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Compatible with: Community: 1.4.1 - 1.9.3
Enterprise: 1.10 - 1.14.2

RMA is a powerful tool for managing the processing return and exchange requests within your workflow. This, in turn, allows your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your webstore.

RMA is a powerful tool for managing the return and exchange of items purchased by customers in your store. This, in turn, allows your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your webstore.

Accepting returns or exchanges is a necessary component of great customer service. Customers tend to buy from those vendors that offer a flexible return policy. Your loyal and potential customers expect this kind of service and highly appreciate it. Therefore, is crucial that this process be easily managed.

RMA module for Magento is a necessary tool that can automatically generate all the appropriate operations and make it easy to handle every aspect of the return. This will ensure that the item is visible and trackable until the process is completed.

Provided options allow customers to choose an item to return from a list. Your customer can select the reason of return, the item condition and easily specify the most suitable resolution: exchange, replace, refund or store credit.

Integration with Store Credit & Refund and Help Desk extensions provide great features for store owners.

Features for Customers

  • Unregistered customers can create RMA requests and easily monitor their resolution.
  • Registered customers have access to all their RMA requests directly from their user account.
  • Customer can create just one RMA for products even they are from different orders. It's not necessary to create multiple RMA for products from each order. It’s very convenient! New
  • Customer can create RMA for any products purchased in offline store. New
  • If a customer purchased several products in one order, he has the opportunity to return only one item or a few received items. He does not need to return the entire order.
  • If a customer purchased a grouped product, they can return a single item from that product.
  • Customer can exchange a product for another product with a different size, color, etc. Price difference may be paid from (refunded to) customer store credit balance.
  • For every returned product, the customer is able to set up: Status, Reason, Condition, and the desired Resolution.
  • As only RMA is accepted, your buyer will receive an email notification and he or she will be able to print an RMA Shipping Label, which includes the information about items to return and the return address.
  • During the processing of RMA, the customer has the ability to leave any additional comments about the RMA.
  • A customer is able to track the entire history of messages, each RMA status change will be visible for him.
  • A customer will be notified by email about the status change or when they receive a new message regarding their RMA from the store administration.
  • Customer can reply to RMA messages by email. It's not necessary to login to the store account each time (enabled if Help Desk is installed).
  • Customer can return products which they have received as gifts.
  • Integration with FedEx allows customers to download FedEx shipping labels directly from customer account or an RMA notification email. New

Features for Store administration

General features

  • Extension supports all magento product types.
  • You can create RMA requests through the backend.
  • The entire story of comments and status changes for each RMA.
  • Very flexible notification system. You can set up an alert at each processing RMA step, constantly informing your customer about their processing request.
  • Ability to leave private comments (visible only to the store team).
  • The ability to assign RMA to store staff.
  • The ability to upload images of shipping label from backend, so customers will be able to print this label.

Custom RMA properties

  • You can setup your unique Statuses, Reasons, Conditions, and Resolutions for RMA.
  • You can translate them into different languages (for multilingual stores).

Integration with Store Credit & Refund extension. New

Extension is integrated with our Store Credit & Refund extension. This integration allows to refund to a store credit balance. Also, it allows you to do an exchange of products with different prices.

Integration with Help Desk extension.

Extension is integrated with our Help Desk MX extension. You can convert any help desk ticket to an RMA request. All discussion about RMA can be done via emails. Your customers don't need to login to the store to reply to an RMA message. They can reply directly from their email and their answer will be added to the RMA automatically.

Integration with FedEx. New

Extension is integrated with FedEx online service. This integration allows you to create shipping labels directly from the RMA interface and send them to customers. It prevents possible mistakes with shipping labels and speed up the processing of RMA.

Quick Responses

Quick Responses represent the templates of frequent answers which can be used to reply to RMA.

  • It is possible to add/edit/remove quick responses.
  • They can be assigned to the store views.
  • It is possible to use different RMA variables in the template.

Custom Fields Must Have

Custom Fields allows you to customize the RMA as required. You can create any number of fields for storing all the RMA-related information.

