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Help Desk MX - is an essential and must have extension for every Magento store, that allows you to provide a complete customer care service and excellent support attendance. It allows every customer to submit support requests in the most suitable manner.

Features for Customers

Create a ticket via a Contact Us Tab

This feature allows to create tickets using a Contact Us tab, which is shown in the left or right side of each store page. When a customer clicks on the tab, the help desk shows a popup window containing the Contact Us form.

  • You can allow a customer to select a department and priority of a ticket in the form.
  • Customer can attach files.
  • You can add your own custom fields to the form (text, dropdown list, calendar, etc).
  • You can enable integration with the Mirasvit Knowledge Base extension.

    If integration is enabled, customer will perform search in the knowledge base before opening a ticket. Otherwise, the customer will open a new ticket.

Create a ticket via a Contact form

This feature allows you to create tickets using the Magento Contact form.

  • You can allow a customer to select the department and priority of a ticket.
  • Customer can attach files.
  • You can add your own custom fields to the form (text, dropdown list, calendar, etc).

Create a ticket from chat (Zopim, Olark, Livezilla, etc)

If chat is in offline mode, Help Desk MX can create tickets from the offline messages. Thus, you will not lose these messages. Your team will reply to every message.

Widget with a form for the ticket creation

This feature allows you to add the ticket creation form into any CMS page or block. You can add different types of custom fields into the form.

Customer Account

Customer account contains a section named Help Desk. By visiting this section, a customer can do the following things:

  • create a ticket or reply to a ticket.
  • see the list of tickets.
  • check his/her message history for any ticket.
  • check the highlighted tickets with new messages in the list.

Features for Support Agents

List of Tickets

  • You are able to configure a list of the columns which are displayed in the tickets table.
  • You can perform mass actions with the tickets as follows:

    • perform a change of Status, Priority, Owner.
    • move tickets to Archive.
    • move tickets to Spam.
    • merge tickets. New
    • delete tickets.
  • You can perform a global search of the tickets.

    Efficient search algorithm. Search within all the fields of the tickets. Results are sorted by relevance.

Archive of Tickets

Tickets which do not require any actions from the agents (such as waiting for an answer from a customer or are closed), can be easily moved to the archive. Hence, you'll be only left with the tickets which are located in the main list of the tickets and require answers from agents.

You can adjust extension settings in order to specify status under which your ticket will be automatically moved into the archive. Also you can set up the workflow rules in order to enable automatic redirection of a ticket to or from the archive.

Working with Tickets

  • Agent can link a ticket with a customer and his order. This feature works for registered and non-registered customers.
  • Agent can use quick responses (predefined templates of answers)
  • Agent can use CC, BCC for ticket emails New
  • Agent can see a source of ticket.
  • Agent is able to add tags to ticket.
  • Agent can add an internal comment (customer won’t be able to see it).
  • Agent can see/edit values of the custom fields.
  • Agent can setup the Follow Up feature. This feature enables automatic sending of an email notification to Agent as well as a change of status, priority, owner of the ticket after some specified period of time.
  • Agent is able to check the list of other tickets for this customer.
  • Agent is able to see whether another agent is responding to a current ticket. New
  • Every agent can setup own their signature for emails. Signature can include html tags and images. New

Conversation with Third Parties Must Have

Agent can send emails to third parties and receive the answers from them on the ticket page. These messages can contain a conversation with the suppliers, shipping company, etc. Conversations can be public or private. Customers will see public conversations in the ticket history. Private conversations will be visible only for agents.

List of tickets in the customer/order edit page

Agent can open the customer page in the backend and check all the tickets available for their customer.

He can also open the order page in the backend and check all the tickets which are connected with the current order.

Satisfaction Surveys Must Have

Help Desk MX allows you to insert a block with the satisfaction survey into an email with the agent reply. Customers will be able to evaluate the reply quality by clicking the smiley upon receiving such an email. They will also be able to add a comment in addition to the chosen smiley.

The agent will receive an email containing the customer feedback. He will be able to improve the quality of his work based on this feedback.

There will be collective list of all customer feedbacks in the backend. Therefore, you will be able to draft a customer satisfaction report.

Features for Administrator

Mailboxes Must Have

You can connect your mailboxes to the help desk (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]). Help Desk will regularly check them and fetch the emails. Emails will be converted to new tickets or answers will be added to the existing tickets.

Your employees will be able to fully correspond with customers through the Help Desk, therefore they will be able to work in a more efficient way.

  • You can connect any number of mailboxes.
  • Emails from different mailboxes can be automatically assigned to the different departments and store views.
  • 2-way email parsing

    A customer or agent can answer the ticket without needing to visit the store, because providing a response to the email via the email client will suffice. Help desk will receive the email with an answer, attach it to the right ticket, and forward it further on.

  • Support of IMAP/POP3, SSL


Every ticket can be assigned to a department. The customer can select a department for the new ticket.

  • Ability to add/edit/remove departments.
  • Every department has assigned agents.
  • Ability to send an email notification about a new ticket to all the department agents.
  • Ability to translate the department's name into different languages (for multilingual stores).


  • Ability to add/edit/remove statuses/priorities.
  • Ability to assign unique color for any status/priority.
  • Ability to translate the name of status/priority into different languages (for multilingual stores).

Quick Responses

Quick Responses represent the templates of frequent answers, which can be used to reply a ticket.

  • It is possible to add/edit/remove quick responses.
  • They can be assigned to the store views.
  • It is possible to use different ticket's variables in the template.

Signatures for Email

You can setup a signature for each agent and help desk will automatically add the signature to the outgoing emails. Signatures can include HTML tags (e.g. you can add a photo of your agent).

