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The Improved Sorting for Magento 2 module is an excellent way to enhance your store's merchandising potential. It lets you add amazingly flexible sorting options to category pages, search results pages, and catalog widgets.

With this extension, you'll easily improve your store's UX and boost its conversion rate!

  • Enhance your store's merchandising potential
  • Promote seasonal, high margin or discounted products
  • Demote out-of-stock products and products without images
  • Create product sorting options based on any product variable
  • Sort products on category pages, search pages and inside widgets

Business Value

Gain full control of product sorting!

The way you sort your products directly affects your store's UX and conversion rate.

You have to make sure that customers can find the products they are looking for quickly and easily, or else they may leave and shop elsewhere. On top of that, the products you need sold either the most urgently or at the greatest quality should always be at the top.

Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension is a substantial overhaul to the way sorting products in Magento is done by default. The module lets you create your own sorting rules based on any individual product variable, combining several variables in a single rule, fine-tuning the way the module applies them, and more. With an extension this powerful, your store's merchandising potential will be second to none!

How It Works

Set up your ranking factors based on whichever product variable you require – from attributes to sales numbers. These factors convert each variable into a score between -100 and 100, which determines the product's position.

Once you have set up the ranking factors, you can create sorting criteria based on them. You can include as many ranking factors as you need in a single sorting criterion.

The module will display the sorting criteria you have created in the frontend, giving your customers an intuitive and personalized shopping experience.

A comparison between sorting products with default Magento sorting options and sorting them with Mirasvit Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension A comparison between sorting products with default Magento sorting options and sorting them with Mirasvit Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension.

Perfect for Merchandising

Product Spotlight

Highlight any product you need

The extension works great if you need to enhance product discoverability. Create sorting criteria that correspond best to the business needs of your store and highlight products that customers should see first when browsing the product catalog of your shop. For instance, you can place goods with surplus inventory higher on the list, or move under-sellers to the top.

Excellent UX

Sort by the most relevant criteria

The Improved Sorting extension offers Magento 2 advanced sorting that lets you tailor the sorting options to the needs of your particular product catalog. Modify existing sorting criteria and add several new sorting options. This will make your store's navigation much more intuitive, drastically improving your visitors' experience.

Higher Conversion Rate

Boost your funnel's efficiency

With this module, you can create custom product sorting by using any product attribute or their combination for creating the sorting criteria you need. Use several ranking factors for a single sorting criterion to ensure that visitors will see the most attractive products, like goods with the highest discounts, first. This will make visitors much more likely to convert to customers.

Powerful Ranking Factors

Ranking Factors are a unique sorting management concept developed by our team and implemented in this extension. The Improved Sorting extension lets you use any product attribute as a ranking factor for the sorting.

The ranking factor can be applied in two modes:

β€’ as a parameter for sorting criteria;

β€’ as a global parameter that will be applied before any other conditions for all sorting criteria.

You can count on the module to always fit your exact business needs!


Promote the latest and greatest

Override the default Magento 2 sorting algorithm which ranks products from newest to oldest. The Improved Sorting module lets you rank products depending on when you added or updated them. You can set the exact timeframe for the module to consider the product: new or recently updated.

Offer new products sorting in Magento to your customers. New and frequently updated goods will be shown in the top spot. This is an excellent way to help visitors discover new arrivals.


Highlight specific products

You can rank the products with particular attributes or attribute sets higher. Configure the attribute set as you need in the Magento admin panel.

This comes in handy when you need more specific sorting options, like boosting seasonal products or certain brands.


Rank less attractive propositions lower

Set up product sorting in your store so that customers first receive the products with complete product page. This factor will move products without images to the bottom.

It's invaluable for any store as visitors are much less likely to buy something if they don't know how it looks.

Product Rating

Leverage the social proof

This factor ranks products depending on their review score (Magento 2 sort by rating).

Products with higher ratings have higher conversion rates because they appear more trustworthy.


Sort by what's selling

The module lets you rank products depending on the number of purchases made during a specific time frame (Magento 2 sort by best seller).

This option will help you sell even more of your best-sellers or put a spotlight on underperforming products.


Sell efficiently

This factor ranks products by their profit margin.

It's great for maximizing your profits, especially when combined with other factors.


Highlight any product attribute

This is the most flexible factor. It lets you use Magento conditions to give a higher ranking to products with a particular attribute or an attribute combination.

Category, size, SKU, - the possibilities here are endless!


Demote the products you can't purchase

The module lets you rank the products either by their inventory status or by how many of them are left in stock.

The former option is vital for any store, as the visitors are more interested in the goods they can readily buy.

The latter comes in handy if you'd like to boost the sales of unpopular products or clear your inventory.


Improve product discoverability

The ranking score for this factor for any product is determined based on the number of its product page views. It's very helpful if you'd like to take advantage of social proof or highlight the products visitors tend to overlook.
Sales per View

Highlight the most efficient products

This ranking factor prioritizes goods with the highest conversion rate. It comes in handy if you intend to maximize your income or give a nudge to the under-sellers.