  • Custom fields can be of different types (text, dropdown list, checkbox, calendar).
  • The field can be displayed in the customer account and/or backend.
  • You can show custom fields in the shipment confirmation dialog. When a customer confirms the shipment of an RMA package back to the store, he will be required to provide additional information about the shipment (like carrier, tracking number).
  • Customers or agents may be required to fill-in the field.
  • Multilingual support

Workflow Rules New

Workflow rules allow you to configure the RMA algorithm in an unique way. You create the rule, which will be executed once a certain event is initiated. When a rule is executed, it will be checking whether certain conditions are fulfilled, and then it will run the execution of specified actions, granted a positive outcome of such an operation.

  • Workflow rules can be executed when one of the following events initiates:

    • New RMA has been created.
    • RMA has been changed.
    • New reply from customer has come in.
    • New reply from staff.
  • Workflow rules can check the fulfillment of the ticket fields with regard to completion of certain conditions.
  • If conditions are fulfilled, then workflow rules will run an execution of the specified actions such as:

    • status change of the RMA.
    • owner change of the RMA.
    • make the RMA resolved/unresolved.
  • Workflow rules can send notification emails to the staff or customer.
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  • Added RMA ids to RMA report


  • Added disable option for Replacement Order and Credit Memo




  • Bugs




  • Orders IDs saving between creation and update stages
  • Issue with saving of both non-product and product custom fields


  • Improve styles
  • Allowed WYSIWYG for Quick Responses




  • RMA-116 - Issue with Quick Responses Grid display


  • RMA-60 - Improved documentation (Known Issues and How-To sections added) (#118)




  • Issue when item's price uses wrong currency




  • RMA-112 - Allowed multiple Return Addresses for RMA (#113)
  • RMA-110 - Allowed using WYSIWYG editor in backend (#111)
  • RMA-106 - Added variables for order properties to emails and comments (#107)


  • RMA-108 - Stocks are updated on Quick Refund to Store Credit (#109)
  • RMA-108 - Custom Fields for Products style fix (#109)
  • RMA-108 - Wrong store pickup on email notification fix (#109)
  • RMA-104 - Fixed RMA Readme.MD (changelog) (#105)




  • RMA-99 - Allowed Quick Refund to Store Credit (RMA-SCR Integration) (#100)
  • RMA-90 - Allowed custom fields for RMA Items (#96)


  • RMA-97 - Fixed order list display for guest-submitted RMA (#98)
  • RMA-91 - Fixed incorrect address assigning if eBay predefined guest used (#92)




  • RMA-58 - Added Change Status mass action to RMA Grid (#59)
  • RMA-63 - Allowed customers to map to Description FedEx field product properties (#64)
  • RMA-71 - Allowed staff to remove unnecessary FedEx labels (#72)
  • RMA-73 - Allowed to create Replacement Orders for custom resolutions (#74)
  • RMA-80 - Allow customers to enable/disable multiple-order RMA Policy (#81)
  • RMA-82 - Allowed to create Credit Memo for custom resolutions (#83)
  • RMA-88 - Replacement Order Generation made more compliant to ERP-export (#89)


  • RMA-61 - Fixed display of rule-generated notifiers on RMA History (#62)
  • RMA-66 - Fixed issue, which blocks view of fully processed orders (#66)
  • RMA-67 - Fixed missed controller function for downloading Fedex labels (#68)
  • RMA-69 - Fixed RMA crush, if RMA was created for deleted customer's order (#70)
  • RMA-70 - Fixed issues with Conditions, Reasons and Resolution comparison in rules (#76)
  • RMA-77 - Fixed display of taxed product price (#78)
  • RMA-84 - RMA change event now fired at cron rules as well (#85)




  • RMA-54 - Allow storage of attachments in file system
  • RMA-40 - Added pure Offline RMA support


  • RMA-51 - Fixed order link in elements list header, added order link to the General Section
  • RMA-48 - Fixed 'order' variable translation
  • RMA-46 - Added stock quantity update when placing Replacement Order
  • RMA-44 - Fixed incorrect RMA item quantity available calculation
  • RMA-42 - Fixed store variable translation on RMA number generation
  • RMA-38 - Fixed translation of status on RMA View page
  • RMA-36 - fixed incorrect store setting for Replacement Order
  • RMA-34 - Fixed incorrect stock quantity display for configurables




