Advanced Reports for Magento 2

Magento 2 Reports Extension is an amazingly flexible and user-friendly analytics suite. It improves upon default Magento reports in every possible way.

Install Magento 2 Advanced Reports and take your online store's analytics to the next level!

  • Realize the full potential of your data
  • Analyze any data in your database
  • Review 20 ready-to-use reports
  • Create your own reports and columns
  • Build custom dashboards
  • Access your KPIs from any device
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Feature Highlights

Embedded Dashboard (clickable)

Business Value

Opportunity: High quality analytics is vital for your online store's success. You've got to have a comprehensive suite in order to better understand your target audience, optimize the funnel, stay on top of the trends, invest in the right areas, diagnose problems, and more.

Problem: Magento's default analytics is barely enough for creating a basic sales report. It won't let you analyze all the necessary information. You can't customize the reports. On top of that, the interface is far too rigid.

Solution: Our Magento 2 reporting extension is a complete solution that will get the most out of your data. It supports any and all data from your database. You can duplicate and fully customize any of the 20 reports. There's even multi-dimensional grouping, and you can create brand new columns. Last but not least, its interface is flexible yet very simple to use.

Gain valuable insights right after installation

The module includes 20 reports any online store needs:

  • Sales Overview
  • Orders Overview
  • Sales by the Hour of the Day
  • Sales by the Day of the Week
  • Sales by the Coupon Code
  • Sales by the Cart Price Rule
  • Sales by Customers
  • Sales by the Customer Group
  • Sales by Geodata (Country)
  • New vs. Returning Customers
  • Customers Overview
  • Sales by the Payment Type
  • Sales by Tax Rates
  • Product Performance
  • Sales by the Category
  • Sales by the Attribute
  • Sales by Color, Brand, etc
  • Sales by the Attribute Set
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Abandoned Products

You can also create your own reports.

Why load the full report if you only need to take a look at a few key variables? There's a better way to analyze performance in the Advanced Reports Extension.

The Advanced Report module replaces your admin panel's standard dashboard with a custom one which displays only the most relevant data.

Custom dashboard in Mirasvit Advanced Reports Magento 2 module


  • Sort by any grid column
  • Filter by any grid column
  • Filter by any relevant attribute
  • Add/Remove columns
  • Sort columns with drag-and-drop
  • Group by one or more attributes (multi-dimensional reports)
  • Filter by the date
  • Filter by the store view
  • Duplicate any default report
  • Bar, pie, area charts and histograms
  • Multi y-axis charts (monetary, percentage, quantity)
  • Show/hide the chart's columns
  • Chart tooltips
  • Switch by chart types
  • Export to a CSV file
  • Export to an Excel XML file
  • Comparison cell values for the column
  • Display totals for the entire table

Report Builder

  • Copy/delete existing reports
  • Rename reports
  • Change the primary dimensions (group the attributes)
  • Change the primary filters
  • Change the default dimensions
  • Change the default table columns
  • Add columns/dimensions/filters from all database tables (more than 5000 columns/attributes supported)


