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The response did not make clear the information I requested. I want to know not only if the date range is saved in the report but if the data linked to the google sheet will continually, automatically update according to the saved date range, eg. last 30 days, without ever having to go back into the reporting app
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Thanks again for your quick support! Excellent!
issue is not solved.
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Exelent product and customer support. I do appreciate that you look after your existing customers and didn't introduce subscription based module for us. Some business aren't big and can't afford paying $100 subscription per module per year. I highly recommend your product elasticsseach to anyone! Good job. PP
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Thank you for your reply & very surprised given the circumstances. The world hope you win this battle soon. All our best wishes.
Thank you for your quick support.
Thank you for your quick support again!! Excellent!!
Thank you for your quick support again!! Excellent!!
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I am very happy with the super fast and knowledgable response of Max!