  • RMA-24 - Allowed customers to use conditions, reasons and resolutions in rules and templates (#25)


  • RMA-32 - Fixed incorrect price displaying at RMA Stage 1 if Custom Price used (#33)
  • RMA-28 - Fixed incorrect display of Multi-line Text fields in print form (#29)
  • RMA-30 - Allowed customers to have infinite return period (#31)
  • RMA-26 - Fixed display and filter of Offline RMA items in Grid (#27)
  • RMA-22 - Fixed improper page redirection on 0 quantity for return (#23)
  • RMA-20 - Fixed bugs in Workflow Rules logic (#21)
  • RMA-15 - Made Is Archived condition select Yes/No element (#17)
  • RMA-18 - Fixed saving procedure for Confirm Shipping in Guest Mode (#19)




  • RMA-260 - Added support for SmartPost Parcel Return service (#8)
  • RMA-254 - Allowed Credit Memo button for RMA from Store Credit-paid orders


  • RMA-13 - Fixed RMA creation fail due to use in rule Last Message condition (#14)
  • RMA-11 - Fixed wrong RMA allowance time period due to wrong sort order in history request (#12)
  • RMA-261 - Fixed long URIs breaking out message div (#9)




  • RMA-258 - Added Email Notification after Replacement Order generation
  • RMA-252 - Show full Order Label in RMA Packing Slip


  • RMA-257 - Fixed Store ID saving for RMA, based on guest orders
  • RMA-256 - Fixed array instantiation for old PHP versions
  • RMA-255 - Fixed secure URL rewrite for HTTPS connection
  • RMA-253 - Fixed automatic email saving at RMA submission




  • RMA-251 - Added new Event to the Workflow Rules - Check Every Hour




  • Improved errors handling




  • RMA-227 - Adjusted Replacement Order generation for RMA with multiple orders and for RMA with offline items
  • RMA-229 - Added to the FedEx reference RMA properties as variables support


  • RMA-245 - Fixed incorrect message for fully processed orders in Guest RMA
  • RMA-244 - Fixed CSS




  • RMA-208 - Added ability to archive RMA


  • RMA-219 - Fixed Exchange Order creation for the same customer, if previous one was dropped
  • RMA-216 - Fixed incorrect RMA count at RMA Grid (affects both frontend and backend)
  • RMA-214 - Fixed validation error for FedEx labels in pure offline RMA
  • Fixed minor bugs and returned [order] variable to the RMA numbering
  • RMA-213 - Fixed order number display at RMA Packing Slip Label
  • RMA-212 - Fixed improper redirect at dictionaries edit pages




  • RMA-202 - Ability to create offline RMA via backend


  • RMA-210 - Changed option Require customer to select to more informative, and hint added
  • RMA-209 - Fixed FedEx helper and template to fit offline RMA layout




  • Issues with RMA creation and updating from the backend
  • Integration with Help Desk small bug




  • RMA-204 - Allowed items subpanel in RMA Request Step 1 unfold by click on checkbox.
  • RMA-180 - Added Swedish translation example with email templates


  • Fixed bug with items not allowed to return and order status label.




  • RMA-198 - Fixed issue with creating RMA from backend




  • Small CSS fixes




  • Customer can create just one RMA for products even from different orders. It's not necessary to create multiple RMA for products from each order.
  • Customer can create RMA for any products purchased in offline store.


