Advanced Reviews for Magento 2

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Advanced Reviews for Magento2 is a powerful tool that makes review section in your store more structured, informative and authoritative.

As a comprehensive Magento reviews extension, it refines user engagement and propels customer satisfaction.

  • Make reviews more structured with Pros and Cons criteria
  • Increase reviews authority by highlighting feedback from real customers
  • Faster navigation through reviews with filters
  • AI Summary saves customer time on reading reviews and increases engagement
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud

Reviews left by real customers have a great impact on SEO, the number of orders, and revenue. A Magento store needs to enhance the reviews it gets from customers and make them more authentic and comprehensive.


Our Magento 2 customer reviews extension allows a store to get more detailed and structured reviews from its customers, effectively boosting the online store's credibility and conversion rates.

Why Magento reviews and ratings extension is useful for your store?

Our Magento 2 review extension acts as an effective tool for making reviews more efficient by enabling clients to share their experiences in a more detailed and structured way.

Informative reviews, written by genuine shoppers, serve as Magento 2 product testimonial and encourage hesitant shoppers to convert into actual buyers.

Increase your authority in customer's eyes

When customers devote their time to sharing their experiences, they are not just leaving comments. They are contributing to a store's credibility.

Genuine user-generated reviews hold the power to enhance a store's authority in the eyes of future potential buyers. Positive reviews signal to new customers that the store's products or services have met the expectations of others.

Allow visitors to quickly understand your products

Our Magento 2 product reviews extension helps to quickly understand a product and its real Pros and Cons. The module uses AI to automatically offer a digest of customer reviews.

Buyers can immediately get the summary of all reviews available for a particular product.

Enhance your SEO results and boost visits

Fresh, user-generated content is highly valued by search engines. Online stores that collect customer reviews improve their visibility in search results.

Higher position in search engine results is a key to draw more visitors, who can be converted into potential customers.

Compel people to buy and increases sales

Our tool highlights positive Magento 2 product reviews from actual buyers. This can help to compel hesitant visitors and convert them into purchasers.

The module additionally helps potential buyers dismiss their doubts by showing the reviewer's geographical location.

Key features of our Magento reviews extension

Allow your buyers to easily leave a structured and informative opinion on your products. Make the feedback from real buyers a top compelling argument for your potential buyers.

Reviews sorting and filtering

Shoppers can quickly navigate to reviews they need by using the sorting and filtering functionality of our product review Magento extension.

For example, your potential shoppers can quickly jump to the most useful feedback by sorting reviews by rating. Alternatively, they can view the most recent opinions by sorting by date.

Highlight reviews from actual buyers

Visitors can quickly jump to the trustworthy reviews of real buyers.

With a single click, visitors can filter out feedback written by the guest customers.

AI powered reviews aggregation

Our module saves the time of potential customers and increases engagement by presenting them with a brief summary of the available reviews.

The AI-powered summary feature analyses the last ten customer reviews for a product and publishes a brief digest at the top of the reviews section.

Get a flow of reviews with a Review Reminder

Encourage your shoppers to leave feedback. Enhance your Magento store by getting product reviews from your buyers, prompting them to share their opinions.

This automated review reminder can help ensure a continuous influx of new reviews.

The "I recommend" flag

Allow your potential shoppers to quickly determine whether the product is worth buying.

The "I recommend" flag enables the reviewer to decisively express their opinion on the product, saving potential shoppers time on reading and analyzing the review itself.

Adding photos to reviews

Reviews become more convincing when accompanied by real product images.

When a review is supported by a product photo taken by a genuine buyer, it significantly influences the purchasing decision of potential buyers.

Advanced reviews platform for Magento

Magento 2 review extension helps to convert more potential buyers into actual purchasers by showcasing engaging and trustworthy feedback from your existing buyers.

Let your customers do the talking that leads to increased sales.

A form for structured feedback

review widget

Make it simple for your visitors to write structured reviews with a set of structured fields.

Embed a power reviews Magento mechanism on every product page of your store and encourage your clients to share their impressions.

Leaving feedback becomes a simple and quick process.

Customers are welcome to leave the overall rating score with a brief summary.

Shoppers can provide their detailed opinions in a field for extended review. Additionally, they can briefly write on the product's Pros and Cons.

Add Pros and Cons to reviews

pro con

Make every product review much more informative by allowing users to clearly state the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Configure our Magento product review extension to display the review with the Pros and Cons of the product.

Review summary block

review summary

Quickly show your customers the overall user product rating, which is collected by AI. Make it easier for potential buyers to obtain a product summary while spending less time.

Filters for reviews in the store frontend


Allow your store visitors to filter out the reviews published by unverified authors. This helps obtain a more authoritative opinion from verified shoppers.

Additionally, our Magento 2 product review extension offers review sorting functionality, allowing visitors to quickly view the most recent or relevant opinions.

