Customer Support Happiness Report

Thanks Marina.
Quick and the right answer.
superior service
Hope you add category image and url suffix possibilities with also features to control the search results more precisely.
Amazing support guys, thank you so very much for being so prompt, so knowledgeable and so courteous. We had 2 issues that we raised in the last 24 hours, the fist issue was resolved within an 1, the second issue within 2 hours. Simply amazing, a pleasure to deal with. Keep up the good work!
Thank you
Very responsive development.
We don't understand why does Sphinx ultimate search for Magento 2 have the option to use Elastic Search but the plugin is not supporting it. We have to expend more money on a new plugin.
Alexander replied to all my questions in a fast and concise way
Awesome, professional and very detailed response. Thank you all for your hard work.
Quick reply - accurate too
Quite amateur move.
Thanks Vladimir!
Unfortunately, "ask your developers to fix our plugin" is not the answer I expected to hear.
All ok!
Thank you I will pursue this immediately with MageArray
I have hundreds maybe thousands of emails. And I never even have time for a restroom break or lunch and now I have to search through all this email? Not good
All ok as usual.
Just great!
As always a big help!
Thanks Alexei, that was helpful. I'm still working with our developers on this issue, they may have more questions about changing the timing from 1 hour.
Big help!
Perfect support !!
Helpful as always!
Quick and very professional support