  • RMA-195 - Added check for address validity in customer account for FedEx
  • RMA-193 - Fixed incorrect customer name check in RMA form
  • Add postcode into customer return address
  • RMA-172: - Fixed return issue with two or more items of the same type in bundle
  • RMA-185 - Fixed incorrect SKU in Replacement Order for configurables
  • Possible fedex issue with PHP 5.3




  • Possible issue with Fedex and PHP 5.3




  • RMA-184 - Incorrect numbers in report "RMA by product"




  • RMA-154 - Added translation example for Nederlands locale (nl_NL)
  • RMA-149 - Added FedEx SmartPost support


  • RMA-153 - Fixed address bug for label generating in Guest RMA and added SmartPost weight check
  • RMA-150 - Compatibility patch for Webshopapps ShipUSA and other packaging extensions, which use order quote tracking
  • RMA-147 - Fixed misformed link in FedEx dialog
  • RMA-146 - Fixed possible issue RMA notifications fetched by Help Desk, if integration is enabled and agent shares mailbox with gateway
  • RMA-139 - Fixed search in RMA Grid on Items column
  • RMA-144 - Fixed issue in Reports with simple products treated as configurables




  • RMA-143 - Blocked possibility to request return for an old orders from Guest RMA form.




  • RMA-75 - Show price of RMA items in the frontend and backend
  • RMA-122 - Backend. Add RMA tab inside the ticket page of Help Desk. Highlight RMA number on the Order and Customer pages.


  • RMA-90 - Prevent RMA from creating duplicates due to form resend in some rare cases
  • RMA-96 - Is Send Customer field in Workflow rule does not exist in database
  • RMA-124 - Magento 1.6 Fatal error: Call to undefined method Mage::getEdition()
  • RMA-119 - Added FedEx setup check also for multistore setup
  • RMA-119 - Fixed possible crush due to incorrect FedEx setup. Added warning message.
  • RMA-117 - Added check for Fedex Label Table to validator and fixed test for known issues


  • RMA-116 - Added ability for workflow rules to send notifications to multiple recipients
  • RMA-113 - Replaced in Email Notifications sections unsafe direct references to fields to function calls




  • RMA-108 - Ability to show reasons/conditions/resolutions of returned products in reports


(Feb 03, 2016)


  • Testing 2.0.4-alpha2
  • Add RMA tab inside the ticket page of Help Desk
  • Show price of RMA items in the frontend and backend
  • Prevent RMA from creating duplicates due to form resend
  • Is Send Customer field in Workflow rule does not exist in database
  • Magento 1.6 Fatal error: Call to undefined method Mage::getEdition()


(Feb 01, 2016)


  • Fatal error related with wrong syntax PHP < 5.5
  • Possible conflict between RMA Created and RMA Updated events
  • When FedEx is not properly set up, it can cause crush of RMA dialog
  • Validator does not check correct creation of table 'm_rma_fedex_label'
  • Allow workflow rules to send notifications to multiple addresses
  • Replace in variables documentation direct references to RMA fields to function calls
  • If Workflow Rules have "Stop processing option", the last one by priority is executed instead of first
  • Ability to show reason in reports


(Jan 18, 2016)


  • Add to migration script from AW RMA to HDMX Guest RMA support
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Fpc Crawler
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Improve validator
  • On multi-store configuration with different emails on every store, if RMA created from backend, comment notifications are not sent
  • Allow use of variables in Workflow Rule's notifications
  • Disable Credit Memo, Exchange Order and Replacement Order buttons, if window with them already opened
  • Pure guest RMA customer address update fix
  • When RMA is created from backend, address do not added to RMA fully
  • When guest trying to create RMA, it fails, because of update address failure
  • Filter by customer full name fails
  • Allow Replace Order for RMA exchange
  • When Workflow Rule set on RMA changed Event and sends notifications, RMA creation fails
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Admin ACL fix related to Magento security patch
  • Admin routing patch. Compatibility with SUPEE-6788.
  • When Mandrill API and blind carbon copies set, RMA notification fails
  • Migration script for aheadWorks RMA
  • When customer has no address in account, Exchange Order fails
  • Allow bundled products return as a whole
  • If brand attribute set only for simple products, and in RMA used configurable, RMA Brand report has blank Brand field
  • If RMA based on order from deleted storeview, store_id do not set and notifier fails.
  • Show red notifier if RMA, created via backend, is expired
  • RMA uses two different return addresses
  • Add to validator check for Enteprise RMA
  • When using Custom RMA field of Date type, we do not normalize date
  • Fix XSS


(Aug 14, 2015)


