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Streamline and automate the product return process in your store. Reduce the work load on store staff with a single panel for managing RMA requests. Improve customer service with a convenient interface to request RMAs on purchased goods.

  • Single panel for managing all return, exchange and credit memo related tasks
  • Full communication history on each RMA
  • Predefined replies for faster communication with customers
  • Use workflow rules to automatically assign RMA status and manager on it
  • Custom RMA statuses, reasons, resolutions
  • RMA requests from offline points of sales are supported
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud

Good post-sale support is a pivot point for customer loyalty. However, it can be a challenging task for a store to process a customer's return and exchange RMA requests without mistakes.


RMA extension covers all aspects of the product return and exchange process while providing an intuitive interface for customers and store managers. It automates RMA request processing with workflow rules to reduce staff workload.

What benefits the RMA extension brings to your store

Improve the return and exchange customer experience
Automate RMA workflow
All RMA history in one place

RMA for Magento 2 main features

  • Transparent RMA monitoring for customers and store admins
  • Customizable RMA workflow, statuses, reasons and resolutions
  • Custom fields to store any info on RMA request
  • Reduce manual work with quick responses and workflow rules
  • Full history of status changes, messages, files for every RMA
  • Detailed RMA reports

Enhance post sale service

Provide any customer of your store with convenience on their product return or exchange experience. Use the rich set of features of our RMA module to raise shopper's confidence in buying at your store. Our module works with multistore/multi-inventory configurations.

Refunds, Exchanges, Store Credit

With our extension, customers may ask for a refund, or product exchange. Additionally, they may choose Store Credit to instantly get a refund to in-store account and continue shopping.

Partial Returns

For an order of several products, customers get the ability to return only items that don't fit the requirements. It's not necessary to refund the entire order.

Product Returns for Offline Orders

Customers can easily issue an RMA request for goods they purchased at an offline point of sales.

RMA for Guests

Creating an RMA request is possible for customers who bought your products as 'guests'. The account is not required to return or exchange products.

Flexible RMA workflow customization

Configure a Magento 2 RMA extension to provide a convenient return process that ensures ideal post sale support for your customers and reduces the work load on your staff.


Return reasons

Give customers an opportunity to choose the most accurate RMA reasoning by creating an explicit list of reasons to open an RMA ticket.


RMA resolutions

Extend RMA options beyond default exchange or refund. Propose your customers with the choice of replacement, store credit, repair service and other possible resolutions to greatly enhance the post sale service in your store.


Custom RMA request statuses

Inform your customers about the stage their RMA request is currently at. Color coding helps customers and store admins to distinguish statuses at a glance.

Store any RMA information in custom fields


Store any additional information on RMA in custom fields. You can use custom fields to store some additional information about RMA in Magento 2 admin.

For example, you can create a custom field to store information about shipping carriers or track the numbers of returned products.


Custom email notifications

Provide fast and clear communication with customers and employees by using automated emails. Use variables for a high level of letter personification. Create flexible rules to trigger notifications on RMA events.

The module supports standard Magento variables for emails, supports calls for the programmatic functions and adds a set of its own variables. Configure them into personal emails to be sent to your customers and store agents.

Full RMA transparency for customers

Our RMA extension provides a clear and intuitive interface for issuing and tracking RMA. It features a direct chat for and stores the full communication history on each RMA.

Intuitive RMA workflow


Customers can easily issue an RMA and monitor it form their account. They are able to track every step of the RMA process through intuitive and simple interface our module provides.

The RMA frontend panel displays all relevant information to the RMA request. Customers can see the Product Name and SKU of the item they issue RMA for. They also can track quantity of returned items, reason for return and RMA resolution they want to achieve.


Convenient communication

Shoppers can stay in touch with store managers and directly discuss any issue that may occur regarding the RMA request. For example, customer may ask for a prepaid return label.

Communication history is available at any moment for customers to review it.


Attach files to RMA requests

The customer may provide additional evidence on his or her RMA request by uploading photos, documents and other information that may be required to make a successful RMA resolution.

Simplify RMA workload for store managers

Store managers get all the tools necessary to provide fast RMA support for customers. RMA management is done in a single section of the Magento store admin panel.


All RMAs in one grid

Store admins can easily monitor all RMAs in one grid. Status color coding allows you to distinguish different statuses in a glance. Managers can use filters to display in RMA grid to exclude statuses they don't need to monitor.

magento 2 RMA

Full communication history on each RMA

Store managers are be able to quickly refresh their memory on any RMA by checking the full messaging history on it. Easily stay up to date with every client situation to provide the best support.


Quick responses

Use the option of sending quick replies to make communication faster. Our module allows you to predefine standard answers, for example, link for return shipping label printing.

Store admins can simply select said answer from the list to send it in seconds.


RMA label upload in admin panel

Store managers can upload a return label in image or PDF format. The customer can print this label through his of her account. This option is useful, for example, when a return label should be prepaid or a return should be done via specific delivery provider.