Provide excellent value to the customers

This factor ranks products according to the difference between the regular price and the special price. It'll help you bring the most valuable promotions to the top and get the most out of your sales.
Custom Formula

Define your own formulas to sort products

The Formula Ranking Factory enables you to define your own calculations to retrieve factor values for each product. The syntax is very similar to that of Excel formulas, making it easy to use and customize.

Flexible Sorting Criteria

The module's sorting criteria are incredibly flexible and open-ended. You can sort products by any ranking factor as well as product position in the category, its name, and price.

On top of that, you can use product attributes as a ranking criterion or combine several attribute conditions as a single ranking factor and tweak the way the module calculates the sorting score for this combination.

Use the Preview option to check how the product catalog at your store is being sorted with this new ranking factor.

Combine the Rules

Tailor the sorting to your exact goals

The module lets you combine any number of ranking factors in a single sorting criterion.

For complex sorting criterion, the module first sorts products by the main ranking factor, then it applies the next one, and so on.

Ranking factors can have complex conditions, themselves. You can choose an ascending or descending sorting option for each ranking factor.

For example, you can create a rule that prioritizes the cheapest and the latest-added bestsellers with the highest rating.

Or give customers the ability to sort products by featured sorting criteria, which uses such ranking factors as adding date, bestseller, or rating.

Combining several variables to form a single sorting criterion in Mirasvit Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension
Fine-tune the Score Calculation

Customize the way the module applies the rules

Improved Sorting extension can calculate the sorting score in two different ways:

  • You can add the factors as separate conditions. That way, the module will apply each of them in sequence. For example, it will start by sorting the products by A, then it will sort the resulting sequence by B, and so on.
  • You can also add the factors as sub-conditions. That way, the module will summarize each factor's score and apply the sum. For example, it will sort the products by (A + B + … + N).

You can combine both options in a single criterion for maximum flexibility, too.

Set the Default Criterion

Let visitors see the most lucractive option first

The very first sorting option that visitors can see should display the most attractive propositions at the top.

The module allows you to change the default sorting criterion for product categories and search results pages, maximizing the efficiency of your funnel.

Custom default sorting criterion in Mirasvit Magento 2 Improved Sorting module.

Frequently Used Sorting Criteria

  • Featured
  • Sort by Biggest Saving
  • Cheapest
  • Most Expensive
  • Top Rated
  • Sort by Reviews Count
  • Sort by Now In Wishlist
  • Sort by Most Viewed
  • Sort by Options
  • Sort by Created Date
  • Sort by Price
  • Sort by Size
  • Sort by Position
  • Sort by Newest
  • Sort by Date
  • Sort by Reviews
  • Sort by Discount
  • Sort by Stock Availability
  • Sort by Name
  • Sort by SKU
  • Sort by Best Seller
  • Sort by Rating
  • Sort by Category
  • Sort by Popularity

Advanced Features

Search Results Integration

Teach your search how to sell

Using custom sorting criteria within site search in Mirasvit Magento 2 Improved Sorting module.

The module enhances the sorting options on search result pages, too. Add new sorting criteria to the search page and extend the list of default Magento sorting options. You can even override the default sorting option on the search page. That way, your products will always be displayed optimally, maximizing your conversion rate.

Widget Integration

Improve the widgets' efficiency as well

A product widget with a custom sorting rule in Mirasvit Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension.

The module also lets you change the way the products are sorted within widgets. Select a sorting criterion from a drop-down menu to activate custom sorting in the widget. Apply sorting criterion to each widget individually. Use the Store Views option to receive different sorting for similar widgets in several store views.

Product Preview

Double-check any setup easily

Sorting Criterion preview in Mirasvit Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension.

You can preview the product order for any ranking factor or sorting criterion you add. Making sure that products are sorted exactly how you need them has never been easier!

At the store's backend, apply filters to the products grid to quickly get information on the sorting scores for the particular ranking factor or search criterion.

Filter product grid based on product attributes, like category, price, SKU, status, type, quantity, etc. to view necessary products without manually browsing the product catalog.


Streamline the problem-solving

Frontend debug mode in Mirasvit Magento 2 Improved Sorting module.

You can enable the debug mode which shows how the module takes the sorting scores and rules into account in the frontend. Doing so will greatly streamline your troubleshooting flow.

Get the debug information on sorting scores in the backend of your store. The sorting scores data is available in the form of the product grid. Apply filters to ensure faster navigation to the desired products for analysis.

Check the specific product sorting Magento frontend position using GET parameter `?debug=sorting` at the end of the page URL. Obtain information on Global Score, Sorting Score, Sorting SubScore.

