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RMA for Magento 2

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Compatible with: Community: 2.0-2.2.*
Enterprise: 2.0-2.2.*

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a powerful tool for managing returns and/or exchanges of goods. This extension is important if you wish to build strong relationships with your store customers and win their trust and loyalty.

Magento 2 RMA Extension has an intuitive, step-by-step user interface which allows your online store clients to create return/exchange requests quickly and easily. Also, this extension lets you create backend requests through the administration interface.

Our RMA solution is suitable for any business model and easily integrated into any business process.

The most flexible and powerful

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is the ultimate tool in building relationships with your online store customers. It is very important to consider the convenience of the returning and exchanging process in your store. RMA gives you and your customers the power of full control over their returns or exchanges of goods they purchased.

Our RMA solution for Magento 2 is flexible enough to cover all the possible situations in this field. To resolve the issues with returns or exchanges, the extension has 2 types of user interfaces: for store customers and for administrators. This allows you to take care of both sides: on one hand, every customer is able to manage the return or exchange of any product bought in the store but on the other hand, your store administrator is able to help with this at any moment, using the backend.

Customers can easily create requests for partial or full product return/exchange: there is a possibility to return just one or two items of five bought, for example. So, there is no need to send back all products purchased in the store.

10 advantages you get with RMA

  • Customers may manage and discuss with helpdesk their exchange/replacement orders at any time via emails.
  • Even guest users are able to discuss and add comments to their requests (no need to login to a user account to look at an RMA inquiry).
  • Your customers can return or exchange the number of items they need, instead of returning all purchased products.
  • Refund option is also available for store customers.
  • Customers may print shipping labels of various carriers (DHL, Fedex, etc.) and confirm the package has been sent via user interface, preventing frauds.
  • Administrators can help customers any time in creating RMA order from the backend interface.
  • Customize messages to clients' requested RMA.
  • Use quick responses and create your own templates for this feature.
  • Add custom fields to RMA orders.
  • Analyze advanced flexible RMA reports by statuses and reasons.

Feature Highlights

Flexible Configuration

Configure Magento 2 RMA template according to the needs of your online store:

  • allow attachment file types
  • limit the size of any attachment
  • customize the RMA appearance in a Grid - choose the columns which are suitable and useful for your administrative needs (RMA and Order numbers, Customer email, name, RMA status, etc.)
magento 2 rma configuration

Clear and Fast Communication with Workflow Rules

Customize your RMA processes in accordance to the online store business model using flexible Workflow Rules.

Extension fits any store business model and responds any business process due to Workflow Rules.

While creating rules, you may tune into every step of the returns and exchanges making this process comfortable both for customers and administrators.

Whether you create new RMA or receive a new message from a customer regarding RMA, you are able to manage the Conditions (even combinations of conditions) that you wish, set Statuses and create Notification templates.

Win your customers loyalty using Workflow Rules!

magento 2 rma workflow rules

Custom Email Notifications

Customized Email notifications allow you to make your communication process clearer, better and simpler than ever.

Create your own templates for emails and make your online store stand out above standards!

Shipping Labels

Prevent fraud in your store - use Shipping Labels!

Upload and print PDF shipping labels for a variety of post carriers (DHL, Fedex etc.). Both store customers and backend admins can manage labels and set return shipping statuses.

It is a really useful feature to avoid fraud in the process of sending back products. You will be able to track every delivery and every returned product.

magento 2 shipping label for rma

Easy RMA discussion

Discuss RMA with a customer and give quick replies even without logging into your account!

Then see the RMA messages history inside RMA history to be up to date with every client situation.

magento 2 rma

Manage Reasons, Condition and Resolutions for customers’ RMA

Give your customers the option to choose among different conditions, reasons and resolutions. Our RMA extension lets you create your own option for these fields according to your products characteristics.

Quick Responses

The quicker you reply to your customers, the more satisfied customers you get!

Use the Quick Responses template to automate different steps in the communication process. You may create your own templates for immediate replies and use them while discussing RMA with a customer.

Powerful Reports

Analyzing results is one of the most important part of improving the communication process. RMA reports shows you everything at a glance.

Watch the following:

  • RMAs by status numbers
  • period
  • number of total products returned
  • number of total RMAs
  • etc.

Also generate reports for RMAs by product and RMAs by brand.

Awareness is the key!

Custom Fields

Our RMA solution gives you unlimited customizing options and lets you create additional custom fields.

You can use them to store some additional information about RMA. For example, you could create a custom field to store info about shipping carriers or tracking numbers of returned products.

Install RMA extension and enjoy customer loyalty growth!
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