Help Desk integration support

Simplify RMA workflow by integrating requests with the Mirasvit Help Desk extension. Store managers will be able to work with all support tickets, including RMAs, from one place.


Craft your RMA Policy

Fit RMA Policy to your needs by configuring its main parameters:

  • Number of days when RMA can be requested for completed order
  • Allow an RMA request only for orders with specific status
  • Allow you to combine returns from several orders in one RMA
  • Request only shipped products
  • Ask customers to confirm agreement with store return & exchange policy
  • Show customers a block with RMA policy agreement.

Built-in reports to get full information on the RMA

Always be informed on RMA workflow in your store. Analyze the RMA results with reports on the following:

  • by product
  • by offline product
  • by attribute
  • by reason
  • by status
magento 2 quick responses

Also, see the report statistics for RMAs by brand, status numbers, period, number of total products returned and number of total RMAs. Export the reports in CSV or Excel XML files for further analysis or archive storage.

GraphQl API support


Use GraphQl to manage yor RMA workflow faster by configuring complex queries and manipulating RMA data in your store. Embed our RMA extension into your PWA app using GraphQl API.

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Paolo Verified Buyer
From Gandino, Italy
Using the module for over 3 years
Great extension for managing returns.
The module for managing authorized returns (RMA) is an effective and intuitive solution that automates many critical phases of the returns process. It integrates easily with existing order management systems, offers customization options, and provides detailed analytics on return trends.
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Pedro Verified Buyer
From Seixal, Portugal
Using the module for over 2 years
Very nice extension
The extension works very nicely. We had to do some tunning for our client needs, but now it's flying.
Also installed:
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Robert Verified Buyer
From United States
Using the module for over 1 year
It's worth every penny!
I wholeheartedly recommend the Magento 2 RMA Extension for anyone looking to grow their online presence and increase sales. It's worth every penny!
Also installed:
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Marco Verified Buyer
From Italy
Using the module for over 1 year
Good extension for magento!
We installed this extension in order to manage RMA in our website.
Everything is working as expected!
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Gbcom Verified Buyer
From Metz, France
Using the module for over 3 years
Adopted by my customer!
Lots of fine-tuning to adapt the solution to the customer's internal workings.
Also installed:
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Manual & Support
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Frequently asked questions
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How Return Merchandise Authorization extension works?

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is the ultimate tool for building relationships with your online store customers. It is very important to consider the convenience of the returns and exchanges process in your store. This RMA extension for Magento gives you and your customers the power of full control over returns or exchanges of goods that they purchased.

Our Magento 2 RMA module is flexible enough to cover all possible situations in this field. To resolve issues with returns or exchanges, the extension includes two types of user interfaces: for store customers, and for administrators. This allows you to take care of both sides: on the one hand, every customer can manage the return or exchange of any product bought in the store, and on the other hand, your store administrator can assist with this process at any time using the backend.

Customers can easily create requests for a partial or full product return/exchange. i.e., there is a possibility for returning just one or two out of the five items bought. This means that there is no need to send back all products purchased in the store.

Build the customers' loyalty by giving them a solution for easy return of purchases.

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What opportunities Return Merchandise Authorization extension brings to a store?

Managing product returns can be a complicated and inconvenient task with a standard Magento setup. Poor Return Merchandize Authorization policy in the long term can greatly affect customer loyalty. Offer a flexible return mechanism to make the purchase return easy and more convenient.

Using the Return Merchandise Authorization extension for Magento 2 Provide shoppers with greater confidence in buying from you by simplifying the refunding or exchanging purchases made. Create a return policy that best suits your customers and your store.

Mirasvit's RMA extension is a powerful yet simple instrument for managing the process of returning and exchanging products in your store. It provides an intuitive interface which works right after the module installation. What's more, it comes up with rich configuration possibilities for its features, thus allowing you to embrace almost any return policy in your store.

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What are the top 10 advantages a store gets with the RMA for Magento 2 extension?

Our module is the most flexible and powerful tool to make order returning process easy and reliable for the customer and you. With this extension, your store gains such advantages as:

  • Customers can manage and discuss their exchange/replacement orders with the helpdesk at any time via email.
  • Even guest users can discuss and add comments to their requests (no need to log in to a user account to look at an RMA inquiry).
  • Your customers can return or exchange the number of items they need, instead of returning all purchased products.
  • Customers can print the shipping labels of various carriers (DHL, FedEx, etc.) and confirm that the package has been sent via user interface, preventing fraud.
  • Administrators can help customers at any time in creating an RMA order from the backend interface.
  • Customize messages to clients' requested RMA.
  • Use quick responses and create your own templates for this feature.
  • Add custom fields to RMA orders.
  • Analyze advanced flexible RMA reports by status and explanation.
  • A refund option is also available for store customers.
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What are the benefits of using RMA workflow rules?

