Follow Up Email for Magento 2

Increase your store Conversion Rate and drive more sales with the most powerful and fully featured Follow Up Email Extension for Magento 2!

The average online shopping carts abandonment rate is about 68%! Use Follow Up Email Extension to win back your customers, grow your online store Conversion Rate and drive more sales.

Compatible with:   Community: 2.0-2.1.*
Enterprise: 2.0-2.1.*

Fully featured and powerful Email Marketing Tool

Email Triggers, Follow Up Emails - those are ultimately powerful Marketing Tools. Our extension allows you to manage online store email marketing easy and get tangible results in the form of growing number of orders.

You may use third party service to make Email campaigns for your shop, but it is always better to keep all marketing activities in one interface you have already common with. Follow Up Emails extension gives you almost unlimited options to attract more customers using Email marketing.

The extension includes the most efficient trigger configurations: Abandoned Cart, Customer Not Logged In For X Days, Review Request, Post-Purchase Cross-Sell, etc. Also create unlimited number of email chains for each trigger and make it fit your business model and goals.

You will also like WYSIWYG editor, which allows you to edit email templates appearance.

You may generate coupon codes and insert Cross-sells using step-by-step trigger wizard. Then you can make up Rules, which manage customers receiving every email in a chain. Follow Up Emails allows to track all campaigns using Google Analytics UTM tags: just fill out the necessary fields on the last step of trigger wizard and monitor results in GA.

Follow Up Emails - grow your online shop Conversion Rate and get more leads or sales!

10 advantages you get with Follow Up Email Extension

  • Use Built-in configurations for fast launch
  • Create unlimited number of emails for each trigger
  • Insert automatically generated coupon codes into chain emails
  • Use Cross-Sells in the emails
  • Edit email templates in WYSIWYG editor
  • Manage customers, who will receive your emails,creating comprehensive Rules
  • Manage Email Templates: add your own or customize the existing ones
  • Schedule every email in chain to fit your current business goals
  • Customize design of every email template
  • Get clear statistics on email triggers: built-in reports and Google Analytics allows you to keep up every moment

Feature Highlights

Flexible Events

Choose any event to launch trigger email among 20+ ready solutions:

  • Customer related events (logged in, subscribed on newsletter, etc.)
  • Shopping Cart related events (Abandoned Cart)
  • Order related events (status events)
  • Wishlist related events (shared or product added)

Here are several ready-made trigger solutions for your store customers from Follow Up Emails:

  • Abandoned Cart Reminder
  • Review Request (extension automatically sends asking for review emails some time after purchase. Then you may configure mail chain with few messages, if customer did not place a review after the first message)
  • Win-back message (extension sends a winback message to customers who did not visit your store for specific time)
  • Product recommendation (extension can send Product Recommendation Emails, based on previous customer purchases history)
  • Greet your customers on their birthdays

Also you may define a Cancellation event. When this event happens, the whole trigger email chain stops.

Unlimited Number of Emails in Chains

Add unlimited number of Emails in every Follow Up Chain. Our Extension allows you this feature. You may schedule the exact time after the previous chain message to send the next email in a chain. Then add the next message and schedule its sending, and repeat these steps, while you need according to your shop marketing plan.

For example, you scheduled a chain of emails in case your Customer abandoned his Cart. And this trigger goal is to receive an order from the Customer, who abandoned a cart. Let’s pretend , he or she received the first message of a chain and made an order! Here comes our Cancellation event: Customer will not receive any trigger chain messages, as he fulfilled your goal! Very important feature, though not obligatory.

Sending Trigger Rules

Set up the Rules for email chains and all emails will be sent only if all those conditions met. It is very convenient feature in case you do not want to send trigger email all your customers, but the chosen ones.

For example, you targeted audience for Abandoned Cart email chain is the following: Not logged in and their Subtotal is more than $25. So, you will not send any email to a customer, who abandoned a cart, but was logged in or the subtotal was less than $25.

Another Trigger Rules use case: Follow Up Emails allows you not to send certain mail chains to regular customers or customers from Retailers group.

WYSIWYG editor for Emails

Follow Up Emails extension allows you to edit HTML code of emails and see all changes within a second on the same screen (WYSIWYG).

This feature is really important, if you want to add some elements to email manually or change something in a template design.

Custom Templates

Follow Up Emails extension allows you to create and edit your own templates for emails. Just choose a name and a subject and your template is ready!

You may also choose specific design, add description and teaser, edit header and content. Take these fields into consideration, if you want to make your email stand out.

Install Follow Up Emails Extension and enjoy the power of Email Marketing!

Advanced Reports (coming)

Our solution provides you with advanced reporting interface. Follow Up Emails extension reports are easy to read: clear charts, email tunnel and table data present everything you need to know about your trigger campaigns.

You may set any date and period for reports and watch the results of any trigger email chain you have launched within this period:

  • emails sent
  • emails opened
  • links activity (number of clicks)
  • number of reviews
  • number of orders
  • revenue amount

Reporting system visualizes emails tunnel, so you can see how many emails you have sent and how many orders you received for specific period.

Use Coupons and Cross-Sells in email body

Follow Up Emails Extension allows you to generate coupon codes in particular emails in a chain and set discount rate.

It is also available an option to set up the expiration period for each coupon. So, with our solution you are able to plan each coupon and then track the results of a chain with discount coupons.

Follow Up Emails Extension allows you to include Cross-Sells in email. This solution can essentially increase your sales of desired products.

If you do not wish to run Coupons and Cross-Sells on specific weekdays, just choose them in the Options and customers will not be able to see coupons or cross-sell offers on chosen days. Take these features into consideration, if you want to raise your shop sales!

Google Analytics Reports

Set up Google Analytics campaign for each trigger email chain and view online reports in GA interface.

Follow Up Emails extension allows to configure specific UTM parameters for every email campaign. This lets you use Google Analytics in addition to built-in reports.

Here is what Follow Up Email solution customers say:

"...The product could provide more default event criteria which can allow for a wider amount of triggered campaigns. While saying that with what is there you can do quite a lot, this a definite MUST HAVE for any sort business type big or small..."

"Just with the abandoned cart option alone, this extension proved it's worth. I love the extensive trigger options and the wysiwyg way you can design your emails in the back-end of Magento. Highly recommended!"

Drive more sales and grow your store conversion rate with powerful Follow Up Email extension!




  • Limit number of cart rules




  • Compatibility issue
  • Set attribute element as a text and add available options for region condition




  • New rule condition 'Shopping cart products available for purchase'




  • Fixed an issue with store base url




  • Compatibility with Magento 2.1




  • Added store filter to events grid




  • Support of different mail transfer agents


  • Fixed issue with SalesRule naming (after update to 2.0.6)
  • Fixed issue with multi-store emails
  • Changed external links params (code to hash)
  • Issues with rules
  • Fixed an issue with empty Restre Cart url
  • Fixed and issue with cross sells
  • Fixed possible issue with non-secure url for ajax capture




  • Fixed an issue with menu




  • Added new tab to customer edit page with FUE emails
  • Ability to setup coupon generation rules (length, prefix, suffix, dash every X chars)
  • Check coupon type (fixed or auto generation)
  • Improved clean history (logs) feature
  • Improved current time (local/gmt) validation
  • i18n


  • Fixed an issue with cross-sell products
  • Fixed wrong link in menu
  • Fixed an issue with wrong link to Settings


  • Updated installation steps




  • Fixed an issue with cronjob (wrong path to class)
  • Fixed an issue with parse error in crontab.xml


  • Added new column to trigger grid with general information
  • Added ability to preview cross-sell products in template preview


  • Added base user manual

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