  • Add/remove/clone dashboards
  • Move/resize/remove any widget/block
  • Direct URL access, including mobile
  • Metric widget with comparison and trend line
  • Table widget
  • Set fixed date-range for any widget
  • Private and shared boards
Install Advanced Reports and make your data work for you!
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Customer Reviews 95
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Great Product
Giuls  from United States
Glad I bought it.
Best Magento 2 Reports extension.
James  from Kenya
I really like the reports generated by this module. Simple clear and easy to setup. I also like the way it integrates with other Mirasvit modules like reward points, follow up email, Customer Segmentation Suite. It really makes the data work analysis easy. Highly recommended.
Mirasvit Advanced Reports
Sean  from Dakabin, Australia
This extension is great and simple to use - has saved us a lot of admin time.
Good functionality
Aman  from Toronto, Canada
Easy to use.
Super-useful features
Great for store monitoring
Luciano  from Recife, Brazil
Very easy to use and very complete
Very good
LT  from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Our CTO did his research and recommended this highly!
So great
MichaelBNE  from Sydney, Australia
I particularly love the product performance reports. It allows us to keep track of our top-selling products easily and ensure that we're never out of stock.
Installed also: Improved Sorting M2
Works  from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
So much detail and very quick to load.
Awesome reporting with very speedy. Love it!
Jerry  from United States
This is by far the easiest reporting tool to use, and the ability to define custom data point is great. I've tried other reporting extensions from other vendors, but this one performs as advertised when others don't. Highly recommend it!
Great Value
Keylime  from Panama
This extension saved us days of development. Great value at great price
A solid, well thought of module to help our business grow
Matt  from Springfield, United States
Mirasvit continues to impress with solid code, modules, and features. This is a must-have for any business that needs analytics and reporting on their Magento 2 site. Thank you Mirasvit Team!
Best reports module i have ever used
Excellent  from Canada
Very useful and well-written module. The advanced options in the reports options are particularly powerful.
Very good extension
Anas  from United States
useful extensions but need more enhancement and more ready-made reports.
yeoyeesoon  from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This is a very good extension. However, expecting a more comprehensive tutorials for us to customize the reports by ourselves instead of relying on the support to help us.
Adv Report Review
JP  from West Hempstead, United States
Working very well for our client.
ABBA  from Longueuil, Canada
Installed also: Advanced Product Feeds M2
Great module
Bulent  from Bulgaria
Great module, recommended for every store.
Good stuff
from Melbourne, Australia
Lots of reports in clear manner.
From the moment you install it, you realise you should of installed it sooner!
K730  from Melbourne, Australia
Since its inception the default Magento reports have been lacking, Advanced Reports by Mirasvit fills so many gaps. Once you install this extension and start exploring the report capabilities you quickly realise how much information you were missing before. You'll then question yourself why you didn't install this extension sooner!
Great Data Insights from Magento for Decision Makers
Christys  from United Kingdom
M2 version is even better than M1. Lots of room to customise reports for Directors, Marketers, etc. Awesome support from lifetime update product
Steve  from Gurgaon, India
Magento 2 Advanced Reports extension will help you to get the rich look and feel
Much better than Magento Basic Reports
Sam  from Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Reports are important for any e-commerce business and having an overview of the business when I login to our Magento dashboard is great. From a single glance I can see how many sales we have had in any one time period, if any refunds where issued and the year to date. The reports are highly configurable and I have been surprised to find they often pull in information from 3rd party scripts such as our stock information etc. Great extension over all and a must for business owners.
Excellent Reports module
Davide  from Milan, Italy
This is a great Reports module that fully met our client's needs.
Stunning reports
Pascal  from South Africa
This extension produces stunning reports that give you an instant overview into the health of you business and where most of your customers are located.
Works perfectly!
Louise  from Holstebro, Denmark
with nice abilities to create your own reports, very nice :D
Allan  from Shepperton, United Kingdom
Magento 2 Advanced Reports extension will help you to get the rich look and feel
Highly recommended
wrc  from Antalya, Turkey
Really excellent extension and support. Thanks.
Amazing product and support
Merchant  from Canada
Great product, extremely flexible and AMAZING support. Ran into an issue and it was resolved within 10 minutes of giving access to our environment. Highly recommended.
Cant thank enough- Great Ext Mirasvit
sun  from Lewes, United States
many possibilities to track the sales and to maintain the inventory
Great Extension and Even Better Support
AR  from Lawrence, United States
Very good Reports. I have not yet explored report builder. But I must say that the support is extremely professional and great. For that reason only I have purchased other extensions from Mirasvit. They are the guys to emulate. Good Job!
Clear insights
Mike  from Echtenerbrug, Netherlands
Because the native magento 2 rapports are very limited this gave us much more insights to our orders and customers. Just waiting for support for simple product attributes now and then it will be perfect.
Advanced Reports for Magento 2 - Smooth & Professional
Robert  from Portland, United States
Advanced Reports for Magento 2 helps our clients easily understand trends and dynamics on their sites in a clean and easy-to-use graphical interface. It's very smooth and professional. A great way to get the data you need in a clean, understandable format!
Magento 1: Perfect
Marián  from Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Well coded extension!
Magento 1: Great Plugin
Dan  from Birmingham, United Kingdom
This is a fully-featured and well-programmed plugin. It works incredibly well and has tons of features. Incredibly useful to the point of removing the need to do any outside-of-magento reporting.
Magento 1: Excellent
Justin  from Málaga, Spain
Customer Service was excellent. Prior to me purchasing I showed them what another competitor offers and they helped me compare both products.
They did instalaltion for me.
The product is exactly how they explained.
After service excellent as well. Always on the ball. Helped me personalise the page and graphs etc.
Very happy all round.
Magento 1: Just Brilliant!
Waernjk  from Istanbul, Turkey
This plugin worths every cents and then some.

