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Magento 2 Dynamic Categories extension assigns products to categories automatically, greatly simplifying the category management.

Just specify the criteria, and the module will place the products inside the category by itself, saving you time and energy better spent on other tasks.Magento 2 Dynamic Categories extension assigns products to categories automatically, greatly simplifying the category management.

Just specify the criteria, and the module will place the products inside the category by itself, saving you time and energy better spent on other tasks.

  • Optimize your workflow and save time
  • Set the rules with Magento conditions
  • Update the categories automatically
  • Make any category dynamic
  • Sort products automatically or manually
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
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Quick, Simple, and Reliable with Magento 2 Virtual Category


By default, you have to assign products to categories manually in Magento, which is terribly inefficient. If you have thousands of products in your store, even routine updates will take enormous amounts of time. What's worse, the sheer quantity will make the people responsibile for data entry prone to making mistakes.


The Magento 2 Dynamic Category extension eliminates all manual work required to assign products to categories.

It automatically assigns products depending on the rules you set, saving you an immeasurable amount of time and eliminating any possibility of mistakes.

Excellent Flexibility

An example of conditions in Mirasvit Magento 2 Dynamic Categories extension
Powerful Conditions

Set whatever rules you need

Incredibly robust Magento conditions determine the product criteria. The conditions will allow you to implement rules of any degree of complexity.

Add as many products as you need

There's no limit to the number of Magento dynamic category products or number of dynamic categories. You can use the module even if your goal is 1000 categories with 100,000 products in each!

An example of conversion category to dynamic one
Conversion in one click

Streamline the management of existing categories

You can make any static category dynamic by toggling a switch. Doing so won't change any other settings.

Streamlined Workflow

Setting the conditions for the category in Mirasvit Dynamic Categories Magento 2 extension
Assign products instantly

Easy setup of Magento 2 Virtual Category

With this Magento automatic category extension, you just need to specify what kind of product attributes you'd like to include in the category, and you're good to go. No additional setup is necessary!

Previewing the category products in Mirasvit Dynamic Categories Magento 2 extension
No guessing

Built-in Product Preview

Before saving the changes, you'll be able to preview which products the module will include in the category when it conducts a Magento dynamic category assignment. That way, you'll always be sure the rules suit your needs.

Even the best of people make them

Zero Mistakes

The more there is to do, the higher the likelihood is of human error occurring. Algorithms never make mistakes, so you'll never have to check which products you missed anymore.

Great for SEO Landing Pages

Make keyword-targeted categories

Category pages aren't only valuable for the user experience. They're also an important SEO resource. With this module, you'll be able to create dozens of category pages directed at specific keywords more quickly than you can search for something on Google!

Automatic Magento 2 Virtual Category Updates

The extension tracks product attribute changes. Should a previously unrelated product meet the category's criteria, the module will assign it to the category. Should a product in the category no longer meet the criteria, the module will unassign it.

You can count on this extension to always show the most up-to-date information to your customers. Besides that, you can take even greater advantage of the updates in a couple of ways:

Sales - Make the promotions easy to find

Helping visitors find the current sales faster will make them far more likely to convert.

New Products - Highlight the latest and greatest

You can promote new arrivals to improve their visibility using the dynamic category for Magento.

Virtual Merchandiser

Simplify product sorting with drag-and-drop functionality. Choose between grid or tile view for various tasks.

Automatic Sorting

After you specify the products for the category, you'll be able to sort them by ID, name, SKU, visibility, and status in the Virtual Category for Magento 2 admin panel.

Manual Positioning

If you'd like to place your products more strategically, you can also sort them by position and manually adjust their order using drag and drop

Time is money. Treasure it – install Dynamic Categories!
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WRC Verified Buyer
From Istanbul, Turkey
Using the module for almost 1 month
I love this extension
We've solved a lot of business needs with that extension, it was our best investment! This extension saves so much time when handling large catalog. Thank you so much Mirasvit!
Also installed:
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ZS Verified Buyer
From Reda, Poland
Using the module for almost 1 month
Life savior :-)
This module really helps a lot when you import products from source with completely different categories layout.
And I haven't noticed (yet) significant difference in store's performance.
Also installed:
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Paolo Verified Buyer
From Gandino, Italy
Using the module for over 2 years
Trasforma la Gestione delle Categorie con Facilità e Flessibilità
L'estensione Dynamic Categories per Magento è una vera rivoluzione nel mondo della gestione delle categorie. Se stai cercando di rendere il tuo negozio online più dinamico ed efficiente, questa estensione è esattamente ciò di cui hai bisogno.

La caratteristica principale che mi ha colpito è la flessibilità. Con Dynamic Categories, puoi creare categorie dinamiche basate su regole personalizzate. Questo significa che non è più necessario aggiungere manualmente ogni singolo prodotto a una categoria. Invece, puoi definire criteri specifici come prezzi, marchi, parole chiave e altro ancora, e l'estensione farà il resto. Questo ha reso la gestione delle categorie una questione di pochi clic anziché ore di lavoro manuale.

Inoltre, la funzione di aggiornamento automatico è un vero risparmio di tempo. Se hai prodotti che soddisfano i criteri di una categoria dinamica, verranno automaticamente aggiunti o rimossi da quella categoria in base alle tue regole. Questo assicura che le tue categorie siano sempre aggiornate e riflettano accuratamente il tuo inventario.

