Store Credit and Refund Magento Extension

Store Credit & Refund

This extension allows you to launch your own Store Credit program. It simplifies work with exchanges and returns as well as increases customer loyalty. Turn returns into new customer purchases!

Compatible with:

Community - 1.9.3
Enterprise -
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10 reviews
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Using the extension, Store Credit & Refund, online stores can launch their own Store Credit program. This extension assists the store in solving a few very important tasks.

It is widely known that it is much harder to attract new customers than keep them. As a rule, a store undergoes losses if customers make a refund. Extension Store Credit & Refund allows you to convert returns into new purchases. You can deposit money into the customer's account in your store instead of returning it, and the customer will be able to use it for the future purchases.

Here everybody wins in the following way:

  • The customer is saving money as they do not need to issue different payments for each transaction.

    The customer doesn't need to wait until his money will be deposited back into their account, they can instantly use these means for further purchases.

  • The store now has one satisfied customer, which will surely come back to make another purchase.

    The store is saving money on different payments per transaction.

    The store is saving employees time, which would be spent processing the refund operations.

It is also very convenient to use a module during the exchange of different types of products in the even that their prices do not coincide.

If product is substituted with a cheaper model, than the price difference is reflected on the customer's balance.

If a product is substituted with a more expensive model, then the customer deposits money to their account, and afterwards it can be used for an exchange.

It is also possible to simplify and speed up the return/exchange process of a product even more by means of integrating our RMA module here.

Extension Store Credit & Refund can be used to increase loyalty of your customers. You can deposit small sums in their account so that they can use these means for future purchases. In such a way, this extension can stimulate your sales.

Features for a customer

Customer Transactions

  • It is possible to pay for any purchase using the balance, including the taxes and shipping fees.

  • It is possible to check the list of all the transactions and credit balance status in the customer's account.

  • The customer receives email notifications regarding the balance change.

Features for an administrator

Refund To Store Credit

  • Possibility of adding transaction for the user.

  • Possibility of viewing balance/transactions in the user's card.

  • Possibility of turning on the notification of a balance change.

  • It is possible to use credit during creation of the order in the administrator panel.

  • It is possible to increase the credit during creation of the credit memo in the administrator panel.




  • Credit calculation with applied coupons
  • The issue with balance removing after customer's account deleting
  • Compatibility with Reward Points module
  • Shipping Tax coverage properly displayed
  • Creditmemo for paypal




  • Compatibility with Quick Refund from RMA to Store Credit


  • Fixed refunding to store credit for order, placed before registration bug




  • Added option that allows to pay taxes with the Store Credits




  • Fixed an issue with email template




  • Fixed an issue with refund store credit




  • Compatibility with AjaxCoupon extension


  • Fixed an issue with auto-refund option




  • Fixed an issue with applying store credit before tax
  • Fixed an issue with default store credit amount at new credit memo page




  • Ability to set default status of "Refund to Store Credit" in credit memo




  • Added option to enable/disable "send credit to friend" block


  • Output store credit block at shopping cart page with controller "checkout_cart"




  • Integrated with LotusBreath One Step Checkout
  • Possibility to share credit balance with friends


  • Credits are not calculated in the paypal payment
  • Check store credit for not registered customers
  • Issue with PayPal Hostedpro

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  1. Works perfect without breaking the website        Magento 1

    We are based in New Zealand and purchased couple of extensions from these guys. So many great reasons to purchase any extensions from them.

    1) Top notch customer service and technical support
    2) Extensions work without breaking

    We will buy more extensions from Mirasvit. 100% recommended.

    By RTC on August 28, 2017 Verified Purchase
  2. True moneymaker        Magento 1

    We extended our return policy to more days, but after 14 they could only get store credit, combined with the plugin RMA from them, it's a piece of take. What took us 10 minutes per order before, we spend 1/6 of the time now.

    By Gzim on May 24, 2017 Verified Purchase
  3. Great Extension        Magento 1

    Great extension. but wish there was a way to delete credits or modify amounts of credits issued.

    By Yanev on February 1, 2017 Verified Purchase
  4. Easy to understand credit extension        Magento 1

    It works fine and my query about disabling emails (while I did an initial set up through customers with known credit) was quickly answered with an option added

    Also, quite easy to customise on checkout to make it more visible and understandable to customers (withough showing if people have no credit)

    The solidity of the extensions, flexible support and the "free access to Magento 2" offer - when others reissue their extensions at 3x costs of the magento1 one! - makes me all the more likely to pick mirasvit in priority in the future

    By Joelle on July 4, 2016 Verified Purchase
  5. Good        Magento 1

    Some issues with the tax calculation. But that was quickly fix by Mirasvit Team.

    By Bert on March 29, 2016 Verified Purchase
  6. Good Stuff!        Magento 1

    Nothing can beat Mirasvit - simply the best.

    The whole refund process got much easier and simpler thanks to this extension!

    By Milosz on March 28, 2016 Verified Purchase
  7. Great Solution For Saving The Sale!        Magento 1

    We get a lot of returns in our industry.. Needed a fix for saving sales and better managing exchanges. This was a perfect fit. This allows us to have the leverage over clients by providing store credit instead of refund, keeping the money in our account is what it is all about:-)@!!!

    By Josh on February 26, 2016 Verified Purchase
  8. This was the one thing...        Magento 1

    ...missing in Magento CE that kept it from being perfect - with the Store Credit Extension it really is. Thank you guys!

    By Christoph on September 16, 2015 Verified Purchase
  9. Simple to use        Magento 1

    great extension that covers a lot of scenarios. Had some compatibility issue with Rewards extension. Support team was able to resolve it quickly. The extension is very easy to use.

    By Ethan on May 14, 2015 Verified Purchase
  10. 3 people found this review helpful
    Great extension with excellent support        Magento 1

    Great extension that fills a gap in Magento's CE functionality.

    By Alexander on April 6, 2015

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