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Good support.
I clearly requested to install the extension on the dev site first. But your team installed it on the live site and made it down during our business hours. I am not happy with it at all.
Igor was very helpful! Great support. Thanks, Bill Pajak
Once again, Great support with fast response and resolution!
Excelent support! Very helpful, and resolved ALL our issues!
Great customer service. Quick to reply and very helpful. Thanks. Bill Pajak
Great Customer Support!
Why your dev ask this question? This is very simple, are you have magento knowledge?
The dev check carefully collection I added on ticket. I need to spent a lot of time eo explain but they still can't reproduce the issue. Even I created collection and reproduce the issue on the site your dev provide to me
Always very prompt and helpful. Much appreciated!
Time wasting
The support reacts so fast and properly. Thanks
Good support
Thanks for your assistance! We can close out this ticket now.
Verry good support. Issue was solved quiqly, like each time. Good team.
Excellent answer
it wasn't answered
Perfect support again :)
it was a PHP caching issue, extension is up and running on our website, thank you!
Not happy.
Helpful support, solved the issue promptly
excellent advice
Excellent service!
Mirasvit is still the best company out there!
Mirasvit = Quality and Satisfaction :)
Really great support. Very helpful. Very happy with Mirasvit! Bill P.
Ultra fast support!! Awesome :)
Not really answering our questions
Thank you so much for clearing up my misunderstanding graciously, Maria!
Varry fast and profesional response.
thanks for listening :)
Concise, accurate and effective ;) Amazing
Work on your customer service skills.
excellent work. thank you