RMA extension supports a flexible set of rules to accommodate any RMA workflow and create clear and fast communication with customers. The extension can fit any business model and any processes thanks to workflow rules.

Customize your RMA processes in accordance with your store business model using flexible Workflow Rules. While creating rules, you may tune into every step of the returns and exchanges process, making this process comfortable both for customers and administrators.

Whether you create new RMA or receive a new message from a customer regarding RMA, you are able to manage the Conditions (even combinations of conditions) however you wish. Set Statuses and create Notification templates.

Win your customers' loyalty using Workflow Rules.

The quicker you reply to your customers, the more satisfied customers you'll have. In typical situations, which require typical answers, you can communicate with your clients faster.

Use the Quick Responses function to automate different steps in the communication process. Use templates for fully automated replies or modify them to create faster replies in semi-automated mode.

You can craft your own templates for immediate replies and use them while discussing RMA with a customer.

Apply your quick responses individually for each store view you have.

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How can the RMA extension make your store's RMA communication personalized?

With the RMA Magento 2 extension, you can sends emails with different types of notifications. Use customized email notifications to make the communication process in your store regarding product return clearer, better, and simpler than ever.

Special variables available for use in this extension can provide a high level of letter personalization. The module supports standard Magento variables for emails, and it supports calls for the programmatic functions, and adds a set of its own variables. Configure them into personal emails to be sent to your customers and store agents.

You have the freedom to modify the templates of those emails. Create your own templates for emails and make your online store stand out from the crowd.

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How can the RMA extension help with preventing RMA fraud in your store by using Shipping Labels?

Use the module's built-in functionality for requests with Magento 2 RMA approval status to form a ready-for-download copy of RMA Packing Slip in PDF format or to print it. This simplifies the product return process for the customer.

With Magento 2 RMA you can create shipment label uploading functionality for your customers. Upload or print in PDF a Magento 2 RMA shipment label for various post carriers (DHL, FedEx, etc.).

Both store customers and backend admins can manage labels and set return shipping statuses.

Protect your store from malicious uploaded Magento 2 RMA shipping labels by allowing only files of specified format types to be uploaded. Configure this option to provide a more flexible RMA process for your customers.

It is a really useful feature for avoiding fraud in the process of sending back products. You will be able to track every delivery and every returned product.

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Does the RMA extension support the RMA for offline point of sales?

Our extension allows you to easily underpin RMA for orders purchased on offline point of sales with online and offline point of sales RMA support.

Offline RMA can be placed when the database of your store has no record of the original order. This can occur for orders made by phone, in an offline store, or other site connected to your store network.

You can allow your customers to create RMA for any products purchased in an offline store. In this way, you'll reduce the load on your team. Alternatively, our extension allows you to forbid placing the RMA for offline orders.

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Does the RMA extension provide full communication history on each RMA?

Discuss RMA with your customers to clarify all details regarding the customer's request. Use the option of sending quick replies to make communication faster.

Be up to date with every client situation by using the full history of RMA messages inside the RMA communication channel for each issued RMA.

With the Magento 2 Guest RMA option, customers can create an RMA request even without logging into the account. Use manual redirect to disable the guest RMA form.

Additionally, you have the option of integrating RMA requests to the Help Desk system of your store if this suits your workflow best.

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What options does the RMA extension provide for managing Reasons, Conditions and Resolutions on customers' RMA?

Give your customers the option to choose the most accurate one among different conditions and reasons while sending an RMA ticket.

Create your own unique naming for statuses of requested RMA to fully describe the current stage of the returning or refunding process it is on.

Quickly see the status of each RMA with the help of status color coding. Create various resolutions on issued RMAs to give customers more options for settling the RMA in the way that suits both him or her and you.

For example, you can add a refunding on the store account balance to stimulate the customer to buy from you in the future.

Tailor these fields according to your products characteristics by creating your own variants for them in our RMA extension.

Help your customers avoid uncomfortable situations when they buy a gift for another person. Configure the extension to consider such situations so that an RMA request for a gift could be created without notifying the initial customer.

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Does the RMA extension support data managing through the API?

Use GraphQl to manage yor RMA workflow faster by configuring complex queries and manipulating RMA data in your store. Get more information on using the Magento 2 RMA API GraphQl in the extension with a Magento 2 user guide RMA

Version 2.2.33Apr 17, 2024
html tags are displayed in the customer account->view order->Rma tab
Version 2.2.32Mar 15, 2024
Tags are displayed on the Status grid page in admin
Version 2.2.31Feb 21, 2024
Cannot access protected property History::$_escaper on My Orders page in customer account
Return address and status message display html tags on the frontend print and view page
Version 2.2.30Feb 12, 2024
Interface "Zend\Stdlib\JsonSerializable" not found
Version 2.2.29Dec 20, 2023
Custom Field type dropdown required is not validated
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