic search module. They work perfectly together without any conflicts or flaws. We highly recommend Mirasvit extensions.
Elasticsearch is the best you'll find on the internet - the support is even better
Rob  from Hayes, United Kingdom
Mirasvit are the most professional company on the market, whatever issues have arisen they resolve in mindblowing speed.
I can unequivocally say don't waste your time trying to find a cheaper alternative, this is the last extension you will need to get visitors returning fast.
Best search extension on the market
Bart  from Haarlem, Netherlands
We have been using this extension for many years and still happy with the performance and the usability.
Excellent Elastic Search Extension
JT  from United States
It works very fast in fast mode and so many different types of customizations. I looked around for a while before purchasing this extension. Support is very good also - they answer all my questions no matter how newbe I am.
Installed also: Improved Sorting M2
Great Extension
Tom  from Kenosha, United States
Elastic Search is a must when you have a store with a large amount of SKUs. Definitely recommend it for accurate search results!
Great extension - works very well!
Jack  from India
Very happy with this extension, and the free installation service was welcome too - thanks Mirasvit!
highly recommended
Danel  from Tallinn, Estonia
have used it on few installations, no regrets :)
Makes searching on the site easier and faster
Luciano  from Recife, Brazil
With this module we improve the search experience and the results are more consistent
Elastic search recommended
Tdskop  from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Easy to use and install
Installed also: GeoIP Redirect M2
Works perfectly
Tom  from United States
Swift response from customer support and an easy installation into the current Magento 2 application we are using.
Great Module
Rich  from United Kingdom
Easy to install, setup and use. Very positive feedback from users too.
Fast Search
Onyekachi  from Nigeria
This is an amazing module. I particularly love how fast the auto search suggestion works. You should try this.
probably the fastest auto-complete for magento 2
an4rei  from Cluj-Napoca, Romania
amazing performances when it comes to auto-complete
Installed also: Advanced Product Feeds M2
Overall great products
wrc  from Antalya, Turkey
Overall great products. When we come up with good ideas, Mirasvit has already done it - so we can purchase it, and use it out of the box. The new startup company, so we're running so many tests in the beginning that we can not isolate the exact lift that Mirasvit modules give.
Good  from Lagos, Nigeria
Misravit Good
Great extension with even better support
Ian  from London, United Kingdom
We required initial support getting the extension configured correctly with the ElasticSearch engine already installed on our server, and the results and speed speak for themselves. Top support from Mirasvit as usual!
Installed also: Full Page Cache Warmer M2
Works so well out of the box
Gecko  from Chula Vista, United States
After first trying the other Elastic Search I found this extension faster and more accurate right out of the box.
Does the job
Michal  from United Kingdom
You will get exactly what in the description and it's briliant.
Installed also: RMA M2Advanced Reports M2
Best search module
Davide  from Milan, Italy
It's for sure the best search module for Magento 2 on the market and we integrate it in all our projects.
Very good extension, works also without elasticsearch engine
Murawei  from Schildow, Germany
Installation service by Mirasvit was very fast and reliable. Extension works also very well with build-in search engine (SQL) and thus do not require extra elastic search engine server.
For our system with ~ 3000 products this is sufficient, since the power of elasticsearch is not required.
Great Extension
Diecast4U  from Narre Warren, Australia
Love this extension on our large websites. The support is also amazing!
Very useful extension
Gökhan  from Ankara, Turkey
I have 5 mirasvit extension. I like this extension and campany
Excellent Elastic Search plugin
from Melbourne, Australia
Excellent plugin for this search engine. Many built in functions.
Insanely Quick & Powerful!
K730  from Melbourne, Australia
Brilliant extension, we deployed an AWS ElasticSearch T3.Small/2CPU/2GB instance for our stores holding around 500 SKU's and the speed at which this searches and filters is amazing. After installation we needed a little help, Mirasvit support replied in under 30 minutes and everything is working perfectly. We didn't realise how 1999 the Magento2 default search was until we installed this plugin.
jerry  from Qingdao, China
excellent extensions and excellent support
enrybia  from Nave, Italy
excellent extensions and excellent support
Installed also: Layered Navigation M2
Probal  from Australia
Excellent support service from mirasvit team. Every time.
Pretty Good
Ivan  from Bulgaria
Really nice, except for a couple of minor bugs that appear when the store has hundreds of thousands of products.
Installed also: Layered Navigation M2
Works as advertised
Ev_rdam  from Netherlands
Fast, good support with setup.
only good??? Its "MIND BLOWING"
hubp  from Pinneberg, Germany
We had installed another elastic search engine from a "magento quality supplier". It was totally bullshit, with no results where it should be. The developers know this and said "we will improve perhaps in the future". The frontend needed to be modified in order to show up.
After we installed mirasvits extension, we are BLOWN AWAY from this quality, speed, carefully detailed level of engineering.

