Customer Support Happiness Report

Great extension and support
Fine responses
Top team
Denis is awesome. give him a raise! :)
thanks for quick solution
No support at all, customer for many years and when you find a bug in their extension they are unwilling to even look at it without support.
proper service responses
beyond pitiful.
Awesome customer service. I like it!
Fantastic service from Igor and the whole Mirasvit team as usual
Awesome and fast support! Absolute recommendation!
Thank you for your prompt response.
Thanks a lot!
Once more an excellent support experience. Thank you!
Great extension and excellent customer service, thank you!
Colaborarea cea mai buna pe suport si module. Best colaboration for support and extension. Best regards Mirasvit team!
Me and Dennis had a showoff who has worse English. At the end I let him win. :D Jokes aside, Dennis was very patient and helpful and at the end he helped me understand and now I know what to do. 10/10 Support.
I am very happy with your professional services!
Denis was very fast to answer and his fix was just what we needed!
We are regular customers since 2015 and Mirasvit never let us down since then. Great customer service all the way through.
The support is awesome
Excellent Service for a question asked about the Rewards Extension from Inna ! GREAT
Fast and good service
Great customer support. Thank you.
Support was great and well explained. Thanks.
Fast, efficient technical service. I'm very happy.
I was pretty frustrated due to the communication with Alex and expressed my concerns in the feedback. From that point, Vladimir took up the case and he patiently answered all of my questions. I love the company's immediate response and great customer service.
as always...Denis is AMAZING
Great customer service from Max. That's one of the main reasons I work with Mirasvit.
thank you for the help and support on this.
Always great support, thanks guys!
Thank you!
Almost like a real-time chat. Denis is response quickly, kind and professional. Highly recommended.
Amazing support from Dennis...just outstanding..the expertise, the guys earned my business for life! Thank you
Thanks Igor!
Quick support. Like always with Mirasvit you get things done in no time :)
There is no doubt that Alex is a good developer but I'm so frustrated when I communicate with him. Ys, he makes jobs done. But it takes enormous energy to convince him to do it with lots and lots of emails. I don't want to be stressed when I work with Mirasvit. One good thing is that he responds promptly and fix issues quickly only if he thinks it's worth to fix. Sigh... I'm too tired to talk with him. Please do something.
Verry prompt and good services and extension!
Roman !
it could be better experience
I feel the answer sent to me was automated reply, it's not check the case in details
Thank you very much - great solution!
So fast and responsive! I love it!
Waiting for the issue to be fixed.