Customer Support Happiness Report

Many thanks for that.
Great support with fast responses!
Excellent help! Thanks.
Thank you for your service and professional standards!
Thank you very much. I am glad about the quick responses.
When can we expect a fix for this.
Hi, Not happy with the service sent numerous emails and no response !
Excellent feedback. Quick response to questions. Precise answers Excellent
Best and fastest support, that's also reason why I bought 4 plugins from Mirasvit. Big thanks to Igor and Suport team, you are the best.
thank you
Very good support.
Excellent quick precise.
it's a strange response
Quick response
I am not happy your service your support ask me for small help order id
Your solution solved the problem. My apologies, my comments were not valid. You have presented a well-functioning solution.
Great support
Perfect and suuuuuper fast, THX
Excellent support, as usual.
Best support in magento world
Just because you've been using this for years doesn't mean it works well. Of course I know how to give an index name. The question is how can I translate the index name in another storeview.
Great work, now is all OK. I receive no more emails. Thank you Igor.
Igor's great patience and help has lead to finding the cause of a caching problem. Thanks so much.
Great service, thank you.
You can always tell if you are dealing with a good company when you have a problem. I made a feature request, it didn't all go to plan on the first update but I receive fantastic customer service from the Mirasvit team and it was quickly and professionally resolved within the day.
Solved quickly!
Fast answer, good communication, thanks!
Fast and operative help, I am very satisfied!
Inna solved my issue. Thanks Inna!!
Thank you
Thanks for the quick, useful and helpful answers
As always, your service was as good as it can be, we are very satisfied customers, thank you!
Thanks for being so rapid!!!
Asking simple question, not getting the simple answer it requires
quick and relevant answers