Unlike some other extensions, this works without any (small) problems right out of the box - P&P - unbeliveable!

Mirasvit: we want more of this quality from you!
Improvement wish: some of the translations do not appear in the i18n...but are well in the code...should be fixed
Good search is where its at
Samuel  from Portsmouth, United Kingdom
During a recent hotjar campaign we noticed that the first things customers do is a search, so we are glad that we had this extension installed as it provides the customer with almost instantaneous search results. The search autocomplete has pictures so customers can see the product before the click to view it. Considering we have this extension setup to use mySQL for search the load has been low but the speed has been quick. Well worth it.
Elastic search is a great add-on
Tanja  from Finland
Elastic search is fast and does a great job of delivering relevant results for our customers. I have tried several other elastic search extensions previous to this one. But this is the only one working flawlessly! Thanks Mirasvit!
Good extension
Frédéric  from Paris, France
This extension is working and the support is very good.
Thanks for your work Mirasvit!
The best investment ever made, in the software and the support is super awesome
jajo  from Hyderabad, India

I think I am ready with my review of mirasvit extension and their support. The reason I am including support in the review is because any software might have glitches despite being a robust one, because generally we have a lot of other extensions installed.

Review of Mirasvit Elasticsearch Ultimate for Magento 2

Buying it
It was pretty straightforward. Login at , add the product and then checkout. You can add a coupon at checkout if you have one.

Included services:-

Installation of extension

Installation of elasticsearch engine

Configuration of your magento instance to work with elasticsearch engine

Super awesome support for 90 days

Lifetime Updates

It was done by the support team and in my case it was Max Podkopaev from their support.
It was done after raising a ticket and providing all access details.

Bugs and Incompatibility and Mirasvit support

This is the most crucial part as whenever we install any extensions it might not behave the way it is supposed to, or you have a different requirement, some customisation etc.

My site is a heavily customised site and has some customised indexes( vendor search) and i needed some real work on my site. My magento developer had little idea about a search extension and even if they would have done it , it would have been at a cost.

Super duper support
I approached and raised a ticket and mentioned all the things required on my site. The support team is amazing and they worked on my site and updated me daily.Their support is pretty awesome and I feel that with that kind of support any company is worth investing in even if their extensions are little deficient( In this case the extension is very robust and covers all search needs)

Review of extension

It is a very useful extension and there are a host of features to to put us in full control . For more info you can check out the demo.

1 .it has “popular suggestions”
2. it has autocomplete
3. you can decide which product attribute carry weightage,
4. you can put stop words and synonyms
5. you can add new indexes( awesome function)
6. if you have a blog or FAQ section it will most probably search that too.
7. You can out hot searches- basically its like promoting some particular search
8. custom landing pages.

In all honesty I was not familiar with most of the terms and facilities in this extension but upon using it and seeing what it has to offer , I am very happy.

Finally this extension works flawlessly without any glitches , and even if u have a problem the customer support is the best I have ever seen.

Highly recommended.
Good module
mefjiu  from Uhowo, Poland
The module solves a lot of problems. It's written in high quality.
Better than default but still slower than pure Elasticsearch
jay  from United States
Module still relies on Magento to print results once it gets the results from elastic.

Elasticsearch returns results very quickly (<60ms for 10,000 product result set). However this module takes the results and writes them to a temp table, which then runs through Magento to print results. So SERP takes 5-10 seconds to DOM depending.

Better Than Sphinx
Scott  from Wilmington, United States
So far having had this module and sphinx, this one performs much better for our server.
I love it
Anif  from United States
Best purchase. I have never seen so powerful search solution, that greatly improved my store speed (and for catalog))
Henk  from Rijswijk, Netherlands
Great extension. Also compatible with Amasty Layered Navigation. We have been searching for a while, but the extension tops them all! Large number of indexes and support is great. We would surely recommend this extension.
Best search module for Magento 2
Bulent  from Bulgaria
It is the best search solution for magento 2.
Thanks Mirasvit
Highly recommended company
Branislav  from Oswestry, United Kingdom
Mirasvit is our first choice for Magento 2 modules. Very impressive support team. Every time we have an issue they go above and beyond customer expectations. Importantly all clean code, frequent updates. Highly recommended company!
Great extension and great support
Anis  from Switzerland
It's one of the best extension supplier I know since 5 years using magento.

Thanks for the strong extension and the friendly and fast support.

I'm just thankfull and happy with your service.
Great Extension
Franco  from Viterbo, Italy
Great Extension and Excellent Support!
Good guys from Mirasvit!
Best search for Magento 2
Alexander  from Krakow, Poland
This extension has provided very much needed search options to our Magento 2.
Works incredibly well!!!
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Usability and Performance

The Module is easy to install and upgrade, just follow our step-by-step user guide.

Safe Magento updates

No core modifications. Just use the composer or copy the extension’s files to the root directory of your store.