Advanced Reviews for Magento 2

Advanced Reviews for Magento2 is a powerful tool that makes it easier for customers to leave their thoughts and opinions regarding your products. As a comprehensive Magento reviews extension, it refines user engagement and propels customer satisfaction. This innovative tool aims to streamline your business by harnessing customer feedback.

  • Boost shoppers' trust by featuring reviews from verified customers
  • Increase conversion rates via by effectively managing and highlighting positive reviews
  • Optimize user interaction via customizable review templates

Getting authentic and comprehensive customer reviews is a complex task, often resulting in minimal user feedback and lower credibility for your Magento store.


Magento 2 reviews extension simplifies the feedback gathering process. This encourages customers to leave detailed reviews, effectively boosting your store's credibility and conversion rates.

Why Magento 2 Product Reviews extension is useful for your store?

better product description

Improve SEO

Get higher positions in search engines with lots of actively added customer reviews.

better conversion

Enhance Credibility

Increase customer trust in reviews by labeling varified actual buyers.

satisfied customers

Increase Sales

Highlight positive reviews from your buyers to compell potential customers for purchase.

Magento Review extension key features

Utilize the potential of product ratings and user reviews in your sales. Opinions from real buyers are considered one of the highest argument in a purchase decision process. Allow your buyers to easily leave their thoughts on your products and make them a compelling argument for your potential buyers.

  • Verified Buyer Labels. Our product review Magento feature adds credibility to your store. Each review from a verified buyer gets a special label, instilling more trust in potential customers.
  • Efficient Sorting and Filtering. Shoppers can sort and filter reviews by various parameters like rating, date, and verified users, making it easier for them to find useful reviews.
  • AI Powered. Highlight powerful reviews to catch the attention of potential customers. Featuring up to 5 reviews can steer the purchasing decision of your store visitors.
  • Intuitive Review Management. Managing customer reviews is a breeze with our module. The admin can navigate, edit, and approve reviews with ease, providing the best user experience.
  • Customizable Review Forms. You have the power to tailor the review forms to your needs. This feature of our Magento 2 reviews extension allows you to collect the exact information you desire from your customers.
  • Review Reminder. Never miss out on customer feedback. Our review reminder prompts customers to share their opinions, ensuring a steady flow of fresh reviews.
  • Unsubscription Option. Respect your customers' space. Allow them to unsubscribe from review notifications, promoting a more customer-friendly environment.

User-centric review enhancements

Magento 2 review extension offers comprehensive enhancements for customers to eriiite theirrr reviews. With a set of useful features your store creates a more transparent, reliable, and user-friendly environment that encourages engagement and trust. Let your customers do the talking that leads to increased sales.

User feedback widget

Take advantage of every user intention to leave a review. Embedding a product feedback mechanism on every webpage encourages your clients to share their impressions as simply as clicking a button.

Review summary block

Make your customers immediately see the overall user product rating with a dedicated block. It organizes and assists shoppers by quickly providing them with necessary insights on the product. By seeing a percentage breakdown of the user rating it becomes easier to make a purchase decision.

Distinguish relevant reviews

Let your customers to see the most useful reviews. With a review rating system your shoppers can determine the usefulness of a review or comment by selecting a correspodning icon.

Spam Protection

Ensure that authentic reviews are not obscured by spam. Actively guard the genuine feedback of your customers from bot-generated noise, fostering an environment of trust and transparency for your customer base.

Two-way customer-admin communication

With a Magento Product Reviews extension your customers get on a product page a convenient communication channel with store admins. Store managers can reply to customer reviews, thus increasing the trustworthines even more by showing that customer opinion matters.

The module suppors large stores. Manage multiple store views with unique templates for customers to leave their review. For example, you may allow to upload images on some store views.

Managing numerous user reviews is simplified by displaying all reviews in one grid in Magento admin. This enables store administrators to spend less time to approve or reject a feedback for any store view.

Additionally, store admins can address customer product comments directly from the grid in the Magento admin backend. The feature allows to easily and quickly provide a response to the customer's review. When an admin responds to a customer, the latter receives an automatic notification, fostering a robust trust bond between the store and customer, increasing the likelihood of future purchases again.

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