Improved Sorting for Magento 2

Improved Sorting for Magento 2
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The extension is an effective tool for managing the sequence of products sorting on category pages, search results pages and catalog widgets.

With the help of flexible ranging factors, you can easily determine if products should be shown at the product list end or beginning.

  • Manage products sorting globally
  • Push out-of-stock and without image products to the end
  • Promote products (seasonal , high margin or with a discount)
  • Manage sorting options available to clients
  • Manage products sorting in widgets
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Compatible with:
Community: 2.1.* - 2.3.*
Enterprise: 2.1.* - 2.3.*

The better products on the list top meet clients’ expectations, the higher the store sales are.

At the same time, if products at the list beginning are not interesting to clients, most probably these clients will not keep on looking at the rest of store products.

Improved Sorting extension performs products sorting on catalog meeting the key criteria of the best products choosing and internal rules as well (sale, brand, the latest)

The extension add new index, that contains weights for each ranking factor - product. When magento add sort order to products collection (plugin), we join this index and sort products by weight (or sum of weights).

If sortable option is an attribute, we use native magento sorting logic.

The extension uses only plugins for improve sort order logic. No Rewrites (preferences) or observers.

Also using Dependency Injection, you can implement custom ranking logic (simple class with weight calculation for product id)

Feature Highlights

New Sorting Options

There is a possibility for a client to change product sorting on catalog. The extension allows you to manage sorting options that are available to a customer on the front-end. You can also add an unlimited number of sorting options, as well as to determine the default sorting option for the product list or search results page.

Sort By Attribute or Ranking Factors

You can provide your customers with possibility to sort products using any attribute or any set of ranging factors.

Depending on configuration, the extension can apply ranging rules both in series (Sort by …, then sort by …) and as a sum of factors weights.

Default Sorting Option

Default sorting is critically important, as long as, the more relevant products are at the list beginning, the better the store sales are. That is a reason for sufficiency to place “the best” products at the list beginning.

You can create the best product list using different ranging rules combinations, for example, the latest added products (within last 30 days) and, in addition, bestsellers with the best rating.

Frequently used sorting options:

  • Featured
  • Sort by Biggest Saving
  • Cheapest
  • Most Expensive
  • Top Rated
  • Sort by Reviews Count
  • Sort by Now In Wishlist
  • Sort by Most Viewed
  • Sort by Options
  • Sort by Created Date
  • Sort by Price
  • Sort by Size
  • Sort by Position
  • Sort by Newest
  • Sort by Date
  • Sort by Reviews
  • Sort by Discount
  • Sort by Stock Availability
  • Sort by Name
  • Sort by SKU
  • Sort by Best Seller
  • Sort by Rating
  • Sort by Category
  • Sort by Popularity

Ranking Factors

Improved Sorting extension allows you to effectively manage the products sorting on catalog. You can set rules for sorting of different product groups. In addition, you can manage sorting options that are available to store clients.

To set up catalog sorting, use the rules for ranging factors determination(sorting rules).

The extension includes a wide set of configurable rules, on basis of which you can effectively range products according to different criteria.

Adding Date Factor

Usage of the Date Factor allows you to sort products in accordance with the date the products were added to your store. You can set time frames of a rule being applied.

For example, you can display products that were added during the last week first, and ,then to show other products with all the other rules after them.

Attribute Factor

Attribute Ranking Factor allows you to manage product position on the list, basing on the attribute values or attributes set.

For example, you can move seasonal products to the top of the list or temporarily boost certain brands to a higher position.

Product Rating Factor

The Product Rating Factor ranges the products on the basis of number of reviews and product rating.

Additionally, it is possible to determine the period of time for reviews to be taken into consideration.For example, products with greater number of fresh feedbacks should get higher priority.

Stock Status / Image Factor

Stock Status and Image Factors allow to sort in stock products or products with images.

If you set these factors as global ones, out-of-stock products and products without images will be always shown at the end of the list (both in catalog and search results pages).

Bestsellers Factor

Bestsellers Factor ranges products on the basis of number of bought items within a certain period or lifetime.

Profit Factor

Profit factor provides you with a possibility to range products depending on the product marge (the difference between cost and price). This factor is the most effectively used together with other, more obvious rules.

Rule Factor

This is one of the most flexible rules. It allows to manage products order on the basis of the set of rules (SKU, price, any attribute, category, etc)

For example, you can promote a Christmas product during the winter times or move all the 2019 year models to the top of the list.

Additional Factors

  • Popularity Factor
  • SPV (Sales Per View) Factor
  • Discount (Biggest Saving) Factor

Additional Features

Products sorting in widgets

The extension allows you to determine the sequence of products displaying in Magento Catalog Products Listing Widget. This widget can be used to display various interesting offers on the pages of your store.


To make the configuration process easier and for your better understanding of different factors influencing the sorting order, there is an option of sorted products Preview in terms of extension. This option works both for sorting criteria and for ranging factors.

The extension is compatible with most layered navigation extensions, MySql, Sphinx and Elasticsearch.

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Pick a quick tutorial to learn about various aspects of this extension
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