Customer Support Happiness Report

Our instruction is clear but question is lazy
Thank you so much for the support and quick fix
Igor was very knowledgeable
Support helped a lot. Thank you very much.
Thank you
Great answer and quick, you guys are awesome
Just great.
Extensions were installed now we cannot download orders. We need 24/7 support
Verry good support!
Thank you Anna
thanks for the quick fix
every do not like to share SSH details to debug, so it would be great if you support through team viewer or Anydesk
Thank you so much
Grade Job !!! Thank you Mirasvit !!!
Thank you
Немного промахнулся, но мне с пониманием и терпением дали ответ. Очень благодарен вашему суппорту!
Great help from Max
Спасибо Max Podkopaev! Вы очень помогли со стороны кода(исправили баг который мешал релизу), а также проконсультировали и помогли с настройкой модуля.
Amazing fast support
Perfect, thanks
great feedback
Thank you for the very fast reply, so impressive support. Thank you very much!
Response quite fast! I appreciated that.
Great response and lightning quick turn around.
I am extremely pleased with the support.
Thank you. :)
Very good support.
Thanks for your support
fixing the mirasvit search extension is taking more than several weeks
Thank you so much! Great support! Please let me know if I can rate your support somewhere else to help you. :-)
Thank you for the response and providing solution
thanks a lot :)