Customer Support Happiness Report

Thank you Roman, you are a great guy! Verry good support and quick!
Love Mirasvit. Marvellous company, excellent tools and even better tech support.
Thank you guys.
thank you
I need help, not instructions on how to give you access to my systems via SSH.
Thanks for your help.
Excellent job as always
Very good support!
Thank you! :) Слава Україні! :)
i really dont understand what the rep needs and how he/she can help me to solve the issue.
Thank you.
Quick, practical and solid response.
thank you
Thank you, you are simply the best!
quick response and resolution
After updating, the google map's still not loading correctly on our site, but at least the calculations are now happening correctly, which is the more important part.
Hallo Olha, you guys are really incredible! It worked straight away, thank you so much! I'm sure more people will be happy about it! Many thanks, Martin
Not getting proper support from Mirasvit extension.
Igor has been so helpful and professional in resolving my issues promptly. I am happy to do the business with your company! I accidentally clicked 'Not good' on the email. Please disregard the rating. It was my mistake.
Big help, thanks!