Must Have Extensions for Magento 2
  1. Improved Sorting for Magento 2
    Improved Sorting for Magento 2
    Accurately rank your products by performance in catalog with Magento 2 Improved Sorting Extension.
  2. Extended Shopping Cart Rules for Magento 2
    Extended Shopping Cart Rules for Magento 2
    Give your clients unique discount offers is a very effective way both to increase an average bill (invoice) value and to motivate your customers for the next purchases exactly in your store. Magento 2 Shopping Cart Rules extension provides you with this possibility. It has 25 types of new promo rules and, what is also important, it has a smart notification system for possible discounts.
  3. Health & Performance Monitoring Suite for Magento 2
    Health & Performance Monitoring Suite for Magento 2
    Extension monitors code and configuration changes of your store automatically and notifies you, if these changes negatively affect the key store indicators. In other words, if you changed anything and, either your store began to work slower, or, suddenly, new errors occurred - the extension will quickly report you about it.
    Special Price $119 Regular Price $149
  4. magento 2 search extension
    Sphinx Search Ultimate for Magento 2
    Get an innovative approach to search for your online store and increase your website conversion from search results by more than 50% with Sphinx Search Ultimate! Incredible relevancy within milliseconds, search autocomplete, misspelling correction, searching by multiple content types (CMS pages, forums, catalog products, categories and attributes).
  5. Advanced Product Feeds for Magento 2
    Advanced Product Feeds for Magento 2
    This is an outstanding extension for generating and publishing your store product feeds in comparison shopping engines and marketplaces. Operates with all comparison engines. Fast and flexible, interacts with Google Analytics to measure campaign results, has a lot of options and more than 50 ready-made configurations including magento 2 google shopping feed.
  6. Reward Points + Referral program for Magento 2
    Reward Points + Referral program for Magento 2
    Benefit more with Magento 2 Reward Points extension! Reward Points + Referral Program extension will enhance your store and attract clients with points, rewards, referral program. Fully featured and flexible marketing tool to implement a Loyalty Program for your online store! Reward Points+Referral Program is designed to appreciate your customers every time they benefit your shop in some way. Encourage your shoppers and they will be returning for new purchases over and over!
  7. Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2
    Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2
    The Full Page Cache Warmer solution solves an issue with cache updating. Whenever your customer or Google visits this page, it will be loaded in a split second! This extension brings a unique robot designed to monitor cache status. Once some page cache was cleared, the robot visits this page and warms the cache for it!
  8. Magento 2 SEO extension
    Advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2
    This is a powerful Extension for SEO compliance of your online store. Search engines want your website to be perfectly tuned for users, which may cost a lot for you. Advanced SEO Suite solution allows you to automate most magento 2 SEO settings and save time and money for SEO specialists!

Must Have Extensions for Magento 1
  1. Sphinx Search Ultimate
    Sphinx Search Ultimate
    Sphinx Search Ultimate is a Magento extension that combines the most modern approaches to the product search for online stores. Here you'll find all you need in order to create an ideal product search in your online store.
  2. Advanced SEO Suite
    Advanced SEO Suite
    Advanced SEO Suite allows you to optimize the specific categories and product groups for specific search terms on a template. This will greatly improve the performance of your store in various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).
  3. Advanced Product Feeds
    Advanced Product Feeds
    Publication of your products in the comparison shopping engines will allow you to attract more new buyers to your store. This extension allows you to automatically generate a feed with products for all common comparison shopping engines (Google Product Search,,,, etc.).
  4. Magento Follow Up Extension
    Follow Up Email
    Trigger messages have proven to be a reliable tool of email marketing with a very high rate of response and conversion. Follow Up Email can bring up to 40% of the total income that you receive through the email distribution.
  5. Full Page Cache
    Full Page Cache
    Full Page Cache extension is the best solution for a Magento store that significantly speeds up page load time, reduces the load on the server, improves website ranking and remarkably increases sales conversion. This is a extension that directly affects sales conversion and successfully generates the revenue.
  6. RMA
    RMA is a powerful tool for managing the processing return and exchange requests within your workflow. This, in turn, allows your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your webstore.
  7. Reward Points
    Reward Points + Referral program
    This extension allows you to reward your customers with points for any purchases or any other actions they do in your store. They can then be redeemed for discounts or any other benefits you wish to create.
  8. Magento Advanced Reports
    Advanced Reports
    Sales analytics is applied in order to determine, understand and predict sales trends. Good analytics is required for successful sales management. 20+ ready Magento reports.