In conclusione, l'estensione Dynamic Categories è un'aggiunta indispensabile per qualsiasi negozio Magento che desidera semplificare la gestione delle categorie e mantenere il sito web sempre aggiornato. La flessibilità e l'automazione offerte da questa estensione sono davvero impareggiabili. La consiglio vivamente a chiunque voglia ottimizzare la gestione delle categorie e risparmiare tempo prezioso. Con Dynamic Categories, la gestione delle categorie diventa un gioco da ragazzi!
Also installed:
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Ricardo Verified Buyer
From Heestert, Belgium
Using the module for 11 days
Best addon for simple category management. Also always after a reindex refreshed, really nice.
Also installed:
Advanced Product Feeds,  Layered Navigation
tcarlo Verified Buyer
From Bari, Italy
Using the module for almost 2 years
Very simple configuration
The configuration is very fast and simple. I give 4 stars only because the module slightly reduces the speed of the site.
Also installed:
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Manual & Support
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Frequently asked questions
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What exactly does the module Dynamic Categories do?

The Dynamic Categories module for Magento 2 eliminates the work of assigning products to their categories which in default Magento setup is done manually.

Using this extension, a Magento 2 store obtains functionality to automatically associate products in its catalog to product categories. This association is done dynamically according to the set of conditions which are based on the product attributes. Additionally our extension provides smart attributes to make the conditions more flexible and functional.

The extension tracks the products in a catalog, and automatically adds or removes the product from the category whenever it meets or does not satisfy the conditions of the category. This can occur, for example, when the product changes its attributes.

It is useful and helps save time in lots of scenarios. One example is a category for promo products. Such items have a special price for a certain time period, and this period is unique for each promo product. Manually adding the new promo products and removing them after the promo expires is time-consuming and tedious. With Dynamic Categories, promo products will be added and removed, automatically saving the store's staff time and energy.

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Does the Dynamic Categories extension have a functionality for importing/exporting the shop's dynamic categories?

All created information on dynamic categories can be exported and imported to the Magento 2 store. However, the Dynamic Categories extension does not provide such built-in functionality in the Magento backend admin panel. In order to import and export the Dynamic Categories configuration, it is necessary to use external third-party tools.

The data can be exported and imported directly from the database of the store using any database manager that works for you. All information about dynamic categories that are created in the store is available in the database table mst_dynamic_category. Copy this table to make a backup or clone the setup, and import it whenever you need to restore the dynamic categories configuration.

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Is it possible to create a dynamic category that includes products from only one source?

The Magento 2 Dynamic Category extension provides a flexible filtering mechanism for filling the dynamic categories of your store with the exact products you need. This is done through a set of conditions that allow you to precisely specify the product attributes that will be used to filter out items from the store's catalog.

In addition to default Magento attributes that can be used for filtering products out, the Dynamic Category extension provides several additional attributes. One of those attributes is the source of the products. To filter the items by source, you can use the conditions such as the source of the product is/is not the specified source. The source which has to be a filter can be chosen from a drop-down menu during the condition creation.

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Can the conditions configuration of a dynamic category be copied to another dynamic category?

To make a configuration of conditions for similar dynamic categories easier, the Dynamic Category extension provides an option to load a set of conditions from an existing dynamic category.

Use the option Load Conditions From to specify the dynamic category that will serve as a source of conditions to export. The set of conditions will be copied instantly after selecting the source category. This functionality is available starting in Dynamic Category version 1.0.17. Please check the version installed in your shop and update it if needed. Mirasvit provides existing users with free lifetime upgrades for any of its modules.

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What type of product attributes can be used as a condition for dynamic category creation?

The conditions for the dynamic category creation are not limited to attributes that have set values only. For category filtering rules, it is possible to use any product attribute. Additionally, use the special free form attribute to create individual product attributes.

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Is it possible to filter out products in the dynamic category by the discount amount of these products?

Our module provides the functionality to filter out products with the assigned sale status. It does not provide the direct ability to filter products in respect to the discount assigned.

The Dynamic Category provides a flexible mechanism that can be used in order to achieve identical result. This Magento extension supports a special free form attribute that can be added to a product in addition to already existing attributes. Use the value of this attribute to mimic the discount level for products.

For example, a shop wants to put items with 15% discount into a promo category and items with 25% discount should go to a super promo category. The special free form attribute for such products will be discount15 and discount25, respectively. Then simply add a condition Attribute1 is Exact value discount15 to place all products with the discount of 15% into this category.

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How does the Dynamic Categories sort the products in dynamic categories?

By default, our extension sorts products by their position. The Dynamic Category extension doesn't manage the product position automatically on the dynamic category page. The position of the product in the category is specified via the default magento functionality. It allows you to sort products automatically and manually. The automatic sorting can be done by a stock level, age, color, product name, SKU, or price. Automatic sorting overrides the sort order that was set manually.

The user of Dynamic Categories can enhance product sorting capabilities of default Magento by additionally using an Improved Sorting extension. The latter allows you to change a default product sorting to sorting specified by some rules. Use this extension to assign sorting conditions to the dynamic category.

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Does the dynamic categories extension work with prices changed by cart or category rules?

The Dynamic Category is capable of using price attribute a a condition for the product filtering. It can add products to dynamic categories based on catalog price rules. Shopping cart rules can not be used, since this rule can be activated under a particular cart context and selected products in it.

Version 1.4.3Jul 15, 2024
Issue related to category_is_one_of condition
Version 1.4.2Jun 25, 2024
Issue related to category store-view level data
Version 1.4.1May 27, 2024
Issue related to reset filter in virtual merchandiser
Unescaped output
Version 1.4.0May 17, 2024
Added new condition "Is Discounted"
Issue related to changing of product position on products grid
Assign products to categories on attribute update mass action
Issue related to preview
Version 1.3.28May 14, 2024
Issue related to preview
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