  • Filter in main RMA grid affects grids in RMA tabs at customer
  • Remove additional fields check from validator
  • Allow validator to check also RMA table structure instead of just their existense
  • Compatibility fixes for Magento EE
  • Improve Docs
  • Allow sending Blind Carbon Copy of all emails to third party address
  • Allow exchange of different products with ability to pay/return extra. Remove ability to auto create Exchange order and Credit Memo (!).
  • When generating Exchange Order, parameter weight from original order ignored


(Jun 10, 2015)


  • When owner of RMA changes, empty message in notificator is triggered
  • Allow sending Blind Carbon Copy of all emails to third party address
  • When using Custom RMA field of Date type, we do not normalize date
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Add ability to view changelog in validator
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): fix isModuleInstalled (if extension doesn't exist, but xml file is in modules folder)
  • Block 'Create RMA' button in frontend to prevent multiple creation of RMA by customer
  • When helpdesk fetches emails and adds messages to RMA, email sender is incorrectly specified
  • CSS issue with popup dialog
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Merge with validator + default cron checker
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Additional checks for extension validator
  • Can't upload files via frontend
  • When RMA is created from the backend, check for exceeding original order contents is not performed
  • Workflow rules
  • When RMA is created from the backend, check for exceeding original order contents is not performed
  • Show RMA details in grid
  • If product is configurable and has custom fields with custom SKU, SKU is displayed improperly
  • Add more variables to email texts


(May 15, 2015)


  • Fix XSS
  • When changing status of RMA automatic history message does not translated
  • When changing status of RMA automatic history message does not translated
  • Send notification to owner email, if internal comment isssued
  • When last replier was not RMA owner, and after that was automated comment, Last Replied field of RMA persists
  • When multi-website is established, RMA redirect works incorrect
  • In Order tab RMA grid uses the same filter, as main RMA grid
  • Allow fields Email and customer Surname to be displayed in RMA grid
  • Allow sending event on checkout to ensure compatibility with other extension
  • Translation of store-dependant values on RMA frontend is not working
  • Allow sending event on checkout to ensure compatibility with other extension
  • Backend: Allow users attach files to comments
  • Backend: Allow to configure number of columns in the RMA grid
  • Compability issue with magento and lower
  • When refund resolution code is deleted, RMA creation crashes
  • Show correct SKU, Product name in RMA for configurable products
  • Allow to print RMA Packing Slip from backend
  • Error if order does not have a shipping address
  • Incorrectly create RMA (affected versions,


(Feb 11, 2015)


  • Link 'Show all order items' is not working
  • Customer account - Show RMA in the Order page.
  • Allow guest customer to see the list of RMAs and check the status


(Feb 09, 2015)


  • Link 'Show all order items' is not working
  • Wildcard exceptions: support regular expressions
  • Add ability to mark customer message as read/unread in RMA backend
  • Add Quick Responses


(Jan 13, 2015)


  • MstCore (common for all extensions): MstCore: Incorrectly identify Magento version (effects only Magento EE with SEO extension)
  • Allow to disallow RMA for some products
  • Allow to limit size and type of attached files


(Nov 17, 2014)


  • MstCore (common for all extensions): In some rare cases we have SQL error during installation (duplicate key name 'mstcore_urlrewrite_index1')
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Incorrect core CRC if magento patches were applied
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Encoding problem with russian chars
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Attachments are downloaded without extension in FF (affected RMA extension)
  • Attachments are not shown in the backend
  • Element with id "is_show_in_confirm_shipping" already exists
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): When click "Run validation tests" for particular extension, core test not running
  • RMA should allow to select order statuses to start calculations of return period
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Wrong extension code in the extension validator
  • Customer should not be able to accidentally post the same RMA form few times
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Ability to validate existence and CRC sum for extension files (depending on version of extension)
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Problem with check of extension status
  • RMA should allow to calculate return period from last order update date
  • MstCore (common for all extensions): Add checks for possible PHP cache
  • In backend show guest links as in Helpdesk (more userfriendly)
  • Add fields to shipping confirmation dialog
  • Add checks of permissions to validator
  • Add ability to use order number in the number of RMA.

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