It gave us amazing insights about our business that would be almost impossible for us to get otherwise.

If you have a decent amount or order size, you NEED to get this extension.

Magento 1: Excellent Product, Excellent Metrics!
Jose  from Mexico City, Mexico
Advanced Reports helped us to get better metrics in an easy way. Every report is very well shown and with good filters.
Magento 1: A "must have" for all Magento store owners
Robert  from Oppegard, Norway
This is really a "must have" for all Magento store owners. Lots of usefull reports displayed in a beautifull and well arranged grapic user interface.
Also the Mirasvit team offers exeptional support if you should experience any problems.
Magento 1: Really useful
Alex  from Barcelona, Spain
I really like the way information is presented, with a few clicks I can get an accurate report with all the information I need
Magento 1: Great product, wonderful customer service
ben  from Israel
We needed a little adjustment on our advanced reports, we've received a prefect reply and assistance, as well as instructions on how to solve this issue in the future on our own.
Very helpful, and the reports are perfect and very easy to use.
Magento 1: The best reporting tool for Magento
Tomasz  from Chorzów, Poland
This is the best Magento extension for details reports. Profit report is top class. Thanks to many data you will know whats going on. You can sort columns, make them hidden or visible, you can generate great reports.
Feature request: give option to compare time-frames year to year, month to month. To see difference. And timeframe like trailing month/year/quarter/week. YTD is sometimes not enough :)
Very Usefull
FiloBlu  from Santa Maria di Sala, Italy
We found very appropriate for all our needs!
Magento 1: Very useful tool
Leo  from The Colony, United States
Very useful tool, very handy!
Magento 1: The best module for reports
vidal  from Valladolid, Spain
For me was a great experience buy this module. I can show information about all fields or dates. Great module
Installed also: Sphinx Search Ultimate M2
Magento 1: Very good addon for report
Jiradech  from Ban Bang Phli Nakhon, Thailand
It gives us more powerful comprehensive report. Great extension.
Magento 1: Awesome reports!
Lyle  from Singapore, Singapore
Fantastic and really rich reports!
Magento 1: Great extension
Victor  from Hanoi, Vietnam
The extension improve the our business performance. it is upgraded regularly, great job.
Magento 1: Great Extension
Joseph  from Nanuet, United States
This extension is a must have extension. It gives us insight into a lot of data that helps us daily make the right decisions. The extension has paid for itself 10 fold.
Magento 1: Great
FiloBlu  from Santa Maria di Sala, Italy
Absolutely great!
Good Work
anuwat  from Bangkok, Thailand
Very easy and save my time for report
Nice reports and value
Henry  from Longwood, United States
This extension offers some nice reports with much more detail then stock magento. Mine the js calendar did not work. Support at Mirisvit came to the rescue and fixed in one day. Great company and awesome support always..I'd say best in the business.
Magento 1: very useful
Michael  from Hjortshoj, Denmark
This extension helps a lot giving us all needed information about sales in usegroups. We use it to give our dealers bonus of exactly their customers
Magento 1: We use this extension a lot
Daniel  from Aarhus, Denmark
Works really well and crawls the shop
Magento 1: Great!
Alex  from Berlin, Germany
Great extension! Very happy with our choice!
Magento 1: Awesome Extension!!
Robert  from Berlin, Germany
This extension is very easy to use and gives a lot of very usefull informations! No customisation needed. Just install and use! Thanks for these awesome extension!!
Magento 1: Great Extension
Willian  from Joinville, Brazil
A good module to reports sales.
Magento 1: Good extension and support
Marc  from Netherlands
We had some requests to customise the extension and the support was quick and effective!
Magento 1: perfect
Alessandro  from Milan, Italy
we use it a lot, great work
Magento 1: Great as usuall
Beatriz  from Haarlem, Netherlands
We have this extension for more than a year now and we are truly happy with it, everything works great and when it doesn't Mirasvit has the best customer service I've ever seen! Thank you
Magento 1: Very good extension and support
Gökhan  from Bad Vilbel, Germany
I m happy with Mirasvit and his extensions...
Magento 1: Best reports extension ever
Milosz  from East Rutherford, United States
This extension has everything I need. Mirasvit is great overall and I will recommend their extensions to anyone in the future. Thanks!
Awesome Features along with outstanding Customer Service!
Viktor  from Steinbach, Canada
What can be felt, not always can be expressed in words, but I will try my best!