Custom Fields Must Have

Custom Fields allow to customize the help desk as required. You can create any number of fields for storing all the ticket-related information.

  • Different types of custom fields (text, dropdown list, checkbox, calendar).
  • Fields can be displayed in the following places:

    • Customer account.
    • Ticket creation form.
    • Contact us form.
    • Contact us popup.
  • Customer or agent may be required to fill in the field.
  • Multilingual support

Access Permissions

The extension allows to configure the different access permissions for the agents from different departments.

Workflow Rules Must Have

Workflow rules allow you to configure the Help Desk algorithm in a unique way. You create the rule which will be executed once a certain event is initiated. When the rule is executed, it will check out whether certain conditions are fulfilled, and then it will run the execution of specified actions granting a positive outcome of such an operation.

  1. Workflow rules can be executed when one of the following events is initiated:

    • New ticket has been created.
    • New reply from a customer has come in.
    • New reply from staff has come in.
    • New reply from a third party has come in.
    • Ticket has been assigned to the agent.
    • Ticket has been changed.
    • Every hour checked by cron.
  2. Workflow rules can check the fulfillment of the ticket fields with regard to the completion of certain conditions.
  3. If conditions are fulfilled, then workflow rules will run the execution of specified actions such as:

    • Status change of a ticket
    • Priority change of a ticket
    • Department change of a ticket
    • Change of an owner of the ticket
    • Change of the ticket tags
    • Move the ticket to the archive.
  4. Workflow rules can send notification emails to the owner of the ticket/all department's agents/customer.

Examples of Usage

  • Notifies the store owner if a ticket has not been answered for 3 days
  • Set status to 'In Progress' upon receipt of the first reply from the support team
  • Close ticket and send notification in case of not getting reply from a customer within 30 days.


This feature allows you to analyze the following data:

  • Number of New Tickets.
  • Number of Changed Tickets.
  • Number of Replies.
  • Number of Solved Tickets.
  • Time of the 1st Reply.
  • Full Resolution Time.
  • Number of Received Votes (Great/OK/Bad).
  • Number of Responses.
  • Satisfaction Score.
  • Response Rate.

All reports will enable full analysis of the information. In particular, you will be able to process and sort information by every store department or every member of the support team. Reports also include graphics, which can be used to analyze the dynamics of changes in a very convenient way.

Integration with Mirasvit RMA Extension

This feature allows you to convert the tickets into RMA requests. Let us assume that a customer sends an email to the address: [email protected]. Help Desk receives this email and converts it into a ticket. The agent can convert this ticket into the RMA request by clicking the button named Convert to RMA. After converting to RMA all further emails for this ticket will be automatically forwarded to the RMA extension and all communication will go there.

Additional Features

  • The ability to customize the email templates through the admin interface messages
  • Effective spam protection
  • Protection from a hanging helpdesk due to recursive email fetching New

Comparison with Cloud Services

Feature Help Desk MX Cloud service (Zendesk, Kayako, Help Scout, etc).
Terms of Use You pay for an extension only once. No monthly or annually fees. Unlimited amount of the tickets or agents. You have to pay every month. Your functionality is limited by a chosen subscription plan. Your expenses will increase as the size of your company grows.
Integration with Magento Extension is fully integrated with Magento. Customers and orders are linked to the tickets. All the information is at your disposal at the backend of your store. You need to constantly switch between Magento backend and the cloud service interface. There is no convenient link between customers, orders and tickets.
Data Protection All information is stored on your server. You do not pass your private information to third parties. Information about your customers or emails is passed to third parties.
Customization Ability You receive an extension along with an open source code. You can change extension logic in accordance with your requirements, or add new features. There is no access to the source code. It's not possible to change anything.

Comparison with Extensions of Other Providers

Feature Help Desk MX Other help desk extension
Workflow rules + -
Satisfaction surveys + -
Conversation with third parties + -
Ability to create a ticket using a contact us tab + -
Archive of tickets + -
Widget with a ticket creation form + -
Custom fields + -
Integration with RMA extension + -
Integration with Knowledge base extension + -
Lifetime access to source code
Access to free support and updates for 1 year
30 days money back guarantee
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JC Verified Buyer
From Adelaide, Australia
Using the module for over 3 years
This tool is the perfect helpdesk.
We compete with our competitors on customer service, and this is the perfect helpdesk to achieve this.
Great coding as always with no issues on 2.4.5 PHP 8.1
Also installed:
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From Zdunska Wola, Poland
Easy to transform
We used this module to prepare an expert advice feature for our customers. It contains all we need and more: private messages system, notification and event handlers, IMAP mail reader and much more. I must say that this is one of the most incredible Magento1 extension I ever seen. Congratulations Mirasvit dev-team!
Also installed:
Advanced Product Feeds,  Reward Points,  Product Kits ,  Elastic Search Ultimate
BJ Verified Buyer
From Espergaerde, Denmark
Using the module for over 3 years
Very nice help desk plugin
We can keep track on customer care service and inbound emails.
Also installed:
Health & Performance Monitoring Suite,  RMA,  Advanced Product Feeds,  Advanced SEO Suite
Passy Verified Buyer
From Durban, South Africa
Using the module for over 2 years
Perfect solution
Well, this is our go-to company. There is nothing bad to say about them. It works like a charm
Also installed:
Sphinx Search Ultimate,  Advanced Reports,  Advanced Product Feeds,  Full Page Cache Warmer,  Layered Navigation,  Promo Banners,  Knowledge Base and 11 more
sergio Verified Buyer
From Spain
Using the module for over 3 years
easily communicating
The best solution for communicating with customers.
Also installed:
Sphinx Search Ultimate
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