Show reviewer a location to make his review more relevant

reviewer country

Our module detects and displays the reviewer's country. With this information, potential buyers can access the most relevant opinions for their region, accelerating the purchasing decision process.

Spam Protection

reviews protection

Block spam and ensure that authentic reviews are not obscured by it. Publish the feedback only after its approval by your store admins.

Ensure the quality of the reviews published in your store and protect the genuine feedback of your customers from bot-generated noise.

AI Autowrite to encourage users to write reviews

reviews protection

Get a starting set of Magento 2 customer reviews to help shoppers hesitate less when leaving their reviews.

The Autowrite Review functionality uses OpenAI (ChatGPT) to create a starting set of reviews for the product.

Features that are coming soon to Magento reviews extension

Our Magento 2 reviews extension has been launched recently and is actively being developed. Expect many new features to be added to our Magento 2 reviews module in the near future.

AI-based spam checker

Each user review will be analyzed by artificial intelligence to receive a Confidence Level mark: highly spam, moderate, or human.

This makes it much easier for store admins to decide whether they should approve the user comment and publish it.

Reviewer's experience with a product

The time spent after purchasing a product can significantly influence the expertise of the user review.

Our Magento 2 product testimonial offers a timestamp of how long the reviewer had the product before writing their feedback on that product.

Products the reviewer also purchased

When potential buyers find a review useful, they may also appreciate other recommendations from that reviewer.

Displaying other products chosen by that reviewer creates a sense of reassurance, prompting potential buyers to follow these recommendations and make the purchase.

Replies to reviews

Transform the reviews section from static reviews to a live communication platform, allowing potential customers to interact with the reviewers.

When people can get answers about a product from real buyers, it can significantly increase conversions.

Highlighting most useful feedback

Some reviews are highly valuable, while others may not be useful at all. Implementing a voting system will help highlight the most useful reviews.

This can save potential buyers time and increase the likelihood of them converting into actual buyers.

Embedding videos in reviews

Enhance your store's reviews by allowing customers to add videos to their opinions.

A video from a real product owner elevates the trustworthiness of the review to a whole new level, complementing the static text and images.

Email notifications and reminders

Keep your review section active by sending customers notifications regarding product feedback.

The Magento review extension can request feedback with email reminders or notify the reviewer that their feedback has received a reply.

Customizable review forms

You can configure the fields of the review form according to your business needs.

This feature of our Magento 2 reviews extension allows you to collect the exact set of information from your customers.

Unsubscribe option

Respect your customers' space. Allow them to unsubscribe from review notifications, promoting a more customer-friendly environment.

User feedback widget

Seize every opportunity for users to leave a review. Embedding a product feedback mechanism on every webpage encourages your clients to share their impressions with a simple click of a button.

Email and Backend Notifications for Administrators

Advanced Reviews can automatically send email notifications to the store admin regarding new reviews and also display a notification block in the admin notifications stack.

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dennis Verified Buyer
From Seongnam-si, South Korea
Using the module for 2 days
Continuous feature additions are expected.
I purchased it because I liked its clean frontend UI and the ongoing addition of necessary features. Although some of the features I desire are not yet developed, I'm willing to wait for them.
Also installed:
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wrc Verified Buyer
From Istanbul, Turkey
Using the module for 16 days
It is very functional and is constantly being improved.
Mirasvit quality as always.. The comment extension is one of the most important extension for magento store. It speeds up decision making for other users. I definitely recommend it. Thank you so much Mirasvit!
Also installed:
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From United States
Strong sales driver
Another great extension from Mirasvit. I really liked the ability for the automatic generation of a summary with the splitting of pros and cons.
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Version 1.1.0Jun 20, 2024
Review comments
Small code improvements
Date output format
Version 1.0.8Jun 11, 2024
Alert on image upload failed
Fixed the issue with review gallery widget
Version 1.0.7Jun 10, 2024
Image uploader compatibility with Blank-based Magento themes
Image uploader compatibility with Magento 2.4.7
Version 1.0.6May 30, 2024
Email notifications about pending reviews
Admin notifications about pending reviews
Version 1.0.5Apr 22, 2024
Ability to select order statuses for which the customer should be considered as 'verified buyer'
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Risk-free Investment

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Constant improvements and upgrades

We constantly add new features to all our modules, and are always interested in hearing your opinion and implementing your suggested features in our future developments.

Comprehensive Documentation

We provide an expanded user guide for every aspect of our review extension, so you can find answers for all your burning questions.

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You can customize Magento 2 review extension according to your needs and requirements.

Usability and Performance

The Module is easy to install and upgrade, just follow our step-by-step user guide. Additionally, the extension is ready to use with the Hyvä theme.

Ready for Magento Cloud

No core modifications. The advanced reviews has been tested in a Magento Cloud environment and is fully compatible with it.