Arrange the products according to what you need, not what you have. Get Improved Sorting!
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Most Viewed/Most Popular
Top Rated
New/Recently added
Biggest Saving/Discount
Now in Wishlist
Extended Features
Place out-of-stock products at the end
Place products without images at the end
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Ranking Factors
SPV (sales per view)
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Custom Rules
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underestimated & powerfull extension
Fab Verified Buyer
Bought this to replace a SaaS product we were using. KLey feature was the possibility to use attributes as weights in product listing sorting.
You have to read the documentation to understand what you can achieve, but when you do, it's pretty nice !
Asked for support 2 times, it was great, even during the hard phase of begining of Ukrainian / Russia conflict so ... Kuddos !
Also installed: Google Tag Manager
Very easy to use
Yulia Verified Buyer
We use the extension for our two websites and are happy with it. So we plan to install it in our next project.
Very easy to use! Thanks
Also installed: Reward Points,  Elastic Search Ultimate,  Advanced SEO Suite,  Google PageSpeed Optimizer,  Automatic Related Products,  Advanced Product Feeds,  Google Tag Manager and 7 more
Good layering
P Verified Buyer
Very practical and useful
Also installed: Advanced SEO Suite,  Help Desk MX,  Reward Points,  Follow Up Email,  Knowledge Base,  Affiliate,  Advanced Reports and 23 more
Good extension adjust how the product sort
Hilary Verified Buyer
It's flexible and a lot of parameter to adjust how the product sort and present in Product List/Category. Especially good for shop with some product have time constraint. Help shop owner to sort the product on a more meaningful way.
Also installed: RMA,  Follow Up Email,  Automatic Related Products,  Layered Navigation,  Reward Points,  Affiliate,  Promo Banners and 8 more
good extension
Ahmed Verified Buyer
good extension
Also installed: Automatic Related Products,  Advanced SEO Suite,  Mass Product Actions,  Custom Form Builder ,  RMA,  Follow Up Email,  Affiliate and 10 more
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Frequently asked questions

chevron-down chevron-right How to add custom sort order option to Magento 2?

The Improved Sorting extension introduces a new concept called Sorting Criterion, which represents a single sorting option.

To add a new custom sort order option to your product listings, you will need to create the required Sorting Criteria. The extension will automatically apply these criteria to all catalog pages.

chevron-down chevron-right How can I set a different default sorting option for a particular category in Magento 2?

By default, Magento 2 applies the global sorting option to each category, but you can modify the default option for a particular category by editing its settings (category edit page).

For instance, you can sort the 'Sale' category by the discount amount and the 'New Products' category by date.

chevron-down chevron-right Can I display 2 bestsellers and 3 recently added products at the top and sort all the products below by rating?

Yes, you can.

Not only can you combine several sorting conditions into a single criterion, but you can also limit the number of products for each condition.

chevron-down chevron-right How to display out-of-stock products at the end of the catalog?

In order to achieve this, you will need to create a new global ranking factor for stock status. This way, the extension will apply this factor to all category pages, search pages, and product widgets.

In the same manner, you can push products without images or reviews to the end of the list.

chevron-down chevron-right Can I sort product by their order numbers/sales?

Yes, you can.

You can even customize the time frame which the extension will take into account, for example, the last 60 days.

chevron-down chevron-right How can I enable the Sort by Rating in Magento 2 for products?

Along with dozens of other ranking factors, the Improved Sorting extension also provides the "Rating" ranking factor.

The "Rating" ranking factor aggregate all ratings assigned to each product and calculates the average rating for each product. Additionally, it utilizes the number and recency of ratings/reviews to make sorting more useful.

This factor allows you to add sort by rating option to the product catalog.

chevron-down chevron-right How to enable the Sort by Best Seller functionality in Magento 2?

Sorting by best sellers or by the number of orders is one of the most useful sorting options and is commonly used by end users. To use this feature, you need to configure the "Bestsellers" rating factor and specify the duration of order history to consider (by default, the last 30 days are used).

chevron-down chevron-right How can I apply sort by popularity for Magento 2 catalog?

To apply the "Sort by Popularity" option for the Magento 2 catalog using the Mirasvit Improved Sorting extension you need to create new ranking factor "Popularity".

This factor uses number of visits on the product page (page views) to sort products.

chevron-down chevron-right How to sort products by stock quantity or sort by stock availability in Magento 2?

By default, Magento 2 does not offer built-in options to sort products by stock quantity or stock availability. However, you can achieve this functionality by utilizing the Mirasvit Improved Sorting extension.

This extension, among many other sorting possibilities, provides the ability to sort products by stock quantity (regular or MSI) and by stock status. It can also be used to push out-of-stock products to the end of the product list.

Version 1.3.11Jul 25, 2023
reindex issue with enterprice edition
adding storeId to bestseller factor query
Version 1.3.10Jul 20, 2023
Smile ElasticSuite compatibility
adding storeId to bestseller factor query
Version 1.3.9Jul 5, 2023
Fixed the issue with graphQL search requests
Version 1.3.8Jun 22, 2023
Compatibility issue with Opensearch 2.5 on Magento Commerce
Fixed the issue with sorting by price when catalog price rules created for particular customer groups
Version 1.3.7Jun 12, 2023
Fixed Rankin Factor, issue of deprecated dynamic property
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