1. I bought almost all existing extensions for M2, while offered a very generous discount from a Sales Rep. Then, as all of us know, all the miracles stop right there, but not with these guys.

2. Installed the extensions, and as it usually happens, problems did not wait so long to arise on my horizon.

3. No fear, help is near... that is my personal Slogan... and found out the same attitude from Mirasvit guys. I asked for help, and it was near. I reported PHP7 and other compatibility issues, and a fix was ready in a blink of an eye. I asked for features improvements and suggested new features, and these came in a matter of a few days.

4. Features pack on the extensions is very reach, and these guys are always open to any sound improvements on their extensions.

5. Extensions updates are done via composer, so no manual uploads and unzips on every update release. That makes all my updates as easy like a snap of a finger,.. 10 seconds and I am all set.

P.S. In the end of the day I feel happy to be a respected customer of Mirasvit. I am hooked on this valuable M2 Solutions Provider. My $$$ spent on the extensions are secure... I feel like a part of the Team. I highly recommend Mirasvit to anyone who is seeking peace of mind and stable future for his/her Online Business.
Magento 1: works great
Emily  from United States
We felt we were missing some reports... this extension has filled in those gaps for us.
Magento 1: Very good extension.
Gökhan  from Bad Vilbel, Germany
Very good extension. I m happy. And the support is good too.
Magento 1: Very Good Extension For Reporting
Rajat  from Delhi, India
I bought This Extension...From Mirasvit..For Different Kind Of Product Reporting... and Found..its good....
Magento 1: Great Extension
Joseph  from United States
Is it such a powerful extension for every business.
Magento 1: Useful but room for improvement
Sally  from Royston, United Kingdom
This plug in is useful but there are bits that could be much easier.

We paid extra for instalment and this was fantastic - the team installed it quickly and it didn't effect any of our other plug ins.

However, it's not obvious where things are. To find out what has been sold over a given period, for example, you don't go to "sales" but "catalogue - Products/Bestsellers". Some of the reports don't seem that useful and it's not as flexible as we'd hoped. In addition, navigating the drop down menu is tricky as it goes off the screen. It's better to have it than not though
Magento 1: Easy to use reporting on almost anything
Hannes  from Antwerp, Belgium
Easy to use reporting on almost anything. Drill down with filters like product attributes, on period or website. Great value.
Magento 1: What you See is What You Get ... Not Much to Manipulate
Rudy  from Los Angeles, United States
Overall it is working fine. However you only can select the options based on what are available. There is no way to customize/ remap the layout/ data to fit your custom expectation such as combining some data into one window instead of wasting the full real estate for one value.
Magento 1: Great way management
Flavio  from Presidente Prudente, Brazil
Ideal for monitoring the performance of your store individually looking for rich reports that make information a source of analysis.
Magento 1: Very usefull
Nick  from Groningen, Netherlands
The reports are very usefull and the Dashboard you can customize to whatever you want is very great.

The extension is also easy to install and works perfect out of the box.
Magento 1: need custom sql
Flo  from La Crau, France
Add functionality to create custom SQL record and it' will be the best report extension on the market.
Magento 1: This is a very useful extension
Miguel  from Hollywood, United States
This reports extension, will help you analyze every aspect of your sells.
You can go by day of the week or time.Very useful.
Magento 1: Amazing!
Weverson  from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Amazing extension, with lots of reports. Also, support is really awesome, we need some changes and they helped us for everything we needed. Highly recommended. ;)
Magento 1: This is not only an out-of-the-box report extension...
Christoph  from Germany's also a great piece of code if you want to start writing your own reports - clean and well commented source code ideal for beginners and non-professionals.
Magento 1: Reports that you ever wanted
Nafi  from Fort Lauderdale, United States
As you might all know that magento reports are simple. Our customers wants to see every detail with every aspect such as weekly sales & charts etc. You can buy it without any hesitation.

