Customer Support Happiness Report

Thanks for the help. Very happy!
Thanks for your fast answer
Alex kept his word. I'm happy with his support.
good service
Yes, thank you very much. This service is only needed for updated version issues. All procedures must be done again. This is a host issue from the customer.
A perfect support ticket!
Useless comment, what access do you need.? Where do you need access to, ? How much access and with what promission.?
Great service as always!
Quick response with useful answer.
You are very fast
First, you've asked us to provide SSH and admin access to the website. This is troublesome and took a while, but we've provided it. Then, you ignore the access details and tell me to update the module. Wrong order
Igor and Andrey you provide above average customer service. Just awesome It is really appreciated.
Igor is not helpful at all. There is a feature to sort by stock but he said it can't use the stock qty for each product. What is he talking about?? It just worked fine before the extension update! Please make it work again!
A++ the BEST service in the industry!!
Indeed awsome Thanks Igor
Excellent support as always Thanks
Thank you for the quick repsonse to our support ticket. Great service!
Quick and accurate awnser.
Your support is great :)
Thank you for fast answer :)
Excelent service
Thank you for your fast response. Our Staging site is running great now!
Helpful, very nice language.
Thank you for the support!
Ok thank you so much for your help
Very, very helpfull. Thanks Denis from Mirasvit.
I know Mirasvit for over 10 years. All the extensions bought form them worked PERFECT! Next time I will need a functionality to my shop, Mirasvit will be the first to ask for it.
The Issue has been fixed, Thank you.
Good job, thanks!
Hi Maryna This works perfectly now, thank you for all your assitance, it's very helpfull to us. Have a great day! :)
Thanks, that worked well
Very help full
Thank you for the quick response and solution!
Thank you. That was very fast!