Magento 1: Very userful, fantastic support
Henning  from Gronau, Germany
We use the Advanced Report extensions for several weeks now and we love it. It gives you more power for insights. But the most important feature is not the extension itself, it is the fantastic support you get with buying it. The developers are open for small modifications and help if they can.
Five Stars!
Magento 1: Reports Extension is Amazing
Tom  from Ventura, United States
The reports extension is able to provide an Amazing variety of reports with excellent graphics. The feel of the interface is like a breath of fresh air and many reports and features are available with this extension that are not with native Magento extension. If your looking for a reports extension get this one and you will not be disappointed.
Magento 1: Very useful extension
Andrew  from Nantucket, United States
This is very easy to use and gives much needed data if you sell a large number of products.
Magento 1: Fantastic!
Edmar  from Aracaju, Brazil
Perfect module. Fair price and excellent functions. Customer service is also extraordinary.
Magento 1: Great reports extension
SN  from Amsterdam, Netherlands
We use it on a daily basis. Good work.
Magento 1: Must have for Magento store owners!
MA  from Maidstone, United Kingdom
Exactly what we needed. There were few problems at the beginning but Mirasvit support team was excellent.

I gave few ideas for future updates and it will be even more powerful after that.

I recommend this extension.
Magento 1: Great Extension
Marcelo  from São Paulo, Brazil
I really recomend this extesion, very flexible .. and gives a great overview. Thanks
Magento 1: Excellent plugin for Magento and support
Jay  from United Kingdom
This plugin is the best that i test. We are very happy with the fast support.
Many thanks for all guys...
Magento 1: Best report tool for Magento ever
Jeroen  from Nijmegen, Netherlands
This is by far best report tool for Magento ever.
Great value for price and best support.
Every question is answered fast and lots and lots of updates.
Our client loves the reporting tool. Nice dashboard widgets and out of box filters.
Magento 1: Much needed reports
David  from Saint Paul, United States
Finally an extension that gives the reports that Magento has been missing. Bravo.
Magento 1: Super extension
mikko  from Espoo, Finland
Very good extensions. It has tons of options and they even added few WITHOUT additional cost (=FREE!). Easy to install and works as descripted.
Mirasvit advanced report has more options than most other reporting extensions, for example sales by attribute. You can also see profit of orders or products by choosen date period.
I checked all of their competitors and this one looked best and we are still very satisfied:)
Installed also: Help Desk MX M2
Magento 1: Best Report Extension for Magento I have found
Magento1.9  from Saint George, United States
After searching for the right report extension, I finally found the one I was looking for that had everything. Great extension and great support. I am very pleased with my purchase!
Magento 1: Best Magento Devloper of the World
Alex  from Germany
These Guys are the Best Magento developer of the World, the Prices for the work of these Products are very cheep and works as descriped, no errors no bugs im very happy with the sulotions from Mirasvit, install is easy, to use the module is easy all is fine. I have no need the support !!!! I hope Mirasvit bring more extensions that work like a charm. Sorry fore my bad english i'm from germany.
Magento 1: Great Plugin with Excellent Support
Matt  from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
Very pleased with the Advanced Reports plugin from Mirasvit, it's got lots of functionality out of the box and works well. They also helped us add more reporting functionality, included in the support at no extra charge. Would recommend and use again :)
Magento 1: Nice
Eduardo  from Salvador, Brazil
Very useful. Nice support
Magento 1: Very Useful!
xMart  from United States
Must have extension!

Accurate reports, cool charts, useful dashboard and ... most impressive feature - email notifications
Magento 1: :)
Dustin  from United States
It's an absolutely must have extension.
Magento 1: Just amazing!
Alex  from United States
This is a great extension, and support people are great too. They always help to install extension in my website
Magento 1: Waited long for this!
jorgb  from United States
Finally a developer understands how reports need to work! And that for even just a first release!
Hopefully much more reports will be added to this extension in the future. If I got some I will share it.
Got a few Mirasvit extension and they are always written in high quality. Highly recommended developer!
Feature Advanced Reports Other Extensions
Customizable Widgets + -all widget types are predefined
Number of Dashboards unlimitedyou can create an unlimited number of dashboards with different data 1
Mobile Dashboard + -
Permissions +shared dashboard - for all administrators, private - only for the current user -
Data Comparison + +/-
Multi Dimensionsgroup by several columns + -
Extra Columns + +/-the number of possible columns is very limited
Custom Reports Builder + -
GEO Reportsby country, state, settlement, postal code + -
Real-time data + +/-reindexing is required in certain cases
Email reports + -
Manual & Support
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